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What Is The Best Hard Drive For Ps4

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How To Upgrade Your Ps4 Hard Drive


Here is a video demonstrating how to install a PS4 hard drive

Because there are two different PlayStations out now, the hard drives are located in different areas. The regular PS4 hard drive is located under the cap on the top left of the system, and the PS4 Pro hard drive is located at the back of the system.

  • Get an external hard drive and copy the firmware to it
  • Create a PS4 folder on the flash drive
  • Make another folder inside that, and name it UPDATE.
  • Unscrew the old hard drive and put the new one its place
  • Plug in your system and turn it on by holding the power button for 7 seconds. It should open up in safe mode, go to option number
  • Hit ok and let the console do its job

Note: Be patient, it may take a while, but if you leave the system alone then you will be fine. If you unplug the console, you run the risk of corrupting your hard drive and bricking the system.

Seagate Expansion Best Value Hard Drive

Brand:Digital Storage Capacity:Hardware Interface:Compatible Devices:

No backup softwareShort Warranty

If your selection is on the go big motto, the Seagate Expansion should be considered. It is the best hard drive for PS4 with enormous storage space. So, the available storage space of your PS4 can be increase with the USB 3.0 external hard drive in a nominal way. Moreover, the price is made much reasonable considering the high GB per dollar value. Along with this, the drive comes in different sizes ranging from 3TB to 8TB, so you can choose such a size that will fulfill all your needs.

There are many external drives for PS4, but Seagate Expansion is hard to beat with an 8TB storage capacity. Due to such an enormous space has earned the third position in our list of best hard drives for PS4. You must know that it requires a separate power cord to operate, so keep this in mind before planning your setup. Further, this drive requires Windows 7 or 8 operating systems, but it needs to reformat first if you want Mac compatibility. Reformatting will erase all your data which might not be acceptable for some users.

Silicon Power 1tb Black

The silicon power 1TB black rugged portable external hard drive armor a60 is made from a combination of metal and polymer materials, which has been specially designed to withstand the ultimate punishment in terms of bang and shock that it can endure. It is all put together to give you nothing but the most rugged and reliable device available on the market today. If you are looking for a durable and dependable storage device that is shock proof for your computer and for the ultimate media files then this is definitely one to consider.

The advantages of having this drive would include: faster performance and loading times, better overall performance and speed, longer battery life, larger capacity, and additional security and protection to prevent any damage.

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Best Internal Hard Drives For Ps4 In 2022

By Robin Owens 2 days ago, Hardware

Affordable and high-quality internal hard drives for PS4.

PlayStation4 is a very powerful game console that is popular among many gamers. However, you can get even more out of its capabilities if you upgrade its internal storage. This article dwells on the most popular options, so you can choose the best internal hard drive for PS4.

Silicon Power Rugged Armor A60 5400 Rpm 2

PS4 Slim Fantom Drives PS4

Check PriceWHY WE LIKE IT: Pros

  • Up to 5TB of storage space
  • 3 year warranty
  • We had to reboot PS4 to get it to recognize HD
  • USB cable is extremely short, just a few inches

The Silicon Power Rugged Armor A60 PS4 eternal hard drive is an astounding piece of hardware that can take an absolute beating, with an ultra-rugged rubber and internal suspension system, so it can quite literally be dropped on the kitchen floor without suffering any data loss. The HDD is IPX4 water-resistant and completely scratch-proof, with the company throwing in a massive three year warranty to boot. This isnt the fastest drive on this list, boasting 5,400 RPM and a max read speed of 100 MB/s, but it is certainly the safest.

Though the product does feature a nifty design that allows for easy USB cable storage, the included USB cable was the shortest on this list, coming in at just a few inches, meaning the PS4 has to be on its side and the HDD has to be right on top in order to make it work. Now that storage is solved, you may want to loom at the best 144Hz gaming monitor.

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Why Upgrade Your Ps4

When you first purchase your PlayStation, it seems like you have everything you need, outside of the games you want for it. And for a little while, you do.

But once you get two or three games, your hard drive is already beginning to reach maximum capacity, throw in Netflix, Hulu, PlayStation Vue, and the slew of other apps you will end up downloading, and now youve got to figure out what to delete when the next GTA gets released.

But, upgrading your hardware allows you to forgo the headache of deleting games and re-downloading them when you want to hop back on it.

Not only that, but it gets you in and out of your games faster as well. Imagine all those hours you sit waiting at loading screens throughout the year. Now imagine you can cut that down 20 to 35 Percent. Better hard drives offer you that opportunity.

Not to mention the money you can save by purchasing a hard drive yourself rather than paying a bunch of extra money on a system with only an additional 500 gigs of storage. Go ahead and buy the system with the smaller hard drive and then swap it out with a larger one you purchase yourself.

Maxone 320gb Ultra Slim Portable External Hard Drive

Best for the ultra-slim body.

The option of having a 5 Gbps transfer speed makes the Maxone 320GB Ultra Slim Portable External Hard Drive a particular purchase. The product has a sleek design and a simple plug-and-play mechanism to save time. It gets connected to your gaming console and your PC.

Technical Specifications:

Product Dimensions 4.7 x 3.3 x 0.4 inches

Verdict: The Maxone 320GB Ultra Slim Portable External Hard Drive has a great PC and gaming console performance. This product gets connected quickly with any gaming console, and you can immediately get a great gaming experience. The reason we like this product is mainly that it delivers remarkable strength and durability.

Price: It is available for $27.29 on Amazon.

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Does It Fit In Your Budget

The last thing that needs to be considered before making a final decision is the hard drive price. Make sure that you choose a hard drive that easily fits your budget and compares it with the competitors. If the competitors also come with the same features, storage space, and speed but with a low budget, then go for that.

Seagate Expansion Portable: The Best Value Hdd For Ps4

BEST PS4 External Hard Drives In 2022 [Top 10 PICKS]

Price: £44 , £57 , £92 , £97 |

Its not the fastest drive and far from the most stylish, but the Expansion Portable gives you exactly what you need for your PS4: decent speeds and plenty of storage. The 2TB version reaches read speeds of 132MB/sec and write speeds of 129MB/sec, both of which are in excess of the 120MB/sec quoted and perfectly respectable for a portable HDD. And while its a chunky little slab of plastic, its well-built and very quiet. Unless youre desperate for a proper gaming drive, theres little reason to spend more and the 4TB and 5TB versions are an absolute steal.0

Key specs Type: Portable HDD Connectivity: USB 3 Spindle speed: 5,400RPM Size: 117 x 80 x 15mm

Price: £88 , £140 , £275 |

Key specs Type: Portable SSD Connectivity: USB 3.2 Gen2 Spindle speed: N/A Size: 74 x 57 x 11mm

Price: 8TB, £137 |

Key specs Type: Desktop HDD Connectivity: USB 3 Spindle speed: 5400rpm Size: 179 x 119 x 41mm

Price: 2TB, £76 4TB, £98 5TB, £133 | Buy now from Ebuyer

Western Digitals Black line of HDDs has always had a good reputation with PC gamers, but this is its first foray into the console gaming world. Not only do you get rugged build quality and a cool, industrial design, but you have more choice when it comes to capacity, with 5TB drives available for just over £100. If you don’t mind setting aside a mains socket, the P10 also comes in larger 8TB and 12TB sizes as a desktop hard drive.

Price: 2TB, £80 4TB, £113 |

Price: 2TB, £70 |

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The Best Ps4 And Xbox One External Hard Drive

When you first buy a new PlayStation or Xbox, its internal storage seems limitless – but when you’ve got all your games installed and the tenth consecutive 40GB plus , things feel a lot different. Thankfully, the slow internal drives in even the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro means that expanding your storage is both cheap and effective. Here are the best external drives for PS4 and Xbox One, including both traditional spinning disk hard drives – the best value option – and more expensive but substantially faster external SSDs.

To make our picks, we considered core specs like speed, interface and capacity, as well as each drive’s reputation for reliability and durability. Of course, price plays a big factor as well, so we’ve tried to find the best deals on each of the drives we recommend for readers in the US and UK.

If you want to know more about how to choose the best drive, feel free to check out our frequently asked questions at the end of this article, but otherwise let’s get right into the recommendations.

Maximum Ps4 Hard Drive Upgrade Limit

This is something that you do not dive head on without careful analysis first. Determine how much you need and do some math. Is adding a huge memory storage space something that is important for you? If you answer yes, although we highly doubt it, exactly how big of a storage space do you need? How many games are you really playing all the time?

Yes, being able to add more PS4 memory is quite a mouth-watering option however, is it really necessary?

Even if you are not like most other users, and you have a lot more data to store on your PS4s internal storage, you will be hard-pressed to justify just how a drive larger than a 4TB makes sense. Because honestly, it doesnt.

You can easily upgrade PS4 hard drive up to 4TB, especially in the wake of Sonys release of the v.3.5 software update that supports internal drive up to 4TB. Why I said internal? Because people on forums, like GameFAQs, report that external drives with 6TB of capacity work just fine. Using drives with higher capacity than Sony software supports can lead to unexpected crashes.

Be careful!

When you go through Amazon or any other store, check the product size for 4TB 2.5-inch hard drives.

For example, these two drives:Samsung Momentus 4TB2.5-inch andSeagate 4TB Laptop 2.5-inch HDD have different sizes. Both them are 2.5-inch drives but at the same time their height is 15mm not 9mm, so they wont fit in your PS4 console! Also, be aware, because Samsung Momentus is not new but refurbished with no warranty.

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Lacie Rugged Thunderbolt Best For Rugged Nature And Mobility

Brand:Digital Storage Capacity:Hardware Interface:Compatible Devices:


Lacie rugged is the rockiest and most portable hard drive available on the market. As it comes with IP 54 protection due to which the best hard drive for PS4 is highly resistant to shock, dust and water. Also, it can survive up to a two-meter drop which is certainly admirable. Travelers will love the high durability because the climates and environments are not always friendly. Yet, the harsh conditions will not affect it. On top of that, the hard drive is bus-powered for complete mobility.

Going towards connectivity, you will be pleased to know that the best hard drive for PS4 comes with USB 3.0, which offers universal connectivity. What will please you the most is the thunderbolt 387MB per second transfer speed. Along with this, the hard drive possesses automatic backup capabilities. Further, the 1-month complimentary membership to Adobe Creative Cloud is a different pleasure. Last but not least, you will have 2TB storage space to accomplish all of your gaming needs.

The Best Ps4 External Hard Drives Of 2022

The Best PS4 Hard Drive

Taking a look at best external hard drive for ps4

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Just like PC gamers, the console world is constantly under storage pressure to be bigger, faster, and more robust. However, thanks to the recent decrease in external hard drive prices, PC and console gamers alike are leaning towards them as a real additional storage solution.

You can now pick up a pretty speedy external hard drive for $100 and it wont be 256Gb. New affordable 2TB options are now readily available and come to shelves equipped with some cool features and benefits. They even provide external SSD options for those wanting to really bolster the speed of their game loading times, however, these will come at a price so be careful.

Today we sit down and take a look at some of the best hard drive solutions for PS4 gamers. We have scoured the web to see which are best in class and have come back with a shortlist of what we feel are the pinnacle of external hard drives this 2021.

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Best Overall Solid State Hybrid Drive: Seagate Firecuda Gaming Sshd 2tb

Solid state hybrid drives are the next step in the evolution of hard drive. It adds quite a bit of speed to your system, giving you better loading times and smoother gameplay with less frame rate drops.

Because it is made with less moving parts than an HDD, it is more reliable and has a longer lifespan than hard drive disks, but because it is not a completely solid state drive, so you dont have to spend exorbitant amounts of money on them.

This particular drive is specifically meant for gaming use, making it perfect for serious gamers. Lets look at some of the benefits you will get with this hybrid drive.

  • Cost effective, excellent price for a hybrid drive with this much storage capacity
  • Flash accelerated technology gives you loading times up to five times faster than your original ps4 hard drive.
  • Adaptive Memory technology finds data that is frequently accessed allowing quicker bootup times
  • Multi-tier caching 2.5-inch HDD with 8GB SSD cache memory for better performance.
  • FireCuda comes with all of the benefits as the BarraCuda

The Verdict

Anybody that is looking to make the leap from standard hard drive disks to solid-state drives, but are not yet willing or able to put that kind of money up for them, should look at this hybrid drive. It is an excellent entry level SSHD.

Available Ps4 Hard Drive Upgrade Options

Various options are available for you to expand PS4 storage capacity. There are internal solutions where you swap your old stock drive for a new one. Or just buy an external hard drive, reformat it and use with your PS4 console.

  • Upgrade the current PS4 2.5-inch drive with a bigger one
  • Buy external hard drive for PS4

Types of internal hard disk drives:

Regular Mechanical Hard Disk Drives Everyone knows what is a hard disk so there, not a lot for me to explain. There are two widely used form factors 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch. Laptops and your PS4 uses 2.5-inch drives. There is no problem to use the 3.5-inch drive with PS4, but then you need Nyko Data Bank or any similar product .

Hybrid Solid State Drives Combines the traditional hard drive and SSD, as cache memory in a single case, hybrid storage provides the speed of an SSD device coupled with a bigger HDD capacity. A lot of experts highly recommend this storage type as a faster and cheaper solution than a regular mechanical HDDs.

Solid State Drives A flash-based storage device, an SSDs operate in a manner that is very similar to USB flash drives, except that the SSDs do it at a much quicker pace.We do not recommend choosing SSD for your PlayStation 4 storage upgrade because the cost per terabyte is significantly higher compared to HDD and SSHD.

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Top 11 Best External Hard Drive For Ps4

Read our review of the top External Hard Drive for PS4 and compare their features, etc. to identify the best PS4 Hard Drive:

Are you thinking about playing your favorite games on your favorite gaming console? A gaming experience in a PS4 is amazing. But, whats the use if you cannot store your favorite games? Thus, having an external hard drive will be helpful.

An external hard drive gives you the extra storage space you need, which will help you play your favorite game whenever you want. Having an external hard drive with maximum transmission speed will not decrease the refresh rate and allow you to get a fantastic game experience!

There are so many external hard drives available, and picking the best one out from them is an arduous task at hand. Thus, weve placed a list of the Top External Hard Drive for PS4 for you.

Scroll down below to pick your top choice.

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