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How To Make Your Wifi Faster On Ps4

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Quick Internet Speed Solutions


This section looks at the quick actions you can take to improve your connection.

Firstly, stop any other online services, especially if you are downloading or updating a game to free up more bandwidth for this purpose.

Secondly, confirm that your service provider provides a reliable, fast connection as sometimes the problem could be away from your router and closer to your provider.

Thirdly, when downloading files and the connection seems slow, try pausing and resuming the download. It is a simple, effective trick that occasionally increases the connection speed.

If you do not intend to stream your gameplay, a connection of as low as 5Mbps can serve you well as long as it is stable. Ideally, a stable connection is more helpful than an unstable connection.

Below we look at more ways to improve your connection in detail.

  • Use a Wired Connection

Wired connections are always faster than wireless connections. If youre using Wi-Fi on your PS4, consider switching to an Ethernet connection. Move the router close to your PS4 or acquire a longer cable that can get to your router.

Alternatively, you can also use powerline adapters and connect your PS4 to that adapter using an Ethernet cable. The cables allow you to connect your router with your PS4 using electrical wiring.

This hack is helpful, especially for the old PS4 before the slim versions.

To use an ethernet connection, disconnect the Wi-Fi connection and connect the router and PS4 via the LAN ports at the back of both devices.

Put Your Ps4 Into Rest Mode To Improve Download Speed

This is one of the anecdotal PS4 slow download speed solutions, so give it a try by all means but don’t bank on it doing wonders. If you place your PS4 into Rest Mode you can sometimes get faster download speeds.

First you must set the functions available in Rest Mode by heading to:

  • Settings & gt Power Saving Settings & gt Set Functions Available in Rest Mode.

Check the box that reads “Stay Connected to the Internet” so your PS4 is able to continue downloading files when in Rest Mode.

Now you can hold down the PlayStation Button to bring up the Quick Menu. From here select Power and then choose ‘Enter Rest Mode’. Your PS4 will enter a low-power mode and continue to download files.

Please Enable Javascript What Is A Fast Connection Speed For Ps4

Internet connection plays an important role in gaming. Whatever game you play, you need a good internet connection to have the best possible performance. Each game console manufacturer recommends a certain speed that suffices for playing games.

Good internet speed for gaming is 3 Mbps of download speed, 0.5 Mbps to 1 Mbps of upload speed, and ping rate less than 150 ms. The number of devices you have connected to your device will also affect your gaming.

A higher internet speed gives you the ability to transfer more data, which offers more freedom, so other network constraints are less likely to interfere with your gaming.

For PlayStation, there are requirements all games must meet to appear on the PlayStation platform.

PlayStation does not specify minimum internet speed requirements, but based on general guidelines these are download speed of 16 Mbps, upload speed of 4 Mbps, and ping rate less than 50 ms.

If you meet these requirements, it is more than enough for playing your favorite games.

Also, PS4 has a great network card. It allows up to 1000 Mbps and full speed potential of a 2.4 GHz WI-Fi signal .

Although it can handle these speeds, it is unlikely you will achieve it. These are theoretical maximums that do not have to work perfectly.

In an ideal world, PS4 could handle the speed of a physical network. Then, you should probably have a gigabit service at home.

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Pause And Resume Your Ps4 Download

If you see your PS4 download ticking along at an annoyingly low speed, we’ve found that pausing it and resuming it can result in a better download speed. We’re not sure if there’s any logical reason for this, but it does seem to work. Simply access your downloads from your notifications and then hit X on the controller when you’ve highlighted the download that you want to pause. Then press X again to resume the download.

That’s it for our guide to improving the download speed on your PS4. Hopefully one of our suggestions worked.

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High Latency Is Your Worst Enemy

PS4 Controller Charger, BEBONCOOL PS4 Wireless Charger Dual USB Fast ...

Latency is the amount of time data uses to make a trip to a remote server and back. Picture a racquetball bouncing off a wallhow long does that ball take to come back to you?

To answer this question, the ping utility throws a ball of data at a specific destination and records the entire trips durationin other words, it pings the server. Latency is also referred to as ping rate.

So, if your latency gets too high as you play a game online, you will experience lag. This delay is often called a high ping rate.

For example, you move a mouse and your game reports that movement to a remote server. The server acknowledges the movement and sends a response showing your movements along with all the other player movements. Your game renders the response, but because your latency is high, your movement appears delayed compared to the other players.

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How To Boost Hotel Wifi For Ps4

Answer: Hotel wifi is often slow and shared. It is hard to get the best out of them for PS4 gaming. But you can try some tricks for boosting the connection as much as you can. Have an external USB wireless adapter to increase the signal strength. You can try a VPN service too. It is true that VPNs often turn down the speed of the devices. But it is the quiet opposite when the internet connection is performing very badly.

Power Cycle Network Devices

You can power cycle your router and modem to improve their performance. Since very small differences in latency can make a big impact on the amount of lag you experience, its worth restarting your equipment.

To power cycle, press the Power button or unplug your modem or wireless gateway. After that, wait 30 seconds and then plug it back in. Do the same with a standalone router when your modem comes back online.

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Make Sure Your Router Has A 5ghz Band

Routers come with either a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band. If youre using your PS4 on Wi-Fi rather than wiring in with ethernet, wed recommend choosing a router that has a 5GHz band. The 5GHz band allows you to have faster Wi-Fi speeds and more reliability than a router with only the 2.4 GHz band. Upgrading to 5 GHz should help speed up PS4 downloads. The only thing to keep in mind is that 5GHz routers work best over shorter distances, so youll want to make sure that your PS4 isnt too far from the router. This is best practice with any router, but it is even more important with a 5 GHz band.

Why Is A Ps4 Wired Connection Better Than Wifi

ð§ How to Boost PS4 Internet speed – Faster downloads, Lower Ping and Fix LAG!

The PlayStation is a gaming console and games require fast internet and a reliable connection.

Even when youre watching movies, you need good internet to stream uninterrupted.

This is why the wired connection is better since the WiFi is dependent on several other services.

The WiFi can be interrupted, impacted by interference, and is dependent on your router.

As long as with the wired connection, your machine will have internet as long as internet bills are paid.

Heres how to install the wired connection on your PS4:

  • Get an Ethernet cable.
  • Connect it to the back Ethernet input on your PS4.
  • Plug the other end of the cable into one of the blue slots on your router.
  • On your PS4, go to Settings > Network > Wired > Setup.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the wired connection of your PS4.
  • Tip: If your router is not close enough to the PS4, you can buy an extended Ethernet cable .

    Quick Recap How To Improve PS4 WiFi?

    The short answer is to reposition your PS4 in an open area for the WiFi signal strength to increase. The long answer is to inspect your network and make everything possible to boost the WiFi speed and PS4 connectivity.

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    Last Thoughts:

    Now that you know how to improve PS4 WiFi connection, youre ready to get the most out of your network.

    You should keep in mind that when no change was made by applying the step tutorial above, the problem could be related to your internet base speed.

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    Troubleshoot Your Network Wifi Speed

    Before you phone your ISP and complain about their slow Internet, double-check that they are the ones to blame. In the vast majority of cases, the cause of slow Wifi is something that can be readily resolved by investigating your local WiFi network.

    To troubleshoot your network, simply follow the process of elimination until you find the source of the problem.

    #6. Check your WiFi signals

    If you can view the strength of your WiFi signal at every location, you’ll be able to tell where you have strong and weak signals. For that PS4 Internet speed, you could adjust your router, move your PlayStation, or add a booster to cover that area!

    PS4: how to improve wifi speed

    #7. Stop multiple game downloads

    Your PlayStation 4 connection will be slower than usual if you try to download numerous games at the same time. With all those downloads all trying to go to the same spot at the same time, you’re essentially creating a traffic bottleneck. If your PS4 download rates are poor, it’s better to download one game at a time. If you’re trying to play a game while simultaneously downloading another game, your internet speed will suffer.

    Those are powerful tips how to improve wifi speed on ps4. Give them a try and see if there is an improvement. If they dont work, call your internet service provider .

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    Possible Workaround: Change Dns Servers Manually

    We have tried this solution in our own PS4 but it didnt do much. However, some PS4 owners in the past said that this worked on their end. Depending on the cause of your problem, this suggestion may or may not help.

    Follow the steps below to change the DNS servers on your PS4 manually. If this wont work at all, be sure to revert the DNS settings to their previous configuration.

    Open Settings.

    Choose WiFi .

    Select CUSTOM.

    Connect to your home WiFi.

    Select automatic settings until you see the DNS screen.

    Choose Manual and enter as your primary DNS and as your secondary DNS.

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    Dont Overload Your Ps4 With Multiple Downloads

    If youre trying to download multiple games on your PlayStation 4 at the same time, your connection will be slower than normal. Youre basically creating a traffic jam with all those downloads that are trying to get to the same place at the same time. Its best to download one game at a time if youre experiencing slow PS4 download speeds. Your internet speed will also slow down if youre trying to play a game while downloading another game at the same time.

    An easy way to alleviate the frustration of constant PS4 lag and buffering is to download games while youre not playing. If you know youre going to want to play a new game when you get home from work, start downloading it in the morning before you leave. You can also find out if your console is trying to download multiple games at once and decide which ones you want to download first by following these steps:

  • Go to the Notifications icon on the main menu.
  • 3. Games that are downloading will appear at the top of the list of notifications. Select the content you want to pause by hovering over it and pressing the X on your PS4 controller.

    4. A menu will appear. Select pause from this menu.

    You can pause as many titles as youd like so that the games youd like to play next will download faster. After the content you wanted to download first is finished, you can resume the other downloads by following the same steps you used to pause them.

  • Go to the main menu and select Settings.
  • Select Power Save Settings.
  • How To Boost Ps4 Internet Speed Faster Downloads Lower Ping And Fix Lag

    Top 5 Best PS4 Controller Chargers in 2020 Review

    What is going on guys it is pangaea here and today im going to bring you guys the ultimate guide. To achieving the best possible network speed on both wired and wireless with inside of your playstation 4 with inside. Of this video were gonna be going ahead and showing you guys how to fully optimize your networking settings depending. On where you are and depending on what country youre in to give you guys the best results with inside.

    Of this guide youll find some quick easy and effective optimizations for your networking speed on both wired and wireless. With inside of all ps4s including the slim and the pro and for any of you guys who wish to. Go a little bit in depth there also be a step towards the end of the video showing you guys. How to get the best possible ping depending on where you are including the best possible download speed and upload. Speed for the best networking settings possible if you guys do enjoy this video and do find this video effective.

    Simple and effective as possible brices langille for the guide what you guys need to go ahead and do is. Boot on gps spawn and then going to be navigating up to our settings to do this youll scroll all. The way to the top inside of the main menu scroll all the way over to the right hand side. And click on the briefcase with inside there but then be scrolling down to the network settings and selecting nodes. But inside of here you can now perform a basic network test if you wish to see what your current.

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    Technique/way : Troubleshooting The Wifi Connection And Checking Signal Strength

    Sometimes the problem of your internet connection is directly connected to your internet setting. We all assume that we are tech experts. But we often do terrible setting adjustments and that can be one of the reasons for this issue.

    You can try to get back to the default of your internet setting just by troubleshooting the wifi network. Besides, you should make sure that you have a powerful router for far-reaching signals. Try to stay within the closest range of your wifi as possible. Check out the steps down below to troubleshoot your wifi.

  • Head for the network setting and click on your wifi
  • It will give you an option to forget the password or troubleshoot the setting
  • Select the troubleshooting option and it will automatically start the process
  • The process will automatically take the wifi network back to the default setting
  • Still, if you are asking the question on how to boost PS4 internet speed then you should definitely call the internet service providers. Tell them to increase the Mbps or do adjustments for better connection at your devices.

    How To Fix Slow Wi

    Slow Wi-Fi issues can strike whether you’re playing on an original PS4, the Slim version, or a PS4 Pro. These fixes work on any version of the console, though some may be more effective than others.

    The original PS4 is known for having connectivity issues due to its wireless card. If you have that version of the console, you may run into problems more frequently as the system ages.

  • Use an Ethernet cable.This is the easiest fix for dealing with a slow Wi-Fi connection. All it requires is connecting the PS4 to the router with an Ethernet cable. You don’t need to worry about any interference, and you get the best connection, upload, and download speeds for your PS4.

    The 13 Best Ethernet Cables of 2022

    Using an Ethernet cord means the PS4 won’t be connected over Wi-Fi. You’ll have a better connection to the internet since the device is plugged directly into the router.

  • Reboot the modem/router. A simple reboot can often fix a connectivity issue. Unplug the PS4 console for a few minutes and reboot it as well.

  • Move the router closer to the console. The distance can make a PS4’s Wi-Fi connection unstable, especially if there’s interference from internal walls or other obstacles. The closer your PS4 is to your router, the easier it is to keep a stable Wi-Fi connection.

    If you have brick internal walls in your home, moving closer to the router is especially important since it can be hard for a signal to get through. At the very least, keep the console and router in the same room.

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