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How To Mod A Ps4 Controller

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How to Mod a PS4 controller

Even though the technology of this era is severely advanced to the level that such software and AIs can be theoretically designed, including them in games would only ruin the purpose. The players would no longer need to have skills, and the concept of strategies and player techniques would instantly vanish into thin air. Games would no be fun anymore, and competence among players would hold no value.

However, certain mods are close enough to be called an aimbot for users who simply do not want to think otherwise. These include the quick scope opening and the auto-aim for zombies.

Even though the scope opening does not help aim, it does provide accuracy to a certain extent, allowing players to make those perfect headshots. However, the zombie auto-aim moves the crosshair for you, but this gaming mode is only available in a couple of games.

Enjoy 3d Movies With Playstation Vr

Sony launched a virtual reality headset, PlayStation VR that gives you 3D fun. Speaking of reality, many people cannot afford a 3D TV, but that does not mean they cannot enjoy 3D movies. So, if you cannot afford a 3D TV but own a PS VR, you can watch 3D movies with the fantastic headset.

Although it is a heavy and unmanageable device, if you wish to watch a 3D movie without having a 3D tv, PSVR is the only go-to!

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Are There Hacks On Ps4

So, the question is: can the PS4 be hacked? In short, no at least not by your average consumer and not even by someone more advanced in the field of computer science. To hack the PS4 is to make the PS4 into a PC essentially, or at least use a PC in some way with the PS4 that can be complicated, costly, and criminal.

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What Does Rapid Fire Mod Do

Rapid Fire mod turns virtually any semi-automatic and single shotgun into a fully automatic one. Basically, Rapid Fire pulls the fire trigger quickly for you. When you pull and hold the trigger, the mod takes over and presses the trigger quickly over and over again, until you release the fire button.

The Need For Aim Assist Mod On Your Controller

How to: PS4 Controller Scuf Mod Part 1

Auto-aim can be helpful to players who are in situations where they are required to run and hid and shoot at the same time. This auto-aim mod automatically targets any enemy in the players field of vision and all the player has to do is press the fire button, this feature is most beloved by players in first-person shooters games and shooting games in general.

In games like Call of Duty, they have a zombie mod where the auto-aim feature is automatically enabled. Zombie mod is exciting and interesting.

You can explore all the ideas presented to you for a fulfilling experience. The zombie mod can be challenging when you get an overwhelming number of zombies to fight. This is where the Auto-aim comes in. The mod is perfect for getting headshots for bonus points.

The Auto-aim for zombies in Call of Duty has the auto fire and anti-recoil features enabled. This means you dont need to worry about pressing the trigger every time or having to deal with recoil after shooting.

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What Is Programming Mode

Don’t like the pre-tuned speed we’ve provided? Create-your-own!

Reprogram your Rapid Fire mod to any speed from 5 shots-per-second up to 99 shots-per-second. Rapid Fire speed is programmed by individually setting the tens digit, the ones digit, and the decimal digit. For example, if the speed is 16.2 shots per second. “1” is the tens digit, “6” is the ones digit, and “2” is the decimal digit. Any time an LED flashes very quickly, this means one of your numbers is set to “0”. Otherwise, it will slowly blink the number.

It’s also important to know that the software developers for each video game may have set a universal speed cap. The cap is different for every game. If you try to dial in your Rapid Fire speed above this cap, your gun will actually shoot slower, or not shoot at all.

Difference Between Dualshock 4 And Modded Controllers

The DualShock 4 controllers are not bad at all they have some really good features that help you play your game, but for the gaming enthusiast a controller like DualShock 4 is not enough.

They need something that helps them in every possible way. These needs are fulfilled by the modded controllers by ConsoleBoost they keep in mind the comfort, good gaming experience, and necessities of a gamer while designing these controllers for them. Another good thing about the mod controllers is that they support almost every PS4 game available in the market.

People used to prefer DualShock 4 because it is compatible for all games, but the same feature is now present in the mod controllers by ConsoleBoost. So, the DualShock 4 controllers are not bad at all, but you cannot compare it with the features that a modded controller by ConsoleBoost provides you with. Therefore, you have all the reasons to choose it over the DualShock 4 controller. If you want to find out which modded control suits you best and is going to work for you, you can search for it by simply browsing through our catalogue.

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What Make Us The Best Source For Ps4 Modded Controllers

  • Top-Notch products: We deliver only top notch gaming gear and controllers. Our offers also include various types of mods, designs and accessories. Our products have the best quality in terms of design, durability and functionality.
  • Offers of Different Options: Deciding to get your PS4 modded controller from us would offer you different great options for you to choose from. We assure you that we have all it takes to deliver a Ps4 Controller that meets your every specification.
  • Delivery Wherever You Are: You are guaranteed that your orders would be delivered to you regardless of where your location. This means that we deliver the best of gaming experience worldwide. Your location is should not deprive you of getting your PS4 modded controller.
  • Quick Shipping Services: We take addition steps to make sure your orders get delivered to you very quickly. We eliminate any factor that may attempt to do otherwise. You can be sure that trough our fast shipping services, you product will get to you as soon as you expect.
  • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction: Your maximum satisfaction as our customer is guaranteed. We ensure you have our customer support as soon as it is needed and your calls, complaints and enquiry are attended to.

What Is Jitter On Strikepack

How to Mod a PS4 Controller Tear Down

IW Jitter This is an advanced MOD for COD: Infinite Warfare that allows the Reaver and DCM-8 weapons to fire with an enormous fire rate well beyond normal rapid fire. No tactical is required and no perk is required. However, adding the Dexterity perk will increase the fire rate to even more insane levels.

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Looking At The Assurances The Seller Gives Buyers

Another important way to know whether the modded controller you are buying can deliver on the button remapping functionality is to look at the risk the seller is willing to take on. The level of risk they are willing to take on regarding the functionality of their controller is seen through their player-centric policies like money-back guaranty.

With this kind of policy, it is easy for players to take the risk, buy the controller and test it. If it meets their expectations, they keep it. And if it doesnât, they have a way of getting their money back.

It is important to know that not all sellers embody these qualities.Therefore, it is not every option you have for getting a modded controller specifically built to deliver on this functionality that you should go for.

One of the most reliable providers of button remapping for game consoles is Zeus Controllers.

Use The Ps4s Remote Play Feature To Stream Anywhere

PS4 has given us exceptional features so we can have a fantastic console gaming experience. One such feature is PS4s remote play. This brilliant feature allows you to stream your PS4 games on your mobile phone or any other access device. Hence, you do not have to carry your PS4 everywhere.

However, you have to ensure that you have a stable and uninterrupted broadband connection. If not so, you would not be able to move forward and use the incredible feature. Overall, the feature is similar to a supplement to your gaming experience.

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Is It Legal To Play Playstation 4 With A Modded Controller

With the multiple gaming forums, webpages about gaming-related articles, writers often misguide the researchers with their lack of information. If youve spent some time playing video games, you may have heard about several accounts getting banned for using modded pads.

Well, these are simply rumors and nothing else. The old players also adopted a technique not to let the newbies take advantage while using a modded controller.

Using a modded controller simply lets the software perform functions at a rate that would be challenging for humans. The modchip that you install presses the buttons in a particular order. It helps the players take their minds off a few functions as they unlock several perks through the modification.

Although mods help gamers perform complicated actions, believing that they will enhance your skills and make you a pro overnight is foolish. For that, you will need to work on your attacking and defensive strategies. Also, youll need to learn about good landing and looting spots on the map, and most importantly, have a strong internet connection.

S For Remapping Buttons For Console Gamers

PS4 Controller Mods.

If you want to remap the buttons on your console games, whether PS4 or Xbox One, it is important to know the steps. Of course, the process and the procedure vary by different modded controllers, but there are similarities among them at the most basic level.

The most important step to take to get button remapping done is to go to the Accessibility Menu on your dashboard. It is from there that you can configure the modded controller and assign buttons. The most important feature of the Enable Buttons component of the Accessibility settings for your gamepad is the Customize Button Assignments.

It is when you have done this that you can change the buttons and remap them. For user-friendly modded controllers, this can be done within minutes. But for others that are not so friendly, it can take forever and can even be a confusing process.

If you want to use the same knowledge to play multiple games, then button remapping is what you need. Therefore, as a player, you need to do your homework to know the right steps to take to get the best of this functionality. And the most important step to take is to know the right place to go on the internet to buy a modded controller that can deliver on this functionality.

Zeus Controllers create leading hardware mods for PlayStation, Xbox and other gaming consoles.

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What Every Player Wants In A Button Remapped Controller

Getting the best of the button remapping is not a given. It is not enough to know that you want to have this functionality or to know where to go to find modded controllers that can deliver it, you need to also know those features that show that you are going to get a usable and scalable functionality.

The following are some of the things every player wants to have in their modded controllers to deliver this functionality perfectly.

Are Modded Controllers Compatible For All Games

This is one of the most important questions you have in your mind when you are buying a modded controller. Now, every game is supported by these mod controllers.

Previously, these controllers were just designed for shooting and aiming games, and they did not support arcade or sports games. But certain advancements are now made in these controllers they are now designed to provide you with support in games other than the ones that require shooting, reloading, and aiming only. You can use these controllers for almost every PS4 game now.

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Mega Modz Scary Party Ps4 Modded Controller With Back Buttons

  • Less customizable than macro remap controllers

Included Mods: Akimbo, Auto Burst, Auto Sprint, Auto Heal, Auto Spot, Dropshot, Jumpshot, Dual Trigger, Fast Reload, Quick Scope, Rapid Fire, Sniper Breath, Zombie Auto Aim

If you play first-person shooter titles like and Battlefield 1, the Mega Modz Scary Party PS4 Modded Controller can be your new best friend. This controller comes with two easy-to-reach back buttons that are fully programmable for personalized control layouts and is pre-configured with features that are designed specifically for these types of games.

Aside from the programmable back buttons, this controller also has an operational mod switch that lets you tweak your settings on the fly. This switch is integrated with haptic feedback technology to give you instant vibration response when you enable or disable certain features.

Voice Commands To Keep Up The Speed Of The Game

How to: PS4 Controller Scuf Mod Part 1

As mentioned earlier, typing on PS4 is a burdensome task, but you can make it quick and smooth using the touchpad of your DS4 controller. Likewise, you can use a microphone or similar devices to voice your commands to give your teammates quick instruction while you play with them.

Both typing and voice chat matter a lot during a game since they are a communication source between the teammates and means of their victory or defeat.

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Are The Mods In Modded Ps4 Controllers Available For All Types Of Games

Including mods in PS4 controllers is becoming more and more widespread. However, these features are only available for first-person shooting games. There is currently no way for players to improve their gameplays the same way for other genres due to the absence of mod compatibility.

Another vital piece of information is that the number of mods available depends on the game youre playing, even for first-person shooters. For instance, Call of Duty, the most famous PS4 game worldwide, features the maximum number of compatible mods. About eleven to thirteen mods are available in different controllers, with Jitter, Turbo Melee, and Fast Reload always at stake.

For Battlefield, a game that has been in business for quite some time, there are usually up to five mods available. Whereas Destiny, a recently released game, features the same number of mods as Battlefield. This game has become very popular among the audience in no time, and its mods are also one of the best-selling.

Evil Pro Ps4 Controller

This is also a high-quality controller with different features and functions. The product allows gamers to play in the most convenient way. Thats how you can take an advantage over all of your opponents. BlackZone is compatible with almost all types of FPS games, so you will encounter no issues during gaming. You can use all the buttons with ease because they work perfectly well. You do not need to press them to strong or too long if you want to perform a particular action in the game.

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The Difference Between Button Remapping And Customization

One of the mistakes that players make is to assume that customization is the same as button remapping. While there are similarities between the two, customization is highly limited to the mods that a gamepad comes with.

For example, the only flexibility with customization is that when a modded controller ships with certain functionalities, it is impossible for the player to change the functionalities.

However, they can configure certain buttons to deliver those functionalities. With customization, it is more of flexibility amid rigidity.

With remapping, on the other hand, players enjoy absolutely no restrictions on the adjustments they can make. They can change a functionality because the controller can be used across multiple games without having to conform to the in-game commands and button controls.

The implication of this is that the player can decide what each button does and can unify that command for all the games they play. It simply enables players to conform their gamepad to their image, no matter the games they play.

How The Modding Process Works

DIY PS4 Scuf Controller Mod â

Modding a PS4 controller isn’t the easiest and require professional soldering work to get done. This is why buying proper modded PS4 controllers such as ours to make sure you get the best of the best. Modding a controller starts by opening a standard PS4 gamepad and unscrewing the motherboard. Underneath this, there will be a chip, which we want to add the rapid-fire mod to. This is done by soldering the modchip to a few connections on the standard chip. After that, we’ll swap out the buttons to whatever buttons the customer chose for their controller.

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The Truth About The Auto Aim Mods

They perform faster, have more accuracy, and relieve some of the pressure on player hands by providing slightly easier ways to achieve tasks. Modded controllers are equipped with the latest mods, which are useful in gaming. In multiplayer shooter games, where many players connect and play all together on one map in a player vs player, you can easily find something to fight in the gaming world.

Our controllers possess many features, like Auto-aim, Rapid-fire, Auto burst, and so much more. We will be looking at the Auto-aim mod. Many players prefer shooting games without knowing how challenging they can be.

The auto-aim mod helps you overcome some of those difficulties by automatically targeting your enemies. The mod does the aiming for you, and you have to press the fire button and kill your enemy.

Using this feature, everyone can perform powerfully, including the novice and experts. It can also be useful in games where you get bonuses for headshots as it provides clear and accurate aiming for easy headshots.

Not all controllers possess the auto-aim mode feature. So it is advisable to check the features of any controller you want to purchase to ensure it has the features you want.

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