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How To Open Ps4 Pro

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Clean Your Ps4’s Hdd Bay

How to Open Your PS4 Pro Top Layer & Clean The Fan

The PS4 has a separate compartment for the hard drive that may or may not have built up dust. It’s not vital to check, but it’s worth taking a moment while you have your system out.

To access it, lightly press and slide the shiny part of your PS4 cover straight out to the left. This will remove the cover, allowing you to access the HDD bay.

A simple Phillips head screw adorned with the PlayStation button icons holds it in place. You can remove this, then pull the HDD to make room to clean out any dust in this area. Then just slide the HDD back in, replace the screw, and slide the cover on.

Now Your Ps4 Is All Clean

Now you know how to clean your PS4. You should notice it running much more quietly than it was before, especially if you’ve had the system for years. While you could clean even deeper into the system, doing so would require some potentially risky operations. It’s better to avoid damaging your system and stick to this basic cleaning.

For future maintenance, take a brush, some compressed air, or cotton swab along the outside edges of your system to remove the dust once in a while. This should help prevent dust from building up inside, so you don’t have to go through this process as often.

Some people have recommended placing plastic bottle caps or similar small objects under the four corners of your console. This lifts it off the below surface and should help with air flow. Aside from this, make sure your PS4 has room to breathe . Paired with the above cleaning process when needed, your PS4 should stay cool and quiet.

To get even more from your PS4, there are other ways to boost the performance of the system.

How To Eject A Ps4 Disc

ByIain Wilson18 December 2019

Having a little trouble? It’s OK, we did too. But you can find the answer to your disc-ejecting questions right here

When you get hold of some new tech, there’s always a learning period as you get to grips with how everything works. After picking up the latest PlayStation, you’ll want to know how to adjust all the settings, download your apps, and of course how to eject a PS4 disc. Now, that last part may sound far too obvious, but believe us when we say it’s not as straightforward as you’d expect. When we first got our PS4 an embarrassing situation happened, after we’d put a disc in the console and had a good few hours of enjoyment playing one of the best PS4 games. All well and good, but when we wanted to eject the thing afterwards we were completely lost. To save anyone else from a similar embarrassment, we’ve put together this quick guide on how to eject a PS4 disc, and to get started we’ve highlighted that invisible eject button on the original PS4 in the image below.

There it is. All you need to do is press that button. That tiny, tiny button. The one right below the disc drive, and in the crack. See it? Easy right?

It’s the same story with the PS4 Pro. Look along the glowing line down from the power button and you’ll see the tiny icon. It’s a little hidden and annoying to press, but it’s there alright.

Is your eject still not working? Then we suggest going here.

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How To Replace Hdmi Port On Ps4 Pro

This cost is to replace the ps4 original, slim or pro hdmi port, and we keep stock of all the different hdmi ports for all the ps4 models in stock. The cost to replace the hdmi port on your ps4 console will be r970.00 including the collection and delivery back to you again, or you can also come directly to us to book it in.

SONY Playstation 4 HDMI Socket PS4 Sony playstation

How To Replace And Upgrade Your Ps4 Pro Hard Drive

Sony shows how to open the PS4 Pro, change HDD without ...

The PlayStation 4 Pro comes with a 1TB hard drive installed as standard, but if that isn’t enough storage for your growing games collection then you can replace it, as with previous PS4 systems. You’ll need a 2.5 inch Serial ATA internal drive which is 9.5mm or thinner for this, and the largest capacity widely available is 2TB. Check out our PS4 external hard drives guide for some recommendations on both internal and external models.

Note: if you’re switching from a previously upgraded PS4 then you can transfer your existing hard drive to the PS4 Pro, but the system will format the drive before you can use it so you’ll need to back up your data to the PS+ cloud and/or an external drive to not lose it.

Once you have your replacement hard drive ready, grab a small crosshead screwdriver and follow these steps:

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How Difficult Is It To Upgrade My Ps4’s Hard Drive

Whatever drive you choose, the upgrade process is very easy and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Depending on your internet speed, the file download and drive switch combined shouldn’t take you more than 15-20 minutes.

If you follow these steps, none of your save data or digital games will be lost and your upgrade should ensure that you have plenty of space to store your favorite games and media.

Install Ps4 System Software Update From The Usb

How to update PS4 system software from USB? There are 2 ways to install the PlayStation 4 update file. Heres how:

Way 1. Update PS4 System Software in the Home Screen.

Step 1. Connect the USB drive containing the PS4UPDATE.PUP file to the PS4 console.

Step 2. Open the Home screen of PS4 and press the Up button on D-pad to enter the Function menu.

Step 3. Navigate to the Settings icon and press the X button on the console to open it.

Step 3. In the Settings window, select the System Software Update option and press the X button again to confirm this operation.

Step 4. Read the System Software License Agreement, and then click on the Accept button and press the X button on your Console.

Step 5. Now, the PS4 will prepare the installation of the system software update. Wait patiently for this installation to complete. Once the update is completed, the PS4 will restart automatically.

Way 2. Manually Update PS4 System Software Using Safe Mode

If you are connected to the PSN but failed to access the Home screen, you can start your PS4 system in Safe Mode and install the PS4 software update from the USB.

Step 1. Start your PS4 in Safe Mode.

  • Hold the Power button on the console for 7 seconds to turn off PS4 completely.
  • Once the PS4 system is off, hold the Power button again until you hear the second beep. The first beep will sound when you first press, and the second beep will sound in 7 seconds.
  • Step 2. Install the PS4 system software update from the USB drive.


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    Why Should You Clean Your Ps4

    There are different reasons as to why you should clean your PS4. The dirt, grime, dust, and any particles that float in the air can build up in your PS4 and trap heat. With that, the fan in your system will work harder than necessary. It can lead to overheating, malfunctioning, and and eventual shutting down if not addressed.

    Sometimes, you might notice that your PS4 is working loudly and slowly. This is because of the dust build-up that clogs the heat sink and makes the fan work double time. Routinely dusting and cleaning your PS4 will help extend its lifespan. Also, a clean PS4 ensures that you only focus on playing your favorite games.

    Before you continue reading this article, we also have other guides for other PS4 concerns. We have articles that talk about why your PS4 controller is not charging, how to gameshare on PS4, and how to conduct a PS4 rebuild database.

    Malfunction: Blinking Red Indicator Light

    How to Open the Lid to Your PS4 PRO, Clean, and Remove a Jammed Disc.

    Reports of the Red Line of Death arent as widespread as the aforementioned blinking blue light, but it is almost as serious. On consoles suffering from the Red Line of Death, the LED indicator light adorning the side of the console will flash red repeatedly, subsequently powering off after the system emits three distinct beeps. The issue is tied to overheating problems as outlined in the PS4 user guide and confirmed by Sony, possibly a result of a fan malfunction. Some users have reported the issue within minutes of powering up the console for the first time, however. Thankfully, its not the sign of a completely bricked unit.

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    Bug: Playstation Network Connectivity Problems

    Network connectivity problems are the most persistent complaint with the PS4 and often manifest themselves as either NW-31201-7 and WV-33899-2 errors. The PSN goes down more often than wed like, but luckily, its usually not down for long stretches. Typically, network errors can be attributed to the PSN undergoing service maintenance , and you will just have to wait it out. Outside of maintenance periods, however, there are several methods you can easily perform to get back online.

    How To Play Movies On Ps4 Pro From Usb Flash Drive

    Can I play movie through PS4 Pro USB Flash Drive? Can you play movies on PS4 Pro from USB? In this article you will learn the easiest way to access USB flash drive movies, and then you can watch movies with PS4 Pro through USB easily.

    PS4 Pro USB Playback Question

    Hi there, can we connect USB in PS4 Pro for watching movies? I have purchased the PS4 Pro one week ago and now I am wondering how to put movies on PS4 Pro from USB Flash Drive, I bought some latest Blu-ray disc movies and downloaded a few of exciting videos from the Internet, now I want to transfer movies to USB Flash Drive and then play with PS4 Pro via USB, but I dont know if PS4 Pro can play movies from USB, and I dont know PS4 Pro USB supported video format, can you share some tips with me? Any suggestion is appreciated, thanks!

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    Guide How To Disassemble Ps4

    Remove the top panel of the PS4 case. It is easy to remove, just pull up until the clamps open.

    Remove one screw that fixes hard drive basket. In addition, remove the hard drive.

    • Step-2
    • Step-3

    On the backside of the PS4, where the connection ports are located, remove stickers, and below them screws that we need to unscrew.

    Now unscrew the four screws, and for this use the T8 Torx screwdriver.

    Next, remove the cover of the PS4 case. Start to open the case from the same side.

    On the backside of cover, you can see dust. Use a brush or napkin for cleaning the case from dust.

    Lets remove the power supply of PS4 game console. First, unscrew three screws T8 Torx. Then unscrew two screws using PH0 screwdriver.

    Disconnect four-wire connector from the power supply. The connector is fixed quite tightly, and if you cannot get it as easily, to disconnect the cable use tweezers.

    Next, using a plastic tool, pull up on the right side, then on the left side. The right side of the power supply will be harder to pull up.

    If there is a lot of dust inside the power supply, it is better to remove this dust. To do this, unscrew the two screws on the power supply and open it for cleaning.

    Disconnect the blue-ray drive cable from the PS4 motherboard. To do this, press the tweezers onto the iron plate and pull the cable to the side.

    Next, unplug the optical drive power connector by lifting it up. In addition, disconnect the Wi-Fi antenna from the motherboard.

    Remove 12 T8 Torx screws .

    How To Access Ps4 Hard Drive On Pc Complete Guide

    How to clean any PS4 Fan (Pro, Slim, or Original)  HIDEit ...

    In the world of gaming, PS4 is a one of the most used video game console. This console as well as all others in its series are adored and enjoyed by millions of gamers. As per Statista, the PlayStation Network has around 114 million active users , which is quite huge. Though a PS series is an all-world in itself, however, for a number of tasks, such as data recovery, copying data or sometimes formatting, you must know how to access PS4 hard drive on PC?

    PS4 users will sometimes need to connect their hard drive to a PC or laptop. There may be several reasons behind all this one may lose data suddenly and want to recover all the lost data, or the drive is not formatting and one needs to format it using tools on PC, or copy some data from a PC. For all these and other relevant tasks, it is important to know about different methods of accessing PS4 hard drive on a PC.

    Table Contents

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    How To Eject A Disc From Your Ps4

    You may be surprised to hear that there are a multitude of ways you can eject a disc from your PlayStation 4. Whether you’re simply looking for the incredibly tiny button on the front panel or a need to tighten its manual eject screw if your game is stuck, you have a few options to choose from.

    Set Up Port Forwarding For Your Ps4

    If the above steps dont fix the problem, you may have to dive into your wireless router and set a forward port for your PS4. We mentioned these steps in the section above, but heres a more detailed breakdown of the process:

    Step 1: Grab the IP Address, Username, and Password for your wireless router. The methods of accessing this information may vary based on your model, but you should be able to access it via a web browser or just by looking at the back of your router .

    Step 2: Enter your IP Address into a web browser. You should then be able to manually log-in to your router.

    Step 3: You should then see a command related to port forwarding. This section will usually include some variation of the words port and forwarding, but you may need to check your routers instructions if you dont see an obvious variation.

    Step 4: Youll then need to add some custom forwarding ports. This can be a bit tricky, but as we said above, some of the recommended ports are 80, 443, 3478, 3479, and 3480. Youll then need to register your PS4 IP address to each of these ports. You can consult the guide above for where to find that information if you dont already have it. Save your changes once youve added this information.

    Step 5: Go back to your PS4 and open Settings. From there, navigate to Network and Test Internet Connection to see if everything is working properly. Of course, the best way to test this is to try playing a game and see if the error is corrected.

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    Problem: Headphones Arent Working

    If youre not hearing anything through headphones connected to your DualShock 4, theres a problem. Bluetooth headsets are a little more tricky, so make sure to check out our guide on how to connect Bluetooth headphones to your PS4. If youre looking for an audio upgrade, theres always our list of the best PS4 headsets, too.

    What You’ll Need For Cleaning A Ps4

    PS4 Pro Teardown – Detailed Disassembly

    PS4 cleaning is a relatively simply job, but does require a few materials:

    • A TR9 Torx security bit screwdriver. The PS4 uses TR9 security screws. A TR8 screwdriver may work, but you should use a TR9 for best results. Make sure you get a screwdriver with a security bit, which has a tiny hole in the center.
    • If you don’t have one, you can get a TR9 security screwdriver for cheap on eBay. If you already have a Torx set or computer opening toolkit, it probably has the bit you need.
  • A standard Phillips-head screwdriver. There are a few screws inside the PS4 that require this screwdriver to remove. A smaller screwdriver will work best here.
  • A knife or other sharp object. You’ll want this to peel off the stickers covering the PS4’s rear screws.
  • A can of compressed air. You’ll need this to blow out the dust. You can purchase these online or at stores like Walmart.
  • For a more efficient cleaning, you may also want to use these optional materials:

    Note that if you have an original model PS4, opening your console and cleaning it will void your warranty . However, you can remove the cover from the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro models without voiding the warranty. Chances are that if you’ve had your PS4 for long enough that dust buildup is an issue, your warranty has probably expired anyway.

    We’ll show steps for cleaning the original PS4 in this guide . At the end, we’ll mention the differences for the other models.

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    Best Video Converter For Ps4 Pro

    Acrok Video Converter Ultimate is the recommended software to convert videos for PS4 Pro, it can rip latest Blu-ray and DVD disc movies to unprotected common videos for playing on any devices, Blu-ray/DVD disc, ISO file and folder are all supported to import and convert. Besides, it can also convert HD videos like MKV, AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, FLV, MTS, etc. to popular video formats that you need. With this program you can convert and play movies on PS4 Pro from USB Flash Drive with supported format, there will be no problems anymore.

    Convert videos and movies to PS4 Pro USB supported format

    Step 1. Download Acrok Video Converter Ultimate from the link, this PS4 Pro video converter has Windows version and Mac version, so it can help you convert BD/DVD/HD videos on Windows 10, Windows 8.1/7/XP or Mac.

    Step 2. Load videos that you want to convert. To load Blu-ray or DVD disc/ISO movies, please click Load Disc button to import to load HD videos you can click Add Files button or just directly drag and drop videos into this program.

    Step 4. You can adjust the output videos parameters by clicking Settings button on the main interface, and then you can change the resolution, bitrate, frame rate, codec or other parameters according to your need.

    Step 5. Click convert button to start converting videos to PS4 Pro USB supported format.

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