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How To Speed Up Ps4 Downloads

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If You Can Use A Wired Connection For Your Ps4

7 Confirmed PS4 Tricks to Fix & Speed Up Downloads

If your router is close enough to the PS4, simply run a cable from the back of the console to a port on the router. If you can’t reach the router without trailing a cable throughout the house, you might want to consider investing in Powerline Network Adapters. These clever devices let you connect to your router via your electricity cables. Some houses with bad wiring aren’t ideal for this setup, but for most people these adapters can give you fast speed from any room in a house.

To Rebuild Your Ps4 Database:

  • Shut down your PS4 fully. Dont use rest mode.
  • Connect your DualShock to the console via USB.
  • Press and hold the power button until it beeps twice, indicating youve entered safe mode.
  • Select Rebuild Database. Make sure not to select the Initialize PS4 option, which would erase all your data.
  • The screen will go black during the rebuilding process. Depending on how much data you have on your system, the rebuilding process can take some time. Dont turn your console off before its completed.
  • When its finished, the console will reboot to the sign-in screen.
  • Get A Router That Can Handle Your Download Speeds

    If youve had your router for years, your router might actually be the bottleneck, as opposed to your Wi-Fi range or the internet connection itself. Routers are only able to handle a certain amount of speed. If you have an internet plan that offers download speeds up to 300 Mbps, but your router only supports speeds up to 100 Mbps, youll never experience speeds faster than 100 Mbps. That means youd be missing out on 200 Mbps of download speed, which is really just a waste of your money and could be the reason for your PS4 lag. You can confirm the maximum speed supported by your router by googling the router make and model, which is generally printed on the back of the device.

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    Pausing And Resuming Download

    Most of us know how rebooting the PlayStation 4 can help fix most problems with our play station including speed issues. Pausing and resuming downloading is an alternative to that. It is a much more convenient and faster alternative.

    If you download many games or updates at once, that might slow the speeds. To download at the best rate, one must download each file individually.

    Heres how you can do it:

  • On the PS4 dashboard, go to the tab.
  • Click on the game you are currently downloading and press the X button.
  • Open the drop-down menu, and click on pause.
  • Now click on resume, and your download speed will improve.
  • Pause And Resume Your Download

    Need For Speed Payback

    Another tip that weve seen work for ourselves is pausing your download, then resuming it again. If it feels like your PS4 is dragging its heels over a large update or new game download, this tip might help move things along.

    To do this, youll need to access the download queue under Notifications:

  • Access the PS4 dashboard by pressing the PS button once.
  • Tap up on the left joystick to highlight Notifications, then tap X.
  • You should see Downloads on the list, highlight it and tap X.
  • Highlight the currently downloading item and tap X, then choose Pause.
  • Tap X again on the highlighted download and choose Resume.
  • It will take a few moments for your download to start again, but this time around it should hopefully download even quicker and display a shorter estimated download time. You can try this multiple times, especially if you notice the speed dip again.

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    Updating To The Latest Firmware

    You cant blame Sony for not trying to address the download speed issue. Over the last two years, I have seen at least 4 dashboard patches that claimed to have fixed this issue. Even though it wont give you a dramatic increase in speed, its might still make a difference.

    A quick way to check if your PS4 console is running on the latest firmware is to connect it to the internet and open the notification bar. If you arent prompted to update immediately, scroll down until you see an entry with System Software.

    Get The Most Of Your Internet Service

    With great power comes great responsibility, and that’s why you need the best router for your internet needs. It will help increase the power behind downloading speeds, uploading speeds, online gaming, and more. An investment like this isn’t just helping your PlayStation, but also every other internet-powered device in your home.

    A powerful router worthy of its high price.With the Linksys AC5400 Max Stream, you get three bands of Wi-Fi, 4 x 4 MU-MIMO, and a ton of ports to connect your wired devices. A 2.4 GHz band with speeds up to 2,166 Mbps is perfect for older devices, and two 5 GHz bands at up to 2,166 Mbps support 4K streaming and seamless online gaming. Eight Ethernet ports let you connect plenty of wired devices.

    The Linksys AC5400 Max Stream is the successor to the EA9500, which is Windows Central’s best Wi-Fi router of 2019. All of the specs and abilities it has are sure to upgrade your internet speeds for way more than just your PlayStation 4. If you’re looking for something on a smaller budget, you should check out the TP-Link Archer A7 I’ve listed below. If you need a little more help finding the best router for your home, make sure you swing on by to Windows Central and get all the information you need.

    Additional Equipment

    Any of these products will offer help with increasing your PlayStation 4’s internet speeds. They may seem small, which is great because they’re also cheap, but they help a lot more than you think!

    50ft Ethernet Cable

    TP-Link Archer A7

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    How To Speed Up Xbox Downloads By Prioritising Your Downloads

    You may be downloading multiple games or updates at the same time, so if you want to speed up the download of one game in particular you could simply pause all the others.

    Follow the steps above to navigate to the Manage Queue section of your downloads. From there, select each item that you dont want to prioritise and press Pause Installation.

    That way, all your bandwidth and processing power will be focused on the download you want first. Of course, youll need to remember to unpause them later.

    Solution : Close Background Applications

    ð§ How to Boost PS4 Internet speed – Faster downloads, Lower Ping and Fix LAG!

    When you play games, make sure none of the applications works in the background because it might slow downloading or updating speed.

    Therefore, we need to stop all background applications before updating or increasing the download speed ps4.

    Step 1: Press and hold the PS button on the controller.

    Step 2: Press on Close Application In the List.

    Step 3: Confirm that you want to close the current game.

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    Opt For A Faster Internet Plan

    If youve followed all of our tips and tricks and your PS4 download speeds are still slow, the problem might have to do with your internet plan. Below is a list of common internet speeds and what activities youre able to do with them. Consider all of the different things you and your household use the internet for to decide which speeds will be best for you:

    Professional online gaming

    If there are a lot of people in your house gaming, streaming, or downloading content at the same time, your connection might not be strong enough. You can check how much speed your PS4 is getting by going to Setting> Network> then Test Network Connection. Certain internet connection types are better for gaming because they have better upload speeds, for example, fiber is better than cable for gaming. If you upgrade to a faster plan or one with a better connection type, youll be able to download content faster and avoid lag and buffering. Use our search by zip code tool to see if your internet provider offers faster speeds, or if another provider in your area does.

    Move Your Console / Router Closer

    Another thing that you can do is reconsider the current position of your router or PS4. If using a LAN cable is not an option for you, try moving the network router closer to your Playstation or vice versa.

    Since wireless connections are dependent on reception, moving your devices closer to each other will lessen the interference between your devices and improve the performance of your wireless network.

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    Average Video Game Download Speed Around The World

    Depending on where you live, your internet download speed can make all the difference to your gaming experience. But where in the world can you download video games the quickest?

    Chile takes the top global download speed spot, with download speeds of around 212.98 Mbps. This is so fast that you could download Gran Turismo 7 in just 1 hour 1 minute in Chile!

    UK gamers may be disappointed to note that it would take over three times longer to download the same game the UK.

    The UK currently ranks in 54th place, below the global average download speed of 67.25 Mbps, with a median download speed of only 65.68 Mbps. It would take 3 hours 16 minutes to download Gran Turismo 7 in a British home.

    The average UK internet speed has improved from just 36 Mbps in 2017 and should continue to improve as more of the country gains access to ultrafast and full fibre broadband.

    Speed Up Ps4 Downloads Using A Proxy Server

    Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered Review (PS4)

    The key is to set up a proxy server on your PC that your PS4 can use to download data from PSN, which should provide a much-needed boost to download speeds on the PS4. Simply follow these instructions:

  • and install CCProxy on your PC you can opt for the paid version if you want, but you only need the free version for the purpose of this tutorial.
  • Open CCProxy and click Stop to stop the proxy .
  • Make a note of the IP and Port Number from the HTTP listing.
  • On your PS4, head to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection and select your preferred connection type .
  • Select Set Up Manually, and select Auto for all options apart from the Proxy.
  • Input the IP and Port Number you noted down earlier.
  • Save your connection settings.
  • And thats it! Your PS4 should now download games and updates from PSN much faster than before, with speeds reflecting what you pay your ISP to provide. The only catch? Your PS4s internet connection will only run from the proxy on your PC, so youll have to have the software running whenever you want to download games or connect to the internet on your PS4.

    A fix for this is to only use the proxy when you have large updates or new games to download, and to revert to automatic settings for general gameplay. Either way, its a small price to pay for greatly improved PS4 download speeds!

    If you want to test your new download speeds, why not take a look at our recommendations of the best PS4 games?

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    Try Another Network Type Or Another Network/vpn

    If a particular network card on your PS4 is about to fail, that may slow PS4s downloads. Also, Wi-Fi connections perform weaker as compared to a LAN connection and for gaming, it is better to use a LAN connection. Moreover, if your ISP or its router configurations limit the PS4s speed, that could also cause the issue. Trying another network type of your PS4 or another network/VPN may clear the slow download issue in this scenario.

  • Connect your PS4 to another network type i.e., if you are encountering issues on a Wi-Fi connection, then check if using a LAN connection clears the slow download issue or vice versa. If the issue is resolved when you connect the PS4 to Wi-Fi, then you may change your LAN cable or powerline adapter . Make sure to make the switch the connection in the Internet Connection Settings of the PS4, otherwise, it may still use the older network type e.g., the PS4 may use Wi-Fi, even if connected through the LAN cable or vice versa if not configured in the PS4 settings.
  • If not, disconnect your PS4 from the current network and restart your PS4.
  • Upon restart, connect your PS4 to another network and then check if the PS4 is downloading fine. Enable Hotspot of Your Phone
  • If not, check if using a VPN resolves the PS4s slow download issue.
  • How To Speed Up Ps4 Downloads

    The PS4 may be the top-selling console of this generation, but it isnt without its flaws and any PlayStation gamer reading this will already know what were talking about. Thats right, the big issue plaguing gamers is slow download speeds on the PS4, regardless of internet connection speeds.

    But thats where we come in. Here, we explain why the PS4 lags behind the competition in terms of download speeds, and how you can speed up your PS4 downloads using a proxy and dont worry, its not as complicated as it sounds!

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    Do Ps4 & Ps5 Download Games Faster In Rest Mode

    While Sony does not officially validate it, many long time users and expert PlayStation gamers believe that yes, your PS console will download games faster when it is in rest mode.

    A PS4 & PS5 download games noticeably faster in Rest Mode because the console can dedicate all of its resources to downloading the game. This is also easy for you to test yourself!

    This is different from when the console is turned on and running games, as it has to share resources between gaming and downloading.

    Ways To Boost The Performance Of Your Ps4

    How To Speed Up PS4 Downloads (PC/Windows)

    Wondering how to make your PS4 faster and improve its performance? Take these steps to experience the best PS4 performance possible.

    If you have a PS4 or even a PS4 Pro, you might wonder how to get better performance out of your system. And while you can’t upgrade your PS4 like you can a gaming PC, there are some ways to make sure your PS4 runs at its best.

    Let’s look at your options for how to make your PS4 run faster and what to expect from them.

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    Switch To A Wired Connection Instead Of Using Wi

    If your PS4 WiFi connection is slow, you should consider switching to a wired connection. When your PS4 is connected to the internet with WiFi, you might experience slower speeds because of the distance or any objects between your console and the modem that could weaken the connection. With a wired connection, your PS4 is directly connected to your internet modem using an ethernet cord. This means that the connection will be faster and more reliable. To establish a wired connection:

  • Plug an ethernet cable into one of your modems LAN ports.
  • Plug the other end of the ethernet cable into your PS4s LAN port, which is located on the back of the console.
  • Go to the Main Menu on the PlayStation 4 and select Settings
  • 4. Select Network.

    5. Select Set Up Internet Connection.

    6. Select Use a LAN Cable.

    7. Select Easy.

    Once youve completed these steps, your PS4 will do the rest of the work for you. It will detect the ethernet cord and connect your console to the internet. This should improve your PS4 internet connection.

    If you arent able to get a wired connection, you can try moving your PS4 closer to the router to strengthen the signal.

    How To Make Your Ps4 Download Faster

    Gives you the most speed possible

    PlayStation 4 is one of the fastest-selling game consoles of all time, but many first-generation consoles have a problem with their Wi-Fi card. The connection speed is typically slower than it should be, which is a problem when many games have download sizes of hundreds of gigabytes.

    There are steps you can take to make games download faster on PlayStation 4. If youre planning on downloading something like Red Dead Redemption 2, you will need the fastest speed possible.

    Heres how you can .

    Use an Ethernet Cable

    An Ethernet cable is typically several times faster than Wi-Fi. A hardwired connection is more stable and circumvents the faulty Wi-Fi card in many of the earliest models of the PlayStation 4.

    Move Your PlayStation Closer to The Router

    Distance and interference greatly diminish the PlayStations Wi-Fi speed. If your PlayStation and router are in different rooms with multiple walls between them, youll see low speeds, sometimes less than a megabit per second.

    Place the PlayStation 4 and the router in the same room with a direct line of sight for better results. Even placing the PlayStation 4 inside a cabinet can block the connection, and its download speeds will suffer.

    Dont Play Games While Downloading

    When the PlayStation is downloading a new game or file, avoid playing anything on the console. Both single-player and multiplayer games can slow down the connection.

    Update Your PlayStation

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    Change Your Dns Settings

    Without going into too much technical detail about what a Domain Name System is, the simple act of changing your connections DNS can have a significant impact on your download speeds, particularly if you use Googles lightning fast DNS servers.

    How to change your PS5 DNS settings

    • Go to Settings -> Network -> Settings

    • Select Set Up Internet Connection

    • Highlight the network youre currently connected to and press the Options button on your controller.

    • Select Advanced Settings

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