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How To Connect Ps4 Controller To Playstation

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How To Sync Ps4 Controller To Pc Via Bluetooth

How to connect a PS4 controller to a PS3 (Wired and Wireless)

Here is how to sync PS4 controller to PC wirelessly:

  • Step 1: Turn on your PS4 Dual Shock controller.
  • Step 2: Press and hold the PS + Share buttons till you see the light flash on your controller.
  • Step 3: Now open the Bluetooth Settings on your PC.
  • Step 4: In the Bluetooth and Other Devices menu, youll now see your PS4 controller appearing in available devices.
  • Step 5: Select your PS4 controller from the list and select Pair.

How To Connect Your Ps4 Wireless Controller To Your Iphone

Imagine playing your favorite PlayStation® games while waiting at the airport or getting a haircut. Using the Bluetooth® feature on your iPhone®, you can do just that by pairing it to your DualShock® 4 wireless controller. But how?

At Asurion, we help people find solutions to questions like this every day, and when tech breaks, we fix itâfrom completing a controller reset to fixing multiplayer lag. Here’s our experts’ guide on connecting your PS4⢠controller to your iPhone, so you can play Call of Duty® on the go.

How To Disconnect Your Dualshock 4 From Your Iphone Or Ipad

Once youre done playing with the DualShock 4, heres how to turn it off. If you want to use the controller, you simply need to hold down the PlayStation button for 10 seconds. On the iPhone, the most convenient method is to use the Control Center.

  • Open your Control Center on a Face ID-compatible iPhone by swiping diagonally from the upper right of your screen toward the lower left. On a Touch ID-compatible iPhone, swipe up from the bottom of the display.

  • Press and hold down on the blue Bluetooth icon.

  • In the menu that pops up, press and hold down the icon that says Bluetooth: On.

  • You should see DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller in the options that pop up. Press it, and your controller will immediately disconnect.

  • And heres the less convenient method:

  • Open the Settings app and press Bluetooth.

  • Under My Devices, youll see DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller. To the right, youll see a letter i within a blue circle. Press it.

  • In the menu that pops up, press Disconnect. The controller should immediately stop working.

  • When you want to use the controller again, just press the DualShock 4s PlayStation button and it should immediately start working.

    Theres a good chance it might accidentally turn on this way if you have the DualShock 4 stuffed in your bag. If youre on a trip, its wise to simply unpair the device and re-pair it when you want to play. As youve seen above, doesnt take long.

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    Using Your Playstation 4 Controller With Steam

    Steam added built-in support for the DS4 awhile ago, and some PC games even come with further support and settings that can be tweaked from the in-game menu.

    In the case of Steam, you can select the DS4 as the default controller through the Settings menu.

  • Launch Steam from your Start menu, desktop, or taskbar.
  • Click Steam.

  • Totally Disconnect Ps4 From Power

    How to Connect PS4 Controller

    When you have any hardware issue with the PS4, such as this one, the very first thing you have to try is to turn off the PS4 completely, unplug the power cord from the power outlet, wait almost 1-3 minutes before plugging it to power again then turn it on.

    This technique has proved remarkable efficiency not only in PS4 systems, but almost all electronic devices, including computers.

    But why would it work in the first place?

    You might be surprised to learn that when you turn off your PS4 , they dont completely shut down. All the component/pieces are just in a very low powered on state.

    It means that if your PS4 has a hiccup/glitch that locks up a piece of hardware , that glitch can still linger on because of that low power state. Many PS4 problems can be simply fixed by pulling the power plug, wait 1-3 minutes and plugging it back in again, because of all the above.

    So, what you have to do here is:

  • Turn off the PS4
  • If the DualShock 4 controller is turned on, turn it off by holding down the PS button for 10 seconds
  • Disconnect all USB peripherals from the PS4, including the controller.
  • Wait 1-3 minutes then connect the controller to the PS4 via USB connection.
  • Dont connect any other USB device to the PS4 at this point.
  • Plug the PS4 cable into the power outlet while the DualShock 4 controller is connecting to the PS4 through the USB cable.
  • Turn on the PS4 and see whether it works or not.
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    Connect Your New Ps4 Controller To Ps4 With Micro

    If you are using a wired PS4 controller, follow these steps:

    Step 1: Start the power button on your PS4 console to turn it on.

    Step 2: Plug the other point of your PS4 controller wire into the USB port of your console.

    Step 3: Start the PS button of your controller and press it down for around 3 seconds.

    Step 4: Your wired PS4 controller should be connected to the console.

    Can You Use A Ps5 Controller With Ps4

    Sadly, the simple answer is just no. A PS5 controller cannot be used with a PS4. Even if you try plugging it in, the PS4 will simply just not recognise it as an input device.

    You can however use a PS5 pad on PC.

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    How To Pair Two Or More Dual Shock4 Controllers To Ps4

    The real fun of PS4 begins with multiplayer gaming. And to accommodate all your friends within the screen, you can connect as many as four Dual Shock 4 controllers. Pairing any other controller than your first is going to be an even more straightforward task.

    Finished connected your DualShock4 controller to PS4? Then have a quick glance at how to connect PS4 to Wifi and experience the live world of gaming with friends!

    You dont require a USB cable to connect PS4 controller if you already have a synced controller. Instead, you can connect them all wirelessly. Here is how to connect PS4 controller wirelessly for an additional profile:

    • Step 1: Toggle up with your synced controller in the main menu of your PS4.
    • Step 2: Select Settings at the far right of the row and enter.
    • Step 3: Navigate to Devices from the settings menu.
    • Step 4: Select Bluetooth Devices from the screen to see the list of devices paired with your console.
    • Step 5: Turn on the controller you want to sync with PS4. Press and hold the PS + Share buttons on your controller for 3-5 seconds.
    • Step 6: After seeing your new controller appear in the Bluetooth Devices tab, select it with your synced controller and choose to pair.

    Once youve successfully paired a controller with your PS4, youll notice the color on your controller change. PS4 allots four different colors to connected players and profiles. Player 1=Blue, Player 2= Red, Player 3= Green, and Player 4=Pink.

    How To Sync Ps4 Controller Without Cable

    How To Connect PS4 Controller To PS4

    If you don’t have a USB cable and want to add a second or more wireless controller to your PS4 console, you can still connect them without it. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth Devices on your PS4 dashboard .

  • Hold down the SHARE and PS buttons on your PS4 controller for about 5 seconds.

  • The Bluetooth Devices screen should now show your PS4 controller. Choose it.

  • At this point, your PS4 controller should be connected to your console. Have fun with your games.

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    How To Connect A Playstation 4 Controller To Ps3

    This guide will work on any PlayStation 3 console you have, regardless of it being the original, Slim or Super Slim.


    If you want to connect your PlayStation 4 controller to the PlayStation 3 console, you can do so with a Micro USB to USB Type-A Cable. All you have to do is connect the controller and the console and youre done.


    If you want to connect a PS4 Controller to PlayStation 3 wirelessly, you first need a way of controlling the PS3, either by getting aMicro USB to USB Type-A Cable, or using the original PS3 Controller while you do this.

    Now lets assume you did that, all you have to do now is:

  • Go to Settings then Accessory Settings
  • Select Manage Bluetooth Devices and select Register New Device
  • Hold the PS Button and SHARE Buttons until you get strobing lights
  • On your screen you should see Wireless Controller, now plug back the cable and select it.
  • As mentioned previously, you can do this with another controller as well

    Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller Audio Settings

    If you have headphones plugged into the 3.5mm headphone jack on the DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller and you hear no audio, or the audio from the headphones is very faint, make sure the headphone plug is pushed all the way in. Unplug and then firmly reinsert the headphones.

    To route all audio output to headphones:

  • Go to Settings > Devices > Audio Devices.

  • Select Output to Headphones > All Audio.

  • Highlight the Volume Control option and press Right on the D-pad to make sure the controller’s volume is turned up.

  • If Output to Headphones is greyed out, that means the headphones are not detected by the controller.

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    How To Connect A Ps4 Dualshock 4 Controller To A Pc

    The PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 controller is a fantastic gamepad, and with some tinkering you can get it to work with your PC.

    The DualShock 4 is a great controller, but it’s designed specifically for the Sony PlayStation 4. That means, at least on paper, that it’s not meant to be used with PC games. Fear not, since PCs are such powerful and flexible systems, you can get nearly any peripheral to work on them with a little effort. Here’s how to connect a DualShock 4 controller to your PC.

    How To Pair Your Playstation 4 Controller With Bluetooth

    How to connect a PlayStation 4 controller to your PC ...

    If you can’t get your hands on one of the official DS4 wireless adapters, you can always give Bluetooth a shot. Fair warning, the connection might not always work depending on your PC’s hardware, but it’s at least worth a shot if you don’t want to snake a long cable to the controller.

    Make sure the controller isn’t paired with a PS4 a good way to start is to pair the controller with your PC using the wired method before proceeding.

  • Hold down the and PS buttons simultaneously to put the controller into Bluetooth pairing mode. The controller light will begin flashing.
  • Click the Start button on your PC.
  • Click Settings.

  • Click Add Bluetooth or other device.
  • Click Bluetooth.

  • Click Wireless Controller.
  • Click Done.

  • Drivers should now be automatically installed. Like with the wired connection, hitting the PS button with Steam running will launch Big Picture mode.

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    How To Pair An Xbox Controller With Your Iphone

    Now, let’s pair an Xbox One controller. Here’s where things get, to quote Gollum from Lord Of The Rings, “Tricksy.” Not all Xbox One controllers will work with your iPhone, iPad or AppleTV. Specifically, you need a model 1708 controller, aka the one that came with the Xbox One S.

    To check which model of Xbox One controller you have:

  • Open the controller’s battery compartment.
  • Pull out the batteries.
  • On the label inside you’ll see the model number listed right below Redmond, Washington.
  • If you have trouble seeing the tiny number, use your phone’s camera and flash to take a photo and zoom in after the fact.
  • To pair your Xbox 1708 controller:

  • Open Bluetooth settings on your Apple device.
  • Next, turn the controller on by pressing the Xbox logo button.
  • Then press the Connect button at the top/front of the controller.
  • You’ll see the Xbox logo blink quickly, indicating that it’s in pairing mode.
  • Check your Apple device Bluetooth list and tap on Xbox Wireless Controller to pair and connect.
  • The controller should automatically be listed under devices already paired to your device.
  • Occasionally when we tried it, a window would pop up to ask me if I wanted to pair the controller. If this happens, tap Pair.
  • Reset Your Controller By Telling The Ps4 To Forget It

    If your pairing issues arent related to power or your cable, you might need to reset your PlayStation controller, and your factory reset your PlayStation 4 to pair it again. If youve got a controller that still works, you can do that in the PS4s Settings menu. Its on the home screen on the far-right side, represented by a Suitcase icon.

    Navigate down to the Devices menu, and then choose Bluetooth Devices. In the Bluetooth settings, youll see all your controllers there, as well as any other Bluetooth devices that are compatible with your PlayStation, such as PS4 headsets and the greatly-improved PDP PS4 Bluetooth Remote. Choose the one youre trying to reset , select it, and hit the X button.

    Now hit the Options button on your controller to bring up a contextual menu, and select Forget Device. Doing so will cause your controller to unpair with your PlayStation 4.

    Once thats done, you should be able to plug the controller in with your USB adapter to pair it to the console again, as mentioned toward the start of this guide.

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    Connect Your New Ps4 Controller To Ps4 With Usb Cable

    If youre using a wired PS4 controller, follow these:

    1) Press the power button on your PS4 console to turn it on.

    2) Plug the other end of your PS4 controller wire into the USB port of your console.

    3) Press the PS button of your controller and hold it down for around 3 seconds.

    4) Your wired PS4 controller should then be connected to the console.

    If youre using wireless PS4 controllers, follow these:

    1) Press the power button on your PS4 console to turn it on.

    2) Connect the micro connector of your USB cable to your PS4 controller. You can find the mini USB port on the back of your controller.

    3) Plug the other end of your USB cable into the console.

    4) Press the PS button of your controller and hold it down for around 3 seconds.

    5) Your wired PS4 controller should then be connected to the console. You can unplug the USB cable and enjoy your games wirelessly now.

    6) If you want to add a second or more wireless controllers, just use the same USB cable follow these same steps, and set it to be the New User on your dashboard.

    Turn Off And Charge The Controller

    How-To connect a PS4 controller to PS3 wirelessly

    A PS4 controller only typically lasts eight hours on a single charge, but sometimes it can run out of juice much faster. Plug in your controller via its Micro-USB cable, and give it time to restore power. You should also make sure it’s fully off when not in use. Don’t know how to turn off a PS4 controller? It’s easy to do:

    From the controller:

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    Getting The Gamepad To Work

    Connecting the controller is only the start of the process, due to how the DualShock 4 communicates with your PC. Most current Windows games use Microsoft’s XInput, an interface that processes Xbox 360 and Xbox One controller inputs. The DualShock 4 doesn’t send XInput commands, so a wrapper is needed to translate its inputs into something your PC can deal with easier. There are two good options: DS4Windows and Steam’s controller compatibility settings.

    How To Sync Ps4 Controller To Android

    To link a PS4 controller with an Android device, make sure the PS4 controller is in pairing mode. Both your PlayStation 4 and PS4 controller must be turned off in order to achieve this.

  • Press and hold the PS button and the Share button at the same time to put your PS4 controller into pairing mode. The light on the back of the controller will begin to flash if everything is done correctly.

  • Bluetooth must be enabled on your Android device in order to pair your PS4 controller with it. To open the fast selection menu, swipe your finger downward from the top of your screen, then tap and hold the Bluetooth icon.

  • “Wireless Controller” should be one of the options in the “Available devices” menu if Bluetooth is enabled. Tap “Scan” at the top of the screen if “Wireless Controller” isn’t one of the possibilities. When “Wireless Controller” displays, tap it.

  • To complete the pairing of your PS4 controller with your Android device, tap “OK.”

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    Setting Up Ps4 Remote Play On The Xperia Device

    PS Remote Play is a feature that allows you to use your smartphone as a display for your PlayStation® 4. This way you do not depend on TV availability and can play anywhere in your home.

    To set up PS4 Remote Play on your Xperia device and get it working with your PS4, a number of steps must be followed. Below is a general outline of the steps you must follow. You’ll then find more detailed instructions about each step further down the page.

    Note! If you’re using Xperia Z3 T-Mobile , you cannot use the Remote Play feature together with the new DUALSHOCK4 controller .

    Connect Ps4 Controller Through Bluetooth Or Usb

    Guide: How To Connect Your PlayStation 4 Controller On PC ...

    The first thing you need to do if you want to use PS4 Controller with Windows is to connect it to the PC physically. You can do this by either of the following ways:

    First Method Connect PS4 Controller through USB

    The easiest way to establish a physical connection between your computer and PS4 is by using a micro-USB cable. The best part of using this method is that once you connect PS4 to the PC, you dont need to do any further configuration.

    You can use the regular micro-USB cable for this purpose. Next, follow these steps:

    • Plug in the smaller end of the USB cable into the port on your PS4. The port is present on the front side
    • Next, plug in the bigger end of the cable in a USB port on your Windows computer
    • Go to the next step

    Second Method Establish a connection via Bluetooth

    If you dont like or want to use a micro-USB cable, connect the PS4 controller to your PC using Bluetooth.

    In case your Windows computer has Bluetooth capabilities, you can directly pair it with the PS4 controller. In case it doesnt have the Bluetooth feature, you will have to use an external Bluetooth adapter.

    To ensure the Bluetooth adapter driver runs without any problem, you should have the latest Bluetooth driver on your Windows computer. If you dont know how to manually update device drivers, use DriverDownloader.

    Download DriverDownloader by clicking the link below.

    Once your Bluetooth adapter is ready, connect the two devices together. Here are the steps to follow:

    For Windows 10

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