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How To Assign Workers In Fallout 4 Ps4

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Fallout 4 – How To Assign Workers In Your Settlement (Farming, Defending etc.) [PS4]

If you want to wire the outside connector to the inside connector, you can edit the wall in the middle so it is a doorway. This can be accomplished with the replace tool. Then you can attach the wire through the empty doorway. From there, you can turn the doorway back into a normal wall, and the wire will remain.

Settler Recruitment: The Radio Beacon

Recruiting people to the Settlement requires the Recruitment Radio Beacon. It must be connected to your power grid via a wire. Build this in each Settlement as soon as you can, because more Settlers is a good thing and helps make your town more defensible. Basically, without this radio beacon, how would you get the word out that there’s a good place to live in the area? Towns that welcome newcomers and offer food and protection are rare in the Commonwealth. Once you’ve built the settlement recruitment beacon, please make sure that it’s switched on by activating it outside the build mode! Afterward, when you’re listening to the radio you may hear mention of your little project to build a nice town.

Settlements In Mid To Late

As above, you want to upgrade things to improve your Settlements. Make supply lines connect to your ‘capital’ by having Settlers in new Settlements establish Supply Lines there. You can then immediately build some defense, water, beds, and assign workers to food when they arrive later on. Again, if you have an abundance of food and a supply line this isn’t necessary to feed the new residents.

You can view the status of all of your Settlements by viewing the Pip-Boy, going to Data then Workshops. There it will show you caution signs if a stat is too low or nearly used up – like 3 Settlers with 3 beds. If none of these are displaying warnings, the Settlement will naturally grow. If you want one really good Settlement, you can tell newcomer Settlers to go to a specific town. You’ll also meet people who need a home in your travels, along with Companions, and can tell them to take residence in one of your Settlements.

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Assigning Settlers To Garden

First, plant the produce in rows. Harvesting vegetables from other places isn’t considered stealing. You’re most likely to have ‘Tatos and melons early on, if you’re following Preston Garvey’s quests to restore the Minutemen. With the Settlement Management screen open, go to Resources > Food and select the types it says you have on hand. Plant them in rows. Now, select one of the Settlers. Don’t put Marcy Long on this because she’s such a rude bitch that you want her on the front-lines if raiders attack. It’s a good job for a struggling drug addict, so how about Mama Murphy?

You need some fruit and vegetables to get started. You can find some by simply doing the quests offered by Preston Garvey. He will send you to a couple of small villages that need help in order to get you started. Don’t worry if Sanctuary is technically starving for a while. You can pick produce at these Settlements without it being considered stealing, then plant them when you get back to Sanctuary Hills and begin assigning Settlers to grow them for you.

Building A Food Supply

How to Assign Worker in Fallout 4

This is a major factor for the success of your Settlement. Without enough food to feed those who are around, why would someone else want to move there? You can collect plants from all over the world – mainly at other towns in existing gardens – and plant them. Harvest them when they grow after a few days and replant them in order to be able to expand your food supply, and be on the lookout for foods that can be grown as you travel. Really, just pick up almost everything! For the plants in your settlement to grow, you must assign a Settler to the task.

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Fallout 4 Base Building Settlement Guide

Build your base and keep settlers safe.

Guideby Bill Lavoy, Contributor

26 September 2017

In Fallout 4, players have the ability to craft a new life amidst the devastated landscape. Through the Workshop feature, players who love to gather loot and scavenge for materials can put their efforts to good use by creating unique structures and settlements. In this Fallout 4 Base Building guide, we will provide the basic instructions for building and maintaining your Fallout 4 settlements.

Should you instead need help with anything else regarding Fallout 4, then head over to our Fallout 4 guides walkthrough hub, containing quest walkthroughs and area guides.

Early in the game, players will be tasked with creating a new home base for themselves and other survivors in the form of a settlement. Settlements can be created wherever a Workshop is located. The Workshop allows you to build and move objects throughout the area within the green Workshop boundary. In order to build, you must first have the material components needed to create desired items.

How To Establish Supply Lines

  • To create Supply Lines, youll need to unlock the Local Leader tier 1 perk.
  • Local Leader requires CHA Level 6 to unlock.
  • While in workshop mode on your settlement, youll notice a new command at the bottom of the menu Supply Line.
  • Move your cursor over a Settler and press the button prompt to assign them to a supply line. A menu will appear asking where you would like to send the settler.
  • Assigning a settler to a supply line changes the NPC into a Provisioner. There are some important things youll need to know about Provisioners.

More Provisioner Info

  • A Provisioner is a settler assigned to a supply line job. Like any other job in your settlement, the NPC will automatically begin completing their task.
  • Provisioners do not stay in the settlement, instead they travel to their assigned location.
  • The settlement from which they were assigned will remain their home settlement. They can only travel from their origin point to another settlement.
  • Provisioners travel the wasteland with a pack brahmin similar to travelling vendors. While travelling, they will not come under attack while youre away. If you happen to be near a provisioner under attack, its probably a good idea to help, but Ive never seen one die in combat.
  • Although provisioners travel their assigned route, the supply line will instantaneously connect. Theres no need to wait, after a supply line is established youll be able to start crafting in workshop mode.

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Can You Have Multiple Scavenging Stations

Unlike workers assigned to crops and defenses, settlers will not work multiple scavenging stations even if they are placed in close proximity. The scavenging station can be damaged during an attack on a settlement, but unlike most other settlement objects, it doesnt display any visible damage clues.

Maintaining A Settlement In Fallout 4

Fallout 4 | How to assign Jobs & Grow Crops | PS4

You can build structures if you wish, but early in the life of your settlement your first priority is to make sure your settlers needs are met. Your first settlement will likely be in Sanctuary. Several survivors have settled down in this location and will ask you to help out with a few tasks, which is meant to familiarize you with the basics of settlement maintenance.

First, you must consider how many settlers have arrived to call a particular settlement home. Open up the Workshop menu and look at the top bar on the interface. This will list how many settlers are in the area, as well as several other categories that must be maintained: Food, Water, Power, Defense, Beds, and Happiness. The color of these categories determines the overall status of a given settlement. Settlement Happiness.

Maintaining a settlement comes down to making sure your settlers maintain a high Happiness rating. To do this, you must have enough beds, food, water, defense, and power based on the number of settlers in your community.

Building Beds in Your Settlement

Maintaining Food in Your Settlement

In order to harvest the crop to feed the settlement, you must assign a worker to to the crop. Walk over to one of the settlers while in the Workshop interface, and press Command. Now walk over to the crop you want them to work, and select Assign to increase the Food rating for your settlement.

Supplying Water to Your Settlement

Supplying Power to Your Settlement

Defending Your Settlement

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The Benevolent Leader Achievement

If you’d like to get the Benevolent Leader Achievement, you must strive to max Happiness. You may want to read this whether you’ve got an interest in the achievement or not, because I’ve added in some tips to managing Settlements that is beyond the scope of this tutorial. I’ve put this in a separate article, because it’s not something you can do early on in the game and littering that advice throughout this article might overwhelm a player new to Fallout 4.

I hope this was helpful – if you have any feedback, email , whether to let me know it helped you or to offer up a suggestion for improvement.

How To Assign People To Tasks

When I highlight a plant or guard post and it shows a red vault boy, does that mean it doesn’t have an assigned person to it? I assigned someone to the post and it was green for a bit, then went back to red.

It seems to change colors from red to green and back no matter what I assign people to . What does that mean?

As discussed here – in order to assign a worker to a resource you must be in workshop mode and then approach the person you want to be the worker, speak to them and “command” them:

…then go to the location you want them to work and you’ll have the option to assign them to that post.

They’ll then walk over from their original position and start working.

The person icon will go red again if you reassign a person who was already assigned to another task, or that person is currently not performing that task . Unfortunately, there is no method of seeing an overview of all tasks your settlers are currently assigned to, however you can see what each individual is assigned to if you have visibility of that individual and their assigned task – this picture will show you what I mean:

This settler is only assigned to half of these carrots, another settler is doing the others, so when I target this settler is highlights half of the carrots.

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Settlement Supply Lines Tips & Tricks

If youre new to Fallout 4s settlements system, you might be wondering what exactly supply lines do and what theyre good for.

Establishing a supply line between two settlements instantly allows you to access any items stored in the workshop inventory from both locations. This doesnt apply to all things strangely enough, the resources for crafting are pooled, but the actual items cannot be found in the inventory selection. Well go into more detail on that later.

Chaining supply lines together, visible on your PipBoy map, will extend the network, pooling together any items from the combined workshop inventories. That includes resources and scrap collected by settlers.

Settlements are unlocked by completing Minuteman faction quests. After earning the settlement, its always a good idea to establish a supply line. You can send settlers to any settlement in your network, or you can send them all to one central point.

Personally, I often use Sanctuary Hills as a hub to connect all supply lines, but any settlement will work.

Thats just a primer on supply lines, now lets get into the details.

Fallout 4 Workshop Guide: How To Establish Supply Lines And Assign Workers

FALLOUT 4: How to Assign workers

Fallout 4s new Workshop is extremely deep and complex. Figuring out its inner workings is probably tougher than tackling the raiders, super mutants, and deathclaws of the wasteland. However, with some help you should be able to take it on and become the leader of a nice community. We have a full guide on the mode, but one aspect was especially confusing, while still being extremely important to the experience. So, heres how to establish supply lines in Fallout 4s Workshop.

First, what are supply lines? Essentially, supply lines let you create a shared inventory between your settlements. Food and water wont necessarily be shared, but if you have copper in one settlement and need it in another, having a supply line will make it so you dont have to go and get it to build that new generator. This becomes increasingly important as you gather a huge inventory of resources and other items that you might need in your more out-of-the-way settlements.

So, how do you link up your Fallout 4 settlements with supply lines? First you need to activate the Local Leader perk, which takes a Charisma of six to unlock. Once you have that you can establish them, but Fallout 4 doesnt go out of its way to say how. Essentially, you need a spare settler in your town.


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Defending Settlements Under Attack

Occasionally, one of your Settlements will come under attack. You’ll know this because Help Defend X Settlement will appear to the left of your screen as though you’ve got a new quest. If you forget which one it was, because you were wrapping up another quest, you can view these on the Quests tab in the Pip-boy under Miscellaneous – it will indicate which Settlement needs your help. They must have good scouts, because you do have some warning before raiders/whomever attack the Settlement. The attack usually begins shortly after your arrival. If you wait too long, some infrastructure will be destroyed, some Settlers may be lost, and as a result Happiness will drop – so choosing to ignore these is an option, but not entirely recommended. Avoiding The Castle and Preston Garvey can help you get less of these missions.

Fallout : How To Build The Perfect Settlement

Surviving in the post-apocalyptic wasteland is no longer enough you also need a nice place to live. We can help you build it

In a lot of ways Fallout 4 feels very familiar to its predecessor youre still wandering a ruined US shooting mutants and collecting stuff. However, one significant improvement is the ability to tidy up parts of this disorderly wasteland and make them liveable. Popular with players who like simulation and resource management games, and compulsory if your chosen path through the main plot involves siding with the Minutemen, settlement building is a major part of Bethesdas newest role-playing adventure.

However, while the system is impressive, the interface is fiddly. If you find yourself several hours into the game and wanting to rebuild your first few hamlets from scratch, you may have a laborious process ahead.

To mitigate that risk, make sure you learn the basics of building with this handy four-part guide.

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How Do I Turn On My Light In Fallout

To turn on the flashlight in Fallout 76, hold the button that brings up the Pip-Boy. On Xbox One, holding the B button turns on the flashlight while on PlayStation 4, holding the Circle button will turn on the flashlight. Players on PC will no doubt be able to assign a key to turning on and off the flashlight.

How To Assign A Settler To A Task

Fallout 4 How to Assign Workers (Tutorial)

To assign a settler to a resource, simply aim your crosshair at a settler and then Command them with the interact button . Then hover your crosshair over the object you want to assign them to and hit the interact button again to Assign.

There should be a prompt telling you that the resource is now assigned. If you had someone else assigned to the position before, they will be automatically unassigned.

Be mindful that you cannot assign settlers to multiple jobs. For example, you cant have a single settler occupy a guard post and harvesting carrots at the same time.

Did you know that if you have 5 or more unassigned settlers you arent going to get new recruits? Of course, you can only have as many as your Charisma score + 10. Remember that the happier your settlers are, the higher the chance that you will get a new recruit!

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Fallout : How To Assign Workers Around Your Settlement

Fallout 4 introduces the ability to build up settlements. Youre able to provide shelter, food, and water for others and they can earn their keep around town to flourish a sprawling community of survivors.

When you set up some of the structures around your settlement, youll find that a message pops up urging you to assign a worker to it. This is a reminder for you to do this as well as a helpful hint that it wont work without someone assigned to it. Once again, Fallout 4 doesnt do that good of a job of showing you how to do this.

To assign a worker to something, say, a guard post, you first go into Workshop mode. Approach the person you want to assign to the guard post and hit the appropriate button for Command. From there, go to the guard post and hit the appropriate button for Assign.

There you have it, the most crucial way to build up your settlement. Check out more base building tips over here, and if you need any more Fallout 4 guides, check out our expanding wiki!

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