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How To Watch Playstation Clips On Phone

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How Do I Transfer Videos From My Phone To My Ps4 Via Usb

  • Connect an SD card to your computer, using an SD card adapter/ reader.
  • Check the format of your SD card. If it is in ExFAT or FAT32 format, youre good to go .
  • If your SD card is not formatted as ExFAT or FAT32, you will need to format it into either of these formats first.
  • Disconnect the SD card from the PC using the SD card adapter/ reader , and insert the SD card into your mobile phone.
  • Copy/ transfer all your preferred videos into the inserted SD card .
  • Connect the phone to the PS4 using a USB phone cable. The PS4 should now recognize your SD card inside the mobile phone, to transfer the intended videos into the console.
  • If Step 6 does not work, remove the SD card from the phone and insert it into the SD card adapter/ reader. Connect the adapter/ reader to the PS4 to transfer files normally.
  • Similar to all other transferring methods, the process of converting your external device into .FAT format is extremely important .

    Still, the PS4s SHAREfactory app was recently introduced to finally assist players in this regard.

    SimeoArts video above which explains the method required to import your videos into the PS4 using the app, without needing to format your external HDD or SD card:

    Want the fastest internet for your PS4? See my guide here on how to set that up.

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    How To View Ps5 Screenshots & Videos On Ps App

    For this to work, link your PS5 to the PS App on your smartphone. Also, make sure the Stay Connected to the Internet setting for Rest Mode is turned on. After this, youll need to enable the feature on your console and on the app, so keep both of them handy.

  • In the PlayStation app, tap on the Game Library icon.
  • Go to Captures and select Enable.
  • On your PS5, open the Media Gallery and accept the pop-up invite.
  • If you accepted the invite, skip to Step 7. Otherwise, go to Settings on your PS5 and follow the next steps:
  • Select Captures and Broadcasts and then select Captures.
  • Now, enable Auto-upload.
  • To view your PS5 captures on the app, open the Game Library again and select Captures.
  • When viewing a captured image or video on the PS App, you can download, share, or check out more details about it.

    Plug The Usb Drive Into Your Mobile Device

    If you dont have a PC, you can transfer the screenshots and video clips directly to your mobile device using a USB-A to USB-C adapter. Or a USB-A to micro USB adapter if your device still uses a micro USB port. You can even get an adapter thats compatible with iPhones.

    Once its plugged in, simply open your phone or tablets files application, and look for the external storage device folder. Then find, select, and move all of the screenshots and video clips to a folder of your choosing on the mobile device. Unplug the USB drive, and youre done.

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    Add Live Streaming Sites To Broadcast Live Game

    If you want to share your live game-play, select one of the two live streaming websites for your PlayStation 4 system. You can select either use:

    • Twitch
    • Ustream
  • 1If you don’t have a login for either of these live-streaming services, go to your computer and register at or to get a login name and password to share your PlayStation 4 live game-play.Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
  • 2Once you have a Ustream or Twitch account, go back to your PlayStation 4 and launch the game you want to play. Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
  • 3Once the game launches, press the “Share” button on your Dualshock 4 controller, and select “Broadcast a Game-Play” from the three choices.Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
  • 4Enter your Username and Password to login. Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
  • 5Once you are logged in, it will automatically broadcast a live PlayStation 4 feed on your Twitch or Ustream page for the viewers to watch your live game-play.Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
  • What Are Ps5 Screenshots And Gameplay Videos

    PlayStation Phone

    When you’re playing a game on your PS5, you’ll know that pressing the Create button allows you to take a screenshot or record video footage from your gameplay. Capturing your gameplay via stills or videos is easy to achieve.

    A screenshot is simply a single frame captured from your game that could show an impressive moment of gameplay, or you achieving your latest trophy. It’s a still image.

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    Gameplay videos capture several minutes of footage and act like any other recorded video. This means you can record gameplay and then show off your killstreak on Warzone or your awesome trick shot in Rocket League.

    So, now you know what these two features are, how do you get the content from your PS5 to your phone?

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    Good Game Well Played

    Now you know all about recording, trimming, and sharing your game play clips on PS4. You can make some nice frag movies, funny clips, game play commentary, and video tutorials. The options are endless as long as you are creative enough.

    Do you record clips on PS4 for your own viewing pleasure or do you share them? Let us know in the comments below and leave a link to one of your own game play videos.

    Getting Your Video On Your Computer

    If you dont want to share your video online just yet, you can also transfer the video from your PS4 to an external hard drive or flash drive, then upload it to a computer.

    Step 1: Plug your drive into one of the USB ports on the front of your PlayStation and navigate to the Capture Gallery.

    Step 2: Select the video you want to transfer, then push the Options button.

    Step 3: Using the menu that appears on the right side of the screen, select Copy to USB Storage Device.

    Step 4: Youll be taken back to the grid view of the Capture Gallery. You can select which items you want to copy to your USB drive by pressing X. The images and videos you select will be marked with a large check in a tick box above each item.

    Step 5: Once youve selected everything you want to transfer, move to the right-side menu and select Copy.

    Step 6: Hit OK on the next screen and everything youve selected will be transferred to your external drive.

    Step 7: Once you successfully transfer your videos to the external drive, take the USB drive out of your PS4. You can swap your video recording files to your computer simply by plugging your external drive into the USB port. Youll see a folder named PS4 pop up in your My Computer folder if youre using a Windows device. And if youre using a Mac, youll see it in Finder.

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    4K Entertainment

    Enjoy stunning 4K TV and video streaming with a PS4 Pro and a 4K TV, from select streaming services including Netflix and YouTube.

    Watch the hottest TV shows and biggest new movies, or stream videos and music from apps like YouTube and Spotify.

    Sony Test Lets Some Ps5 Owners Quickly Share Screenshots And Clips Via Mobile


    Sony has tweeted that it’s testing a beta that will let PS5 players share screenshots and clips via smartphone using the PlayStation app. That will match functionality the Xbox has offered for a while now, though so far, Sony is only testing it in a limited release.

    A limited-release beta enabling PS5 players in Canada and Japan to share their captured screenshots and game clips through PlayStation App is starting to roll out today. For details, check out:

    PlayStation Canada

    One you turn it on, the new feature will automatically upload captures to the cloud. You’ll then be able to access them on the PlayStation app for 14 days to save on your camera roll, share on social media, or send to PSN friends and parties. It should be less clunky than the current system of direct sharing from the console.

    On top of screenshots taken from the Create Menu or Create button shortcuts, you can share gameplay videos under three minutes in length up to 1080p . For screenshots and videos to be auto-uploaded, make sure you’ve linked your PS5 console to the PlayStation app. It also needs to be left in rest mode and have the “Stay Connected to the Internet” setting enabled. For more details, check Sony’s article.

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    You Can Now Share Your Ps5 Screenshots And Videos

    Hopefully now you understand how to get your PS5-created content on your mobile so you can taunt your Xbox-owning friends with it. However, it isn’t an easy workaround.

    For a company that makes such a fuss of the social aspects of gaming, you’d think Sony would make it easier for users to share content with other people, whether they own a PS5 or not.

    Upload The Ps4 Clip To Youtube

    Step 1: From your PS4, go to Home Menu > Settings > Account Management > Link with Other Services > YouTube > Sign In> Enter Account Information.

    This is to make sure that your PS4 and your YouTube account can work together.

    Step 2: Then select the video you want to upload from “Capture Gallery” and comfirm “Share” to YouTube.

    Step 3: Select”YouTube”, set the uploaded video as private or in a specific catagory, and comfirm “Share”.

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    How To Share A Ps4 Clip

    After all that trouble with recording and trimming, it would be a waste not to share your clip on social media. Make sure your PS4 is linked to your preferred social media networks, and follow these steps:

  • Press the Share button on your controller and then select Share Video Clip.
  • Name your clip and add a witty caption or comment explaining the situation. This part is your time to get creative use your imagination!
  • Choose the social media where you want to share the clip YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can also select the audience that can view your clip, both on PSN and your social media account.
  • Transfer Ps4 Clips To Mac Or Pc

    Contact Support

    Step 1: USB connected to your PS4 device.

    Step 2: Locate “Capture Gallery” on PS4, choose a game and open a PS4 clip.

    Step 3: Press the Option button, and select “Copy to USB storage device”.

    Step 4: Remove your USB drive and insert it into your computer.

    Tip: You don’t need to transfer or copy the PS4 clips from a USB drive to a computer disk. DearMob iPhone Manager can read your USB drive, so just keep the USB drive connected with your computer.

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    Connect Your Phone To Pc

    Using your phone’s USB cable, connect your phone to the computer. UniConverter will load the phone’s driver files and install them for a smooth connection and transfer of data.

    Look out for the on-screen prompt on the program to switch on the USB debugging function on your Android device.

    Note: The enabling USB debugging for your Android devices varies from one model to another and from one operating system to another. So, make sure you follow the exact process for your device on the tool’s interface.

    If you’re using an Apple device, enter your device’s passcode to show that you authorized the connection.

    Plug A Usb Into Your Ps5

    Whether youve got a USB drive or USB to SD card adapter or something similar, as long as you can plug it into the PS5 through one of the USB ports, its usable. Be aware that you will have to format it though if its your first time using it with the console. Find a USB storage device you can plug in and insert it into one of the consoles open ports.

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    Using Ps4 Remote Play

    You can easily control your PS4 using Remote Play on your phone.

    Step 1: First, make sure your PS4 is powered on.

    Step 2: On your phone, go to the store and .

    Step 3: Your PS4 will appear on a list in the app once you open it and log in to your PlayStation Network account. Choose your PS4 to connect. Youll need to enter a code manually if the app doesnt automatically locate your PS4.

    Step 4: You can easily connect your smartphone to your gaming system and use it for convenient gameplay. To get the ball rolling, all you need to do is log into the Remote Play app and choose your PS4.

    Step 5: After the two devices have paired, you can take advantage of the virtual buttons feature to modify your phone into a controller.

    This playing method wont work all the time. Playstation reminds users that a wide range of games does not support Remote Play currently, including games with restrictions on video content. You should also know that the Remote Play app wont work if youre also broadcasting, using Share Play, or streaming a movie or other forms of entertainment on a Blu-ray or DVD. On top of that, you also wont be able to stream music on Spotify while youre logged into Remote Play.

    A win for any smartphone user operating with iOS 13 you can pair your phone to your DualShock 4 controller through Bluetooth. This option is useful for any games supported by Remote Play as well as mobile games that are compatible with this controller.

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    Keen To Show Off Your Shiny New Ps5 Here’s How To Share Game Clips And Screenshots With Your Phone


    It’s harder than you might think

    So, despite the odds, you somehow managed to score a PlayStation 5. First of all, congratulations. They aren’t easy to find these days, and even the most dedicated shoppers still need quick fingers and a whole lot of luck to get one in their cart. But you did it, and now you’re ready to show off your hitless run in Demon’s Souls or one of your favorite levels in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. All you need to do is get your screenshots and clips from your console to your phone a task more complex than you might expect.

    While the current Xbox lineup makes it easy to sync all of your captured gameplay moments using its mobile app, PS5 owners don’t have that option. Instead, you’ll need to have a USB drive laying around the house. If you don’t have one of those, there are a few workarounds for moving your media files through the web, though none are as straightforward as we might like.

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    How To Transfer Clips From Ps4 To Iphone Without Usb: Via Youtube

    Now, let’s get into how to transfer clips from PS4 to iPhone without USB or a computer. The good things is, this is not any rocket science as you can utilize the share feature in the Capture Gallery of PlayStation 4 to upload PS4 clips to YouTube and then save the clip on iPhone via the YouTube download feature. Here’s how:

    Location Of The Screenshots And Videos

    For first timers who have no idea where to locate find those screenshots and videos on their PlayStation 4 System.

  • 1Before you can access these files on your PlayStation 4, you must login to your PlayStation network.Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
  • 2Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
  • 3Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
  • 4Open any of the titles that you want to check, like the screenshot you made during game-play, or any videos you’ve recorded during the game.Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
  • 5In the same location, you can press the share button on your Dualshock 4 and follow the steps for sharing.Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
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    Can You Still Buy Movies On Playstation Store

    When this change takes effect, users can still access movie and TV content they have purchased through PlayStation Store for on-demand playback on their PS4, PS5 and mobile devices. We thank our fans for their continued support, and we look forward to further enhancing the entertainment experience on PlayStation. Did you like this? Like this

    How To Trim A Clip On Ps4

    PSP Phone caught on camera with better quality.

    People who want to share their clips should trim them prior to sharing. Most platforms wont allow you to upload overly long clips. Also, you dont want to share boring parts of the clip anyway.

    You can trim a PS4 clip from the Capture Gallery by following these steps:

  • Highlight the clip and press your controllers Options button. Select the Trim option from the side menu.
  • Use your controllers Directional Pad to mark the beginning of the clip. You will see the timeline of your entire clip, which is divided into snippets. You can change the size of the snippets. This will affect the time skipped with every Directional Pad hit, which is set to default intervals of 10 seconds.
  • Once you have removed the unnecessary parts, press L2 to choose the beginning of the shorter version of the clip. Move through the timeline and press R2 on the spot where you want it to end. Your new clip will be highlighted in orange. When you are done trimming, you can choose to either overwrite the old clip, or save the trimmed clip as new.
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