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How To Cancel Playstation Plus Membership

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How Do I Cancel My Eso Plus Membership For Playstation

How to Cancel PlayStation Plus Subscription

As PlayStation is a third-party retailer and we do not have access to your transaction history, you must cancel your ESO Plus membership by following the instructions found here. If you need further assistance with managing your ESO Plus membership for Playstation, please contact PlayStation support.

For your convenience the steps to cancel your membership through your console are as follows:

  • Log in to the account on PSN that purchased the subscription.
  • Navigate to > > >
  • Select the subscription you want to cancel.
  • Select Turn Off Auto-Renewal.
  • Benefit #: You Get Excellent Exclusive Discounts

    Selected games have a high discount applied to them.

    But that only goes to show the benefit you can reap if you were one.

    PS Plus members can get offers from 40% to 80% off on games, including on what Sony calls their Essentials collection of games, such as Uncharted 4, inFamous: Second Son, God of War , and much more.

    How Do I Cancel My Playstation Plus Subscription

    PlayStation Plus is an incredible feature that allows PlayStation players to play with and against other players online plus get access to free games every month. It is a subscription service for PS4 and PS3 players. PlayStation Plus also affords gamers more cloud storage for their files and discounts on a select number of games.

    Signing up for a PlayStation Plus subscription typically involves use of a credit or debit card. Unfortunately, the subscription is set to auto-renew once your subscription expires. Therefore, if you do not ardently utilize the subscription service it will cost you money without your say. It would then make sense to cancel your subscription. Cancelling a PlayStation Plus subscription can either be done through the PlayStation console or through the PlayStation website.

    It is worthy to note that a PlayStation Plus subscription can continue to be used up until the subscription’s expiry date. Therefore, though you may cancel your subscription, you can still get maximum utility from it until it expires.

    You can also choose to purchase a PlayStation Plus subscription when it is on sale and then decide to cancel the subscription afterwards. If the sale makes the purchase worth it, you can use it till the sale is over and cancel it when it is done.

    Cancelling Subscription Through a PlayStation 4 Console

  • Go to the PlayStation settings
  • You will find an option named ‘PSN.’ Select it
  • Select ‘Cancel Automatic Renewal’
  • Go to the ‘Media’ tab and select ‘Games’
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    Canceling Playstation Plus Through Psn

    To cancel PlayStation Plus through the PSN browser, first sign into your account on a computer or the PlayStation app. Once youre on the Account Management page, click the Subscription tab on the left under PlayStation Network. Subscriptions Management will show you any active subscriptions you have along with the price of your next charge and renewal date. To cancel your PlayStation Plus, simply click Turn Off Auto-Renew and confirm that you actually want to cancel. Fast and easy steps:

    • Sign into your account on the PSN Browser
    • Go to Account Management

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    Youll still be able to use your PlayStation Plus subscription until its former renewal date , but it otherwise wont renew. For the extra cautious, feel free to remove your payment info under Payment Method on the left.

    What Will Happen After Playstation Plus Cancellation

    How to Cancel PlayStation Plus Subscription [3 Different ...

    According to PlayStation, you can cancel PlayStation Plus whenever you want.

    You can continue to use the features of PlayStation Plus until the end of your current subscription period.

    When the period ends, redeemed PlayStation Plus packs, avatars, and discounted purchases are still yours, but you will be unable to play the games downloaded from PlayStation Plus and lose other features that are available in PlayStation Plus.


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    How To Cancel Ps Plus Subscription On Ps5

    If you happen to be one of the lucky owners of a PS5 console, you can also cancel your subscription through its account menu. The procedure is very similar to the one mentioned above for PS4.

    Open the settings menu and navigate to Users and Accounts.

    Select Payment and Subscriptions from the Account section.

    Select Turn Off Auto-Renew and confirm your selection. The console will verify the cancellation and inform you of the subscription expiry date.

    What Happens When You Cancel Ps Plus

    Like any other subscription service, PlayStation Plus is charged in advance and renewed at regular intervals. This can be either monthly, every three or six months, or annually. By canceling the subscription, youll disable the service from billing you any further, but youll still get all the benefits youve already paid for.

    A lot of gamers simply want to use this service for a certain amount of time. They purchase, say, one year of PlayStation Plus and, once the service is activated, immediately cancel it. That way, they still get to play multiplayer games and grab all the freebies while not having to worry about any future fees.

    Cancelling PlayStation Plus, therefore, doesnt have immediate consequences. You will still be able to claim all the free games, play online, and enjoy discounts until the date your membership expires, that is. After that, you wont be able to access any of the games you claimed for free when your subscription was active or see any ongoing PS Plus discounts, and whenever you try to access the online multiplayer, the system will prompt you to resubscribe. You wont completely lose your games, though, as youll be able to download and play them again as soon as you renew your subscription.

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    How To Cancel Playstation Plus Membership

    PlayStation Plus Membership is a paid service that allows you to enjoy a multitude of online games. Though it comes with many advantages, there will be no use when you are not accessing the service regularly. In such cases, you may like to cancel the PlayStation Plus Membership. And so, we are here to guide you with the necessary steps to cancel your PlayStation Plus Membership on different devices.

    Things you will lose after canceling PS Plus membership:

    Once you subscribed to PlayStation Plus Membership, you will be charged automatically once the subscription ends. By canceling the subscription,

    • You cannot access the free PS Plus games.
    • You cant play online multiplayer games.
    • You are allowed to play offline games only.
    • You will lose all the files stored on the cloud.

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    How To Cancel Playstation Now

    How to Cancel PlayStation Plus Subscription on PS5 or PC
  • Visit your Sony account page. Sign in or confirm your password if needed.
  • Click the Media tab along the top of the screen, then select the Games tab on the left.
  • Use the buttons at the bottom of the list to navigate to the PlayStation Now entry and click it.
  • Expand the membership tab and click Cancel Automatic Renewal.
  • You’ll be able to access the service, including streaming PS4 games on PC, until the expiration date.
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    More Information On Playstation Plus And How To Cancel It

    PlayStation Plus is a subscription-based service on the PlayStation Network, complements the standard PSN services. It enables an auto-download feature for game patches and system software updates. Subscribers gain early or exclusive access to some betas, game demos, and premium downloadable content.

    PlayStation Plus has over 41.5 million subscribers worldwide.

    As a brand, PlayStation was founded in 1994. by Ken Kutaragi in Japan.

    How To Cancel Ps Plus Subscription On Ps4

    If you prefer doing all your PSN account management through the console, you can cancel your subscription in just a few steps straight from your PlayStation 4.

    Boot your console and select Settings from the home menu. Scroll down and select Account Management.

    Select Account Information. Find PlayStation Subscriptions on the list, press X, and then select your PS Plus.

    Choose Turn Off Auto-renew and confirm your selection.

    Just like the website, the account page on your console will inform you of the subscription expiry date.

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    Can I Cancel My Playstation Plus Subscription And Get A Refund

    What happens if you cancel PS Plus? If you cancel your PlayStation Plus subscription you will continue to have access to all of your PlayStation Plus

    Feb 13, 2021 Cancel your PlayStation Plus Membership by signing into your user account. PS Plus Membership can also be canceled on PlayStation 3, 4, 5.

    How to cancel PlayStation Plus Subscription on PS4 · Launch PS and scroll to Settings then press X · Scroll to PlayStation Network/Account Management · Select

    Benefit #: You Wont Have To Worry About Losing Data

    How to Cancel PlayStation Plus Subscription

    The PlayStation Plus Online Storage feature is made available exclusively to all PS Plus members.

    You can autosave your content on the cloud, manually shift your local storage files to the cloud, manage your cloud storage files, and even delete them if need be.

    PS5 users can synchronize their storage data between devices if they have a PS Plus membership.

    The limit for storing your data online is 100 GB, which is shared between both the PS4 and the PS5.

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    How To Cancel Playstation Plus Lifewire

    Dec 2, 2020 How to Cancel PS Plus · Navigate to the Sony Entertainment account management site and select Subscription. The Subscription heading · Locate your

    Cancel PlayStation Plus via Web · Sign in to your account · Go to Account Management · Choose Subscription from the menu on the left · Hit Turn Off Auto-Renew next

    Apr 22, 2021 From the account management page, either on your console, computer, or mobile device, navigate to the Subscriptions tab and locate your PS Plus

    Apr 29, 2021 1. Open a web browser · 2. Go to · 3. Sign in to your account · 4. Select the Subscription menu item in the left sidebar.

    May 4, 2021 How to cancel PlayStation Plus on your console. Canceling your PlayStation Plus subscription is easy, no matter what console or device you

    Benefit #: You Can Play Online With It

    Once again, you cant play PS games online without PS Plus.

    So if youre looking to figure out how to play online without PS Plus, then Im afraid you wont find it possible, friend.

    Even so, a PS Plus subscription is like a Golden Ticket to the Chocolate Factory.

    And for three, you still have the rest of the 9 reasons, of course!

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    Cancel Your Ps Plus Subscription Using A Browser

    Aside from your Playstation, you can also manage your PSN account and PS Plus subscription using a web browser. This option can come in handy if you cant access your console at the moment but want to disable the auto-renew feature.

    See the steps below to manage your PSN account using a browser:

  • Using any browser, visit PSNs official website.
  • Next, enter your credentials and log in to your account.
  • After that, go to Account Management and click on the Subscription tab.
  • Lastly, click on Turn Off Auto-Renew next to PS Plus.
  • Once done, sign out your account from your browser and see if your PS Plus subscription is already canceled on your console.

    How To Get Free Ps Plus Trial

    How to CANCEL PS Plus Subscription on PS4

    For some, its tricky how to get 14 days of free PS Plus.

    Especially when theyre talking about how to get PS Plus free trial without a credit card!

    But luck has a way of finding you because there is indeed a way to get that trial. The only condition is that your email address should never have received any free 14-day trial before.

    Assuming that is the case, heres how you can get the free PS Plus trial:

    • Sign in to your PS4 using that email address.
    • Visit the PlayStation Store.
    • Search for the keyword Trial on the search box.
    • In the list, there will be a PlayStation Plus 14-day trial option.
    • Once its been processed, you should get the trial.

    Dont worry about paying with your credit or debit card.

    They are simply used to verify the purchase without charging you anything for it, so you still get it for free!

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    What Is Playstation Plus

    PlayStation Plus is a subscription service offered to PlayStation users. It provides many features that common users are unable to access. And they are:

  • Free PlayStation Plus games: as a PlayStation Plus membership, you can download two PS4 games free every month. Of course, all PlayStation Plus monthly games are playable on PS5 as well, if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber.
  • Online multiplayer: it allows you to play online with your friends and compete in online tournaments.
  • Exclusive discounts: PlayStation Plus subscribers can get exclusive discounts on certain games, add-ons, pre-orders, and more from PlayStation Store.
  • 100 GB Cloud Storage: with PlayStation Plus, you can back up your game progress to the cloud and download them on another system. It is quite useful when you need to upgrade hard drives on PS4.
  • For more details about the advantages of PlayStation Plus, you can visit the official website of PlayStation.

    You might wonder about the price of the PlayStation Plus subscription. There are three plans for different users: a monthly payment of $9.99, a quarterly payment of $24.99, and a yearly payment of $59.99. When it comes to the end of your payment period, the subscription will automatically continue as long as you dont cancel it.

    Does Playstation Prorate Its Cancelations

    Yes, it does. According to PlayStations cancelation policy, you may be eligible for a refund within 14 days since youve signed up for the service, even if you started using it.

    The refund could be reduced on a prorated basis based on how much youve used the service. This may appear as two transactions on your bank account statementsa refund of the full subscription charge you paid originally, followed by a smaller charge for the period you used the service.

    DoNotPay can also help you get a PlayStation refund in the most straightforward way.

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    S To Cancel Playstation Plus

    Canceling process of PS Plus is a piece of cake. The followings are the steps that you can follow to cancel it.

    If you want to keep your subscription active, you can select Turn On Auto-Renew before the next payment date of the current subscription.

    • Go to Account Management and Sign in.
    • On the menu of the Left of the screen, select Subscription.
    • Find PlayStation Plus and next to it, select Turn Off Auto Renew.

    The above method is used when you do it using the web browser. It is quite different if you use PS5 or PS4. the following steps are for PS5 users.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Then go to User Accounts.
  • Select Accounts.
  • Then select Payments and Subscriptions.
  • After that, go to Subscriptions.
  • Find PlayStation Plus.
  • Then select Turn Off Auto Renew.
  • For PS4 users, use the following steps.

  • Proceed on the above steps until 6.
  • Then go to Manage Membership.
  • After that, go for the Subscription.
  • Finally, select Turn off Auto Renew.
  • How To Get A Playstation Plus Free Trial

    How to CANCEL PS Plus Subscription on PS4

    If youre new to the service and unsure whether or not its worth getting a PlayStation Plus membership, you can always try a free trial where you can enjoy all of the benefits of the service for a limited time of 14 days without having to pay anything.

    To start your PlayStation Plus trial, all you need to do is navigate towards the PlayStation Store and check whether or not youre eligible for a trial. If you are, you simply need to add it to your basket at the PlayStation Store and then checkout.

    New PlayStation Users

    If youre new to PlayStation and just bought a console, you should receive a PlayStation Plus message the first time you sign in to your PSN account letting you know youre available for a free trial. Just follow the steps above to start your PlayStation Plus trial.

    When you start your PlayStation Plus free trial, Sony will switch on auto-renewal. This means when your 14 trial ends, you will be charged a full months membership. If you believe the service isnt for you and youre looking on how to cancel PlayStation Plus during your trial, just follow our instructions at the top of this page by turning off auto-renewal.

    You can cancel PlayStation Now in the same way weve listed here. All you need to do is head towards Account Management and follow the steps we explained at the top of this page to cancel your PlayStation Now subscription its that easy!

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    Cancel Playstation Plus On Ps4

    If you want to use your PS4 to cancel your subscription, turn on your console.

    Youll need to roll up to the Settings menu and select Account Management. Go to Manage Membership and choose Subscription. Now, Turn Off Auto-Renewal leaving feedback is optional. There, you cancelled your PlayStation Plus subscription.

    You can also extend your subscription from this same spot.

    Stay Subscribed To Ps Plus

    Dont miss out on any of your PS Plus monthly games, discounts or online multiplayer access with the Automatic Renewal feature.

    • When you join PS Plus, the Automatic Renewal feature is switched on by default, meaning youll automatically pay for a new membership period when your current one expires. You can switch Automatic Renewal on or off from the PS Plus hub on your PS4 console or from your Sony Entertainment Network account page on any web browser.
    • If you prefer to switch Automatic Renewal off, you purchase a new subscription or add more time to an existing subscription period from the web, or in store by purchasing a PS Plus gift card.

    1Subscribers must have an account for PlayStationNetwork with access to PlayStation®Store and high-speed internet. PSN, PS Store and PS Plus subject to terms of use and country and language restrictions PS Plus content and services vary by subscriber age. Users must be 7 years or older and users under 18 require parental consent, except that users in Germany must be 18 years or older. Online features of specific games may be withdrawn on reasonable notice – Certain restrictions may apply to game downloads. PS Plus is an ongoing subscription with a recurring subscription fee which is charged automatically at the frequency you choose at purchase until cancelled. Full terms apply: see PSN Terms of Service and PS Plus Usage Terms at

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