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Why Is Ps4 So Loud

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Make Sure The Console Is In A Ventilated Spot

Why is My PS4 So Loud? Fix Fan Noise Now!

One of the easiest things you can do is move your PS4/PS4 Pro console to a well-ventilated area so the fan doesnt have to work as hard. That way, it will stop being so loud and distracting.

Remember, your console features cooling vents on both sides and at the back. The vents on the side intake air while the ones at the back expel it. You want to make sure it gets optimum airflow on all sides because the cooling fan needs as much air as possible.

When you play, your PS4/PS4 Pro console gets heated, so the cooling fan gets into high gear. If your controller gets heated as well, the cooling fan will have to deal with extra strain so it has to work twice as hard.

Thats what causes the loud buzzing. By providing it with enough ventilation, the cooling fan wont have to work as hard and the loud buzzing will be effectively prevented.

Make Sure There Is Enough Ventilation

Whenever your console starts overheating, the fan will start doing its job of cooling it down. The fans spin faster and faster to clear out the hot air. This hot air can be due to an obstruction.

Repositioning your PS4 to allow the air to clear out is the solution. This will ensure that there is adequate ventilation for the fans to work properly.

Make sure there is no object on the side or back such as towels, bags, etc. Avoid placing objects on top of your PS4. Also, avoid putting it away in closed spaces such as cupboards.

How Can I Make My Ps4 Run Faster

Lets look at your options for improving PS4 performance and what to expect from them.

  • Make Sure You Have Enough Free Disk Space.
  • Physically Clean Your PlayStation 4.
  • Rebuild the System Database.
  • Enable Boost Mode
  • Install the Latest Game Updates.
  • Upgrade to an SSD or Faster HDD.
  • Check Individual Game Settings.
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    Put The Ps4 On Vibration Pads

    Vibration pads are rubber pads that can impressively change your gaming experience. They are designed with cushions that enable more air inside the PS4, making the fan cool better.

    If you have tried all possible means to stop the console from making noise, this is another great way to shush it.

    All PlayStation console reverberates various sounds, and placing them on vibration pads might just be the one-stop solution. As a plus, these rubber pads will not just reduce the noise but also improve the performance of the console.

    I will recommend the ideal vibration pad you should consider picking for your PS4 console as we go further.

    Is Ps4 Fat Noisy

    Fixing your PS4 loudness and protecting it from dust ...

    The first thing you need to know is that a loud fan is not a problem that is unique to the PS4. The fat version of the PS2, as well as the original Xbox 360, also had fans that were even louder than the PS4. The cooling fan automatically responds to the console heating up, spinning faster and causing a louder noise.

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    Can A Ps4 Work Without A Fan

    Surprisingly, yes. A PS4 does not actually require a fan to function properly but it is required if you want your console playing games for more than 10 minutes without overheating and crashing the system.

    If there are no fans running then this would cause serious problems within the hardware which will either damage components, decrease performance, affect the life span of the console, and cause crashes. If its not a clogged fan or dust causing the loud noise then you can try to replace your PS4.

    Noise Is Coming From The Console

    So, you’ve checked both the fans and the hard drive, yet despite being fine, your PS4 is still screeching loud. In this case, there’s only one explanation as to why your PS4 makes so much noise. Either it’s too old, or it’s nearly broken. Like almost any hardware out there, Sony’s eighth-generation console is susceptible to old age. With moderate usage, it can last for more than 5-7 years without issue. If you play it every day for several hours per session, it won’t last as long.

    Whatever the case may be, if your PS4 is making noise despite having a healthy hard drive and squeaky clean internals, then it’s on its last leg. Your only option is to get a replacement console. The good news is that if you’re still happy with a PS4, you can find a new one relatively cheap these days. Another option is to buy a second-hand console from a reputable shop, such as GameStop and GAME .

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    Make Sure Your Console Is In A Ventilated Area

    The fan starts when your PS4 begins to heat up. To control the heat within the device, the fans accelerate faster. When the console overheats and the fan cant keep up, it turns much quicker, making even stronger noises than usual.

    Image Credit: DriverEasy

    The only solution is to make sure your system ventilates adequately. Remember that the cooling fans are on either side and back of the console. The air intake vents are on the sides, and the exhaust grilles are on the back. Ensure these places are clear of any blockages so the cooling fan can bring as much cool air as possible into the PS4.

    Furthermore, avoid covering your PlayStation with any materials such as bags, coats, or towels. Dont put something on its top. The only purpose is to make sure that enough air passes through your PS4 fan. That way, the system wont have to work as hard to keep cool.

    Its never a good idea to keep your PS4 console in a closed cabinet, particularly if youre gaming. That is a pretty specific way to warm up your gaming console immediately. It will not only make your fan noisy, but it will also possibly cause significant harm to your PlayStation 4.

    Allow For Proper Ventilation

    Why is my PS4 Pro fan so loud, possible fix to the problem

    If your ps4 isnt placed in a well-ventilated location, theres the likelihood that it would overheat. It can affect even new gaming console, especially when the heat vents on the console get blocked.

    Additionally, if the PS4 fan is dust accumulated, poor ventilation can even affect the console must worse.

    Therefore, youll need to allow for proper ventilation for sufficient airflow. Do not place your gaming console in drawers or near other electrical appliances that emit heat as well.

    Also, ensure theres enough space around the sides of the PS4.

    Additionally, you shouldnt cover the device with materials such as towels, bags, or coats. You should also not stack other items on top of the console.

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    Loud Ps4 Fan This Disgusting Image Probably Explains Why And How To Fix It

    Dust. Anybody? No? Dust.

    Is your PS4 loud? Like, really loud? Standing next to a Jet getting ready to take off, kinda loud.

    Yeh, you’re not alone.

    In fairness to the smart piece of tech, the PS4 and PS4 Pro are both being pushed to their absolute limit with some games.

    Just look at what it’s able to achieve with The Last of Us Part 2 or Ghost of Tsushima on its ageing hardware.

    Regardless of noise, it’s hard to argue that the machine isn’t working overtime, most of the time.

    But it’s very hard to feel immersed in games when it sounds as though your living room has been turned into a runway at Heathrow airport.

    However, there is quite possibly a very good explanation for the loud PS4 fan noise.

    This was recently pointed out to Redditors when user u/UncleVlady posted a picture of the inside of his PS4 to the r/PS4 subreddit.

    You’ll see below in all its horrible, disgusting glory.

    Yes, the PS4 and Pro both have a nasty habit of collecting dust inside the machine and surprise surprise it typically accumulates on the fan.

    One thing leads to another and you have a very noise machine ruining your PlayStation experience.

    And Sony knows this is a problem. Why else would they install a neat dust catcher that allows users to vacuum out all the horrible stuff without the need to start messing about with unscrewing the whole machine.

    Curious to know how?

    Does Ps5 Run Quiet

    In the months leading up to the PS5s release, Sony boasted of the consoles supposedly whisper-quiet nature. Such a feat had supposedly been accomplished thanks to the 120mm by 45mm double-sided fan that keeps the massive powerhouse from overheating, alongside its comically large liquid metal heatsink.

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    Taking Apart Your Ps4 And Cleaning It

    If the external cleaning options are not working and youre still hearing a strange noise from your PS4 then its better to take apart the top lid and clean the vents.

    The first thing you will have to do is take out the top lid where you can easily access the fan vents.

    Use canned air directly into the fan and the side vents and hopefully this will work and you dont have to take apart the whole thing.

    However, If youre still having issues with your fan then its better to take apart the whole thing.

    Opening up PS4 is not very complicated and everyone can easily disassemble their PS4 if they have the right tools.

    Once, youve taken apart the whole thing, make sure to get all the dust-out and this will make pretty much fix your loud fan problem.

    Using The Vacuum Cleaner To Clean Ps4

    PS4 is way too loud. (Noise problem)

    The vacuum cleaner has always been the one fix at home to clean the dust on a regular basis. Also, it can be used to clean a PS4 console and save you the stress of opening the unit to clean. It is a great temporary fix, even though it may not be the best option available.

    When using the Vaccum cleaner, you have to be very careful so that the high-speed flow of the vacuum does not dismantle small, sensitive parts inside the console.

    If the noise of the PS4 is super unbearable, this approach might work, otherwise, you might just have to open the PS4 console to clean it the general way after all.

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    Is The Ps4 Louder Than Xbox One

    Yes, the PS4 on average is louder than the Xbox One. This is what Ive seen when comparing the base consoles and what most report as far as the Xbox One S and Xbox One X revisions.

    I always thought that the original Xbox One was comically large, but it was also near silent at all times when I owned one. It didnt suffer from the spikes in noise that Ive seen in my PS4s.

    The engineering team over at Microsoft has done an amazing job of keeping their consoles silent this generation and it really shows when looking at the Xbox One X.

    Not only is it a beast of a machine , it also boasts an aggressive cooling and thermal management system. The Xbox One X is a feat of engineering in many ways, but its ability to remain quiet while pumping out native 4K resolution in many games is incredibly impressive.

    How To Protect Your Ps4 From Dust

    After fixing every effort, you need to make sure that no more dirt finds its way in your PS4. As mentioned, dust is one of the major causes of the noises you hear from your PlayStation.

    One of the best ways to protect your PS4 from dust is by buying a dustproof cover. This is a perfect way to keep dust and dirt away while allowing enough amount of airflow to the console.

    When buying a dustproof cover, its advisable to pick the waterproof one. The covers are available on Amazon. to check and buy it now. Say goodbye to dust entering into your PS4.

    The cover will give you good protection to your PS4. It will also have a longer life.

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    Ps4 Fan Loud: Guide To Making The Noise Disappear

    As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

    Have you ever had a strange feeling that your brand new PS4 sounds as if it’s about to take off? Is your ps4 making loud fan noise?

    Well, you’re not alone, because that’s what many players noticed.

    The noise might not be very noticeable throughout the day, but it might be unbearable during the night .

    You will agree it’s a kind of party pooper when you are in the middle of an exciting session.

    You might have already searched how to make your PS4 less noisy. So, let us see what are the most common reasons why this happens and the most important of all, how to fix this issue.

    How Do I Fix My Loud Ps4

    Is your Playstation fan noise loud? Here’s Why

    The importance of cleaning and performing preventative maintenance on a PS4 is something most dont really think about. But one of the main problems your PS4 can run into is dust buildup that can cause unwanted issues in the long term.

    Heres a brief step by step solution to fixing your loud PS4.

    Step 1

    At the backside of the PS4, start with removing the bottom seals that cover the screws youll need to access in order to take apart the PS4. Keep in mind this will void your warranty so if you continue you will agree that the warranty will no longer be valid once you take the seals off.

    Step 2

    After you have removed the seals, unscrew the 3 lower screws on the bottom backside of the PS4, a T8 or T9 screwdriver will be more than enough to help you with this type of task.

    Step 3

    The bottom half of the PS4 will pop right off by gently pulling it away from the rest of the console. Do this nice and gently so no damage is being done to the PS4.

    Step 4

    Once you remove the lower half of the PS4 cover you will see that dust has collected on the vent areas of the cover you removed so dont forget to clean it out.

    Step 5

    The dust typically accumulates on the fan and this is where you want to focus your efforts. Analyze the fan and see if there is any dust accumulation. Usually if your PS4 produces loud noises, then your console was due for a cleaning so its a very good idea to focus on getting the issue solved immediately.

    Step 6

    Step 7

    Step 8

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    How To Fix Your Loud Ps4 And Clean It

    ElectronicsRuth Pearson As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. These are the same products I’d recommend to friends and family.

    Does your PS4 sound like a jet? Is your PS4 making a weird buzzing noise?

    Although when you bought your PS4 it might have been quiet as cricket, it is not surprising that it might start creating a noise which can get deafening as the days pass.

    The voice can be real trouble, especially at night. We all love night gaming hours, right?

    This noise comes off as a little buzz-kill. It can distract everyone in the house, and also remove the fun out of your gaming experience.

    Dont worry though.

    After reading through this, I promise you will learn how you can substantially quieten your PS4 without putting a hole in your wallet.

    Ready to fix your loud PS4? Lets get started!

    Note: If you have small kids around the house who are bothered by the loud PS4 fan noise, you might want to have a look at the best baby headphones for your kids ear protection.

    Identify The Source Of The Noise

    Because you can start to fix anything, youll first need to identify the source of the noise problem.

    Just a recap, here are the possible causes of noise in your Ps4 console:

    • Old/broken ps4
    • Failing hard drive
    • Cooling fan

    Listen to the nature of the sound and try to figure out where its coming from. If the source of the noise is the fan, youll notice the following: The console will frequently overheat and, at times, shut down.

    Rattling noises could be a result of loose parts that need tightening or replacement if broken. Whining noise is an indicator of a failing hard disk.

    Now that youre aware of the possible sources of the noise problem, its time to learn how to fix them.

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    Consider Replacing The Thermal Paste

    Inside every PS4 is a small globule of thermal conductive material called thermal paste. This stuff, in short, helps keep your console cool by efficiently transferring heat, and relieves some of the workload from the cooling systems. After years of use, thermal paste can wear down. Replacing it can ease the pressure on those cooling systems thereby reducing how loud your console is at max power but its a precarious process.

    Before attempting such a surgery, be fully aware of the risks. Since some disassembly and reassembly is required, theres the very real possibility that you fuck something up in a way that cant get un-fucked. Proceed with extreme caution and obviously dont blame me for anything that goes wrong.

    More often than not, thermal paste comes with anything needed for application. Sometimes, as with Arctics popular MX-4, theyre sold in hospital-like vials for easy injection. So you neednt worry about tools on that front. All the other stuff you need needle-nose pliers, a security screwdriver, possibly a small pick and probe set likely already exists in your toolbox.

    Of course, if youre not 110 per cent comfortable with your skills, hit up your most technically savvy friend. They can talk you through it or, for a six-pack and a pizza, they may even do it for you.

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