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How To Update Games On Ps4

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How To Reinstall Ps4 System Software

How to UPDATE GAMES on your PS4 & Keep them UPDATED (Easy Method)

If the PS4 system software update fails, you may need to reinstall the PS4 system software. This operation can help you fix many PS4 errors such as su-30625-6, CE-36329-3, SU-41350-3, etc. How to reinstall PS4 system software without data loss?

Step 1. Back up your PS4 data including games, user information, applications.

Since reinstalling the PS4 system is the same as a factory reset and will restore your system to its original state, so please make sure that you have backed up all important data in advance. You can back up them to the online storage or an external storage device.

Step 2. Reinstall PS4 system software in Safe Mode.

  • Access the Safe Mode through the above method.
  • In the Safe Mode window, select the option 7 Initialize PS4 and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the uninstallation.
  • Step 3. Restore the backup that you have created.

  • Connect the external drive that you have backed up the important data to the PS4 system.
  • Open the Home screen and enter the Settings window and then navigate to Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data on USB Storage Device > Download to System Storage.
  • Add a checkmark by pressing the X button for the saved data that you want to copy and select Copy.
  • Tip:

    How Do I Download Games On My Ps4 With My Phone

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    You can download content on your PS4 in a few quick steps:

    First, select the game or add-on to want to download to your PS4 on the PS App. This can be something new or something you’ve purchased but deleted, which you can find in the Game Library section of the PS App, under Puchased. You should now see the option to download that content to your linked console . Select .

    Then, in a short while, your phone should say that it’s downloading. Now, you can relax, knowing that your content is downloading onto your PS4. And, if you’ve downloaded the wrong thing, or changed your mind, then you can cancel the download just select the blue Cancel sign and confirm your decision.

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    Is There A Way To Have The Ps4 Autoupdate All Games

    I find that pretty useful actually, why update games you don’t play anymore if it will just take up space for other games you would like to download. As soon as you want to play that old game again it will start auto updating again anyway.

    I find that pretty useful actually, why update games you don’t play anymore if it will just take up space for other games you would like to download. As soon as you want to play that old game again it will start auto updating again anyway.

    But it’s quite annoying having to patch a game you just want to play a quick game in and spend more time updating then actually playing it. At least give us the option to have either ALL games updated or just recently played ones.

    But it’s quite annoying having to patch a game you just want to play a quick game in and spend more time updating then actually playing it. At least give us the option to have either ALL games updated or just recently played ones.

    Trust me, you may want to have the update all option now but it isn’t worth it. I will say maybe they should add a priority list of games to update that way game you select always update but never all games and apps. That would just be a mess of useless updates queueing up on your notifications list.

    Trust no one. Eat steaks.
    Ask me about the moon landing or the temperature at which jet fuel burns. You may be surprised at what you learn.

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    Dont Get Stuck In The Nightmare Of An Update Loop Error

    If youve been excited to experience the new Warzone map in the Pacific rim, you arent alone. Unfortunately, however, a number of players have been suffering from a Warzone Update Loop Error, which has made it impossible for them to get into the game and experience the new landscape. Today, well take you through what we know about this particular problem, and what you might be able to do about it. Heres our update on the Warzone update loop error.

    How To Set Up Auto

    How to Update Ps4 Games: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

    Find out how to set up automatic downloads and updates for games and system software on PS5 consoles and PS4 consoles.

    What are auto-downloads and updates?

    • Game updates and system software updates are automatically downloaded and installed.
    • Games purchased from PlayStationStore can be downloaded remotely.

    To allow auto-downloads and updates, set your console to stay connected to the internet when in rest mode and install update files automatically. Enable automatic downloads and make sure to leave your console in rest mode when not in use.

    How to set up auto-downloads and updates on PS5 consoles

    Select a setting for steps.

  • Select Power Saving > Features Available in Rest Mode.
  • Turn on Stay Connected to the Internet.
  • Selecting Enable Turning On PS5 from Network from this menu allows you to use PlayStation App or Remote Play to turn on your PS5 console while it’s in rest mode.

  • Select Settings > System > System Software > System Software Update and Settings.
  • Turn on and Install Update Files Automatically.
  • Turning on Install Update Files Automatically lets your console install system software updates automatically while in rest mode, so your console is up to date and ready to go the next time you play.

  • Go to Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings > Automatic Updates.
  • Turn on Auto-Download or Auto-Install in Rest Mode.
  • When you turn on Auto-Install, the next time you turn on your PS5 console, your games and apps will be updated to their latest versions.

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    What Is Ps4 Patch Installer

    PS4 Patch Installer takes care of all your game upgrading/downgrading needs directly on your hacked PS4

    PS4 Patch Installer is a homebrew utility for hacked PlayStation 4 consoles that gives you power over the patches/updates installed over your consoles games. First and foremost, this is done by allowing you to download patch/update files on your PlayStation 4 without being signed into PSN as it gets update packages from which in turn links to official Sony sources. Other than letting you download updates without being signed into PSN, PS4 Patch Installer comes with some other goodies of its own including:

    • The ability to download whichever update version you desire rather than just the latest update
    • Support for downgrading games
    • This may be useful if you wish to install a mod that only functions with a specific version of the game
  • An option to delete the current patch/update installed over a game
  • This reverts the game back to its base version without any updates applied to it
  • Before getting too excited, it is important to state that PS4 Patch Installer does not enable piracy as it simply downloads updates for legitimately installed games rather than downloading games for free. Furthermore, its important to state that the homebrew utility does not work for games installed through the fPKG route.

    Ps4 Wont Install Updates In Rest Mode

    Before diving into any troubleshooting steps, make sure that your console is set as your primary console. Go to Settings > PSN > Set as Primary PS4.

    Also, make sure to start the update download process before putting your console in Rest Mode.

    Third, keep in mind that your PS4 console only checks for updates once every 24h. So, if no updates have been downloaded, maybe your console has yet to check for updates.

    Four, it is worth mentioning that the PS4 checks for game updates only for the games that you recently played. It doesnt usually check for updates for the titles sitting at the end of your dashboard.

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    Install Ps4 System Software Update From The Usb

    How to update PS4 system software from USB? There are 2 ways to install the PlayStation 4 update file. Heres how:

    Way 1. Update PS4 System Software in the Home Screen.

    Step 1. Connect the USB drive containing the PS4UPDATE.PUP file to the PS4 console.

    Step 2. Open the Home screen of PS4 and press the Up button on D-pad to enter the Function menu.

    Step 3. Navigate to the Settings icon and press the X button on the console to open it.

    Step 4. In the Settings window, select the System Software Update option and press the X button again to confirm this operation.

    Step 5. Read the System Software License Agreement, and then click on the Accept button and press the X button on your Console.

    Step 6. Now, the PS4 will prepare the installation of the system software update. Wait patiently for this installation to complete. Once the update is completed, the PS4 will restart automatically.

    Way 2. Manually Update PS4 System Software Using Safe Mode

    If you are connected to the PSN but failed to access the Home screen, you can start your PS4 system in Safe Mode and install the PS4 software update from the USB.

    Step 1. Start your PS4 in Safe Mode.

  • Hold the Power button on the console for 7 seconds to turn off PS4 completely.
  • Once the PS4 system is off, hold the Power button again until you hear the second beep. The first beep will sound when you first press, and the second beep will sound in 7 seconds.
  • Step 2. Install the PS4 system software update from the USB drive.


    Ps4 Not Downloading Updates In Rest Mode

    How To Upgrade PS4 Games to PS5
    • by

    If you want to enjoy smooth gaming experiences on your PS4, you need to keep it updated. Sony regularly rolls out new updates in order to improve usability, enhance security, and add new features.

    However, there are instances when you simply cant install the latest system software updates on your PS4. For example, sometimes PS4 updates wont download in Rest Mode.

    As a quick reminder, Rest Mode on PS4 is like Sleep Mode on PC. It puts your console into a low power mode but still leaves it able to download system and game updates in the background.

    But what can you do if your PS4 wont download anything in Rest Mode? Well, this article aims at answering this question and well list a series of solutions that you can use to fix this problem.

    Why is my PS4 not downloading updates in Rest Mode? Your PS4 console is unable to download and install updates while in Rest Mode because you havent allowed it to use the Internet connection in Rest Mode. Go to Settings Automatic Downloads and enable automatic update downloads.

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    Playstation 5 Wiki Guide

    Backwards compatibility on the PS5 is a great feature, but did you know you can switch between PS4 and PS5 versions, and even upgrade certain PS4 titles to their respective PS5 versions? Heres a quick step-by-step explanation of how to upgrade eligible PS4 titles to PS5 digital versions. Just remember that even if the PS4 game is playable on PS5, theres a chance some functionality available on PS4 wont work on PS5.

    How To Use Remote Play On Ps4

    If you own PlayStation 4 and have a PlayStation Vita, PlayStation TV, Windows PC, Mac, or mobile device lying around the house, you have access to one of the coolest features currently available on the PS4. The aptly titled tool does exactly what it sounds like and allows you to play your PS4 games remotely using a Vita, PS TV, computer, or select mobile device.

    The process is straightforward, but it does require some setup and configuration. Thankfully, weve put together this simple guide for those looking to take advantage of Remote Play, along with some basic tips to ensure the best possible experience.

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    How To Manually Update Ps4 Via Usb

    You need to have a DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller for your PS4 and a USB cable to make this manual update happen. Plus, you also require a PC or Mac with a stable internet connection as well as a FAT 32 USB storage device with at least 460 MB free storage space.

    • First, make a folder called PS4 on the FAT 32 USB by using your PC or Mac.
    • Then inside the PS4 folder, make another folder that says UPDATE.
    • Now, head to the PS4 system software update page and click on Update System Software.
    • Make sure to name the file PS4UPDATE.PUP it is very important that the folder and file names are accurate for this process to work seamlessly.
    • Now, put your USB drive with the update file in it, into your PS4.
    • Start your PS4 in Safe mode and you can do it by pressing and holding the power button and releasing it after the second beep.
    • Choose the Safe Mode option 3 Update System Software.
    • Next, select Update from USB Storage Device and click on OK.

    Thats everything about how to update PS4 System Software. On Gamer Tweak, we cover guides on PS4 games as well as various fixes for PS4 errors. For example, heres how to fix the drift on your PS4 and PS5 controller.

    How To Set Up The Ps4 Link App

    How to Update Ps4 Games: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

    Step 1: Turn on the Vita or PS TV unit and update it to the latest firmware, if necessary.

    Step 2: Be sure all devices are connected to the PlayStation Network with the same Sony Entertainment Network account.

    Step 3: On the Vita or PS TV, select the PS4 Link button followed by Start.

    Step 4: Select Remote Play on the following screen.

    The system will now search for any PS4 present on the network. If successful, the PS4 Home screen should appear on the Vita or PS TV. After the initial pairing, the PS4 will wake from sleep whenever the PS4 Link app requests a session.

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    How To Make Sure Your Game Is Upgraded

    The best way to check that you are playing the upgraded version of your game is by using the PlayStation Network. Log on and head to the PS Store. From here, check out your library of purchased games. If there is a PS5 upgrade available you should see a notification on it.

    It should be noted if your version requires a disc then you will need the disc inserted into your PS5 to commence the upgrade. If you are having any trouble, there is a handy video guide here.

    So, what are you still doing reading this article? Get to your library and get downloading! We will keep this page updated as new upgrades are announced and released.

    How To Download Warzone Season 4 Update On Ps4 And Ps5

    PS4 players will be able to pre-load the update a few days before the update goes live.

    If the download doesnt begin automatically, press the Options button on the controller when Warzone is highlighted, select Check for Update to find the Season 4 update, and wait for the download to commence.

    For PS5 players, repeat the process if the download doesnt begin automatically.

    If youre downloading Warzone for the very first time, you will be able to download the update along with the full game from the PlayStation Store for free.

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    How To Update Games On Ps4 Automatically

    How to update PS4 games? The simplest and quickest method is to enable the automatic updates feature. To do so, follow the given steps below:

    Step 1. On the Home page, access the dashboard of the PS4 console. Then navigate to the Settings icon and press the X button on the console to open it.

    Step 2. Scroll down the Settings menu, and then select the System option and press the X button to continue.

    Step 3. In the System screen, select the Automatic Downloads option.

    Step 4. Tick the checkbox next to Application Update Files on the Automatic Downloads page.

    Step 5. Navigate back to the main Settings menu by pressing the Back button and select Power Save Settings.

    Step 6. Select Set Features Available in Rest Mode.

    Tip: If you want to put the console into rest mode, you can hold down the central Home button on the PS4 controller and select Power, and select Enter Reset Mode. After that, your PS4 will continue to run in a lower power mode where it can keeps games and apps suspended, charge controllers, and download updates.

    Step 7. Tick the checkbox next to Stay Connected to the Internet and Enable Turning On PS4 from Network. Both of the 2 features need to be enabled that your console can download and update games when it is not in use.

    How To Update Nba 2k21

    How to Check for Game Updates on PS4

    As we noted above, sometimes youll find that NBA 2K21 will simply update itself when your systems turned off. This will likely happen if youve got your systems power settings set to download updates when in standby. Other times, youll load up the game and access one of its modes to find out theres a roster update you need to complete. But in some instances, youll need to push the update to begin downloading yourself.

    Down below, youll find platform-specific step-by-step instructions on how to update NBA 2K21 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. If youve got any more questions, let us know in the comments below.

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