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How To Clean Ps4 Fan

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Clean Ps4 Fan With Dust Blower And Q


If you are still moving with your video game console within the warranty period, then you should not unscrew it without a pinch. If it is completely covered with dust and does not work without high speeds and overheating even in low-performance games, then a thorough cleaning can be the solution – but first you can try the following steps:

  • Switch off the PS4 and disconnect from the power supply and other cables
  • Use a lever to remove the top cover
  • Remove the coarse dust and lint with a vacuum cleaner on a low level
  • If necessary, carefully clean the fan and the ventilation slots on the sides with cotton swabs
  • For complete cleaning blow through the PS4 / PS4 Pro with a blower
  • I copied a bit from these instructions on PlayStationInfo. You come to the corresponding contribution of the console professionals with this link. The one integrated there Video on the topic you will also find embedded in the following. My advice: I would not start with the cotton swabs when cleaning the PlayStation, as these may be used to transport the loose dust, lint and crumbs into the console. So better start with the vacuum cleaner / blower )

    Will Opening My Ps4 Void The Warranty

    The first generation PS4 required tools to open up the case something that would void the warranty. With the latest generation PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro, Sony made the process of opening up the console much easier, with a top cover that can now be removed by hand no tools necessary giving you direct access to the fan. This means opening up the PS4 to clean the fan no longer voids the warranty, so theres nothing stopping you from performing a deep clean on your console.

    Tools needed:

    • Vacuum with brush attachment

    Of course, you will want to start by giving your system a basic clean. From there, youll pull the top cover off starting from the front of the console, until the clips release , and continue pulling to also release the side clips.

    Using your microfiber cloth, wipe off the dust on the inside of the cover, the vents along the side, and around the fan. Cotton swabs can be used to further remove dust from all the smaller nooks and crannies. For the fan itself, a vacuum hose with brush attachment will do a great job of cleaning the individual blades .

    Once youre finished, give the entire system another pass with your compressed air can. Remember: compressed air cans can spray lots of moisture if used improperly. Always hold your spray can upright in order to avoid this .

    Remove The Back Stickers And Screws

    Now that you’ve got your PS4 ready to work, turn it around so the back is facing you, then flip it upside-down. You’ll see three stickers along the “top” that you must remove.

    Note that if you have the slightly revised model of the original PS4, you’ll only see one sticker and screw here in the middle.

    The middle one has a special warranty sticker that damages itself when you remove it. The other two are a bit thicker and might require a bit of extra work to peel off. Use your knife or another pointed tool to peel back a corner of the stickers, then they should come off easily. Be careful not to scratch your system while you remove them.

    Set them aside if you want to re-apply the stickers later, or throw them out if you don’t care. Once you’ve removed the stickers, use your TR9 screwdriver to remove the screws underneath. They’re short, so they shouldn’t require much effort. Take care not to strip them, and set them aside in a safe place.

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    Which Ps4 Do I Have

    The serial number is comprised of 11 characters and is located on the back of the system, towards the bottom left of the chassis. The model number consists of the letters CUH, followed by four numbers and a letter. The model number is located on the back of the system, towards the bottom of the chassis.

    Can You Get Your Ps4 Professionally Cleaned

    PS4 Slim Fan Cleaning

    We get it. Cleaning your PS4 is an intimidating and time-consuming task. If you dont have experience cleaning gadgets, you might be worried about breaking your console.

    You can take your PS4 to your local game shop, electronics store, or electronic repair shop to ask whether theyll professionally clean your device for you.

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    My Ps4 Fan Is Dirty Inside What Can I Do

    A can of compressed air and a microfiber cloth are all you will need in order to clean the inside of your PS4 fan. The first step that you should take is to unplug your PS4 and turn it over so the bottom of it faces up. #How to Clean ps4 fan

    In order to remove any debris or dust that may be blocking the fan, use compressed air to blow it out. In order to clean the fan blades and the surrounding area of the fan, use the microfiber cloth in order to wipe them down.

    How To Clean Ps4 Fans

    Most people don’t clean their PS4 fans for several reasons. For example, many people don’t think it is necessary. Or, they aren’t aware that cleaning PS4 fans regularly can help prevent heat-related issues.

    Keeping your PS4 clean will help with keeping it in excellent condition. By cleaning your PS4 regularly, you get to ensure it lasts longer than if you don’t clean it often. This post will give tips on cleaning your PS4 fans to keep them in top condition and running at their optimum performance. Read on!

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    How To Clean A Ps4 Fan:

    Users will require five pieces of kit to properly clean a PS4s fan.

    These include a clean, dry microfibre cloth, a T9 screwdriver, a small Phillips screwdriver, one can of compressed air and a cotton swab.

    The most important safety step should be completed first, which is to turn off the console and disconnect all cords and cables.

    Next, blow dust away from the PS4 unit using compressed air, before wiping down the exterior with a dry microfibre cloth.

    Change The Setup Of Your Ps4

    PS4 Pro Fan Cleaning – Is It Really This Easy?

    The final advice is to change where the PS4 was sitting. See, the PS4 has vents at the sides and the back. All of these vents need to have some space to breathe. If you block them, the PS4 will overheat, and the fan will be noisy.

    So, try putting your console in an open space and a cool area. For example, put it close to windows, doors, or A/C systems. Keep it away from dirt areas, and put it atop a cold surface such as wood, marble, or stone. Also, keep it elevated if you have pets at home.

    Lastly, put the console in a horizontal position, as its how it was designed.

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    Opening Up The Console

    If youre trying to open up the fan keep your warranty in mind. Opening up the insides of the PS4 will void the warranty since the fan is inside your console. If the fan seems noticeably louder than it was when you first used it or if the console gets overheated, you should open up the fan to clean it.

    However, if you use the console correctly overheating and noise issues do not happen within one year. If it does, its worth voiding the warranty and fixing the issue.

    Fix #: Open Your Ps4 Console And Clean From The Inside

    If you tried all the fixes above, the last thing to try is to clean your PS4 console by opening it. This will require you to have compatible Torx screwdrivers to remove all Torx screws that are holding the casing in place. Also, make sure that your console is unplugged for a few minutes to avoid the risk of electric shock.

    Important: Opening your console yourself or to any unauthorized service center removes its warranty. So, if youre experiencing this problem during its warranty period , we recommend that you visit Sonys Authorized Service Centers since they can potentially fix it for you for free.

    To open your PS4 and clean it from the inside, follow these steps:

  • Use a Torx T8 or T9 screw bit attachment to remove all outside screws. If you dont have one, you can easily buy it in the nearest hardware store or online.
  • Remove all four screws at the back of your PS4 and set the plastic cover aside.
  • In this space, you should see the consoles fan. Clean the dust out as much as you can using a soft brush and compressed air.
  • Once its clean, you can also go over the vents once again to clear out all dust and debris.
  • Next, leave the console open for thirty minutes to let any excess liquids and gas from the compressed air evaporate.
  • Once enough time has elapsed, return the plastic cover along with all four Torx screws.
  • Plug your console back in and turn it on.
  • Check if the consoles fan is still making a loud noise.
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    How To Clean Ps4 Without Compressed Air

    Want to clean your dusty PS4 but cant get your hand on compressed air? Cleaning without compressed air works, however, it will not be nearly as effective. However, some users report that using compressed air may scatter the dust into the corners and may cause more harm. Whatever the reason is, if youre looking for solutions for cleaning your PS4 without compressed air, youre at the right place.

    How To Clean A Ps4 Ps4 Pro Or Ps4 Slim

    PS4 Slim Fan Cleaning

    Knowing how to clean a PS4 can come in handy if it stops working properly or if the fan is too loud. It’s good practice to clean your console before selling your PS4 or giving it away.

    The images below are of the PS4 Slim model, but you can follow these instructions to clean any PlayStation 4 console:

  • Make sure your PS4 is turned off and everything is unplugged.

  • Use the compressed air to clean out the USB ports on the front of the console, the ports on the back, and the vents along the device’s side. Gently use a toothbrush or cotton swabs to remove any remaining debris.

    Hold the can of compressed air upright and six inches away from the console to prevent moisture from getting into the internal components of your PS4.

  • To remove the outer casing, gently lift under the top cover of the PS4 from the console’s front. Clean off any dust inside the casing with a cloth.

    Opening your PS4 will void the warranty. If you purchased your PS4 within the last year, contact Sony PlayStation customer support to report problems with your console.

    To open an original PS4 model, you must remove the warranty stickers on the back of the console and use a T8 or T9 Torx screwdriver to remove the screws.

  • Put your finger on the center of the fan to hold it in place, then apply compressed air in short spurts to blow dust out of the fan.

    Do not let the fan spin while blowing air on it. A rotating fan can cause an electrical short.

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    Final Thoughts On Keeping Your Console Cool

    If youve ever taken apart a desktop computer, working on a PS4 shouldnt be too difficult. But even if you havent, a bit of research should help you out here. The most important thing is to be delicate with the parts.

    Providing you do that, buy the right tools and follow the tutorials, very little could go wrong. And, as any computer buff will tell you, tinkering with electricals is actually pretty fun.

    Have you taken apart a PS4 before? If so, do you have any tips? Id love to hear from you below!

    The Ps4 Fan By Hand To Clean

  • Before you get started, remove the power cable. This reduces the risk of potential damage.
  • To loosen firmer particles of dust, blow compressed air through all the Openings into the device.
  • Now it is time for the vacuum cleaner. Take preferably a device that is not sucking too strong or the Undertow you can set.
  • You hold at the beginning of the distance to the fan, and you approach it slowly with the vacuum cleaner.
  • So buttons at the right distance for your suction pre-thickness and the risk of damage due to too strong Suction.
  • The PlayStation is sucked dry, you can remove stubborn subtleties with a cotton swab and brush.
  • Finally, you plug all the cables back in and you’re ready to go again.
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    How To Clean A Ps4

    Phillips screwdriver

    A cotton swab

    Before we take you through the steps, its worth flagging that as soon as you start dismantling your PS4 to clean the interior, you will void the warranty. So, if your PS4 is overheating within the warranty period , contact customer service rather than cleaning it yourself.

    You also need to be aware that the steps are different depending on whether you have an original PS4, a PS4 Slim or a PS4 Pro. And to further complicate matters, theres a second version of the original PS4 that was made after September 2015 and which is slightly different again. The photos here are for the first original model, but weve indicated where the steps differ for the others.

    1. First, make sure that your PS4 is switched off and all cables are disconnected from the consoles body.

    2. Next, you want to clean the outside of your PS4. To do this, take your can of compressed air and spay bursts of air into each of the ports, front and back, as well as the vents. Make sure you keep the can upright as you spray and keep your distance so you dont spray moisture into the PS4. If you dont own a can of compressed air, we recommend Falcon Dust, Off Compressed Gas ).

    3. Next, run a dry microfiber cloth along the surfaces of your PS4 to get rid of obvious dust. While you have this cloth to hand, wipe the surface and around the area where your PS4 sits as well. This clears away any potential dust your PS4 may collect once back in place.

    How Do I Clean My Ps4 Fan Without Taking It Apart

    How To EASILY Clean Your PS4 Pro Fan And REDUCE The Noise!

    Cleaning the PS4 fan without disassembling it is possible in a few ways. One way to use compressed air is by using a can. The fan blades should be sprayed until theyre free of dust and dirt with the can held upright. #How to clean ps4 fan

    If you have a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment, you can also try it. Turn on the attachment and point it at the fan to suck up dust and dirt. Lastly, you can clean the blades with a small brush.

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    Is It A Good Idea To Clean The Ps4 Fan

    You can gently place your finger on the center of the fan in order to keep it in place, then spray a couple of short bursts of compressed air onto the fan in order to remove any leftover dust from it. During this process, it is important to keep the fan in its place, since forcing it to spin will damage the hardware if the fan is forced to spin. #How to clean ps4 fan

    Cleaning your PS4 is crucial to keeping the fan working optimally, preventing it from overheating or worse, shutting down under heavy use. Cleaning your PS4 regularly will ensure that it performs at its best.

    How To Clean Your Ps4 Fan

    It would help if you cleaned your PS4’s fans at least once a month. Here’s how:

    Step 1: Turn off the console. Unplug all connectors from the back of the console using an anti-static wrist strap or another suitable grounding device. Open the disc tray, remove any discs in the drive, and close it again.

    Step 2: Unscrew two Phillips screws on each fan cover with a screwdriver or nut driver. Don’t lose these screws as they are different lengths for each one and not interchangeable you’ll need them later on when reassembling everything!

    Step 3: Lift each fan cover gently by pulling on its tabs until it pops free from its clips there are three tabs total for each fan cover, so six total for both fans combined . Set these aside carefully so that they don’t get damaged during cleaning .

    Step 4: Once you’ve removed both covers, look at the back of each fan there should be a rectangular opening in the middle where air flows out from the inside of the console.

    Step 5: Use a soft brush or cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean off any dust gathered around the bottom vents on each side of your console’s main body .

    Step 6: Use another soft brush dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean off any dust gathered around each end of each fan .

    If you want to get inside the fans without taking them apart, you can use a vacuum cleaner. Please turn off your PS4 and unplug it from the outlet. Remove any discs and accessories from the console.

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    What Will You Require To Clean Your Playstation 4 Fans

    To begin, you will require the following basic things:

    • One Standard Phillips-head Screwdriver: To open a few screws inside the PS4 that require this specific screwdriver.
    • One TR9 Torx Security Bit Screwdriver: A PS4 works best with the small center-holed T9 security screwdriver to open its screws.
    • Knife or a Sharp Object: To rip off the stickers that cover the rear screws.
    • A blower or Can of Compressed Air: To blow the dust out of the fans.
    • Cotton Balls: To help clean up some of the dust on the fans. You can also use a cotton swab for this.
    • Flashlight: To better inspect the hardware and inside spots.
    • Cleaning Brush with Hard Bristles: To scrub out any caked dust from the blade gaps.

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