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When Is Playstation 5 Release Date

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Ps5 Pro: Release Date Price Specs And More Rumors

PlayStation 5 Slim (PS5 PRO) RELEASE DATE Leaked!

As we approach the hard-to-get PS5’s one-year anniversary, it’s time to turn attention to a possible more powerful new model of the PlayStation 5.

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I’ve been reviewing hardware and software, devising testing methodology and handed out buying advice for what seems like forever I’m currently absorbed by computers and gaming hardware, but previously spent many years concentrating on cameras. I’ve also volunteered with a cat rescue for over 15 years doing adoptions, designing marketing materials, managing volunteers and, of course, photographing cats.

Almost a year after Sony launched its cutting-edge PS5 console, chances are you’re probably still , desperately trying to find one that’s not part of a sure-I’ll-pay-$500-more bundle. It’s never too soon to start thinking about the next console you might not be able to get, though after all, if there’s something as good or better on the horizon, why not give your Twitter trawling a break? Thus arise the nascent rumors about a new PS5 Pro. At the moment, the sole tip-based leak comes from reputable Moore’s Law is Dead , which claims that Sony’s working on a new, higher-specced model of the PS5.

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And it’s a lot less likely, but I’d really welcome a cheaper “PS5 Slim” along the lines of the Xbox Series S, targeted at newbies and more price-sensitive gamers.

Cyberpunk 207: Phantom Liberty

  • Developer: CD Projekt Red
  • Platforms: Xbox Series X/S, PS5, PC
  • Release: TBA 2023

Cyberpunk 2077 hasnt had the best of runs since its launch back in December of 2020. In fact, its almost two years since its arrival and yet the game is still not 100% fixed. However, CD Projekt Red isnt going to give up on the content that it wants to make for the title. As proven by the reveal of the Phantom Liberty DLC.

The teaser for it shows V signing on with the New United States of America, and going on a mission for them as a result. But Johnny Silverhand thinks that this is a bad idea. Youll have to see which side is right when the DLC comes out in 2023.

New Ps5 Games: All The Upcoming Playstation 5 Game Releases

The new PS5 games coming in 2022 and beyond

There are so many new PS5 games on the horizon, from hotly anticipated sequels to interesting Indies. In the next six months or so, we’ll see a suite of games that really push the new hardware of the PS5, with gorgeous visuals and cutting-edge game design.

Games like , Final Fantasy 16 and Street Fighter 6 are all coming in 2023, adding to the already impressive lineup available on PS5. And then there are the upcoming PS5 games that have yet to be announced. These will be added to this page once they do, helping you get a better idea as to what’s coming in the near future.

We expect some of these titles will join our best PS5 games list upon release. But, until then, here are the upcoming new PS5 games we’ve got our eyes on right now.

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Eas Upcoming Games Will Feature A Free Upgrade For Next

Electronic Arts COO Blake Jorgensen confirmed in a recent investors call that the publishers upcoming titles will feature a free upgrade to next-gen consoles. This year, the phasing includes the effect of revenue recognition from the games we are launching for the current generation of consoles that can also be upgraded free for the next generation, he said.

It is as yet unclear if this will be achieved through the PS5 and Xbox Series Xs backwards compatibility features, or through a proprietary EA tool. More details regarding this feature should be unveiled at EAs upcoming Play Live event on June 11/12.

Yes That’s More Than A Playstation 5

Playstation 5 Pages Live on Amazon And Flipkart India

PlayStation VR2 will officially be released on February 22, 2023, for $549.99, and pre-orders will begin on November 15.

As revealed by the PlayStation.Blog, PlayStation VR2 will include the PS VR2 headset, PS VR2 Sense controllers, and stereo headphones. There will also be a PlayStation VR2 Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle that will retail for $599.99, and it will include everything from the standard edition plus a PlayStation Store voucher code for Horizon Call of the Mountain.

Also launching on February 22 will be the PlayStation VR2 Sense controller charging station, which allows players to charge their controllers “through a simple click-in design, without having to connect to a PS5 console freeing up the consoles USB ports.”

As for pre-orders, those who live in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg will only be able to initially pre-order PlayStation VR2 through PlayStation’s online store at While pre-orders begin on November 15, those interested can register today to get ready.

Sony also revealed 11 new titles headed to PS VR2 in 2023, and they include The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR, Crossfire: Sierra Squad, The Light Brigade, Cities VR – Enhanced Edition, Cosmonious High, Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue, Jurassic World Aftermath Collection, Pistol Whip VR, Zenith: The Last City, After the Fall, and Tentacular.

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Playstation 5 Release Date And Availability

The PS5 launched in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea, the PS5 on 12th November 2020. It arrived in the rest of the world on 19th November 2020.

Since the day it his stores, demand has outstripped supply. Most retailers are still struggling to get hold of PS5 stock even now. And when it does appear online, eager customers as well as bots are snapping it up within minutes.

Hoping to secure a PS5? Check out the quick links and tricks at the top of the this page. And here’s a detailed explanation of why it’s hard to find a PS5 deal in 2022, as well as a few extra tips to boost your chances.

in December 2021, Sony announced a slew of new coloured accessories for 2022. Fans can now order “Galaxy-inspired” DualSense wireless controllers in Cosmic Red, Starlight Blue and Galactic Purple, as well as official coloured PS5 covers.

In March 2022, Sony rolled out the first major PS5 software update. That was followed by the news in April 2022 that PS5 VRR was finally available.

History Of Playstation 3

The PlayStation 3 launched on November 11, 2006 in Japan and November 17, 2006 in North America. It was by far the most expensive console by Sony, releasing with a $499 price tag for the 20GB model and $599 for the 60GB model due to the new Blu-ray format. The system was highly criticized early on for its high price tag, Sixaxis controller and poorly developed multi-platform games.

The unique Cell architecture was a large hurdle for developers in the beginning, but over time they were able to unlock the full potential of the console. Despite its hardships early on, the PS3 would eventually become one of the highest selling consoles of the seventh generation, selling 87.4 million units.

The PS3 was Sonys first real attempt at online capabilities too. Even though the PS2 technically had online support through a Network Adaptor, the release of the PS3 took things a step further with things like the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home, and eventual PlayStation Plus subscription service.

PlayStation Home was fun while it lasted, allowing players to meet in virtual spaces using their own custom avatar. It was launched as an open beta in December of 2008, and eventually closed down in March of 2013. Each user was given a personal studio that users could furnish with free, paid, or won items. Users could explore Homes virtual spaces, from The Hub to various districts like Action District, Sportswalk, Pier Park, and Shopping Centre.

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Flintlock: The Siege Of Dawn

Publisher: KeplerRelease date: Early 2023

An open-world action role-player, Flintlock is being made by Ashen developer A44. Blending up close and personal melee axe play and firearms at range, this third person adventure looked stunning during its gameplay showcase at E3 2022, and we can’t wait to see more between now and its tentative “early 2023” release date. Starring protagonist Nor and her companion, Enki, the pair are said to “embark on an epic journey of vengeance, gunpowder, and magic in humanitys last stand.” Sound good? We think so too.

Where To Find A Ps5 Restock In November 2022

Valkyrie Elysium – Release Date Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Keep track of PS5 restock news and prices with our regularly updated guide.

05. More PS5 details

PS5 restocks remain as elusive as ever as Spring begins to bloom around us. If you’re a gamer still hoping to get your hands on Sony’s latest console, you’ll have to be ready with the knowledge of where they’ll be and when. That’s why we’ve put together this regularly updated guide.

This week, has confirmed a PS5 Digital Edition restock for 11 am Eastern Time on Wednesday . Amazon Prime members will get early access to the restock and it’s likely the consoles will sell out before they reach the general sale, so do check you’re registered or sign up for a free trial .

In the UK, there’s been recent PS5 restocks from the likes of Game, Currys and Very, but they all went fast. Unfortunately, distribution issues, bots and the global chip shortage continue to hold up production of Sony’s in-demand console, but we’ll be keeping you posted on the latest PS5 restock news in our guide below.

Scroll down for links to all the major retailers that have seen restocks in the past and are most likely to get them again, together with the dates of the last restock we saw there. While you’re looking, make sure you also check out our guide to the best monitors for PS5, or if you want to try your luck with another console, see our roundup of the cheapest Xbox deals.

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Ps5 Design: What Does The Playstation 5 Look Like

The PlayStation 5 design was unveiled at the 11th June PS5 event. While we already knew what to expect for the controller, the console itself hadn’t yet been revealed. Two consoles were announced – one with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive and a Digital Edition without a disc drive. The two have minor differences, but overall, the Playstation blog says Sony aimed for a console that is ‘bold, stunning, and unlike any previous generation of PlayStation’.#

It is also sizeable, much bigger than many have expected and one of the main questions asked is why this is such a huge console. It turns out that the reason it is so big is because of the large fan that is inside to stop it from overheating- so at least the reason for the scale of it is a good one.

The PS5 is a sleek monochrome design which does indeed bare little resemblance to the PlayStations that have come before it. For more in-depth comparisons, take a look at our guide to the PS5 vs PS4.

As for what is inside, well we do not recommend opening it up for yourself to take a look when it arrives, but the folks over at PlayStation have made it so you don’t have to with this handy video.

Star Wars: Tales From Galaxy Edge Enhanced Edition

  • Developer: ILMxLAB
  • Platforms: PC, PSVR2
  • Release date: 2023

A more surprising reveal was that of Star Wars: Tales from Galaxy Edge, a VR title that is set in the galaxy far, far away that is Star Wars.

You wont be a noble warrior though when you start the game, youll be a droid technician. Youll be attacked by pirates soon enough and have to take the fight to them and others while you work with fan-favorite characters C-3PO and R2-D2!

Youll take on missions, make alliances, fight deadly enemies, and more, all so you can call yourself a hero by the time the game is done. Plus, theres even extra content planned via Last Call, giving you even more to do.

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Tom Clancys The Division: Heartland

  • Developer: Red Storm Entertainment
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Microsoft Windows
  • Release date: TBA

Theres been a lot of mystery around The Division Heartland, as we know itll take place within The Division universe, but what is the game truly about? Well, we now know that itll take place in Silver Creek, a place that has come under attack from hostile forces.

Now, youll have to go and make a stand with your fellow members of The Division in order to take back this place and show the heartland of America will not be taken over so easily.

No doubt there will be all sorts of missions for you to do in the game, so be ready as theyre going to be doing some closed tests that you might just get to be a part of!

Can You Only Buy The Ps5 Online

PlayStation 5 Release Date

PS5 sales have largely been online. Although some retailers such as Gamestop and Target have held in-store only restock, your best option to get a PS5 is still to try to order online. On this page, we’ve listed some of the most trusted online retailers that are offering the console, so make sure you bookmark this page and check back regularly.

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Playstation : Release Date New Controller And Everything We Learned From Latest Report

The next Sony gaming console finally has a name and release date, and both critical tidbits are exactly what we thought they’d be.

Officially dubbed the PlayStation 5, the next Sony gaming console will release during the holiday season of 2020. Aside from its name and release window, Wired received some exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at what gamers can expect from the PS5.

Here’s everything we learned from the latest PlayStation 5 information dump.


The ray-tracing technique that was divulged last time the PS5 was discussed back in April was given some additional clarity by system architect Mark Cerny. He explained that the ray-tracing, which enables complex lighting and sound effects in 3D environments, is not a software-level fix.

“There is ray-tracing acceleration in the GPU hardware,” he said. “which I believe is the statement that people were looking for.”

The PS5’s solid-state drive was discussed as well, and Cerny explained how developers could duplicate assets to create large data blocks that enable faster load times. The PS5’s SSD will do away with the need to dupe data, so game load times will be faster and will take up less space on internal system storage.

Physical games will use 100GB optical disks, and the PS5 will also act as a 4K Blu Ray player.


The user interface of the PS5 will be vastly different from the PS4’s. Here’s what Cerny told Wired about the revamped UI:



Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2

Publisher: Paradox InteractiveRelease date: TBC

Looking for a game with a bit of extra bite?Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 puts you in the seedy underbelly of Seattle, which should suit you just fine as a vampire ready to test out your new fangs. Turned as an act of vampire terrorism during the ‘Mass Embrace’, you’ll soon get caught up in vampire faction politics, where you’re still just trying to deal with your new way of life. This is an RPG at its core too, filled with player choices, a strong narrative, and branching dialogue options too.

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Ps5 Restock News: Where To Buy A Playstation 5 Console In 2022

Your guide to finding PS5 stock ahead of the holidays…

Demand for the Sony PS5 has been soaring ever since the console launched two years ago. But while the Japanese giants fifth major console has sold by the million, PS5 stock remains hard to find.

Amazon UK /US is a great starting point but make sure you register for an email invitation to buy. With a bit of patience and a few tricks , you can beat the odds and win the PS5 stock lottery in 2022.

Right, let’s get started with all the retailers that offer regular PS5 restocks…

Ps: Streaming Video Services And Other Apps

PlayStation 5 – Release Date And Price Revealed!

Of course, game consoles can do more than just provide your thumbs with something to do – modern consoles are also full-on streaming video players.

Right now, you’ll find over a dozen supported streaming services on the PS5 including most major services like Netflix, Disney Plus, , Hulu, Peacock and Apple TV, as well as a few more niche services like Twitch, NFL Sunday Ticket, ESPN, Vudu, Tubi, WWE Network and Crunchyroll. The selection here isn’t as big as you’d find on, say, a Roku streaming player, but it should be enough for most.

The worse news is that, as it stands, there’s no support anywhere on the console for Dolby Atmos or Dolby Vision. We thought we might see them appear on launch day, but neither materialized and Sony appears to be shunning the popular HDR and audio formats for now.

What that means, unfortunately, is that the PS5 is really only a middling media player – it can’t best dedicated streamers like the Nvidia Shield, , Apple TV 4K or the new Roku Ultra, and isn’t the console we’d recommend to our cinephile friends looking to host movie night with the highest fidelity films.

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