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How To Connect Ps4 To Laptop Hdmi

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How To Connect Ps4 To Laptop

Trying To Connect My PS4 To My Laptop With HDMI

It isnt as simple as connecting an HDMI cable from your PS4 console to your laptop. It would be so simple that everyone could do it without the help of tutorials or blogs.

Although it is complicated, you can do it quickly if I show you how to connect your Ps4 and Laptop. A compatible laptop with video input is required to connect your PS4 console and your laptop.

However, most laptops do not support this connection. If you are confident that you can figure it out, there will be more to learn.

It is impossible to attach an HDMI cable to a notebook and then play games on the laptops display. The HDMI connection is only unidirectional and does not support duplet links.

Both the output ports on the PS4 as well as the Laptop port are output ports. This means that it is impossible to connect them and have the PS4 output on your laptop screen.

Dont worry. Let me tell you. There are two simple ways that you can get the job done. After following these two steps, you will be able to connect to your laptop screen to play PS4 games.

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Does The Ps5 Need To Be On For Remote Play

The power of PlayStation® gaming, streamed to PS5, PS4, PC, Mac, Apple iOS or Android devices. A PS4 or PS5 console is required to stream your games to other devices. Remote play cannot be used on your mobile devices cellular data network. Broadband internet with at least 5Mbps broadband internet is required.

How To Use Laptop As Monitor For Ps4 Using Capture Card

A video capture card is a way to make your laptop work as a monitor on a PS4. These small devices allow you to view the content on your console and record footage.

It is very simple to use a video capture device on your laptop. Connect the USB end of the HDMI cable to your laptop. The media from the console will appear on your laptops display depending on what software you used.

Video capture cards are used mostly to stream or record console games via a PC. Theyre not intended for direct gaming as there is a lot of input delay.

Some titles require a quick reaction time, so it is possible to manage the delay. The media capture window would allow you to play directly. Video capture cards can be costly and may not deliver the best performance.

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Q How Should I Connect Ps4 To Laptop With Sony Remote Play

Follow the below-mentioned steps to play PS4 games remotely on your laptop.

Step 1: Download the PS4 Remote Play app on your laptop.Step 2: Go to your PlayStation settings to set your PS4 as the primary PS4 by following Account Management > Activate as your primary PS4.Step 3: Again, go back to your PlayStation settings and then open Remote Play Connection Settings and hit on Enable Remote Play.Step 4: Back in the PlayStation settings, click on Power save settings and then tap on Set features available in Rest Mode.Step 5: In Set features available in Rest Mode, enable Stay Connected to the internet.Step 6: Connect your PS4 controller to your laptop with the USB cable.Step 7: Start the Remote Play app on your laptop and sign in to your PlayStation account.

Once you follow all the steps, you can play PS4 games on your laptop remotely.

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How Do I Connect My Ps4 To My Laptop Screen

iTunes to PS4 Get iTunes movies free playback in PS4

To do so, buy an S-Video connection cable and Video Capture Card , Then connect the HDMI IN on the capture card and the HDMI OUT on the PS4. Now, open the software of video capture card on the laptop and power up your PS4. The software will then search for the PS4 and display the PS4 display on the laptop screen.

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How To Connect Ps5 To Laptop With Hdmi Cable

No doubt The play station is currently the uncrowned king of the gaming industry. For several decades, the PS has been the most favorite machine for gamers. And now with the latest PS5, has ignited a different fire in the heart of gamers.

The PS5 is one of the most advanced gaming machines, that can run almost every game without out any hassle seamlessly. But there is a bit problem, and that problem is the price.

Due to high prices, many people cant afford other accessories like 4K display TV, etc. Therefore, they try to play the PS5 on their laptop.

And todays article is for those readers, who try to play Playstation on their laptop, and they usually ask, who to connect PS5 to the laptop with the HDMI cable, so that they could play the game without expensive screens.

Today, in this article, were going to answer the question of whether it is possible to connect Play Station to a laptop with an HDMI cable? If yes how. And if not why not.

So, before going towards an answer, that is how you can connect PS5 with the laptop through an HDMI cable. Lets clarify, whether this is possible.

How To Connect Ps4 To Laptop Screen Using Capture Card

If you cant connect through the above method of connecting PS4 to a laptop using HDMI and remote play, dont worry this method will definitely help you connect your console to a laptop.

You can still play PS4 on laptop screen with HDMI using Capture Card. The following things you will need to set up the environment.

  • Laptop
  • Enabled File Sharing

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Does Windows 10 Recognize Ps4 Controller

Connecting your wired PlayStation 4 controller to your Windows 10 machine is very straight forward, as with the latest updates to Windows 10, it will support the DS4 controller natively. All youll need to do is plug it in and Windows will automatically install the driver and set everything up for you.

Laptop As Monitor For Ps4 Using Capture Card

Connect your PS4 to a Laptop or Mac

You can connect your laptop as a monitor to your console through video capture cards. You’ll first equip your gadget for setting through acquiring all the equipment required. To build the system, you need your laptop, ethernet or WIFI connection, a video Acquisition device, internet connection , compatibility for file sharing, plus an HDMI cable.

  • First, in the PS4 menu setting tabs, turn the file-sharing option to find network settings through your network to access the internet connection.
  • After having the connection, begin streaming between the two items. Afterward, through the USB port, attach your video capture card to the laptop because capture cards have an installation suite program that’s easy to set up after installing.
  • Join your PS4 console to the video card through an s-video connection available at your local retail store. Ensure that you connect the HDMI-out to the PS4 gaming while the HDMI-in to the video capture card.
  • After connecting your PS4 console to the video capture card to the capture, please turn on your PS4 and run the software, auto-tracking the console to display it on your laptop screen. You can now enjoy your gaming.
  • How to Use Laptop as Monitor for PS4 With HDMI

    Before you start the process, arrange the liquid crystal display screen before setting it since you’ll need it for some PS4 console settings. To use your laptop for PS4 with HDMI, follow these steps

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    Search For Your Ps4 In The Network

    After completing all the above steps, start up the remote play app on your laptop and log into your PlayStation network. The app will automatically scan for the first PS4 available in the network and take you straight to the home screen.

    Congratulations, youve can now enjoy your immersive PS4 gaming experience on your laptop. The Remote Play app on your laptop will automatically fire up your PS4, and the games will run on the PS4, which will stream it to your laptop in real-time.

    How To Power Off Your PS4 From Your Laptop?

    If youve already set your PS4 to Rest Mode, you can hold down the PlayStation button on your controller to power off your PS4. If you followed all of the steps above, your PS4 should already be in Rest Mode, but you can go back to set it if it already isnt.

    Things You Should Have

    Connecting the PS4 to the laptop is not easy, as the connection is technically impossible because the HDMI available is unidirectional and not multidirectional. So they will only provide one side of the connection, such as either input or output.

    There are specific requirements that should be fulfilled before starting the connection between PS4 and laptop. These requirements are mentioned below in the form of the list.

    • Dual-functioning HDMI
    • Laptop
    • PS4

    You should have all of these things mentioned above with you before starting the procedure of making connections between PS4 and laptop to display your game on the laptop screen.

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    Laptop As A Monitor For Sony Ps4 Console

    To use your laptop as the monitor for Sony PS4 involves a complex process, and it’s not as easy as connecting your gaming console through HDMI cable to the laptop. The good news is the process is possible if your laptop’s compatible with video input for playing PS4 games, which is not the case for most laptops.

    Therefore, for the process to be effective, your laptop needs to be compatible with video input for you to play PS4 games. Being consistent with video input for you to enjoy PS4 games makes your computer accessible to use as your monitor for PS4. That’s because the HDMI connection is one-directional and won’t support a duplet link since the HDMI ports on the laptop and the PS4 are output links meaning you can’t connect the two and get output on your laptop screen.

    There are two ways to follow and acquire the connection that enables you to use your laptop screen as the monitor for PS4 games using a capture card and HDMI.

    What Do I Do If My Monitor Doesnt Have Hdmi

    How to Connect PS4 to Laptop With HDMI?

    If there is no HDMI port on the TV PC monitor, you can use any VGA, DVI, or Composite port. Commonly, the PS4 only has a few HDMI ports, so you should have a converter on hand that translates HDMI to the port you require.

    These methods below are an alternative to perform if the monitor does not have HDMI:

    • Convert to HDMI converter/cable with DVI

    The HDMI and DVI connections work with digital signals. This means that there are no quality problems of any kind. DVI doesnt support audio signals, but you can buy soundbars with an optical output.

    • Connect to the composite converter using the HDMI

    If you dont want to buy a soundbar, you can follow this method where you only need an HDMI cable and a composite cable. The quality of this method is not fully assured, and you also face some audio problems.

    • Connecting PS4 to a VGA PC monitor

    If you want to connect PS4 to a PC monitor with a VGA port, the HDMI to VGA converter and HDMI switch is all you need. The audio signal is also not compatible with this method. However, the converter is to be used as a separate connection.

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    Connection Through Remote Play

    Remote play is an app that Sony officially launches to make the PS4 connection with the laptop easily and quickly. It helps you arrange and use a Playstation directly on the mobile or any other screen, including gaming laptops.

    Make sure to read, understand, and then follow the steps mentioned below to get the most favorable outcomes of connections.

  • Search for the official website of Sony and download the Sony Remote Play from there.
  • Make sure you have selected the appropriate operating system because Sony remote play offers an operating system. Mac and Windows.
  • Go with the selection of the operating system which is compatible with your design. Otherwise, this app will not work.
  • This Remote Play is highly reliable and stable in terms of playing PS4 screen on your laptop.
  • Check for the downloaded file of Sony Remote Play on your laptop. It will open up a box that will say run installation, click on that and run the installation process.
  • A dialogue box will open and let you see the instructions and proper procedure of installation and setting up of the Remote Play.
  • It also contains the boxes of the extra features which you can download in addition to the downloading of Sony Remote Play. Ensure to check all of the boxes of different elements to download all of the additional features available.
  • Setting Up PS4

  • Now its time to move on to the settings of the PS4 to make it compatible with the Sony Remote Play.
  • Can I Play My Ps4 On A Computer Monitor

    If your monitor has an HDMI input, youll be able to enjoy everything PS4 has to offer fully. If your monitor doesnt have this input, youll need an adapter to go from HDMI to the type of input you need. Keep in mind that many computer monitors dont have speakers, so youll also need to set the audio output method.

    Most consoles, such as the PS4, are already connected to a TV to play however, sometimes, this is not the case. Many people often choose a monitor or laptop as a visual alternative, whether a TV is damaged or for other reasons.

    A computer monitor allows you to enjoy a much larger screen and better view video game images.

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    Outline Of The Procedure

    Go for options by clicking the button on the controller and sign in to your PlayStation Network account by giving the email and password.If you dont have one, then create a new account and enter your PS4 passcode. Set it up on the PlayStation account you will need to enter it using the controller. When you log in, you will be able to play your PlayStation4 remotely on your laptop using the PS4 Remote Play App.

    How Do I Mirror My Mac To My Ps4

    how to connect ps4 to pc monitor using hdmi

    Find the icon for Media Player on your PS4 menu bar on the PS4. Select it and you should be taken to the Playstation Store to download it. Once downloaded, open the app and you should now be looking at all the different sources of media your PS4 can find including your Mac. The Media Player app is simple to use.

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    Can I Use My Computer Screen To Play Ps4

    If your monitor has an HDMI output, you can simply use HDMI cable to connect PS4 to your display. If your console is connected to the monitor via HDMI, then everything will work over HDMI. For a display that does not have built-in speakers, you can also use any 3.5 mm stereo jack external audio device with it.

    How To Connect Ps4 To Laptop Via Remote Play

    Connecting PlayStation4 to your laptop through distant play offers you lots of freedom whereas enjoying your favorite video games. When you might be connected remotely, you may get pleasure from enjoying video games from any a part of your room without worrying about connecting a number of cables or ensuing muddle.

    Playing PS4 through distant play requires the next objects.

    • A Laptop
    • A Valid Account on PlayStation Network
    • High-Speed Internet Connection
    • DUALSHOCK Four USB Wireless Adaptor or a USB Cable

    The following are the primary steps you need to take to allow distant PS4 gameplay on your laptop.

    1. Arrange an LCD or a Screen

    It sounds unusual however you need to have a display, ideally an LDC, to play PS4 remotely on your laptop. It is important to tweak some PlayStation4 settings to arrange the distant play and it is just attainable in case you have an LCD.


    The subsequent step is to obtain the most recent model of the Sony distant play app in line with your laptop. The Sony Remote Plays web site has totally different apps for Mac and Windows. It is important to obtain this app in any other case you wont be capable to play PS4 remotely.

    Once you could have downloaded the app, run the installer and the app will set up similar to some other app.

    3. Enable and Update PS4

    You solely must observe this step in case you have a number of PS4s in your house. If you could have just one PS4, simply skip this step and transfer straight to step 4.

    9. How to Power Off

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    How To Download And Configure The Remote Play App

  • Go to the Remote Play web page to download the installation file.
  • Be careful to choose the downlink correspondent to your operative system.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen of the installation manager. You will probably need to download additional software, depending on your configuration.
  • Configure the App

    Once downloaded, you will need to configure your adaptation. For that, you will need to Enable Remote Play in your Laptop Activate it as your primary PS4 and keep it connected to the internet.

  • To enable Remote Play, follow the route: Settings/ Remote Play Connection Settings/ Enable Remote Play.
  • To activate your PS4 as primary, follow the route: Settings/ Account Management/ Activate it as Your Primary PS4
  • To set the connection to the internet, follow the route: Settings/ Power Saving Settings/ Set Features Available in Rest Mode. With a check enable Stay Connected to the Internet and Enable Turning On PS4 from Network
  • You just set the main features of your PS4, and are almost ready to start playing. For this:

  • Turn your PS4
  • Connect your Controller to the Laptop. If you use the wireless connection, you only will need the wireless adaptor. If you have a wired adaptor, you will need a USB cable from your controller to your computer.
  • Launch Remote Play in your Laptop and activate your Remote Play Account.
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