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How To Jailbreak A Ps4

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Install The Homebrew Store Onto Your Jailbroken Ps4

How to Jailbreak the PS4 on 9.00 with a USB (Full Tutorial)

The PS4 just got busted wide open, so let’s fill it with goodies!

Now that you have Jailbroken your PS4, youll want to begin getting things onto it. This is actually a really easy process, but youll want to have an external hard drive free. Some files will be too big for a regular USB stick and having a larger, more reliable space to get things onto is always going to be the better option. Just dont throw away the jailbreaking USB stick you made, because otherwise, you cant actually do this in the future.

Youll want to go to this LINK and then plop it onto your hard drive to install. This is the package file to install the application.

Now head into your settings and via the GoldHEN menu, choose Package Installer. This should then detect the package file for the Homebrew store to install. Let it do its thing and then back all the way out to the selection menu and head into your new icon, the Homebrew store.

When you head into it for the first time, itll need to update some things here and there, but this shouldnt take too long. Any errors that occur, just assume the server its pulling from is down and wait it out. It should be fixed sooner than later.

From here, you have full access to the storefront, including installing emulators, Retroarch and even apps that you cant really get hold of now that your PS4 is permanently offline while jailbroken. Its pretty easy to navigate, so you shouldnt find it too hard, but you can now do what you want!

Pros And Cons Of Ps4 Jailbreak


Why jailbreak PS4? It offers you some benefits.

  • After PS4 jailbreak, you can bypass the payment process and download & play games freely or at a low price.
  • PS4 is not backward compatible by default. However, you can play PS2 and PS3 games on PS4 after jailbreak.
  • After you jailbreak PS4, you can download preferred ROM and themes. Besides, you can apply different mods in games.


As a coin has two sides, PS4 jailbreaking also has some drawbacks. Here, we list them as follow.

  • You cant play online multiplayer games like Warzone, Apex, and MMO RPG games such as WOW, Skyrim, and so forth after the PS4 jailbreak.
  • As your service warranty wont be available after jailbreak, the service center wont solve your problem after that.
  • You cant play new games that are about to come out unless they are pirated.
  • You might be banned or blocked when you trying to log in your PS4 account. Whats more, you cant access the PS network and all the benefits that come with the service.

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Playstation 4 On Firmware 505

  • The kernel exploit and payloads by SpecterDev require firmware 5.05.
  • The exploit is also compatible on firmware 5.07, which is the factory firmware for some new PS4 consoles
  • If your firmware is below 5.05, you must offline update to 5.05
  • There is currently no way to downgrade firmware for PS4
  • Use the new jailbreak available for 6.72 consoles if your firmware is above 5.05.

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Why Jailbreak Ps4 Has So Much Benefits

You might want to ask: why would I want to jailbreak my PS4 device?

Well actually, there are a lot of benefits you get after you set your console free. Here are some of them:

  • Free games You can run any game without buying the disk. These games include both PSN games and full games, including the newest titles such as Battlefield and Need for Speed. In order to do this, just download the game files to an USB stick and copy the files to your device. A full list will be published on this page after the games are released.
  • PS3 games You will be able to play PS3 games on your PS4 device. The graphics will be upscaled automatically.
  • Mod games Using special game files that are modded, you can get the best out of a game. Think of XP- or Challenge lobbies for Call of Duty or extra cheats in GTA.
  • Emulator With an emulator, you can play games from other platforms that normally would not be playable on the console. Think of XBOX games, Android games or App Store games!
  • Third party apps You will be able to install 3rd party apps that normally would not be available for the device.
  • Instant trophy unlocks Are you a achievement whore? But cant you unlock that one specific trophy? With InstanTrophy, you can chooce which specific trophy you want to unlock, and pop it!

And this is only the tip of the iceberg! Find out all benefits of jailbreaking your PS4 yourself! How to do this is explained here.

Is it safe to jailbreak?

Disadvantages Of Jailbreaking Ps4

Service Jailbreak For Ps4 Below 7.55

Here are the disadvantages of jailbreaking PS4:

  • It would be best if you keep in mind that jailbreaking your PS4 costs you the consoles warranty. If you encounter any problem related to the console, Sonys customer service center will not help you.
  • It does not allow you to install new games, and you have to wait until new ones get pirated or look for any other way.
  • If you are looking to play online multiplayer games like PUBG, it would be better to brush the thought off because you cannot play online games once you have jailbroken your PS4.
  • Accessing the PlayStation network will become difficult. You might get blocked or banned after jailbreaking your PS4.

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For Ps4 Firmwares Above 900

There is no public Jailbreak at this point for firmwares 9.03 and above.

In the meantime, it is generally recommended that you stay on as low a firmware as possible, as new hacks will eventually surface. Your current best bet however is to get a low firmware PS4.

Below this point are more details and more information about PS4 Jailbreaks from past firmwares, or news relevant to PS4 Jailbreak history/tools.

Whether You Should Jailbreak Ps4

Generally speaking, you will be restricted when trying to download and install certain games on PS4. Jailbreaking PS4 remove these restrictions and allows you to install games from USB. In addition, you can move your games to the PS4 HDD or external HDD 3.0.

But you should keep in mind that jailbreaking is unofficial and can void warranty. Youd better not jailbreak PS4 unless theres no other available solutions to your issues. If you insist on jailbreaking, keep reading the content below.

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How To Jailbreak Ps4 & What Are The Benefits

Being a regular PS4 user, you might have heard about PS4 jailbreak. Though, jailbreaking PS4 is kind of an illegal activity, but as long as you do it for having your desired games its all good! However, theres a lack of insight on dos and donts of PS4 jailbreak, and what it is exactly.

So, what does PS4 jailbreak mean?

PS4 jailbreak means modifying the PS4 console to increase its functionality by following specific commands. It literally means breaking from the prison. You wont need permissions to run your desired PS4 games, or PS2/PS3 games on PS4. Not only this, but you can have much more after jailbreaking PS4.

To get your hands on how to perform PS4 jailbreak, whether it is legal or not, and its pros and cons please continue reading!

Ps4 Jailbreak The Brazilian Ps4 Jailbreak

How to Jailbreak Your PS4 on Firmware 9.00 or Lower!

Although not an actual PS4 Jailbreak that would allow to run unsigned code, its been confirmed that people have found ways to pirate games on the PS4, without the use for any advanced hack. With the use of a simple raspberry pi, electronics stores in Brazil have been able to dump the licenses of games from a PS4 to another, enabling them to pirate games. This technique is also known as PS4 NOR Cloning.

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Ps4 Jailbreak 100 Cfw Jailbreak Your Ps4 100 Firmware To Cfw

can be installed on your PS4 console without downgrade and it helps you get all games free which means you do not need to pay for any single game. Our PS4 Jailbreak software is very easy to install and you only need a USB minimum requirement of 1 GB during installation. With this PS4 Jailbreak, you will be able to install third-party software such as Game Mods, or Game Manager, etc. However, we have already built up game mods in the game option during gameplay.

Here we provide truly simplified instructions for how to jailbreak PS4 software. All of the instructions listed below are based on the most up to date firmware that is currently available.

Ps4 Jailbreak Linux On The Ps4

In December 2015, Fail0verflow showed at the CCC hacking convention that they have Linux running on the PS4. They later on released all the required source code to run Linux on PS4, but not the required PS4 Jailbreak. Hacks have now been released for some models of PS4 to run Linux. Fail0verflow demonstrated Linux running on PS4 again, on Firmware 4.0x at the end of 2016.

Emulator on ps4 Pokemon on PS4

Careful examination of the Fail0verflow 2015 presentation showed that the Fail0verflow crew were running their exploits through the Webkit 1.76 exploit, meaning their console was running on Firmware 1.76 at the time. in the 2016 Presentation, Fail0verflow member Marcan confirmed his PS4 was running on firmware 4.05.

Fail0verflow have stated that many kernel exploits exist on the PS4, and they are easy to find.

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How To Jailbreak Ps4

PS4 jailbreak is only available for the version 6.72 or below. If the PS4 console has a higher software version, it would be hard to jailbreak the device. Check the version of your PS4 from the official website before jailbreaking the console.


Moreover, prepare a USB drive with 1GB free space at least. Ensure that your PS4 console is compatible with the custom software. Last but not least, get an extraction program for files. After that, follow the steps below to jailbreak PS4.


Step 1: Click here to download the jailbreak file.

Step 2: Put the software on the root of a USB.

Step 3: Insert the USB drive in the PS4 and navigate to Settings > System Update > Update through storage media > Proceed. The console should be in off status before plugging the USB drive. After that, turn on the console.

Step 4: Wait for the PS4 to install the software.

Step 5: Restart your PS4 and move to the System tab.

Step 6: After the correct custom firmware is installed to the console, your PS4 would be jailbroken.

What Can A Jailbroken Ps4 Do

PS4 Jailbreak [TESTED AND UPDATED 10/12/16] Ps4 Exploit Hack, Apps, PS3 ...

Just what can a jailbroken PS4 do? If you like tinkering with your consoles and want to get more out of your old PS4, then lets find out!

Weirdly, the PS4 is now a retro console. I know thats going to make you all feel old, but not that the PS5 is out, its soon going to be obsolete.

Still, no one is denying how powerful this behemoth is. The PS4 Pro is such a mammoth console that it can handle pretty much anything, which makes it a great console to mod.

NB if this kind of thing is your bag, then check out what can a jailbroken PS3 do? and what can a hacked PS Vita do?

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Creating The Ps4 Exploit Usb

, its the image that youll be burning to the USB to get it onto the PS4. This jailbreak is done via hardware, rather than software, so keep it safe once youre done with it.

Next, download Rufus and find the image file in your explorer, then write it to the stick. Once its done, the USB wont be visible to you anymore. If you messed up, in Rufus, reselect it, choose non-bootable and erase everything. Then in Windows, just reformat it.


What Is Ps4 Jailbreak

Playstation 4 Jailbreak is the process by which PS4 can pass through some functionalities that were unavailable before. When you have jailbroken your PS4, you can download paid games for free, get personal themes and mods.

Jailbreak is how you hack into the system software and make changes that can give you full access to the console.

You can customize the way your PS4 looks by mods that are currently available.

If you have PS4 jailbreak, you can download any PS4 games from the store for free. You dont have to pay for the AAA games that cost $59.

But, if you are jailbreaking your PS4, please keep in mind that you will void your warranty. Jailbreaking your PS4 is illegal cause you will be accessing games without getting the rights to play.

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Fps Patches And Cheats

Finally, one of the best things you can do with a jailbroken PS4 is downloading 60FPS patches for your favourite games. Seeing Bloodborne at 60FPS is just unreal!

Alongside better patches for games such as Witcher III and Alien Isolation, you can also get some sweet cheats for your favourite games too. Multitrainer and PS4 Trainer have some great options for uploading cheat files into the mix.

Plus, with a little practice, you can actually make your own cheats!

Let us know which is your favourite PS4 mod benefit over on , , and !

Play The Favorite Game On Playstation 4 By Jailbreaking Its Firmware

(EP 1) How to Jailbreak the PS4 (7.55 or Lower!)

PlayStation 4 or PS4 is a video gaming console Sony with an AMD Accelerated Processing Unit. Over the years, it has been updated with various features. There is a certain restriction in installing new games, or the games have to be bought for a higher price. It is necessary to jailbreak the PlayStation for more customization and get the updates easily. Lets see how to jailbreak PlayStation 4 .

There are three variants in the PS4: Original, Slim, and Pro. All these three PlayStation consoles can be jailbroken with the criteria of the firmware version. With that, you can add new games, mods, and cheats to the PlayStation for effective usage.

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Ps4 Jailbreak News & Rumors Fake Exploits

Although there is real progress being made on PS4 Jailbreaks and hacks, several sites exist with the goal of tricking you, pretending they have a PS4 Jailbreak for you. We debunk a few of those below, as always, beware of bad sites. When a PS4 Jailbreak is made available for your PS4, popular scene sites such as us at will be the firsts to let you know.

If you just found an unknown website that claims to provide a CFW or jailbreak for the PS4, be extremely careful. Such sites are usually trying to get you to answer some sort of survey in order to get the hack. This is how they make money in general , as they get paid for every person who completes a survey. These surveys will most of the time not lead you to anything, or in some cases they will let you download a file that has nothing to do with a PS4 jailbreak. Their explanations for the hack will usually be extremely fishy, for example asking you to copy some files on the PS4 hard drive without explaining how to actually do it, or things similar to that. They have fake comments on their site to make you believe their stuff is legit, and also use black hat techniques to build fake followers on twitter and facebook.

Please share this page with your friends whenever they think they have found a PS4 Jailbreak. This page will be updated with the latest progress on PS4 hacking.

Browning A5 Wicked Wing Problems

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An Overview Of Ps4 Jailbreak

Nearly all digital devices consist of hardware and software. The software level restrictions stop people from doing something illegal with the product. Breaking restrictions and performing something you are not allowed is called jailbreak.


To some extent, jailbreaking is not completely illegal. Downloading pirated apps and games is illegal. However, jailbreaking any product can cause a warranty void. It means that your product will be excluded from obtaining updates and support.

For PS4, jailbreaking PS4 meaning making some changes to its firmware. To be specific, add mods, themes, extra features, and so forth.

Run The Jailbreak On Your Console

[SOLVED] did anyone know how to jailbreak ps4 pro?

With your PS4 running firmware 9.00, and your magic usb stick in hand, lets proceed to actually running the exploit.

  • point your PS4s browser to any trusted host that has the exploit. This can be a local server that you set up yourself or one of the public hosts we trust. For public hosts, two popular ones are:
  • When you reach the exploit page, you will see a loading screen
  • If the first step of the exploit works, you will see a message asking you to insert the USB stick.
  • Go ahead and plug the usb stick . A message saying This USB Device Storages file system is unsupported should pop up on the upper left of your screen
  • After that message has appeared, go ahead and click ok on the dialog box. You should now see a message saying Awaiting payload.
  • Your PS4 is now technically Jailbroken. Remove the usb stick from your PS4.
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