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How To Update Ps4 Controller

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Easy Ways To Fix A Ps4 Controller That Keeps Going Up

How to Update Firmware of TONSUM PS4 Game Controller

This is an interesting problem that a lot of PS4 users are experiencing. Apparently, the PS4 controller keeps going up, and its quite difficult to control it, especially when it comes to shooter games.

In order to fix the analog stick drifting, start with resetting both your PS4 controller and the console. Use a USB cable to connect your controller, make sure its software is up-to-date and there is dust or dirt. Carefully clean the analog sticks and the controller itself. If nothing works, you might need to replace your controllers analog sticks.

So, what could be the possible solution to this issue? Lets find out!

How Can I Make My Ps4 Controller Last Longer

Heres how you can lengthen the battery life on your PS4 controller between charges.

Disable vibration

Although this may take away from your gaming experience slightly, turning the vibration off is the ultimate battery saver. Heres how to deactivate vibration.

Go to Settings,Devices,Controllers, and Enable vibration, then deselect the box.

Reduce the light bar

Go to Settings,Devices, and Brightness, then reduce the brightness by setting it to the lowest choice.

What Is The Best Ps4 Controller

We have found that the best PS4 controller for most people is the Sony DualShock 4 – the one that comes with the console. This should come at no surprise as for a reasonable price you get some great features all designed around the Playstation 4. The best wireless custom PS4 controller is the Nacon Revolution Unlimited, it is incredibly flexible and allows for wireless or wired play. It also provides an asymmetrical feel which some Xbox players may be used to. The best PS4 controller for people looking for a competitive edge is the Razer Raiju Tournament which has an ergonomic design and tactile button feedback.

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How To Update The Third

If your controller has problem on the headphone jack, this video will show you how to update your controller.

The process for update the PS4 controller:

  • 1. Run the update software on your PC

  • 2. Press Option button and the “Y” button together

  • 3. In the meanwhile plug in the USB cable to connect the controller to your PC

  • 4. When the Device Status shows “online”, click “Download”

  • 5. After the progess bar running full, the controller upgraded successfully.

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    Learn How To Get Your Ps4 To Work Again

    TGJOR USB Wired Game Controller for Sony PS4 Playstation 4 Gamepad ...
    • Have you encountered a Windows 10 PS4 controllerdriver error when trying to play?
    • This issue can be extremely annoying because you can’t use the controller at all.
    • The most likely cause is an error within the driver for the Bluetooth PS4 controller.
    • Pairing the device to your PC again or using third-party tools can help with this issue.

    To fix various PC problems, we recommend DriverFix:

  • Click Start Scan to find all problematic drivers.
  • Click Update Drivers to get new versions and avoid system malfunctionings.
    • DriverFix has been downloaded by 0 readers this month.

    A wide range of users has encountered a Windows 10 PS4 controller driver error when trying to use a PS4 controller on their computer.

    This issue can be extremely annoying, as it means that you wont be able to play your favorite games by using the controller.

    Here is what one user had to say about this issue on Microsoft Answers:

    On Windows 10, my PS4 controller can connect but the driver has an error. It is the Bluetooth HID Device under Human Interface Devices. How can I fix this?

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    Restart Your Ps4 Console Completely

    There may be corruption issues on your PS4 console that disconnect your controller. You can try restarting your PS4 console completely to see if this can fix the issue:

    1) Press the power button on your PS4 console and hold it until you hear the second beep. Then release the button.

    2) Unplug the power cable and the controller that wouldnt connect from the console.

    3) Leave your PS4 for 2-3 minutes.

    4) Plug the power cable and the controller back to the console.

    5) Turn your PS4 on. Check the controller to see if it works fine now.

    Ps4 Touch Pad Isn’t Working

    If the touch pad isn’t working, try disconnecting and unpairing the controller for a few minutes. If this works, you’re back in play.

    If not, the touch pad may need a quick cleanup.

  • First, turn off your controller by pressing and holding the PS button for about 10 seconds.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the touch pad.
  • When the controller is completely dry, turn it back on.
  • If your controller’s touch pad stops working only during one particular game, it may be a game coding problem, so download the most recent version of the game.

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    The Best Ps4 Controllers You Can Buy In 2022

    Play your preferred way on PlayStation with our list of the best PS4 controllers for pro and general use

    The best PS4 controllers can bring your previous generation setup back to life, with a massive range of new features and quality of life improvements. Whether you’ve been holding off from upgrading, or you’re simply on the hunt for a cheaper gamepad for your older titles, the long shelf life of Sony’s console means there’s a massive range of PS4 controllers on the market right now.

    What’s more, you don’t need to break the bank to pick up a sophisticated set of buttons. Yes, the classic DualShock is the best all-rounder , but we’re rounding up our favorite gamepads from across the whole price range here. Some of the best PS4 controllers are the cheapest, especially if you’re after a wad of couch co-op options.

    Whatever your reasoning, weâve combed through all the possibilities to round up only the best PS4 controllers worth your consideration, as it could be a great PC controller for you, and will always be one of the most essential PS4 accessories.

    When weighing up which PS4 controller is best for you itâs worth bearing in mind its functionality, comfort, battery life, and overall design. We’ve spent time with each of these gamepads

    How To Hard Reset A Ps4 Controller

    Updated 2022: How to Connect PS4 Controller to PC with DS4 Windows Driver

    A hard reset is when a device is reverted back to its factory default settings, which is basically how it came out of the box. Thankfully, this is easy to do with the DualShock 4 controller, but we’ll need a paper clip or something similar to reset your PS4 controller.

    Lifewire / Miguel Co

  • Power down the PS4.

  • Turn over the DualShock 4 controller and locate the small hole near the left shoulder button.

  • Unfold one end of the paper clip and insert it to push the button buried inside the hole.

  • Hold down this button for about 5 seconds.

  • Connect the controller to the PS4 using a USB cable.

  • Turn on the PS4 and wait for it to boot up.

  • Press the PlayStation button on the controller to log into the PS4. The light bar should turn blue indicating the DualShock 4 has paired with the console.

  • These instructions may not work for a modded PS4 controller. If you have trouble following the directions, consult the manufacturer of your controller.

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    Dualshock 4 Is Now Fully Charged

    In comparison to the DualShock 3, the DualShock 4 features have significantly been taken up a notch. Perhaps thats why it sometimes refuses to charge so much pressure is placed on such a little device. Luckily, with common problems, there can be common solutions. And when the light bar confirms the controller is not charging, there are several troubleshooting tips to try.

    First, rule out where the problem could lie. Try another USB cable or use the same USB cable and try another port. Common causes include a faulty USB cable, a clogged-up port, or if youve been using the battery for a while, it may need replacing. Generally, the reason should be simple to fix.

    What prevented your controller from charging, and were you able to fix it? Tell us what you did to get your controller charging again in the comments section below.

    How To Update The Ps5 Controller Using A Pc

    To update the PS5 controller using a PC, users should:

  • First, get the official Firmware Updater here.
  • Next, install the Firmware Updater by following the instructions.
  • Launch the Fireware Updater.
  • When prompted, connect the PS5 controller using a USB cable.
  • Once the update is complete and message will appear. Hit OK.
  • The PS5 controller will now be fully updated to the latest version.
  • It might be worth keeping the Firmware Updater installed for future updates. Sony regularly rolls out new DualSense patches, so keeping the software installed will make for a quicker update process.

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    Factory Reset Your Ps4 Console

    If the problem is with your PS4 console, you might need to reset it. To do this, go to Settings > Initialization > Initialize PS4 > Full > Press Yes to confirm the Initialization.

    This will reset all of your settings to their factory defaults, including the controllers ones.

    Before you do this, make sure to back up your save data, so you dont lose any progress in your games.

    This is the most radical step, and we recommend you do it as a matter of last resort.

    Connect Ps4 Controller Through Bluetooth Or Usb

    PS4 Wireless Controller, C200 Gamepad DualShock 4 Console for ...

    The first thing you need to do if you want to use PS4 Controller with Windows is to connect it to the PC physically. You can do this by either of the following ways:

    First Method Connect PS4 Controller through USB

    The easiest way to establish a physical connection between your computer and PS4 is by using a micro-USB cable. The best part of using this method is that once you connect PS4 to the PC, you dont need to do any further configuration.

    You can use the regular micro-USB cable for this purpose. Next, follow these steps:

    • Plug in the smaller end of the USB cable into the port on your PS4. The port is present on the front side
    • Next, plug in the bigger end of the cable in a USB port on your Windows computer
    • Go to the next step

    Second Method Establish a connection via Bluetooth

    If you dont like or want to use a micro-USB cable, connect the PS4 controller to your PC using Bluetooth.

    In case your Windows computer has Bluetooth capabilities, you can directly pair it with the PS4 controller. In case it doesnt have the Bluetooth feature, you will have to use an external Bluetooth adapter.

    To ensure the Bluetooth adapter driver runs without any problem, you should have the latest Bluetooth driver on your Windows computer. If you dont know how to manually update device drivers, use DriverDownloader.

    Download DriverDownloader by clicking the link below.

    Once your Bluetooth adapter is ready, connect the two devices together. Here are the steps to follow:

    For Windows 10

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    Why Is Your Ps4 Controller Drifting Up

    There are a few reasons why your PS4 controller might be drifting up. One possibility is that the analog sticks are damaged or worn out. If this is the case, youll need to replace them.

    There might be a software glitch, either in your controller or the console itself. Usually a simple resets helps greatly in such issues.

    Another possibility is that the PS4 controllers firmware is outdated. To fix this, youll need to update the controllers firmware.

    Finally, the last possibility is that theres something wrong with your PlayStation 4 itself. In this case, youll need to troubleshoot the console.

    Fix Playstation 4 Controller Connection Issues

    193 Follow the steps below to fix the PS4 wont connect issue.

    If youre using a PS4, and youve found that you cant connect your PS4 controller to your console, youre not alone. Many PS4 users are reporting this PS4 controller not connecting issue.

    This is a very annoying issue. You cant play games on your PS4 without your controller properly connected. And youre probably trying to find a fix to connect your controller to your console.

    But dont worry. Its possible to fix this issue. Here are three solutions you can try. You may not have to try them all. Just work your way down at the top of the list until you find the one that works for you.

  • Restart your PS4 console completely
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    Ps4 Controller Cant Sync Causes

    Whenever your PS4 controller cant sync to a device, we can pinpoint various common issues:

    • Theres a bug in your controllers firmware
    • Theres a bug in the system youre using
    • The system youre using is outdated. If its a PC, its drivers could also be outdated.
    • Theres physical damage to the controller

    The solutions are easy, but youd need to take your controller for repairs if nothing works.

    How To Update System Software On Ps4

    How to Connect PS4 Controller to PC with DS4 Windows – 2022 Update

    This article was co-authored by wikiHow staff writer, Travis Boylls. Travis Boylls is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. Travis has experience writing technology-related articles, providing software customer service, and in graphic design. He specializes in Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux platforms. He studied graphic design at Pikes Peak Community College.The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article’s instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewed 101,730 times.

    Updating your PlayStation 4 keeps your experience fresh and offers more stability to your console. We’ll show you how to update the system software on your PS4 online or using a USB drive.

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    Use A Ps4 With A Smartphone

    Sony officially launched a PlayStation app which enables you to use your smartphone or tablet to control your PS4 remotely. You can use them as a keyboard, as a controller, or even as a remote controller.

    The smartphone controller feature is still not available in many games, but it may come in handy in certain situations.

    Ps4 Controller Not Charging & No Light

    Once you connect your PS4 controller to the console for charging, the light bar will slowly fade between white and amber to indicate that the controller is being charged. If this doesnt occur, it means nothing is happening.

    Sometimes the controller may have difficulty charging straight from the console, but you can try plugging it into another device, such as your computer, to help narrow down the cause. If charging is still unsuccessful using another source, youll rule out the console being the cause.

    Here are some solutions for you to consider trying.

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    How To Hard Reset Your Controller

    If re-pairing the controller doesnt work, the issue might be with the controller itself and not the PS4. In that case, youll need to reset the controller. Youll need an unfolded paper clip with which to push a hidden button on your PS4 controller to reset it.

    Step 1: Turn off your PS4 and unplug both it and your internet router or modem so that your controller wont receive any network signals when you reset it.

    Step 2: When thats done, flip the controller over and look for a small hole on the right side. Push the paperclip in the hole and push the button inside for three to five seconds. Its best to hold it down for a count of 10 to be sure.

    Want Quicker Responses And Faster Movements Use The Ps4 Dualshock 4 Controller On A Pc With These Easy To Follow Steps And You’ll Get Just That

    Ps4 Controller Skin Space Starfield

    Wondering how to use the PS4 DualShock 4 controller on a PC? You’ve come to the right place! While the DualShock 4 has been specifically designed for use with the Sony PlayStation 4, it can be easily connected to your PC and unlike playing games with a mouse and keyboard, you’ll find it to be far more intuitive while also helping to minimize wrong presses.

    Many of the best PC games work beautifully with a controller and they’re particularly fantastic when you’re playing a game that requires quick responses and fast movements. If you’ve investing in the best gaming PC, a controller will also allow you to lean back and relax while you’re playing, meaning you get maximum enjoyment out of your gaming experience.

    One of the best PC controllers, the PS4 controllers design includes all the buttons that most controller-based PC titles require, which means you’ll find it easy to switch over to the controller without having to think about it while gaming. Figuring out how to use the PS4 DualShock 4 controller on a PC is also a piece of cake and completely pain-free as long as you have a compatible operating system. If you do, all you need is the controller itself, a Windows or Mac PC and a USB port. You can also opt for your computer’s Bluetooth if you’d prefer to go wireless.

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