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Can You Swap Ps4 Hard Drives

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Seagate Firecuda Gaming Sshd

Can you SWAP PS4 Hard Drives without Losing Data??? (Bring PS4 Hard drive to friends house?)

Actually, its not only the performance boost that impelled me to nominate this drive as the second-best storage upgrade for PS4. Rather, there are different factors that worked all together to influence this decision. The other factors that led me to opting for this drive are the adequate price and large storage capacity.

This drive belongs to the SSHD category. Its a combination of classical hard disk drive storage and 8gb SSD . Thats in order to provide users with a vast storage space with an SSD-like performance.

In terms of performance alone, an SSD is undoubtedly the best storage device for all systems. But bear in mind that Seagate Firecuda 2tb Gaming SSHD can offer up to 80% of SSD performance on PS4 systems. Thats because, while an SSD requires SATA III interface to run at its utmost performance potential, PS4 is configured with SATA II interface which significantly limit the data transfer rate to/from the storage device.

I am not going to elaborate on reviewing this drive here, as it has been already reviewed extensively here. Im just trying to justify my decision by positioning this drive right after the Crucial BX500 SSD.

Maximum Storage Capacity

A 2tb storage capacity is available for Seagate Firecuda Gaming SSHD. Please check the product page on Amazon for more details.

Basic Features

PS4 HDD Upgrade Kit with SSHD

Oyen Digital 2TB SSHD PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade Kit
Basic Features

How To Upgrade Sony Ps4 Hard Drive Without Reinstallation

Hey there, do you know how to upgrade or change the Sony PS4 hard drive to a bigger one? My hard drive is merely full and I’m thinking to upgrade it to a bigger drive so to save more games on it. But I don’t want to reinstall any files or re-download any game packs. Do you know how to solve the problem?

Are you having a similar problem in your PS4 hard drive? Don’t worry when your game player hard drive is becoming full and here in this article, we’ll provide you an easy and simple method to guide you to replace and upgrade Sony PS4 hard drive to a bigger one without reinstallation. And of course, no game files or data will lose.

Visit the PS4 System Software Update page. Follow the instructions to download and install the update…Full steps
5. Restore the PS4 Backups Go to “Settings > System > Back Up and Restore”. Select the “Restore PS4” option…Full steps

How To Install An Ssd In A Playstation 4

Be sure to save your save game files to the second USB flash drive by going to the PS4s Settings menu.

Step 1: From the Settings menu on the PS4 home screen, go to Application Saved Data Management, then Saved Data in System Storage.

Step 2: Select Copy to USB Storage Device to save your files to your second USB flash drive.

If youre a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can upload your game saves to the cloud instead youll just need to download them once you have your new drive installed.

Step 3: Place the powered-off, unplugged PlayStation 4 on a flat, secure surface and press down on the glossy, black side of the top panel. With the systems front facing you, slide the panel leftward. It should slide right off no screwdriver needed.

Step 4: Remove the screw at the very front of the PS4, which keeps the hard drive bay locked down.

Its easy to identify because it wears the same circle, X, square, and triangle buttons found on the PlayStation 4s controller. Its a Phillips screw, but you may need a smaller-than-usual bit to get it out without stripping it.

Step 5: Pull the hard-drive dock toward you, and remove the PS4s hard drive. It should slide right out.

Step 6: Once you pull out the hard drive, youll find that its still guarded by a metal cage thats locked down by four black screws. These screws are located on the sides of this cage, with two sitting on each side. Unscrew them with a standard Phillips bit.

Step 7: Slide the PS4 hard drive out of the cage.

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Begin The Backup Process

To get the ball rolling, youll need to plug in your external drive over USB. It needs to be formatted using FAT32 or exFAT, and if you want to back up a full drive, the external drive should have at least the same capacity as the internal drive.

To learn how to format the external hard drive as a PS4 backup storage, please visit this page.

Now, once the external HDD is formatted and properly set up as a backup storage, lets start with the backup process.

  • Connect the External hard drive of the USB storage device to one of the PS4s USB ports.
  • Now Go to Settings > System > Back Up and Restore.
  • Choose what data youd like to back up. Note: If you do not take the backup of the applications, you have to reinstall them again.
  • Name the backup you are taking and then press the X button on the controller.
  • Its important to note that the trophies cant be backed up. Of course, trophies sync over PSN, so thats not a problem. If youre sure that everything is already synced, just select OK and begin the backup. If you want to make sure that all of your trophies are properly synced, you should back out, launch the Trophies app, and make sure that everything is copacetic before continuing.

    How Do I Transfer Data From Rpcs3 To Ps3

    Can you SWAP PS4 Hard Drives without Losing Data??? (Bring ...

    Put the RPCS3 save file on /dev_usb00x/PS3/SAVEDATA or copy it in your current profile folder on HDD at /dev_hdd0/home/000000XX/savedata/. Open Apollo Tool & the save file should appear in the save file list. Click on it to make the patch options appear, choose to PFD resign the save file. That should be all.

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    Procedure 2 Remove The Old Ps4 Internal Hard Drive

    Step 1. Power off PS4 and unplug the AC power cord, and then disconnect the other cables from the system.

    Step 2. Place both of your hands on top of the hard drive cover and slide it to the left. Lift the right side first when lifting and removing the cover.

    Step 3. Remove the screw and pull the internal hard drive toward the front of the system to remove it

    Step 4. Remove the four screws with a Phillips screwdriver from the sides of the hard drive case.

    Buy And Install The New Ps4 Hard Drive

    Buying a new Hard Drive is tricky and the following are the guidelines and links to official sources with the best ratings.

  • The standard PS4 hard drive is a 500GB 5400 RPM SATA II hard drive, whereas
  • The PS4 Pro includes a 1TB drive
  • Any hard drive complying with the standards can be a good replacement but you can also improve the standard hard drive resulting in performance and storage improvement as well.

    The standards are simple to understand:

  • No thicker than 9.5mm
  • Once, you have bought the hard drive, all you need to do Install the new hard drive is:

  • Put the new hard drive in the bracket of the PS4
  • Now attach and tighten the screw on the four places but do not over tighten the screws.
  • Now insert the hard drive in the hard drive bay fully.
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    Create A Usb Drive For The Software Reinstall

    • Using a separate computer, head to Sonys website . For some strange reason, Sony gives its updateand system softwarethe same file names, which is confusing, to say the least. Make sure you scroll all the way down to the section heading How to update. Click on Perform a new installation of the system software and look for Download now. You should be downloading a .PUP file thats approximately 820MB .
    • On your computer desktop, create a folder titled PS4 . Within your new PS4 folder, create another named UPDATE. Take care to ensure there are no spaces in the file names and that you only use capital letters. Drag and drop the system file you downloaded earlier into the UPDATE folder.
    • Insert your USB drive into your computer. Drag and drop the PS4 folder to your empty USB drive.
    • Keep your USB drive with the reinstall files in a safe place. Youll need it to restore your PS4 Pro after you install the new hard drive.

    Seagate Barracuda Pro Performance Hdd

    What happens when you SWAP PS4 HARD DRIVES with ANOTHER PLAYSTATION 4???

    The Seagate BarraCuda Pro Performance Internal HDD is a great option for upgrading the stock PS4 hard drive. The uncompromising BarraCuda Pro marries industry-leading storage capacity with 7,200-RPM spin speeds for snappy performance and load times when gaming or performing heavy workloads.

    This is an enhanced version of the renowned Seagate Barracuda HDD. It was designed for enthusiasts who want the maximum performance out of a 2.5-inch PS4 hard drive replacement.

    In comparison with WD Black Performance HDD, these two drives are very similar. So, you wont go wrong if you pick this drive over the WD Black.

    Maximum Storage Capacity

    Only 1tb storage capacity is available for this model.

    Basic Features

    • Fastest Hard Drive delivers 7200RPM spin speed along with sustained data rates up to 160MB/s and burst data rates of 6Gb/s
    • Thanks to thin 7mm z-height, its the perfect fit for thin laptop upgrades and similar small-form factor systems
    • Compatible with Creative pros systems, Desktop or all-in-one PCs, Home servers, Entry-level direct-attached storage devices
    • Bundled with 2 years of Seagate Rescue Data Recovery Services, this drive is protected for 2 years against any mechanical, accidental, or natural disaster
    • 5- year product warranty and 300TB/year workload limit

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    Choosing The Right Ps4 Internal Hard Drive Replacement

    Many PS4 users keep asking about the best hard drive upgrade for PS4, not knowing how to pick the right one. In fact, the answer to that question is not the same for everyone. As depending on several factors concerning your personal situation, the best hard drive for PS4 is determined.

    For instance, if youre just a lightweight/mediocre player, not an enthusiast, you better get a good drive only. Leave the extreme power for power users. You can get an external hard drive instead for PS4 if the consoles performance pleases you.

    As for enthusiasts who play graphics-intense, resource-demanding games, the most powerful drive suits them better. They even get a powerful external hard drive for their PS4 alongside an internal hard drive upgrade.

    You can learn more about all aspects you need in this regard before making up your mind on a specific drive in the above list. Just choose the drive you feel it best suits your needs, and remember to make reliability a priority.

    Why Upgrade Ps4 Hard Drive

    Many PS4 users ask the question: should I upgrade PS4 hard drive in the first place? Is not just getting an external hard drive, or even external SSD for PS4 a much better option?

    From an expert technical perspective, the answer is YES, you have to upgrade the PS4 internal HDD. The reasons for that answer vary from a user to another, but the main reason that everyone agrees on is that the stock hard drive of PS4 is just a piece of garbage. Not only that its small and doesnt offer enough storage capacity to a wide variety of users, but also its an outdated slow drive that will start generating errors after months of hours of regular daily use.

    The only one that doesnt need to upgrade the PS4 HDD is the casual/lightweight user that doesnt play much, or doesnt have graphics-intense games to play for a long time. But even such a user may need to upgrade in order to avoid potential errors that may occur with that old hard drive.

    So, what about getting an external HDD/SSD instead? is not that a good option?

    Well, if youre serious about improving PS4 performance and enhancing your gaming experience, upgrading PS4 internal HDD is inevitable.

    As for getting an external hard drive for PS4, mostly youll only gain additional storage space, thats all. Furthermore, you can read this quick comparison between PS4 external HDD vs internal to find out the pros and cons of each option.

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    If I Swap Existing Ps4 Hdd To Another Ps4 Will Data Be Lost

    Hey guys, first timer here on r/ps4.

    Sadly, my PS4 of 5 months died. It won’t start up and when I try to boot into safe mode, it refuses to recognize any controller. Sony sent me an RMA so that I can send it to be replaced but here is the conundrum : I didn’t backup my game saves to the cloud.

    My idea is the following: Take out my HDD and put it into a friend’s PS4 so that I can access the dashboard and upload my game saves.

    My question is the following: Can you just hot-swap drives like that? Better said, is there anything stored on the RAM that would screw up my friend’s PS4 if I plugged my drive in? I don’t want him to lose any data or the like.

    One: Find The Right Replacement

    How To Upgrade/Change Your PS4 Hard Drive

    The first thing to do is to buy your replacement hard drive or SSD. The PS4 uses a 2.5-inch SATA format for hard disks and SSDs, and its quite an archaic design now its generally only used for more affordable drives.

    Any drive you install into your PS4 needs to be under 9.5mm tall thanks to the size of the caddy that lives inside the PS4, which protects the drive and keeps it in place. This is no problem for SSDs, but it does prove to be a little limiting as many 4TB hard drives are a shade too chunky.

    When looking for a new hard disk or SSD there are plenty of things to bear in mind click here to read our guide on the pros and cons of hard disks, SSDs and solid-state hybrid drives.

    There are a few rules of thumb if youre in a rush. Hard disks are the more affordable options but even 7,200rpm drives wont have great performance at best youll get a slight speed boost over the consoles existing drive, at worst youll just equal it while improving capacity. A 1TB or 2TB hard disk will cost you around $60 or less than $80 .

    An SSD will deliver a more significant improvement to loading times and game performance, especially on a PS4 Pro console, but SSDs are more expensive 1TB and 2TB models tend to cost around twice as much.

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    Largest Capacity Hard Disk Drive: Wd Black Performance Desktop Hdd

    If you are a serious gamer, then you will want as much storage space as possible on your PlayStation. Luckily, Nyko has you covered with its data bank that connects directly to your PS4 and allows you to place an entire desktop hard drive in your system.

    The WD Black is a 6GB hard disk drive with a faster spindle rate than the original PS4 drive, offering a slightly better speed than you the original disk drive. These performance drives are far superior to any other hard disk drive you will find for your PS4

    Lets look at some of the features of the WD Black Performance Drive:

    • Five-year manufacturers limited warranty
    • Premium Data Protection
    • Cross Shipping
    • 7200 rpm spindle rate

    The Verdict

    If you do get this hard drive, you will need to get the Nyko Data Bank to connect it to your system, adding to the amount you have to spend. But if you play a lot of games and are always running out of storage space, this is perfect for you.

    Note: The only model numbers that can accommodate this large of a hard drive is CUH-1200 and above. If you have below a CUH-1200, you can get this same hard drive in the 4gb or smaller.

    This is a hard drive that is meant for the most serious gamers out there. If you own a PlayStation 4 Pro and you want to take your gaming to the next level, the 850 Pro is a drive that will let you accomplish just that.

    Lets look at some of the benefits of this drive:

    The Verdict

    Preparations To Ps4 Hard Drive Upgrade

    Before you are going to upgrade PS4 hard drive to a bigger one, figure out what you need.

    • PS4 full-size system
    • A computer connected to the Internet
    • External storage device with at least 1GB of free space
    • Officially supported replacement hard drive. Only the 2.5-inch internal type * and Serial ATA internal hard drives are officially supported with the PS4 system.

    If you prefer to manually change the PS4 hard drive on your own without any clone or backup software, you may follow the below tips to do the PS4 hard drive replace work:

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    Restore Your Game Data

  • Connect the external hard drive containing your backup data.

  • From the home menu, go to Settings > System> Back up and Restore.

  • Choose Restore PS4, select the backup file and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • When your data is successfully restored, the system with restart one last time.

  • When the PS4 home menu comes back up, it should look identical to how it did before the hard drive swap change. Your user profile, save data, and trophies will all be intact.

  • Why Do You Need To Replace The Ps4 Internal Hard Drive

    How to swap a PS4 hard drive and keep your games – Including P.T.!

    The reasons for PS4 hard drive replacement include the following situations:

    • The current internal hard drive doesnt have enough space and you need to use a new hard drive to increase the storage space to your system.
    • The old PS4 hard drive slows down and you want to use a new hard drive to increase the performance speed.
    • Your PS4 hard drive is damaged or corrupted.
    • And more.

    However, do you know how to replace PS4 hard drive? MiniTool Software writes this post to show you how to replace PS4 hard drive.

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