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How To Get Ps4 Party Chat On Obs

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Record Gameplay Using Game Dvr

How to get PS4 Party Chat, Game Sound To OBS
  • On your game controller, press the Xbox button twice.
  • Select the Snap an app option followed by the Game DVR. .
  • Click on the End Clip now option. You will get the option of choosing the length of the recording you want.
  • Choose the Start recording option and Stop recording option to have a recording file template.
  • Click on the View all the Captures option and select the Save option to keep the recording.
  • Record Gameplay Using Bandicam Game Recorder

  • Download and install Bandicam Game Recorder. It has both free and paid versions.
  • Launch the recorder and choose the Game recording option.
  • Choose your caption area and turn on the speakers, and microphone that will provide voice recording during the gameplay.
  • You can also add a Webcam overlay if you want to.
  • Click on the REC button to start recording when you already have the Xbox party chat and game setup. You still use this option to stop the recording.
  • You can preview the recorded chat and click on the Save button to save it.
  • Expert Tip: Some PC issues are hard to tackle, especially when it comes to corrupted repositories or missing Windows files. If you are having troubles fixing an error, your system may be partially broken. We recommend installing Restoro, a tool that will scan your machine and identify what the fault is. to download and start repairing.

    If you feel like taking it up a notch, the BandiCam Game Recorder is also available as a paying software with unlimited recording duration. In the free version, you only get a maximum of 10 minutes worth of recording.

    You will be able to enjoy high-res and FPS recording with webcam overlay and voice included, and enjoy the Xbox party chats with your friends.

    How To Use A Capture Card To Stream Ps Gameplay On Discord

    Using a capture card to stream to friends on Discord can help reduce the load on your internet even more. With the help of OBS Studio and a capture card, you can stream your games to Discord instead of Twitch. The video quality is much higher, and your friends will appreciate it. You wont lag as much since your internet bandwidth only gets used for streaming.

    Heres how to stream video on Discord using a capture card:

  • Turn on your PS4 and log in.
  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • From the settings, select System.
  • Turn off Enable HDCP.
  • Download and install Elgato Game Capture HD if using an Elgato capture card.
  • Connect the PS4 to Elgatos capture card via the HDMI In port with an HDMI cable.
  • Connect the monitor or TV to your capture card with another HDMI cable going into the HDMI Out port.
  • Using a USB cable, connect the capture card to your PC.
  • Launch OBS Studio on your PC.
  • Set the source to the PS4 gameplay.
  • Ensure the source appears on OBSs encoder.
  • Launch Discord.
  • Join a voice channel.
  • Select Share to open a window.
  • Select OBS Studio as the window to share. Ensure the settings are correct before going live.
  • Now, anyone who joins the voice channel can watch you play.

    In closing, the PS4 makes streaming games on Twitch, YouTube, or even Discord relatively simple. You dont even need a capture card, thanks to PS4 Remote Play. Nowadays, you can share your live gameplay with anyone in the world with the proper setup.

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    How Does The Hauppauge Chat Cable Work

    How To Hear Game Chat Through Tv On Xbox One

    The Hauppauge Chat cable is an audio splitter cable. It takes the audio you hear in your headset and sends it to your PC so it can be recorded or streamed using Hauppauge Capture, OBS, XSplit or other streaming and recording applications.

    The Hauppauge Chat cable takes the audio going to your headset and splits off the left and right audio connections and sends them to the 3-pin long end of the chat cable. The 3-pin long end of the chat cable contains whatever you can hear in your headset, and can be used in several ways to add game+chat into your recordings and streams .

    The microphone pin is not used in the long end of the Chat cable to avoid disturbing the microphone audio. This means that to have your commentary in recordings, you will need to use a separate microphone plugged into your PC’s microphone input jack .

    CTIA headsets have the following pin out: microphone, ground, right audio, left audio . If you have low audio in your recordings, you might have a OMTP headset which swaps the microphone and ground pins. If you have an OMTP headset, there are adapters you can buy which will swap the microphone and ground pins to restore proper audio volume.

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    For The Rocket You Can Plug The Chat Cable Into The Mic In Jack On The Front Of The Rocket

    • Step 1: Remove your headset from your controller
    • Step 2: Plug the short end of the Hauppauge Chat cable into your controller
    • Step 3: Then plug your headset into the other short end on the Hauppauge Chat cable
    • Step 4:Step Plug the long end of the Hauppauge Chat cable into the Mic In on the front of the Rocket
    • Step 5: On the Rocket’s mixing panel, set the volume to the second green bar, turn off the +20db boost, and make sure the audio is not muted
    • Now your game audio and chat will be recorded

    Note: HD PVR 60 can only be used with Method 1: Use the LineIn jack on your PC

    Any questions? Please email us at

    How To Access Party Settings

    1. Press the PS button on the controller.

    2. Slide to the right toward Game Base.Game Base is four icons over

    3. Create a party by pressing the square button on your controller.

    4. Press the PS button

    5. Select Game Base and scroll to the right of Create Party button to the Settingsbutton

    6. Select Voice Chat Settings

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    How To Fix The Issue Of Not Being Able To Hear Party Chat On Twitch

    Using Twitch, you can broadcast your gaming experiences to the rest of the world. Streamers frequently encounter issues such as audio issues. It can be difficult for players who want to communicate with one another while playing games. Fortunately, there are some solutions you can take to resolve this issue. Allow audio to be shared outside of Xbox Live if you have done so previously. If this is enabled, you can view it in the Advanced Settings section of your Twitch stream. It is also a good idea to double-check that your Privacy and Online Safety settings are both up to date. The third thing you should do is ensure that your party members are sharing their voice chat with you on your stream. Finally, make certain that your broadcast is high-quality and allows party chat to take place. If you have any questions about any of these steps, please contact Twitch support. They are more than willing to assist you in any way they can.

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    How To Record Ps4 With Obs

    OBS is free-source software and it is completely free to use. Hence, you do not have to invest any money for OBS PS4 recording. Moreover, OBS Studio is available for Windows, Mac as well as Linux. Therefore, there is not going to be any compatibility issue. It is true that the user interface is slightly complicated and it takes time to get used to. That is why we will illustrate the steps to record PS4 games with OBS 60FPS for high-quality and smooth video.

    Step 1: Download and install OBS Studio on your computer fromâobsproject.comâ as per your operating system.

    Step 2: Download and install PS4 Remote Play application from ââ as per your operating system.

    PS4 Remote Play is responsible for connecting your PS4 to your computer so that you can control any game with PS4.

    Step 3: Connect your PS4 to your computer and launch PS4 Remote Play. Sign in with your PS4 account and go to Settings and make sure that the resolution is set high to better recording quality.

    Step 4: Launch the game you want to play and make sure that PS4 is working with the game.

    Step 5: Launch OBS Studio now. From Sources tab located at the bottom, click on â+â icon. Select Display Capture so that you can record your screen while playing the video game with PS4 on your computer.

    Step 6: You can go to Settings under Controls tab and go to Video tab to ensure all the configuration parameters are perfectly set.

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    How To Stream Gameplay From A Ps4

    You dont need fancy hardware to stream PlayStation 4 gameplay to loyal viewers. Sonys PS4 allows you to stream to a PC, and you can do this even without a capture card. While capture cards allow for better quality, they can be expensive. Remote Play is also an option, but it also has its issues.

    Whether youre an aspiring streamer or a Twitch veteran, you should be familiar with a few methods for streaming PS4 gameplay. You can always switch from one to another when your preferred method fails and ensure that your viewers always have something to watch.

    No Audio When Plugging In Your Headset Hauppauge Chat Cable To The Rescue

    Some game consoles and PC games systems turn off HDMI audio when a headset is plugged in. When this happens, you will get video but no audio in your HD PVR recordings. But you can use the Hauppauge Chat Cable to add the audio back in to recordings. At the same time, multiparty chat will also be recorded.

    How to use the Chat Cable

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    Setting Up Voice Audio For Ps4 Livestreams

    To ensure sure that your livestream includes your voice

    2. Slide to the right and select Settings

    3. Select Sharing and Broadcasts

    5. Then select Advanced Settings

    6. Navigate to Audio Sharing Settings

    We see three different options

    Include Microphone Audio in Video Clips is for when youre recording gameplay. For example, 15-minute clips can be recorded and saved in your gallery with or without your commentary. Select this to include any commentary made during the 15 mins. Include Microphone Audio in Broadcasts is for livestreaming. Check this box to ensure your microphone is heard during your livestreams. : checking this box will include party audio in video clips and broadcast. This one needs to be selected in order for your livestream to hear the people in your party chat. Selecting this will also override the first one Include Microphone Audio in Video Clips. Your voice will be included in every clip made.

    Now that you have made your party chat sharable with your livestream, lets setup allowing your voice to be broadcast in your friends livestream.

    Setting Up Voice Audio For Ps5 Livestreams


    1. on the top right-hand side

    2. Select Captures and Broadcast

    3. Select Broadcast on the left side of the screen.

    4. Select Audio.

    5. Toggle onInclude Voice Chat Audio. This allows other streamers to broadcast your voice, your livestream to capture your voice and your commentary to be captured when you save Game Clips.

    A shortcut to including your Mic Audio and Party Audio is included your Save Game Recording Menu

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    How To Set Your Broadcast To Capture Friends Party Chat Audio

    These are the settings you need to change and have others in your party change on their ends so the stream can hear you and your buddies.

    2. Press theOPTIONS button on the right of the touchpad on the controller to see Party Settings& select Party Settings.

    3. Scroll down to Allow Your Voice to Be Shared

    Now your voice is available in your buddies stream.

    Once youre in a party and you notice someones mic is too low or too high they can be adjusted in party settings.

    Since PlayStations recent update, joining parties and in-game sessions are different. Once you select party, the software will automatically take you to the party that youre in. Or it will show you parties that you are invited to. You can no longer view other peoples parties without an invitation.

    3. Select Party Settings from the right-side menu.

    Youll see the top three options are now available to select

    4. Select Adjust Microphone Level, if you wish to change your microphone sensitivity.

    If the bar is yellow in the Too Low zone, youre a quiet talker, slide the bar up to increase your volume.

    If the bar is red and in the Too High zone, youre a loud talker, slide the volume down to lower your volume.

    5. Select Adjust Audio Mix

    The bar will adjust the game or your party chat. If youre playing a game like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and dont need to hear the game audio slide the bar to the left.

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