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How To Fix Playstation 4

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Problem: Running Out Of Storage Space

How to FIX PlayStation 4 Error Code CE-30002-5

The newest PlayStation 4 systems, including the slim model and the more powerful PlayStation 4 Pro, both have increased internal storage of up to 1TB. This is plenty of space for several AAA games, so you can easily jump between a few of your favorites without having to delete anything. For those with a 500GB internal drive, however, you will find yourself running out of space with regularity, particularly as game updates make your file sizes even larger than they were at launch.

Playstation Network Services Are Down

If youre having trouble connecting to an online game, like when you cant join a multiplayer session, or cant access game servers at all, its likely that the issue is with the PlayStation Network servers. At the time of this writing, many PS4 gamers may find that their downloads are slower than normal or delayed because Sony has intentionally slowed down their services as they work with Internet Service Providers in reducing internet traffic. There can be different reasons why theres PSN servers issue although the common ones include outages or maintenance.

What If That Doesn’t Work

If you’ve tried everything above and it’s still not working then one of several things is probably going on.

1) A bad HDMI port. This is VERY common. The HDMI ports on the original PS4 consoles are factory defective. They are a very bad design and, in my opinion, all of them will fail at some point… they are that bad. Usually it’s pretty easy to tell if your PS4 HDMI port is bad because you can see the small copper pins inside that will likely be bent, out of place, or missing altogether. Also, many times the metal outer portion of the port will be bent as well. This will cause the cable to not fit into the port snugly. While the ports on the PS4 Slim and Pro are much better we do get those in for repairs as well.

2) A faulty HDMI IC chip. This is the IC chip in the motherboard that processes the HDMI signal. When this chip burns out it will often cause the white light of death. Unfortunately, there is no good way to know if it’s the chip that is bad. If the port looks good but you still get no signal and the white light of death then it could be the chip that is causing the problem. The only way to know for sure is to have it professionally tested.

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Problem: Damaged Dualshock 4 Analog Sticks

We like a lot of things about the DualShock 4 as a PS4 controller, but the soft rubber padding on its analog sticks can tear quite easily when playing a game that requires quick movements, like Bloodborne or Dark Souls. But just because the rubber tears, that doesnt mean you have to ditch the controller!

What Is The E

How to fix your PlayStation 4 if it was locked up by the ...

The e-8210604a error is preventing PS4 users from renewing their subscriptions or purchasing anything. Many people associate the cause of this error with the inbox associated with the PS Store profile.

Another similar error on PS4 is error E-8200012C. Likewise, this error was also address related. This can mainly happen if your address associated with your credit card and your PS account are different. More generally, it is linked to the method of payment

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How To Fix Ps4 Turning Off

The most common PS4 problem we see is that the PS4 turns off randomly while gamers are using the console. This may also appear alongside the console not turning on when the owner pushes the power button.

A common PS4 problem is the console randomly turning off.

If this PS4 problem is taking place users will see a blinking blue light or blinking red light on the console instead of a white light. This issue first appeared in November 2013, and Sony soon offered a collection of fixes for this PS4 problem, including an option to get a replacement if none of them work. From what we can tell this issue is mostly past, but if you have this problem you should.

  • Check the HDMI cable
  • Check the hard drive
  • Make sure the PS4 is ventilated

Sony offers a troubleshooting guide for this problem. If all else fails, contact Sony for a replacement PS4.

How To Fix Ps4 Audio & Video Problems

Another common PS4 problem relates to audio and video. The report outlines complaints of PS4 audio missing, video missing or both missing. The PS4 connects with an HDMI cable that carries audio and video and an optical cable that carries audio only. If users are not seeing or hearing the PS4, it is likely that a connection is set up wrong.

Check your cables and the HDMI port to fix this PS4 problem.

If you are experiencing this PS4 problem, here are the steps you should take.

  • Make Sure the HDMI cable is flush and not held out by a small piece of metal.
  • Try a new HDMI cable
  • Try a new HDTV
  • If the system works on a new HDTV you should go to the Settings -> Sound and Screen -> manually set the video output to the TV you want to use. Turn the console off and move it back to the other HDTV and start playing.

    If there is a small piece of metal preventing the HDMI cable from plugging in all the way, bend it down slightly for a tighter fit or contact Sony to discuss an exchange.

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    Playstation 4 Power Supply Repair

    Midtown Atlanta 889-7993

    Every one of our repairs is backed up with a 90-day warranty. If you have any issues at all with the parts that were replaced during the repair of your device, we will gladly replace that part for you free of charge! However, if there is any type of physical damage to the part, such as cracks or water damage, the warranty will be void.

    Leading the industry in customer satisfaction, iRepairIT strives to provide the best support for each and every one of our customers. We want to provide an experience that will make you want to use us again, whether it be because you broke your device again or you just want to hang out with us! We are Georgias highest rated cell phone repair store on Yelp!

    When it comes to pricing, iRepairIT provides the most competitive pricing out there. Using the highest quality part and providing cheap prices is our motto. If you do happen to find a price cheaper than ours , let us know, well match that price and even try to beat it!

    Have Your Ps4 Serviced

    How To Fix PS4 (PlayStation 4) Console Won’t Turn On

    If you have tried all the methods above and you still cant turn on your console, there may be some issues with the components inside your video game console. And you may need help from a specialist. If your PS4 are still under warranty, you can take it to the vendor of your device or contact Sony support to have it repaired or replaced. Or you can pay someone to fix the problem for you .

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    How Can I Get It Fixed

    No matter whether you have a bad HDMI port, a faulty HDMI IC chip or electrical storm damage, we can help. We can fix 99% of all HDMI or WLOD problems. Whether it’s the IC chip or the port or something else in the HDMI system it can be fixed.

    While we are no longer providing game console repairs ourselves we recommend one of the repair technicians who we trained and worked with us for over a year. Check out his website and Make the order

    Malfunction: Disc Auto Ejects Or Not At All

    User reports regarding malfunctioning optical drives have been trickling out since the PS4 launched. Some consoles are seemingly unable to eject discs, while others automatically eject discs upon insertion. Some reports have even claimed that the console will continuously attempt to eject a disc when there is no disc inserted.

    This issue mainly plagues early PS4 models, which featured touch-capacitive power and eject buttons. When you touch the eject button on these models, a piece of rubber helps eject the disc. The problem here is that overheating can cause the rubber to inflate, and discs to eject randomly. Sony addressed this hardware issue in later models by replacing the touch-operated sensors with mechanical buttons, but for those with the original model, the risk of auto-ejecting remains.

    If the problem persists after performing the potential solutions below, contact Sony for additional support.

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    Insert A Disk Into Your Ps4

    Sometimes you can turn on your PS4 by putting in a disk. Your console can detect a disk inserted in and start itself. To turn on your PS4 in this way:

    1) Plug the power cable into your PS4.

    2) Insert a disk into the disk drive on your PS4. Note that you dont need to insert all your disk in. Keep pushing it in slowly until you see your console automatically turns on.

    3) Pull your disk out.

    If this works for you, your PS4 will get back to normal. If it doesnt, then please try the methods below.

    How To Know If The Hdmi Port Is Broken

    How to Repair Playstation 4 Dualshock 4 Controller ...

    If you are trying to use your PS4 device and it cant properly display a video picture, it could be having some HDMI issues. If you see distorted graphics, blurred images, lack of sound or no video signal at all, check the HDMI cable and port function first. pay particular attention if the console boots but goes to the white light with no signal on the monitor. This is almost certainly an HDMI port issue.

    The HDMI port on a PS4 is a difficult fix to tackle so please dont attempt it yourself unless youre definite that you know what youre doing. Contact us for a professional repair.

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    # 2 Recover Lost Files With A Free File Recovery Tool

    If you have any data loss problem when you back up the data to the external device or mistaken deletion, you can ask thehard drive recovery software – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for help. EaseUS free data recovery software, a powerful and easy recovery program which can help you solve all removable flash drives’ data loss problems – recover deleted files, or lost files due to software crash, formatted or damaged, virus attack and other unknown reasons.

    Try A Different Power Strip Or Outlet

    If your power cord isn’t the issue, you might be having other power-related issues. So trying a different outlet, or using a different power strip, can help.

    You can also try plugging other devices into those power sources to test if they’re working. If you don’t have an alternative outlet to use, and the one you’re using has a reset button, you can also try hitting that button to troubleshoot.

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    Need Ps4 Repairs Done Fast

    Cant play that favourite PS4 games online with friends or even with family at home, it can be so frustrating.

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    What Causes The Hdmi Controller Chip To Break

    How To Fix a Playstation 4 Thats Not Reading Game Disc

    Aside from the HDMI port itself, video problems on the Playstation 4 can also be caused by a defective HDMI controller chip or its surrounding components. If this is the case, then the broken components need to be replaced. This is rather difficult and best left to a professional.

    The HDMI controller chip is a sensitive component and can break due to a variety of reasons:

    • plugging the HDMI cable while the PS4 is on. This is usually fine, but in rare situations it can cause the HDMI chip to get damaged. One of the situations in which this can be an issue is when the grounding between the PS4 and TV is unbalanced.
    • Shorting out of the HDMI port pins. If the pins on the HDMI port short circuit, for example when one pin bends and touches another one, the controller chip can break.
    • Static electricity. If you have opened up the console to repair or clean it, but did not take proper anti-static measures, it is possible that static electricity damaged the controller IC.

    Aside from this, there is also a possibility that there is damage to the HDMI coil filters, or that the traces on the circuit board near the HDMI port are damaged.

    All in all, despite the HDMI port itself often being the culprit, there are also a lot of other possible causes for a Playstation 4 to display no image. As a result, this can be a tricky repair.

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    How To Fix Playstation 4 Lag

    PlayStation 4 is Sonys console. It has been a beloved console that revolutionized the online experience. It has a good party chat feature that allows for up to eight to talk together. It also allows you to have up to 2000 friends on your account. Now it even allows you to change your user name. PS4 is used by millions to play thousands of games. PlayStation Network does have issue lag. Server lag is only part of the problem, most of it comes from your connection to the game server. In this post we will teach you how to fix lag with a VPN.

    Clear The Dust In Your Ps4

    Dust issues can sometimes seriously interfere with your PS4. They can stop your game console from working properly. Cleaning the dust inside is a very effective method to resolve your problem. There are a few things you can try to dust your PS4. For example, you can try blowing into the vents or disk drive or doing some cleaning inside by opening the top plate of your PS4. After clearing the dust, you can start your console and see if this has helped you.

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    Update Your Playstation Games And Operating System

    An old operating system version and unpatched games can slow down the device. This increases the chances of overheating.

    If needed, go to the console settings section, select the system software update option and install any updates. Then, select games in question click the update option and install.

    Troubleshooting Ps4 Flashing Blue Light Problem

    How To Fix PlayStation 4 Controller Won

    Below are the steps that you can do to fix your PS4 flashing blue light issue.

  • Reboot the console.

    Your PS4 console may have not fully completed the boot process and gets stuck. Try turning it off on the controller first and see if it works. You can also try to reboot it by pressing and holding the Power button in front. If it doesnt respond, unplug it from the wall outlet or power strip and wait for about 1 minute before turning it back on.

  • Try running the PS4 on Safe Mode.

    Follow the steps below to restart your PS4 to safe mode. You should do this if your PS4 is stuck but wont boot up normally. These are the steps on how to boot to Safe Mode:-Turn off your PS4 by pressing the Power button in front. It should blink a few times before the console powers down.-Press and hold the Power button until you hear two beeps: one when you first press and another seven seconds later.-Connect your DualShock 4 controller with the USB cable.-Press the PS button on the center of the controller.If your PS4 console boots to Safe Mode successfully using the steps above, this means that the cause of the problem is most likely software in nature. Make sure that you check for updates to fix any possible software issue.You can also try to use the Initialize PS4 or Initialize PS4 options to fix possible software problems in this mode.

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    Day Limited Warranty On All Game Console Repairs

    Playstation Repair With Colorado Gadget Fix

    Dont wait weeks to send your Playstation 4 to Sony. We can fix most issues the same day you drop off. We have parts in stock to repair your Playstation today. Theres nothing worse than to turn on your favorite game and find a malfunctioning game console. We are here to help get you back to playing your favorite games in no time.

    Playstation Repair Types

    We fix all types of issues with your Playstation 4. The most common issues include broken hdmi ports, overheating issues, disk read errors and failed hard drives. If your system is not getting a signal to your TV its likely your HDMI port needs replacing. If your system is randomly shutting off or not turning on at all you could have an overheating problem. We fix these types of problems every day. We have all the proper equipment and tools for the job. Dont throw that PS4 away, visit Colorado Gadget Fix today!

    You can trust Colorado Gadget Fix

    The Most Common Ps4 Problems And How To Fix Them

    After eight years and the launch of a new console, some of the most common PS4 problems are still around. Many of the most devastating problems such as the dreaded Blue Line of Death only apply to early manufacturing runs of the PS4. Small issues like discs automatically ejecting may show up, regardless of how new your console is. From the biggest to the smallest, well walk you through how to solve the most common PS4 problems.

    There are three different PS4 models: The standard PS4, the PS4 Slim, and the PS4 Pro. Sony just calls the Slim model a PS4, which makes it more difficult totell the difference between the original PS4. If youre having trouble finding out which PS4 console you have, look at the edges. The PS4 has sharp edges, while the updated Slim model has rounded edges. Make sure to figure out your model before starting.

    Also, completely turn off your PS4 dont use rest mode and turn it back on to see if that solves your problems. A full power down can do wonders. Otherwise, continue reading.

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