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How To Make Ps4 Headset Louder

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How To Make Gaming Headset Microphone Louder

How to INCREASE PS4 Headset Volume & Adjust Microphone (Fast Method!)

When figuring out how to increase your microphones volume on different software, you should first understand how to access the settings menu for sound settings. Then, you will have to select your input device before adjusting the microphone level in the levels tab for noise software.

Insider Tip

Ask your fellow gamers if you arent sure if your microphone level is appropriate.

If you forget to switch to your headsets microphone, you may only adjust the volume of the devices built-in model. To learn more about gaming headsets, read how do you make a gaming headset?

Turn Chat Audio On Or Off

Now that you’re sure your headphones work, you can change the chat settings to your liking.

  • Chat audio: select this option to only hear chat audio via your headset. This way, you can hear each other better when you play in a party.All audio: if you check this box, you also hear in-game sound effects and music in addition to the chat audio via your headset.

Best Ps4 Headsets 2022

For those familiar with the SteelSeries Arctis 7P, the 7P+ will look basically identical. The former remains an excellent PS5 headset, but in our eyes, the 7P+ should be the new default headset in the range and SteelSeries has breathed a bit of new life and enhancements into the headset – and the results are terrific.

These worthwhile enhancements don’t mess too much with the actual sound but offer a better means to enjoy the already-excellent audio. This comes in the form of improved connectivity, a greater 30-hour battery life, and a quick-charge function on the battery too. While these aren’t going to trouble anyone that already has an Arctis 7P, if you’re after a top PS5 headset, such factors could be the clincher…

But sound quality is king for us, and so it proved again in our testing with the 7P+. The sound is clear, distinct, detailed, rich, and well-rounded – the lack of the bass is a slight complaint but that’s our only real complaint. To round out the experience, we’re still big fans of the excellent build that remains too: there’s a chic design, the build makes the headset strong and solid while retaining great comfort, and the ski-goggle headband is still as great as ever, as are the retractable microphone and onboard controls.

For the price and as a simple wired headset, we can’t recommend this excellent Razer PS4 headset enough.

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How To Turn Off The Volume Limit On Steelseries Headphones

Follow the following steps:

  • Press the main knob to enter the main menu
  • Now Scroll down to Options and select
  • Scroll down to Vol Limiter and select it
  • Switch the Vol Limiter setting from Yes to No

Complete? Thats great. Now check how much louder your headphone is! Are you satisfy? If you are satisfy then you do not need to follow next. But if you are not, then

Using A Basic Cleaning Process

Amazon.com: Turtle Beach Recon 60P White Amplified Stereo Gaming ...
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Tools Needed: Soft cloth, hydrogen peroxide, dry toothbrush, paper towels, soapy water


Remove the cups from your over-ear headphones. Use a damp cloth to clean the exterior parts gently. Wring the cloth out as much as possible before washing.


Use a clean toothbrush on any spots with stuck-on grime. Focus on the areas around your ears and the headband. This should help improve sound quality and overall game audio.


Take a cloth with hydrogen peroxide to clean the rest and dry it off with paper towels. If the problem with your over-ear headphones has to do with the mic volume, its time to troubleshoot. For iOS users, look into how to make a gaming headset work with MacBook.

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How To Increasing Audio Gain

If after turning off volume limit, headphone does not get loud enough, then you should think the headset is not loud. To make it loud you can increase sound gain by using amplifier or amp, extra software and also default option of Arctis 7. To do that follow my instruction:

  • Press the main knob to get main menu
  • Scroll down and find Audio option. Select that.
  • Select Gain to get gain level.
  • Increase gain level as you need.

As you increase the gain level, your headphones will get louder. If you decrease the gain level, the sound will be lower.

Headset Companion App Not Detecting Your Headset:

The Headset Companion is a mobile app that lets you use different sound modes for your games. If the app cant recognize your wireless headset, it may be due to some reason.

One probable reason is that there may be more than one audio source connected to your PS4 console. Disconnect other audio sources.

Also, try updating the app if youre using an older version. Finally, if youre using a wireless adaptor, ensure you have turned on your headset and paired it with the adaptor.

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Why A Premier Headphones Like Arctis Pro Wireless 7 Etc Facing This Problem

Actually, this is not a problem, SteelSeries claimed that this a protection system. So that, you can serve the harmful effects of high sensitivity, high frequency, and suddenly increasing noise, etc.

But different people have different thoughts. If you think the sound is too low, you can increase the sound output and turn off this protection system. SteelSeries gaming headsets have already given this control.

Use An Equalizer To Improve Sound Quality


First, open up iTunes and click on Edit and then Preferences. Once there click on create a new playlist and select “On my Mac.” Now find and select the song that you want to edit. To do this change the drop down menu that says “Music” to “Artists.” Now find the song you want and double click on it. Once there, at the top of your iTunes window you will see a list of three bar graphs, each representing one of your speakers. You can also select which speakers you want to use by clicking on the drop down menu and selecting which ones to use. Now that you have selected your speakers, click on the “Window” tab at the top and then Equalizer. Once there, click on the drop down menu next to “Presets” and select one of the many presets to alter your sound quality . There is also “custom” so you can customize your own presets. Once you have chosen one of these, simply play the song and enjoy!

Now that you know how to use an equalizer to improve sound quality I hope it will be easier for you in the future when listening to music. You should now be able to hear it more clearly. Good luck!

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How To Increase The Volume On Ps4

It is pretty easy to adjust the headset and mic volume on PS4. You simply have to follow the steps listed below:

1. Long-press or hold down the PS button to open the side menu on the left.

2. Then, go to the Sound/Devices menu.

3. Go to the right side of the menu option and select the Volume Control .

4. Now, adjust the volume level of your headset to your desired level.

5. You can scroll down to adjust the Microphone Level if you want your mic volume to be louder too.

Arctis 7 Equalizer Settings

When your Arctis 7 volume is low, to improve your listening experience you can use Equalizer APO software. Arctis 7 volume too low problem will be solved by this. Are you ready? Lets follow

  • Launch Windows Explorer and go to the C:\Program Files\EqualizerAPO\config directory. You should locate the files config.txt and example.txt there. Equalizer APO will automatically load the primary configuration file, which is called config.txt and is located in the config folder.
  • To check if the APO is working, open config.txt in a text editor and change the preamp value. You should notice the volume changing immediately each time you save the file.
  • To begin creating your individual filter configuration, install and run Room EQ Wizard.
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    How To Adjust Audio Controls On Your Playstation 4

    The PlayStation 4 is an incredibly powerful console, allowing you to play games, watch movies, browse the web, and so much more. Well-tuned audio makes everything better, and in this article, we’ll be showing you all of the PS4’s audio controls to help you get the best experience possible.

    Some of our favorite audio gear

    How To Make Headphones Louder When Using Different Devices And Apps

    Gaming Headset PS4 Ultra Lightweight KINGTOP K12 Gaming Headphones Loud ...

    Headphones are cool, but if these dont produce good sound, these are close to being useless. But dont just throw your old, quiet headphone away. We can show you how to make headphones louder, especially when using different kinds of devices and apps. We will give you some tips to increase headphone volume so you can easily listen to music even when youre outdoors.

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    How To Make Headphones Louder On An Iphone

    If you have recently updated your software or the sound on your Iphone is low then the following steps would help you.

    Step 1

    Go to settings and open the music option.

    Step 2

    Once you have opened the music option, navigate to sound limit.

    After you have opened the sound limit option, ensure that you turn it off since volume limits the audio due to which your headphones or earphones may sound low.

    Step 3

    After doing completing the steps mentioned above it your headphones and earphones should sound louder.

    Additionally, you can also go to EQ and select Late Night as this sound profile makes the headphones and earphones sound louder.

    Overall these steps should make your headphones or earphones sound louder.

    Alternatively, you can also try apps such as Volume Boost+, Equalizer+ and SonicMax Pro that will improve the volume of the headphones.

    Check The File Compression

    Over time, headphones can lose their oomph. Yet sometimes you just want to turn up the music. Here’s how to bring back the music.

    The key to solving these issues is to understand the “chain” between you and your preferred listening material. First, you have the music itself, then the playback device, then your headphones. Each of these can add or subtract to the volume of what you’re listening to, using both hardware and software. So, all you need to do is start at one end, and find the weakest link, or add a stronger one.

    “Compression” raises the volume on the soft parts of an audio file, while bringing the loud parts down. This doesn’t actually change how loud the file is, in terms of physics, but it does create the illusion that it’s louder, because there’s less contrast.

    As a result, when you switch from a podcast or other talk-heavy type of audio, which may be heavily compressed to make voices clearer, to a high-quality music file, the latter may sound a bit muted. Similarly, if you’re used to an MP3 of a song, which is highly compressed, and get a high-quality version, it may seem quieter.

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    Plugs Plugs And Plugs

    Headphone Plug

    Headphone plugs are the things that get loosened all the time. It arises connectivity issues and affects your sound volume and quality. Use a different headphone on the same plug to check if that is the problem.

    Clean the debris inside the plugs to see if that helps.

    Debris can form inside the plug over time, and it can prevent your Headphone jack from fitting correctly. You can use cotton swabs and wrap them on a toothpick to clean the plug. However, we would recommend you to take extra care while doing so. It can easily damage the insides of the pins.

    Volume And Performance Priced Under A Hundred Bucks

    How To Change PS4 Headset Volume! (Speakers/Earbuds/Headset/Microphone)

    The PS4 set the new standard for headphone and headset support by including a 3.5mm jack on the bottom of every controller. Sure, the 3DO did this eons ago, and the Sega Genesis had a headphone port on the front of the first version of the machinebut Sonys ubiquitous headphone jack truly changed the industry, and forced Microsoft to overhaul the Xbox One controller mid-generation.

    Unfortunately, the DualShock 4s headphone port has a fatal flaw: low volume. Battery life is at a premium in the slim controller frame, and in a move to reduce drain, the controller severely lacks output oomph compared to most other modern devices. Ive reviewed over a hundred and fifty different headphones and headsets in the last five years. Only about half of them get loud enough out of the controller jack to be usable, and only a few sound great.

    Ive got a list of three of those below, right after some general tips you can follow if you want to pick your own pair instead of following my preferences.

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    Boost The Volume Through Your Devices Settings

    Each devices control centre allows you to increase the volume. Expanding the master volume on your device is a relatively simple process. There is usually one gauge in the control centre for turning up or down the volume. You may need to use alternative options even more once the dial reaches maximum to increase the volume.

    Some devices produce excellent sound at their maximum volume. Using one volume-boosting app can also help if the device does not have the best sound power. It may be time to explore some of the boosters mentioned above if youre up on your volume but still not hearing the sound you want.

    Choose What You Hear In Your Headphones

    Perhaps you only want to hear the in-game chat in your headphones and you want all other audio to go through your speakers. Here’s how to do that:

  • Again, follow steps 1 – 3 as shown above to reach the Audio Devices menu.
  • Choose Output to Headphones
  • Here you can now choose to send All Audio to your headphones or only the Chat Audio.
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    Too Much Background Noise

    When youre using your headset in a crowded or busy place, there is a high chance that your headset mic will pick up all those sounds. This is especially true if your headsets mic doesnt have a built-in noise-canceling technology.

    This is worse for highly-sensitive microphones. Sometimes, these background noises can even overpower your voice.

    How To Make Mic Sound Better On Streaming Platforms

    Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 60P Amplified Gaming Headset PS4 Pro / PS4 ...

    As gamers, some of us dont really want to keep to ourselves especially when it comes to amazing gameplays. Who knows? Maybe you can be the next Ninja or Shroud.

    However, no matter how many headshots you can make in one match on Valorant, no one will watch you if they cant understand you. If youve already made the discussed tips above and your mic still doesnt sound good, it could be a platform issue.

    Heres a run-down of what you can do to make your mic sound better on the top live streaming platforms: Discord, and Streamlabs.

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    How Do I Make My Gaming Headset Microphone Louder

    When you begin using a gaming headset, you may want to know how do I make my gaming headset microphone louder. The answer remains relatively simple for each of the gaming consoles and computers as long as you are familiar with the software and Bluetooth or cables connectivity for quality microphone volume.


    • To adjust the volume of your microphone on a PC or Mac, you need to go into your computers settings and sound settings icon.
    • If you use a PS console, you need to find the settings option and then audio devices.
    • For Xbox, select Profile & System followed by settings.

    The best gaming headset also provides an adjustable microphone that should be close to your mouth, though you may need to adjust it or the mode being used. To understand how do gaming headsets work, check out our other article.

    How Can I Make My Xbox Headset Louder

    Adjusting your audio settings

  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide.
  • Select the Audio & music icon at the bottom of the guide.
  • You can adjust the following headset settings on the Audio & music screen: Headset volume: This can also be adjusted by rotating the dial on the outside of the right earcup on the headset.
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    How To Make Ps4 Headset Louder Explained In Detail

    The PlayStation 4 remains one of the best gaming consoles ever made. Apart from playing our favorite games, you can enjoy your favorite movies and surf the Internet. Moreover, with a great headset, you can enjoy the device even better.

    Headsets enhance your gaming experience. However, it can be frustrating when your volume is not high enough, especially with good-quality headsets.

    Fortunately, you can increase the sound level of your PS4 headset. But then, be careful when you do that. Loud sounds are not safe for your ears. So, how can you increase the sound on your PS4 headset?

    How To Make PS4 Headset Louder

    If your PS4 headset volume is low, you can adjust it to acceptable levels following these simple steps.

  • Go to Settings in the main menu.
  • Select Audio Devices.
  • From the options, find Volume Control. Adjust the volume level until it is high enough for you.
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