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How To Factory Reset Ps4

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Connecting An External Keyboard

PS4 Controller Won’t Connect – How to Fix

In case you didnt know, your PS4 console does support wired keyboards as a peripheral device. Once your keyboard has a USB type A connector, it can be connected to your PS4 with ease. Also, if you have a wireless keyboard, try connecting it and see if your keyboard is still supported by your console.

Once you dont have a keyboard or it is incompatible, you can try the next method.

How To Perform A Factory Reset From Safe Mode

If system software or other issues prohibit you from accessing the Settings menu and re-initializing your PS4, you may do so via the consoles Safe Mode.

Step 1: Shut off your PS4. Dont let it rest. To enter Safe Mode, turn off your consoles power completely.

Step 2: Tie the power button till two beeps. Rather of using a controller, you must manually press the consoles power button. Hold it for 8 seconds. After pressing the button once, it will beep twice before entering Safe Mode. It will be labelled and have a black backdrop.

Step 3: The Safe Mode menu offers three ways to reset your PS4. In Safe Mode, you may pick Restore Default Settings to restore the PS4s original software settings while keeping your data.

Choose Initialize PS4 as well. In other words, it will erase your hard disc and restore factory settings, but maintain the system software its OS.

Finally, Initialize PS4 is a more thorough factory reset that requires reinstalling the PS4s operating system.

Step 4: If you are not experiencing any software issues, choose Initialize PS4. Using this method, you may restore your hard disc and software settings to their factory defaults, but the operating system software will remain intact. There are no differences between this option and the previous one , except that youll be able to choose between Quick and Full initializations. If that is all you require, you are finished.

When To Do Factory Reset Ps4

It is seen that sometimes the PS4 controller behaves weirdly by either not performing the commands given by us or by performing the commands that are not given by us. This is the perfect time to Factory Reset the PS4 as further delay will just make the problem bigger and not solve it.

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Factory Reset Your Playstation 4

Now that you have deactivated your PS4, it’s time to erase and reset your console to the factory defaults.

Remember, you can also delete your PS4 user accounts if this helps, you won’t need to reset your PS4.

To reset your console to the factory settings:

  • Launch the Settings menu on your console.
  • Scroll all the way down until you see Initialization, and then select it.
  • Select Initialize PS4. This removes basically everything that you’ve stored on your PS4.
  • Select Full on the following screen to reset your console completely. This makes your console work as if you have just taken it out of the box for the first time.
  • It’ll take a while before your PS4 is fully reset. You can track the reset progress using the progress indicator on your screen.

    Once you have done the resetting, you’re ready to sell or give away your console. You have now successfully wiped all the data from your PS4.

    How To Factory Reset Ps4

    How to Factory Reset PS4 in a Few Steps?

    There are two ways to factory reset PS4 back to default settings:

    • Quick PS4 Reset

    Quick Initialize PS4 should be only used if you are not giving your console away. It must be only used if you will be continuing to use the device. This is because the Quick method will still keep your sensitive data in the hard drive, and another person can retrieve them using special data recovery software available on the market. Keep this in mind, always go for the Full PS4 Initialisation method before selling or giving away your console. The Full method may take hours to complete, but this will completely delete all the data from the PS4 hard drive and reset it.

    So according to your needs, here is how to do both Quick& Full PS4 factory reset:

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    Deactivate Your Account On Your Ps4

    The first thing to do is to deactivate your account on your console. Doing this removes the ability to play your downloaded games on this console and helps avoid sign-in issues at other places where you use your account.

    Here’s how you do this:

  • Open the Settings menu on your PS4.
  • Select Account Management on the resulting screen.
  • Find Activate as Your Primary PS4 and select it.
  • Select Deactivate followed by Yes to deactivate your account on this console. The Activate button is grayed out because your account is already active on this PS4.
  • Disassociate Your Playstation Network Account

  • Turn on your PS4 and go to the Main Screen.
  • Go to Settings > PlayStation Network / Account Management. If prompted, enter your Sign-In ID and Password.
  • Next, select the Activate as your Primary PS4 option and make sure that your account is currently activated. Select the option once again and choose Deactivate.
  • Then, select OK to complete.
  • Deactivating your PlayStation Network account will sign your account out on your console and other consoles that youre currently signed into. This step is also crucial if you just bought a brand new PS4 or a pre-owned one. Note that this does not affect your PS Plus membership if you have one, so any billing issues like Error Code E-8210604A should not stop you resetting your PS4.

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    Reinstall The Ps4 System Software

    One way to reset your PS4 is by reinstalling the system firmware. In most cases, you don’t need to do this, as the methods above should fully reset your console.

    However, if you have certain issues that won’t go away despite resetting the console, you can try installing the latest firmware version, and that should, hopefully, fix your issues and reset the console.

    This requires that you have a computer and a USB flash drive. Your flash drive should have at least 2GB of space to store the PS4 firmware file.

    Then, you need to follow these steps:

  • Open a browser on your computer and head over to the PS4 firmware site.
  • Download the firmware file from the reinstallation section. This will be the full version of the software for your PlayStation 4.
  • Grab a USB flash drive and format it in FAT32 .
  • Create a folder named PS4 on your flash drive.
  • Create another folder inside the PS4 folder and name it UPDATE.
  • Move the PS4 firmware you downloaded over to this UPDATE folder.
  • Make sure the downloaded file uses PS4UPDATE.PUP as its name. If not, change the name to this one.
  • Connect your flash drive to your PS4 console.
  • Boot your PS4 into safe mode by pressing the Power button until it beeps twice.
  • Select Initialize PS4 .
  • Choose Update from USB Storage Device followed by OK.
  • Wait for your console to reinstall the system software.
  • When done, your PS4 should return to the factory settings with the stock firmware.

    Ps4 Factory Reset Guide: How To Wipe A Ps4

    How To Upgrade Your PS4 Slim With a 1Tb SSD!

    Simon Sayers / January 28, 2021

    How to factory reset PS4, How to wipe a PS4 The PlayStation 4 is a sturdy and reliable piece of hardware certainly, but like any games console its prone to various technical issues, and sometimes it pays to carry out a PS4 factory reset. This is something multiple users have recently been doing after their consoles were infected by malicious PSN messages. This is how to factory reset your PS4.

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    How To Full Reset

    Heres how to reset your PS4 to factory settings using the Full Initialisation method:

  • First, turn on your PS4, and go to Settings
  • Click on Account Management
  • Then select the Activate as Your Primary PS4 option
  • Then click on Deactivate
  • This will only show up if you have activated this PS4 as your primary device
  • Go back to the Settings menu
  • Click on Initialisation
  • Deactivate The Psn Account

    The first thing you should do when preparing your PS4 for sale is to deactivate the PSN account. You can do it through the consoles main Settings page.

  • On the Home screen, press Up on your PS4 controller to enter the Main Menu.
  • Next, press the Right button on the controller until youve reached the Settings.
  • Select Settings.
  • Scroll down the menu and select the PlayStation Network/Account Management tab by pressing X.
  • Now you can scroll down to the Activate as Your Primary PS4 tab and select it by pressing the X button on your controller.
  • If your account is active, the Activate option will be greyed out and inaccessible. If it is inactive, the Deactivate option will be greyed out. To disable your PSN account, select the Deactivate option with the X button.
  • A confirmation screen will appear. Highlight the Yes option and confirm by pressing the X button on the controller.
  • PlayStation will inform you when the deactivation process ends. Select the OK button to confirm.
  • After that, your PS4 will reboot. To access the main menu once more, you will have to press the PS button on your controller. Once the PS4 is up and running, it is recommended to activate and deactivate your PSN account once more, to be absolutely sure it is deactivated. Just follow the above steps.

    Have in mind that after youve deactivated your PSN account, your user account will still be available to you. It will be the only way to access the consoles main menu and play games.

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    How To Factory Reset Ps4 Ready To Sell

    • Posted onNovember 12, 2020

    With the release of the latest generation consoles, the PS5 and Xbox X Series, the time may well have come for you to sell your PS4. Even if its not to upgrade to a new console, your old PS4 may just be a bit buggy or broken, or perhaps youve just decided its time to sell up. It could also help you fix a few bugs, so you may want to consider a factory reset if your PS4 is acting up too. Sometimes youll find that a simple soft reset of your console could fix these bugs, but sometimes youll have to go further and restore your PS4 to factory settings.

    Regardless of your reasons, performing a factory reset on your PS4 can be useful, but just remember that youll be deleting all of your data when you do, so make sure you pay extra attention to the backup part of this guide. So without further ado, lets break down how to factory reset your Playstation 4.

    Performing The Factory Reset

    How To Reset Ps4 Update
    • Navigate to and open “Settings”
    • Open “Initialization”
    • Select “Initialize PS4”
    • “Quick” will quickly wipe all of the data from the drive but isn’t completely secure as the data can be recovered using specialized software. “Full” will wipe the drive securely and prevents attempts at recovering data. Selecting “Full” will take several hours to complete, but is the best option from a security standpoint.
    • Once “Quick” or “Full” has been selected, select “Initialize”
    • Select “Yes” to confirm
    • The PlayStation 4 will reboot and the Factory Reset process will begin. Once complete, the PlayStation 4 will boot and be at the startup screen. From here, holding down the power button will safely turn the console off.

    Performing the necessary steps to factory reset a PlayStation 4 and/or prepare it for resale isn’t necessarily complicated, but having the steps can be useful for new users and veterans alike. It’s also good to remember that the process can take several hours to complete, so carving out enough time to ensure the process completes is crucial. With a “fresh” PS4 ready to be loaded with games and apps, there’s not much in the way between players and their content aside from download times.

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    Resetting The Playstation 4 Requires Several Steps

    According to Digital Trends, users should deactivate their PlayStation 4 as their primary console before resetting it. Failing to do so could create problems when trying to sign in on another console. To do this, go to “Settings” and then “Account Management.” Next, select the option “Activate as Your Primary PS4.” When the option to deactivate it appears, click “Yes” .

    Once that’s done, users must return to the “Settings” menu and select “Initialization.” From there, users will have two choices for resetting the console. The first is “Restore Default Settings.” Doing this will wipe the console of any changes made to its settings, but it won’t get rid of any game data on the hard drive. The second and more severe choice is “Initialize PS4.” Initializing the console will completely wipe everything from it. Once the console has been wiped, it will restart as if it were just purchased.

    Why Do You Need To Format Ps4 Hard Drive

    When the performance of a 2.5-inch SATA HDD doesnt work the same as before, then formatting PS4 hard drive is needed. If you dont format the hard drive, you will experience repetitive crashes and generate errors every time it is in use. You can also dispose of the hard drive if you dont want to format but ensure to delete all of the files on it and buy another hard drive that will cost you a couple of hundred dollars.

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    Activate As Your Primary Ps4

    Here you will find the Activate as your Primary PS4 option and you have to select it. Make sure that your account is activated, if not then activate it. Once done, click Ok. Now click again on the Activate as your Primary PS4 option and then press Deactivate. Now click on Yes to complete the process. This completes the resetting process and the console no longer recognizes the controller.

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    How To Reinstall System Software On Ps4

    A Warning To All PS4 Users

    Reinstalling system software is a harder reset than a full initialization and will completely erase all software off the console. You will need to have another device handy to reinstall system software after this reset. If youre having software problems with the operating system, youll need to pick Initialize PS4 , but theres another step in the process to do first.

    Step 1: On your PC, search for the latest system software from the PlayStation website and download it to your computer. To transfer the update to your PS4, youll use a flash drive or an external hard drive that can connect via a USB port. Grab an external hard drive or USB flash drive with about 1.1GB of free space.

    Step 2: Create a new folder on your USB device and name it PS4. Inside that folder, create a folder and name it UPDATE in all caps. Put the firmware file into that UPDATE folder so youll be able to access it quickly during the transfer. Make sure the file is named PS4UPDATE.PUP when you save it.

    Step 3: Boot up your PS4 in Safe Mode. Follow the instructions above to power down your PS4. Hold the power button down until you hear two beeps, which will allow it to boot in Safe Mode.

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    How To Quick Reset

    Heres how to reset your PS4 to factory settings using the Quick Initialisation method:

  • Now PS4 will restart itself, and the reset process will start
  • This will take a couple of hours compared to the Quick method
  • But your system will be safe to sell or give to someone else now
  • During initialization, your PS4 will be automatically deactivated for any users who have activated it as their primary PS4. Still, you can manually do the steps beforehand, to get peace of mind, as well as take note of any primary users, and inform them about reset .

    Things to Keep in Mind During Initialisation

    Here are important things to keep in mind during PS4 initialization as per the official Sony manual:

    • Do not turn off your PS4 system during the restore operation
    • Deactivate your PS4 system before transferring or disposing of it
    • When multiple users have activated the system as their primary PS4 system, it must be deactivated for each user
    • Doing this might damage your system
    • When you initialize the system software, all settings and information saved on your PS4 system are deleted
    • Initialization cannot be undone
    • Make sure you do not delete any important data by mistake
    • Deleted data cannot be restored

    Thats everything you needed to know about how to successfully reset your PS4 back to factory default settings. While you are here, check out other PlayStation Gudies we covered right here at GamerTweak.

    Resetting The Playstation 5

    You have a few options when it comes to factory resetting your PS5. To access these options, navigate to the Home Screen and then select Settings > System > System Software > Reset Options.

    After selecting Reset Options you will be presented with three options: Clear Learning Dictionary, Restore Default Settings and Reset Your Console.

    • Clear Learning Dictionary will clear the history of all the terms that you have typed on your PS5.
    • Restore Default Settings will restore all of the settings on your PS5 to their default setting, but leave your data intact.
    • Reset Your Console will restore all of the settings to their default options and erase all of the data that has been saved to your PS5.

    If you are looking to factory reset your console before selling it or giving it away, select Reset Your Console to fully wipe all of your data from the device and factory reset the console.

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