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How To Dunk On 2k20 Ps4

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Things To Consider When Making Dunking Builds

NBA 2K20 DUNKING Tutorial – Eurostep, Spin, Reverse, 360, Hopstep, Jordan FT Line Dunks | PS4/XB1

As a general rule of thumb, when building a player, it is crucial to remember that sufficient attribute points must be added to the following finishing categories:

  • Driving dunk ;
  • Standing dunk .

It is recommended that your player has at least a 70 driving dunk , or at least a 70 standing dunk , to be considered an above-average dunker.

When choosing a skill breakdown pie chart, it is recommended that you choose one with a sufficient blue segment.

Additionally, two other very important physical attributes to keep in mind are the acceleration and vertical potential of your player.

Acceleration is a key factor that allows smaller players to be able to gather momentum for a dunk. Without decent acceleration , it will be very difficult for players to build enough speed to attack the basket consistently.

Meanwhile, vertical is another important component for dunking especially for those that want to catch lobs or finish consistently in transition. Without a vertical of at least 65, it will be far trickier for your player to successfully execute high-flying dunks, alley-oop plays, or the fast break.

When choosing a physical profile pie chart, it is recommended that you choose one with sufficient agility and vertical .

Why Is The Driving Dunk Rating Important

The most important factor in being able to dunk frequently and over other opponents is the players Driving Dunk rating.

Having all the right badges and animations doesnt matter if the players dunk rating is low. There isnt an exact number that you need to dunk on others but you shouldnt even think about it if the Driving Dunk rating is below 70.

If you are creating a MyPlayer and want to be able to dunk very well you should shoot for at least an 85 Driving Dunk and be able to get at least the Gold Posterizer badge.

Nba 2k20 Offense Controls Guide

All of the Offense Controls for NBA 2K20.

Guideby Jake Green, Guides Editor

NBA 2K20 can be a complex game to get the hang of. It has pretty complicated controls, though once you know how to shoot and dribble you can start trying out more advanced techniques. You wont get very far without knowing the offense controls in NBA 2K20 then, so weve put together this NBA 2K20 Offense Controls Guide. Well take a look at the shooting controls, dribbling and also passing, so that you can start to dominate the court in no time at all.

Top 3 Finishing Badges For Dunking:

3. Lob City Finisher

To be able to alley-oop over and around other players, you need to equip Lob City Finisher.

If you are playing single-player or multiplayer with a squad that will feed you lobs, this badge is a must. Alley-oops are always difficult to pull off in traffic but this badge will significantly improve your chances of throwing down an alley-oop over an opponent.

2. Fancy Footwork

Fancy Footwork is a must for aspiring power dunkers to allow you to use an advanced dunk gather around an opponent.

With these new animations activated, you can slip around your opponent at the rim and get dunk animations where you would only be able to go for a contested layup before.

1. Contact Finisher

The most important Finishing badge in NBA 2K21 is Contact Finisher .

This is the badge that can quickly take you from running into contested layups to being able to convert on dunks and layups over your opponent.

For further reading on badges in general, 2K Labs does great research and studies on the performance of all badges in 2K.

Nba 2k20: How To Dunk The Ball

How to dunk in 2k20 on PS4 and Xbox? Trick explained in ...

The new game in the annual NBA 2K series is out now and youll be jumping into all the new features. However, theres still all the standard basketball stuff youll need to master. So that you can score in the best possible ways, heres everything you need to know about how to dunk the ball in NBA 2K20.

Dunks arent always necessary, but theyre a fun and impressive way to score a couple of points on the break away. You wont see any Space Jam style half-court dunks, but players with high enough stats will dunk the ball and you can be pretty sure that youll put points on the board.

Ps4 Controls For Advanced Offense

  • 2K smart calls and fast games: Press Left Dpad
  • Publish: press L1 and select Publish.
  • Quick Isolation: Press L1 and select Isolation.
  • Pick Control Basic: Hold L1 for your teammate to set a pick
  • Control side: hold L1 and press the left stick to choose the side of the selection
  • Pick Control Roll or Fade: Hold L1 and use R1 to choose Roll or Fade.
  • Slip Screen and Early Fade: Once a choice has been called, press L1 again anytime before the screen is hit to slide it fast or slow.
  • Icon Selection Control: Press L1, then R1, then press and hold the teammate’s action button to allow them to adjust the screen.
  • Baseline: hold L2 and use the right stick to move the inbounder

Xbox One Controls For Off Off Ball

  • Jump Ball: Press Y or move the right stick in any direction.
  • Complete Alley-oop: Press X or move and hold the right stick in any direction when you receive an Alley-oop pass.
  • Adjust the screen: Hold B
  • Offball Juke: move the right stick to the left or right then quickly release
  • Offball Spin: turn the right stick clockwise or counterclockwise
  • Offball Get Open: Perform a Juke or Spin motion, then hold RT + Left Stick in any direction.
  • Putback: Press X or move and hold the straight stick in any direction when the ball is in the air
  • Post Engage: Hold LT near a defender
  • Post Spin: Hold LT to post. Turn the stick on the right one
  • Post Push: Hold LT to post. Move the left stick to the defender
  • Post-transition: hold LT to post. Move the right stick towards the dribbler or the hoop
  • After the fight for position: hold LT to post. Move to the right as the defensive player tries to transition
  • After disengagement: Release LT or move defender’s left stick
  • Post Walk Down: Move the left and right wands towards the defender.

Dunking Beyond The Basics

Realistically speaking, in MyCareer, seldom do players have open runs at the basket. In fact, most of the time, there will be defenders in the way trying to block your shots.

As a result, the basic dunks mentioned above are rarely enough to make you a dominant dunker in the game. In fact, being able to successfully make contact dunks separates great players from beginners.;

What Are Nba 2k Dunk Animations


This one may surprise many beginners and many may not even know that you can change your player animations.

In NBA 2K you can change your player animations for nearly everything you do in the game. From dribble moves down to size up packages and spin moves to your fadeaways and layups, you can customize everything you do in the game.

How Do You Dunk On Nba2k10

Hold the R2 button while running toward the basket and when your player reaches the hoop, move the right joystick toward the rim. The player will perform a basic slam dunk. Moving the right joystick in other directions makes your player perform other dunks, including a power dunk, flashy dunk, reverse or 360.

Nba 2k16 Guide: How To Dunk On The Ps4 And Xb

1/4/2016 3:05:41 PM

nba 2k16 has released since 29 september, 2015 for pc, ps3, ps4, xb360 and xb1. it is a professional basketball simulation video game published by 2k sports. there are lots of nba 2k fans all around the world especially in usa .

for quite a few players, its different to dunk in nba 2k16 with any tutorial. here buynba2kmt will show youre the official guide about dunking. you can follow as that.

below is a quick guide:

  • lace up your favorite pair of basketball shoes and grab your controller.

  • on offense, hold down r2 or the right trigger , then move the right stick on the controller. using the left stick, move your player toward the basket.

    • this activates your characters turbo sprint and modifies both the shot button and shot stick.

  • while moving toward the basket, move the right stick in any direction to dunk.

    • tapping the right stick will cause you to dribble.

    • holding the right stick in any direction initiates a dunk.

  • initiating a dunk is only part of the process, though! in order to attempt a dunk, you need to be moving towards the basket (unless your standing dunk rating is maxed-out and you have any dunk package equipped.

    • additionally, attempting a dunk requires a clear path, meaning another character cant be between you and the basket.

    • because there’s an exception to every rule, though: some dunkers do have the ability to dunk over defenders standing close the basket.

    note:;if you want to make a dunk, you need to have a dunk animation equipped.

    Nba 2k21 Dunk Buttons

    1. Two-Hand Dunk

    To do a simple two-hand dunk you hold down R2 on Playstation or RT on Xbox while pressing the shot button of your choice.

    This is best used when you want a simple dunk and this will probably not be able to dunk on other players.

    2. Flashy Dunk

    To perform a Flashy Dunk, you hold R2 on Playstation or RT on Xbox while pressing in the right stick.

    This dunk should only be used when you are alone on a run to the basket. Trying to perform a Flashy Dunk around an opponent leaves you more vulnerable to being blocked or missing the dunk.

    3. Dominant or Off-Hand Dunk

    To perform a Dominant/Off-Hand Dunk , press the R2 on Playstation or RT on Xbox and move the right stick left or right. Which direction you push the stick determines which hand will be used to dunk.

    This is probably the best option for trying to dunk on or over an opponent. Only using one hand can make it more likely than you can dunk over an opponent and can lead to some of the better posterizing dunks.

    Image ~ Screengrab From Ps4

    [Insane Hack] Nbaglitches.Co Nba 2K20 Dunk Controls Legits ...

    Dunk is considered to be one of the most essential moves that a person can do in the NBA 2k20 game. There are in total of three Dunk moves:;the;Two-Hand Dunk, Dominant or Off-Hand Dunk, and the Flashy Dunk in 2k20. However, to complete Dunk;you must know that you need to sprint well and must have a clear path. If you do not have a good sprint, you might not be able to do the dunk move and you might just do something else which would not score a basket for you.

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    How To Perform Flashy Dunks In 2k21

    So you want to add some razzle-dazzle and showboat with a flashier dunk? Thats possible as well in the NBA 2K21 dunking. With players like Zion Williamson, Donovan Mitchell, Aaron Gordon, Zach LaVine, and others able to pull off innovative aerial assaults on the hoop, why not take advantage?

    Zion with a flashy one hand jam #NBA2K21

    To perform a flashy dunk in NBA 2K21:

    • Press and hold R2 as youre moving towards the basket.
    • Hold the Right Stick down as youre in close range.
    • Release the Right Stick to complete the flashy dunk.

    Keep in mind, some players will have a lot more to utilize when it comes to flashy dunks. Therefore dont expect a ton of flashy stuff from certain players as they simply may not have the arsenal others do.

    Also of note, players who are unable to dunk will simply do a layup when you attempt to dunk with them.

    How To Do A Putbank Dunk In Nba 2k21

    We should mention one other type of dunk that is relatively easy to do. A putback dunk is an option in NBA 2K21 which youll want to learn as well. This involves soaring through the air for a rebound and dunking the ball in for the score.

    To perform a putbank dunk:

    • Go for the offensive rebound after a missed shot on offense.
    • Press the Square button on PS4 controller as you attempt a rebound.
    • Your player should grab the ball and dunk it in unless contested.

    You can practice dunks by going into the NBA 2K21s 2KU mode. It offers various practice scenarios to hone your skills. Visit our NBA 2K page to get more of the latest game updates.

    Nba 2k20 Dunking Guide: Dunk Like A Pro

    By: Admin|Published on: Jan 9, 2020|Categories: All|

    Dunking is as principal a piece of cutting edge ball as some other part of the game, so you can be guaranteed the expertise is very much spoken to in NBA 2K20. There are two entirely fundamental components of dunking that you ought to comprehend before you attempt to take the plunge in-game.

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    How To Alley Oop With The Ball In Nba 2k20

    How to Play NBA 2K20 Beginners Guide PS4

    When youve got the ball and double tap the button input noted above, youll set up another player on your team for a layup or a dunk. However, you will need to make sure your teammate is running towards the basket, otherwise they wont receive.

    From our own experience, we like to do this when youve caught your opponent on the break and outnumber their defense in a 2-on-1 scenario.

    Thats because their defender cant close you down and mark the player youre about to set up, so youre basically guaranteed a showy finish and points on the board.

    Nba 2k20 Post Offense Controls

    • Enter and Leave Post – Hold left trigger to post up, release left trigger to leave the post.
    • Post Pivot – Press and hold left trigger to post up. Move the left analog stick in any direction and then quickly release.
    • Drive to Key – Hold left trigger to post up. Hold right trigger and push the left analog stick towards the key, then quickly release the left trigger.
    • Spin or Drive – Hold left trigger to post up, then rotate the right analog stick to either shoulder.
    • Straight Stepback – Hold left trigger to post up, then hold right trigger and move the right analog stick down and then quickly release.
    • Post Hook – Hold left trigger to post up, then move and hold the right analog stick up left or up right.
    • Post Fade – Hold left trigger to post up, then move and hold the right analog stick left or right, away from the hoop.
    • Post Hop – Hold left trigger to post up, then move and hold the left analog stick left, right, or down, and tap Square.

    Thats all we have so far on NBA 2K20 Offense controls. For more on the game, why not check out our NBA 2K20 Best Players Guide.

    How To Dunk On Nba 2k14

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 27,049 times.Learn more…

    Dunking in NBA 2K14 can give you an edge over your opponent during gameplay. In NBA 2K14, most players can dunk given their dunking and vertical ratings are relatively high. Dunking and vertical ratings will vary from player to player, depending on the players gaming performance to date.

    Nba 2k20 Shooting Controls

    • Jump Shot – Move and hold the right analog stick then release, or hold Square then release.
    • Bank Shot – Move and hold the right analog stick up, and then release.
    • Free Throw – Move and hold the right analog stick then release, or hold Square then release.
    • Normal Layup – Move and hold the right analog stick up while driving.
    • Runner/Floater – Move and hold the right analog stick down while driving at close range.
    • Reverse Layup – Move and hold the right analog stick to the right while driving along the right baseline.
    • Two-Hand Dunk – Hold right trigger, and hold the right analog stick up while driving.
    • Dominant Dunk – Hold right trigger, and hold the right analog stick left or right while driving to determine the dunking hand.
    • Flashy Dunk – Hold right trigger, and hold the right analog stick down while driving.
    • Pump Fake – Tap Square, or quickly move and then release the right analog stick.
    • Hop Gather – Tap Square while dribbling with the left analog stick moving in either direction.
    • Spin Shot – Hold right trigger and double tap Square.

    How To Dunk In 2k20 On Ps4 And Xbox Here Is Everything You Need To Know About How To Dunk In 2k20 Find Out How To Do All Three Dunks Like A Pro


    NBA 2k20 which is famously known as 2k20 is amongst the greatest sports games on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Filled with interesting moves and graphics, this basketball simulation video game is developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. While this basketball game is based on the National Basketball Association, it has never failed to awe its gaming community.;Some of its users find it difficult to do certain important moves which could help them a lot in the game. Many players have reported having difficulting in understanding how to dunk in 2k20 on PS4 and Xbox. If you are having similar difficulties, do not worry, here is all you need to know.

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