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How To Change My Playstation Network Id

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Change Your Online ID on the PlayStation Network

You can change your PSN name in a matter of minutes. It’s as simple as making a few quick changes, and you can kiss that embarrassing old PSN ID from years ago goodbye.

Your PSN name is your unique online identity within the PlayStation Network. It’s displayed on your PSN account, your console, in-game, and everywhere else on a PlayStation system. You can share your real name in addition to your PSN name, but that’s optional.

Interestingly, you haven’t always been able to change your PSN ID. When Sony initially launched the PlayStation Network in 2006, selecting a new name after signup simply wasn’t an option. It wasn’t until 2018 that Sony began allowing users to change up their PSN ID.

Before you set about choosing a new ID, you should know that your first PSN name change is free. After that, you’ll pay $4.99 each subsequent time as a PlayStation Plus subscriber. Those who aren’t subscribed to PS Plus will have to pay $9.99 each time. If you’re indecisive, then, it might be time to become a PS Plus member for some additional savings.

Once you change your PSN name, it’ll be applied instantaneously. Your PlayStation trophies, friend list, games, and apps will still be there, and everything will remain the same. The only thing that’s different will be your cool new PSN ID, which you’ll undoubtedly want to show off to everyone.

How do you go about changing your PSN name, though? Its easy! Follow the steps below and youll have a new ID in no time.

Playstation Network: What You Need To Know About Changing Your Nickname

Changing PSN nickname is now possible but there are some constraints that it would be better to know before doing so. Already, it is a free option only for the first modification. If you do not want to pay to do so, you will have to think carefully about your first choice.

You keep the possibility of changing your nickname as many times as you wish, but after the first one, each change will cost you 4,99 if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber or 9,99 if you are not.

Change Nickname From A Ps4

  • Make sure you are logged into your PSN Profile
  • Go to Parameters from the console
  • Click on Account Management > Account Information > Profile > Online ID
  • Change your username to the new one then validate

That’s it, it’s not more complicated. You will finally be able to change that good old nickname that stuck to your skin without you having the possibility of choosing a new ID that looks like you.

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How To Change Your Id On Your Ps4

To change your PSN ID on PlayStation 4, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Settings menu on your system.

2. Select Account Management, then Account Information. From there, choose Profile, and then Online ID.

3. Type in the online ID youd like to change your name to, or select a suggestion from the list.

4. Follow the prompts to complete the change. Your system will remind you that you need to close down all of your games and make sure that your progress has been saved before proceeding. Youll also need to check out your games to make sure they still function properly after making the alteration.

With that, youve completed the change!

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How to Change PSN Name on PS4 in Different Devices?

If you experience any issues, you can change back to a previous online ID without charge. However:

  • Changing back to your previous online ID may not fix all issues .
  • If you want to change back, do so as soon as possible because changing back to your previous online ID may affect content, game progress and functionality associated with your new online ID.

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Are There Any Potential Issues With Changing My Psn Name

Sony says PSN name changes will be fully compatible with all PS4 games published after April 1, 2018, and the “large majority of the most played PS4 games” from before then as well. It does warn that not all games and applications for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita will support the change, and you may encounter some issues using them with a new PSN name – these can range from simple problems such as your old ID still being visible or game accounts being unlinked, right up to critical issues such as loss of in-game currency, game and trophy progress, or user-generated content. Some of these issues can create permanent game errors or loss of data, so it’s worth considering the impact before committing to a change.

What Is Playstation Online Id

Playstation has become the most used console and has created a huge multiplayer platform for its players to enjoy. Players can use their PSN IDs to connect with each other and have a gala time gaming. PSN means Playstation network and ID stands for identification.

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How Can You Change Your Playstation Online Id

Sometimes people just grow out of their Playstation ids and feel like changing it. Playstation just released the feature to change your online IDs. It’s free for the first time and charges a small fee every other time. You can perform this action on the PS4 or on a web browser. Follow these steps to change your PSN ID:

Change Your Psn Name From Your Browser

Change Your Online ID on the PlayStation Network

The easiest way to change your PSN name is to do so right from your web browser. Head to, then sign in to your PSN account and click on your avatar to reveal a drop-down window with several commands. Go to Account Settings > PSN Profile. After signing in once again with your password, you will then see your online display name listed at the top of the page. Click on the Edit function, found to the right of Online ID, then type in your preferred new PlayStation name.

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Want To Change Your Psn Online Id Simply Follow These Instructions To Get A New Psn Name On Playstation 4 Or Pc

Last week, Sony rolled out the long-awaited PSN online ID changing feature. With the functionality now available on PlayStation 4 and PC, heres a quick guide that outlines the steps you should follow if you decide to change your PSN ID. At this time, you are only able to change your online ID through a PS4 or web browser it does not work on PS3 or PlayStation Vita.

How to change your PSN name on PS4

If changing your PSN online ID from your PS4, simply head to the Settings menu. From there, select Account Management, then Account Information,Profile, and finally Online ID. Once you select the feature, youll be able to enter the Online ID you wish to change it to. Its that easy!

How to change your PSN name on PC

If using a web browser, simply head over to the Sony Entertainment Network website and log in using your PlayStation Network account. Once youre logged in, select PSN Profile in the menu, then the Edit button thats next to your name. From this page, you can enter the Online ID of your choice.

You should know

As a reminder, the first time you change your Online ID is free however, each subsequent change thereafter will cost $9.99. PlayStation Plus members do get a slight discount and only have to pay $4.99 per change.

Make Sure Your Psn Id Does Not Violate Any Community Guideline

As a major platform with millions of users, Playstation makes it a point that every member of their community complies with their guidelines and terms of service that are set to protect the welfare of everyone.

If you cannot change your Playstation Network ID, you may be trying to set a name with inappropriate words or violate PSNs guidelines.

To confirm this, refer to PSNs Code of Conduct page and make sure you are following every guideline.

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Be Sure To Choose Your New Psn Name Wisely

You can change your PSN name once for free, but after that, all subsequent name changes will cost you money. PlayStation Plus subscribers will pay $4.99, while everyone else will pay $9.99. So it would be a good idea to get your PSN name change right the first time.

While you’re at it, you should also set up two-step verification for PSN.

This is long overdue, as Xbox owners have been able to change their gamertags for a while now. Still, it gives all of you PS4 owners who chose terrible PSN names when you were young a chance to start over. And you can then play the best PS4 exclusives.

How To Change Your Playstation Id Or Nickname

How to Change PSN Name on PS4 in Different Devices?

A Playstation Online ID is a user’s unique display name that can be set by their friends in their online gamers group on PlayStation Network or PSN. The other users of the group can use this identifier to know the online activities of its holder, according to its defined privacy settings. A PSN ID is unique for each account and cannot be linked to multiple accounts and an account is only entitled to one PSN ID. The question then arises whether this identifier can be modified over time. We will detail everything you need to know about changing your username/nickname online on PSN.

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How To Change Your Psn Password

Changing your PSN Passwordfollows almost the same steps as changing your Sign-In ID.

  • From the PS4 dashboard, press Up on the directional pad, then select Settings.

  • Go to Account Management.

  • Select Account Information.

  • Select Security.

  • Follow onscreen prompts and input the required information. You may be prompted to enter your Sign-In ID and current Password.

  • You’ll then need to enter your new Password twice. Once you’ve changed it, you’ll receive an email confirming the change.

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    How To Change Your Psn Id

    There are three methods to change your PSN ID, based on which platform you’re using to actually commit the change. Keep in mind that after each of these, you’ll be signed out of all devices and will need to re-login anywhere you were previously signed into PSN. Sony will also provide you with several suggestions when changing your ID. Feel free to use “robust-wax9” if you’re so inclined.

    How To Change Your Psn Name On Ps4 And Ps5

    How to Change PSN ID | PSN Name Change FAQ | Playstation Network ID Change

    You can finally ditch that embarrassing name you thought was so cool in 2007.

    Not long ago, your chosen PSN username was locked in and unchangeable. That was bad news for anyone who chose a name that was embarrassing or too complicated to remember or otherwise just unwieldy. Fortunately, Sony has shifted that policy now, allowing you to change your username as many times as you wish–if you’re willing to pay. Here is everything you need to know about changing your PSN ID.

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    How Many Times Can I Change My Psn Name

    You can change your PSN name as many times as you like, however only the first change will be free. After that, each change will cost $4.99/£3.99 for PS Plus subscribers or $9.99/£7.99 for non-members. You will also have the choice to display your old PSN name alongside your new one for 30 days if you want friends to recognise you, but you can only enable or disable this feature when you make the actual name change – after that it’s locked.

    Like Your First Email Address Your Playstation Network Name If You Set It Long Ago Could Also Be A Bit Embarrassing

    Like your first email address, your PlayStation Network name, if you set it long ago, could also be a bit embarrassing. One of the longstanding problems with the PlayStation Network had been that you could not change your PSN Online ID or PSN name without losing access to all your games purchased with your previous PSN ID. Finally, in 2019, Sony enabled PSN users to change their usernames without losing access to the games associated with users previous PSN names. The new process is easy and works smoothly with the games released after April 1, 2018. For older games, adapting to the changes in PSN names is still tricky and losing access to them remains a possibility.

    However, if you have decided to dump your old PSN name, the process is very simple. In just a few easy steps, you can change your old PSN name to a new, more decent one. Please note that changing your PSN name is free for just the first time. If you wish to change it again in the future, Sony will charge you. Let us take a look at how to change your PSN ID.

    Step 1: On your PlayStation device home screen, select your profile image in the top right corner. Your profile will open on the next screen. Try to find a pencil icon with the label Edit Profile in the middle right of the screen, and click on it.

    Step 2: On the next screen, you will see a list of details about your profile that you can edit. The list includes Name, Online ID, Profile Picture, Avatar, Cover Image, About and Languages.

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    How To Change Your Playstation Id On A Ps5

    From the homepage, navigate to Settings> Users and Accounts.

    Select Account from the left-hand side and then select Profile.

    Select Online ID.

    Lastly, youll be asked to sign in to your PlayStation Network account before you can create your new online ID. Check for availability and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the change.

    After you complete the change process, youll have to sign in to your PS5 again with your new online ID.

    How To Change Your Playstation Sign

    How do I change my PlayStation ID?

    Change or recover your sign-in ID on PlayStationNetwork .

    What is a sign-in ID email address?

    Each account has a unique sign-in ID, which corresponds to a valid email address used to sign in to PSN. Email is the primary mode of communication between PlayStation and players, and will be used to:

    • verify your account
    • ensure your details are protected
    • keep you up to date on important account information.

    It is recommended that you use an up-to-date and accessible email address.

    How to change your sign-in ID

    You’re signed out from all devices when you change your sign-in ID . When you change your email address you will receive an email to your old email address showing your new sign-in ID .

    Web browser: change sign-in ID

  • Sign in to Account Management on a web browser.
  • Select Security from the sidebar.
  • Click Edit next to Sign-In ID . You may need to re-enter your password for security reasons.
  • Enter your new email address and click Save.
  • You will receive an email to your new email address asking you to verify your new sign-in ID. Click the Verify Now button in this email. You will also receive an email to your old email address detailing the change.
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    Changing Your Psn Online

    Oh yes, the time has come it is finally possible to change your PlayStation username! After having completed a successful test period, Sony is ready to give users the option to finally get rid of that embarrassing name that we created in 6th grade! The first name change is free, and if you would like to do so again it will cost PlayStation Plus members 4,99 and other users 9,99. If you were to regret your decision, it is always possible to return to your old name for free.

    How Do I Change My Playstation Id

    Unlike on the Xbox platform, its never been possible to change your PlayStation ID. When you signed up on PSN for the first time, the name you chose was the name you were stuck with .

    However, as of today, you can finally change your ID. Great news!

    Except that the platform and games have been designed with the assumption that this wouldnt happen. As such, changing your ID comes with some caveats.

    Lets get them out of the way first

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