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How To Install Games On Ps4 From Usb

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Move 1 Make Sure The File System Is Supported

Installing Any PS4 Game Update Offline via USB

You should know that PS4 only supports two file systems FAT32 and exFAT. So, before you use the prepared USB drive for your PS4, you have to make sure it is formatted to the supported File System. If your PS4 USB drive is of NTFS or other file systems, you can convert it to FAT32/exFAT with a professional third-party program on your computer.

MiniTool Partition Wizard is recommended for you here. You can download it on your computer and follow the given instructions below to have a try.

Step 1: Connect your PS4 drive to your computer and launch MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Step 2: Right-click the USB partition and choose Convert NTFS to FAT, or select the feature from the left action bar after highlighting the partition.

Step 3: Click Apply to execute the pending operations.

By doing this, this USB drive will be converted to FAT32. Alternatively, you can choose to format the USB drive to supported file system with this utility. Just right-click the partition, choose Format from the context menu, choose FAT32 or exFAT from the list of File System, and click Apply button.

Tip:SettingsDevicesUSB Storage Devices Format as Extended Storage

How To Transfer Games To Ps5 External Hard Drive

If you’re looking for how to transfer games to a PS5 external hard drive, you’ve come to the right place. This functionality has just improved with a new console update allowing you to transfer both PS5 and PS4 games to an external drive for the first time. For months after launch, we could only move PS4 games to external storage.

The PS5 supports a huge variety of external storage options, be sure to check out our best PS5 external hard drives guide for our picks of the most reliable performers. We have a guide for the best PS5 SSD options too, but these are limited to external ones until Sony unlocks the internal SSD expansion bay later this year.

Let’s break down the various ways to transfer games to a PS5 external hard drive below.

How To Install An Ssd In A Playstation 4 Pro

Swapping out the hard drive on the PlayStation 4 Pro is very similar to doing so with its predecessor, albeit with a few minor differences. Luckily, those changes actually make the process easier. Plus, you can take advantage of SATA III speeds, so long as youre armed with the proper equipment. You can check our SATA guide if youre interested in further information. The steps for doing this with the PlayStation 4s newer Slim model are very similar, but if you need images to help, PlayStation has information for that specific system on its website.

To install a new hard drive on a PS4 Pro, you still need a Phillips-head screwdriver, a pair of USB flash drives, and a 2.5-inch SSD larger than 160GB, and up to 9.5mm thick. Remember that if you have a PlayStation Plus account, you can back up your save data in the cloud, which can take the place of one of the two flash drives.

With your save files backed up, now youre ready to perform some surgery on your PS4.

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Locate A Hard Drive For The Ps4

The standard PlayStation 4 hard drive holds just 500GB, which is enough space for about a dozen modern games, at best. Upgrading the hard drive allows you to store more content and ensure your system runs at peak performance for years to come. Learn how to perform a PS4 hard drive upgrade without losing any games saved to your console.

Since Sony doesnt manufacture hard drives specifically for the PS4, your first step is finding a compatible hard drive. The PS4 comes with a hard disc drive, but you can install a solid-state drive if you prefer. SSDs typically run much faster, but they’re sometimes less durable and they’re also more expensive.

Your best bet is to purchase a hard drive from a company like Seagate, which manufactures hard drives optimized for the PS4. That said, any 2.5″ laptop hard drive no more than 9.5mm thick should do if you’re making the effort to replace your PS4 hard drive, though, you might as well upgrade to at least 1 or 2TB.

Changing your console’s hard drive doesn’t void the warranty.

How To Download Ps4 Games To Usb Extended Storage

How to install PS4 games on USB in Hindi

To differentiate between your PS4 and PS5 games, and to save time, you can select the checkbox that says Always Install PS4 Games to Extended Storage by navigating to Settings > Storage > Extended Storage.

PS4 owners who already use an external drive can plug it directly into their PS5 to play games from the hard drive rather than having to download or move them.

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How To Upgrade Your Ps4 Hard Drive

As convenient as solid-state drives are to work with, PlayStation still hasnt gotten the memo. The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro still include a mechanical hard drive, so if youre looking to upgrade your storage space, youll need to do things the old-fashioned way. You always have the option to replace your hard drive and swap it out for a new one, but its generally easier to upgrade your current one.

For Playing External Media Files:

This is also a simple process, all what you have to do is the following:

  • Download PS4 Media Player from the PlayStation Store , and let it install.
  • Connect your external hard drive to PS4 via USB port
  • Load up the newly-installed PS4 Media Player.
  • Now your external hard drive will appear in the list of playable media, and you can select what you want to watch.
  • See the image below:

    Thats everything you need to know. Hope this guide was easy to follow and clear to understand.

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    Installing Games And Apps To Your External Hdd/internal Storage

    Once formatted, your external HDD will be set as the default download location as long as it remains plugged in.

    If you want to switch back to your PS4 internal storage for downloads , thats easy too:

    • Go to the Settings menu from your PS4 home screen.
    • Scroll down to Storage.
    • Choose which location you want to download to either System Storage or your external HDD.
    • Press the Options button and select Application install location to set the target download location either System Storage or Extended Storage.

    Corsair Flash Voyager Gtx 31 Premium

    How to Install Games to USB on a Jailbroken PS4 | Extended Storage on 5.05

    Capacity: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB

    Interface: USB 3.1, compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0

    Transfer speed: 440 MB/s read and 440MB/s write

    Warranty: 5 years

    Price: Starting at $55.99 in Amazon and about $132.99 for 512GB

    This USB drive offers the best performance among the listed three products, putting SSD performance in your pocket. It can work on PS4 of any model without driver installation needed.

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    Move Your Ps4 Games Between Your System Storage And Extended Storage

    The process for moving your PS4 games and apps to either system or extended storage is very similar. Follow which variation you need:

    In your PS4’s Settings, select Storage.

    If you want to transfer content to an extended storage device, select System Storage. If you want to transfer content to your PS4’s system storage, select Extended Storage.

    Select Applications, and press the Options button on your PS4 controller. Depending on which way you’re moving data, you’ll either see Move to Extended Storage or Move to System Storage. Select whichever option appears.

    You can choose which games and apps to move, with options to select or deselect all. Tick the items you want to move, select Move, and then OK.

    Wait for your content to move, and you’re done! You can also hit Circle on your controller to cancel the moving process at any time.

    Use An External Storage Drive

    The next option, which is my favorite, is to use an external hard drive. You may already have one connected to your PS4 for storing extra games. If not, it’s easy to format a drive for use on both consoles.

    Plug your drive into the PS4, then navigate to Settings> Devices> USB Storage Devices.

    Select your drive and then choose Format As Extended Storage. Select Next, then Format, and Confirm.

    To start transferring your games, back out to the settings menu, select Storage, and when it’s done calculating, pick System Storage.

    Follow the prompts to select the games you want to copy to your drive and select Move to Extended Storage.

    Before you unplug the drive, go back to USB storage devices and select Stop Using This External Storage to safely unplug your drive.

    Plug the drive into the PS5. Go to Settings> Storage> External Storage> Games and Apps. You’ll be able to see the games you just moved over.

    Now you have a choice: Either move your PS4 games onto your PS5 or you can leave them on the extended storage drive.

    The PS5 lets you play your PS4 games right from the external drive, so that’s where i’m planning to keep them. This will save space on your PS5’s too-small internal drive for PS5 games, which can’t be played from the external storage drive.

    But once those bugs get worked out, and until we get the option to upgrade the internal drives on the PS5, I think storing all the PS4 games on the external drive is a great solution.

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    How Do I Download From Windows To A Flash Drive

  • Step 1 Format the drive and set the primary partition as active. Connect the USB flash drive to your technician PC.
  • Step 2 Copy Windows Setup to the USB flash drive. Use File Explorer to copy and paste the entire contents of the Windows product DVD or ISO to the USB flash drive.
  • Step 3 Install Windows to the new PC.
  • How To Manage Ps4 Storage Space

    How to Backup &  Install PS4 Games on Firmware 5.05

    Learn how to manage your PlayStation®4 storage space and game save data using PS Plus online storage, PS4 system storage and USB storage.

    To manage your PS4 Save Data, go to Settings > Application Saved Data Management.

    If you would like to access an application’s PlayStation Plus online storage save data from the content launcher or Library, highlight the application, press the OPTIONS button and select Upload/Download.

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    Issues You Might Face Before Running Games Off Usb Flash Drive

    Before running a game off the USB flash drive, you need to download it to the storage device or move the existing game files to it. However, there are some issues you may run into.

    • The game goes straight to local drive instead of the flash drive.
    • The game cannot be installed on the flash drive and games files cannot be moved to it.

    How do I install a game on my Flash Drive instead of Hard Drive? When I install it, it goes straight to hard drive. And when I try to move it from hard drive to flash drive it won’t let

    Organizing Your Ps5 Storage

    Taking into account that native PlayStation 5 games require the maximum reading speed, they must be installed in the internal memory of the console to guarantee the best possible performance. With a free space of just over 650 GB, the internal memory of the PlayStation 5 requires a certain order on the part of the user, since if we decide to install a lot of things in it we could run out of space very soon.

    With games like : Black Ops Cold War and its installation of more than 100 GB, it is easy to fill the PS5 disk with several installations, and that is where the user must learn to select and organize the installations according to the type of content.

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    Check Your Rest Mode Settings

    RELATED:Should You Use “Rest Mode” on Your PlayStation 4, or Turn It Off?

    This requires you use the correct power saving settings on your PlayStation 4. In normal Rest Mode operation, the PlayStation 4 will stay in touch with Sonys servers and will automatically wake up to download updates and games you queue for download.

    If youre away from your console right now, you can skip this step and just try downloading the game you want to download. Assuming your PS4 is on its default Rest Mode settings, it will just work. However, if youve previously disabled this feature on your console, the game wont start downloading immediately. It will automatically download when you get home and turn on your PS4.

    To check this setting on your PS4, head to Settings > Power Save Settings > Set Features Available in Rest Mode. Ensure the Stay Connected to the Internet option is enabled. This will allow your PS4 to wake up and download games and updates.

    You should also ensure youre signed into the PlayStation Network with the same user account youll use on your phone. Head to Settings > Account Settings and select Sign In if youre prompted to do so. If you see a Sign Out option here instead, youre already fully signed in.

    Recommended Usb Drive For Ps4

    Install Games/PKG On An External HDD/USB On A Jailbroken PS4 – Extended Storage On 5.05/6.72 PS4

    After learning about PS4 flash drive, you might want to choose a USB drive for PS4 now. As mentioned before, there are no restrictions of type on the USB drive used for backing up and sharing PS4 data and for upgrading PS4 system. If you want to extend the storage of your PS4 with a USB drive, you might spend some time on choosing a suitable one.

    In this part, I will display 3 USB memory sticks that meet the requirements of PS4 extended storage. Lets see the details.

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    Can You Run A Game From A Usb Flash Drive

    Generally, we use a USB flash drive for external storage, data backup, and transfer of computer files. Due to its small size and light weight, loads of players want to install their games on it and play them off it. Those who want to install run games off a USB flash drive

    Since my laptop SSD is running out of space, would it be possible to play games like Bioshock Infinite on a USB 3.0 flash drive ?

    The potential of being able to install and play games from a flash drive is extremely enticing, especially for those of us that travel often.

    Is it possible to run a game from a USB flash drive? Yes. The majority of games can be installed on a USB flash and you can run them off the storage device. Furthermore, you can also install Steam on a USB flash drive.

    Aside from this doubt, lots of players have been bothered by the following questions.

    Formatting Hdd As Extended Storage

  • Go to -> ->
  • Select your device -> -> -> ->
  • Select when the process is complete
  • You may go back to the settings if you ever wish to unmount your HDD as extended storage to unplug it temporarily, it can be reconnected at any time. You must format the HDD to use it as USB storage device again, this can be done by press in this menu. You will also need to re-install any games that were installed onto the HDD

    Now all of the games installed via the package installer will be installed directly to your USB storage device instead of the PS4s internal storage. However, you will need to use a second USB storage device to install .pkg games as the extended storage must stay connected to the PS4 while in use

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    How To Upgrade Your Ps4 Hard Drive To 4tb Or More

    – When the PlayStation 4 was first released, 500GB of storage seemed ample. It soon turned out not to be, however, with game file sizes expanding at a fair rate of knots.

    Games, like , can easily top 100GB. That doesn’t leave too much space on your default drive for many other games.

    Even if you have the enhanced version of the PS4 or the PS4 Pro, each with 1TB drives, they will struggle.

    Luckily, there are two options for increasing the storage space on your PS4 or PS4 Pro. One is blindingly simple, the other slightly more complicated. They both work very effectively though and aren’t too costly.


    Additional Tip: How To Upgrade To A Larger Ps4 Usb Drive

    How to Save Game Data from PS4 into USB Drive

    When the PS4 USB drive is running out of space, you might want to upgrade it to a larger one and keep the data saved on the original one. What can you do to achieve this purpose? You can continue using MiniTool Partition Wizard and follow the given tutorial to upgrade your PS4 USB drive.


    Step 1: Connect both USB drives on your computer and enter the main interface of the program.

    Step 2: Right-click the original USB drive and choose Copy. In the pop-up window, select the new one as the target disk and click Next.

    Step 3: Configure the changes as your needs and click Next button. Click Finish button to back to the main interface.

    Step 4: Click Apply button.

    Now, you can connect the new USB drive to your PS4 and enjoy your games!

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