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How To Delete Game Data On Ps4

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Learn How To Delete Ps4 Games Right Here And Free Up Space On Your Playstation 4 Today

How to Delete Saved Game Data on Your PS4 (Playstation Tutorial)

If youre wondering how to delete games from your PS4, youve come to the right place!

If youre trying to make some extra space on your PlayStation 4, deleting games is a very easy way to free up some storage and make room for that big new title that you want to install instead.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to delete a game or two from your PS4, it will only take you a couple of seconds to erase each one from existence.

Read on to discover how to delete a game from your PS4 console

How To Delete Games From Your Playstation 4

It happens to those with even the most spacious of hard drives. Sometimes you just run out of space and some of those old games have to go. Or maybe it’s as simple as a terrible game in your library and every time you look at it you are reminded of what a terrible waste of money it was. No matter the reason, there are times where you need to delete some games from your PlayStation 4. There are two ways to do it and both of them are easy as pie. Let’s take a look.

How To Recover Lost Ps4 Game Data From Playstation Store

If the games are purchased from the PlayStation store, you can always re-download lost or deleted PS4 games through logging into your PS4 game account. You can follow the steps below to re-download your lost games from the PlayStation store.

Step 1Head to Library from hone screen, and press X. Then, you will see a list of games you have purchased from PlayStation previously.

Step 2Choose the game you want to restore and then press X.

Step 3Then, hit on X again on the Download tab and it will be downloaded to your device instantly.

When you come back to the home screen, you will see the lost game again.

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How To Restore Lost Or Deleted Ps4 Games From Cloud Saves

PlayStation online storage allows users to save or upload PS4 games into online cloud storage. If you have saved your PS4 games to the Cloud, you are able to restore lost game data on PS4. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1Head to Settings, scroll down to select Application Saved Data Management.

Step 2Choose the Saved Data in Online Storage option, and then Download to System Storage.

Step 3Then, select your lost or deleted games and press on the Download button. Once the downloading process is over, you are able to get your lost game files back.

Deleting Games From The Storage Menu

PS4 Save Game Data to USB 3.0
  • From the main page of your PS4, go to Settings.

  • Within the Settings menu, scroll down to Storage.

  • Choose the drive you would like to delete games from.

  • Select Applications.

  • You will then be presented with a list of all games and applications on that drive. Scroll down to the one you would like to delete.

  • One your cursor is on the game you would like to delete, push the options button on your PS4 controller.

  • Select the Delete option and that game is whisked away to the nether realm.
  • One thing to note is that if you accidentally delete a game or you decide that you want it back later, you can always download it again from your Library page.

    Once you have had a PS4 for a while it is almost inevitable that you will have to deal with data management in some way or another. Hopefully, this guide will help you keep a nice spacious hard drive with room for all the games you want.

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    Symptoms Of Ps4 Corrupted Data/database

    Apart from the error message showing directly on the computer screen, there are other signs that indicate your PS4 data or database might be corrupted.

    According to PS4 users, they have gotten a series signs indicating imminent PS4 corrupted data error. The game sound starts to lag behind first, then they fail to load the character, and the game go black finally. Besides, you might receive error codes like CE-37732-2 and NP-32062-3 which also indicate corrupted data in PS4.

    As for PS4 database corrupted error, there are other different symptoms. Some of them are listed below:

    • It takes a long time to load the games, and the process is unusually slow.
    • It’s sluggish to navigate through the menu.
    • It’s stuttering when you are playing games.

    How Does A Ps4 Hard Drive Get Corrupted

    There are a lot of factors that cause a PS4 corrupted file. In the worst-case scenario, it may be because of the consoles hard drive but commonly this issue is rooted in the installation process. When you install a game, there are tendencies that it will get interrupted in the middle of the installation. This may be due to your storage capacity and other reasons that will result in a half-installed game that is unplayable.

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    Does Deleting A Game On Ps4 Delete Trophies

    Once a Trophy is tied to PSN account it is permanently linked to your PSN profile and cannot be deleted, once you have 1% trophy progression in a game, it cannot be removed from your PSN account.

    The reason Sony doesnt allow you to delete trophies from your account is the same reason why you cannot delete games from your account as someone could hack into your account and delete everything!

    Also, Sony has more important resources like making this generation the best it can be and improve backward compatibility, fixing a non-broken trophy system is not a priority for them.

    However there IS a way to hide trophies so others cannot see them! For you gamers with OCD and that dont want a game to show with one trophy or those gamers who play naughty games and dont want it public I have the solution!

    How To Reinstall Dlc On Ps4

    PS4 How to Delete GAME DATA Easy!

    So, now youve deleted your unwanted files and got your game back. At some point you may want to re-install the DLC, which is much more straight forward. The easiest way to get your downloadable content back is by visiting the PSN Store via your PC browser.

    Install your game first, then head to the PlayStation Store on your desktop or laptop. Sign in and select the dropdown menu from under your profile name. Go to Download List and find the DLC that you originally downloaded that want to put back on your console. Click Download to your PS4.

    Hopefully Sony will add a patch at some point to make it easy for us to delete DLC on PS4, but for now this is the only way!

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    How To Delete Digital Games From Your Ps4

    Got some old, unplayed titles on your PS4? Spring-clean your storage and delete some digital games, like this.

    You can delete digital games from your PS4 for multiple reasons. Maybe you’re freeing up space, the game just didn’t click with you, but you might get it later, or you don’t plan on playing this game again.

    Whatever your reason, here’s how you fully delete digital PS4 games and how you can quickly locate and re-download them.

    How To Delete Digital Game Media From Your Ps4

    The third and final part is your digital game’s media, which includes your in-game screenshots and video clips. The process is very similar to what you’ve been doing.

    Head to your PS4’s Capture Gallery. You should see a folder for your game. Select it, tap Options, then Delete. Tick which pieces of media you want to delete, select Delete, then OK.

    Now you’ve fully deleted all parts of your digital PS4 game!

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    See Whats Using Space

    To see exactly whats using space on your console, head to Settings > System Storage Management. Youll see exactly how much free space you have available as well as how much data is used by applications, the capture gallery , saved data , and themes.

    Select any of the categories here to see exactly whats using space and start deleting things.

    Fix : Start The Ps4 In Safe Mode And Rebuild The Database

    Ps4 delete game.

    To rebuild the database of your console it must be in safe mode. Here is how to do it:

    Step 1: You need to connect the PS4 controller with the console by using a USB cable.

    Step 2: Now press the power button on your PS4 console and hold. Release it after hearing the second beep.

    Step 3: Release the button and your PS4 should be in safe mode.

    This process will scan for PS4 corrupted data. This is also good as it will help improve sluggish performance and slow load times.

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    Recover Deleted Or Lost Ps4 Hard Drive Games Via Cloud Storage

    If you are a PS Plus user, its very possible for you to recover the deleted and lost PS4 game files from online storage. Why? That is simply because the built-in autosave feature will store the PS4 games to the Cloud.

    How to copy the lost game files from the Cloud and save them to your system?

  • Select Settings from the Home menu of your PlayStation.
  • Choose Application Saved Data Management from the Settings menu.
  • Click Saved Data in Online Storage.
  • Choose the
  • Browse the saved game data and select all the files you need.
  • Click on the button in the lower right corner.
  • Wait for the downloading process to finish.
  • This is the end of the PS4 cloud save recovery.

    Fix The Corrupted Hard Drive

    There are several methods to fix your corrupted hard drive.

    If the damaged system file is the cause of the corrupted hard drive, run SFC scan to check system file integrity. In Command Prompt, type the command: sfc/scannow and press Enter.

    If there are bad sector on your hard drive, check this post to know what to do.

    If your hard drive gets corrupted due to file system error, just use CHKDSK command. After running the Command Prompt as administrator, use the command: chkdsk *:/f/r/x and press Enter.

    You can also use a professional third-party program to check your disk. As a powerful partition manager, MiniTool Partition Wizard allows you to upgrade to a larger hard drive without data loss and back up your Windows 7/8/10 with ease. It also provides Check File System feature to check and repair logical error on your disk.

    Step 1: Install MiniTool Partition Wizard and launch it.

    Step 2: In the main interface, select a partition and choose Check File System from the left pane.

    Step 3: Choose the option Check & fix detected error and click Start.

    Then, the tool will check and fix the file system immediately.

    To get more methods to fix the corrupted hard drive, you can have a look at this post: Top 4 Hard Drive Repair Solutions to Fix Hard Drive Windows 10

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    Ps4 Lost Save Data Ps4

    Since the internal storage of PS4 is limited and the demands for online & offline games are increasing, many people choose to add an external hard drive to PS4. However, users reported the PS4 save data missing issue now and then their data were lost from both the internal storage and the external hard drive.

    In fact, a series of reasons including accidental deletion, power failure, and connectivity loss could all lead to the PS4 hard drive data loss. Considering this, I decided to teach you the commonly used ways to recover data from PS4 hard drive in different situations.

    How To Manage Ps4 Storage Space

    How to delete your saved game data on your PS4 2019

    Learn how to manage your PlayStation®4 storage space and game save data using PS Plus online storage, PS4 system storage and USB storage.

    To manage your PS4 Save Data, go to Settings > Application Saved Data Management.

    If you would like to access an application’s PlayStation Plus online storage save data from the content launcher or Library, highlight the application, press the OPTIONS button and select Upload/Download.

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    Fixes For Corrupted Database On Ps4

    As mentioned before, corrupted data error is always related to a specific game on PS4, while corrupted database will affect all your installed games. As the reasons for these two errors are different, you might need some other solutions to fix corrupted database.

    Here are 3 commonly-used methods to fix the error.

    Can I Transfer Xbox One Saves To Ps4

    This is not possible, unfortunately. Xbox and PlayStation have different operating systems and different methods of storing data. The game saves that each console uses is unique. Even if it was the same, Sony does not allow game saves to be shared between user accounts, so you would be unable to use it regardless.

    • TAGS

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    Can I Share My Game Saves With A Friend

    If you have completed a hard mission or found all of the collectables in a game and want to share this progress with a friend, you are out of luck. Game saves are locked to the PSN account they were created with. This is done to stop people cheating the trophy system. There may be other reasons for it too.

    If you want to share your game save with a friend, you will not be able to do it, no matter how innocent your intentions are. The system is locked down to prevent game save sharing. There are a few documented cases where the system can be tricked into accepting a different game save, but for most people this is impossible.

    True Examples Showing Users Demands For Ps4 Hard Drive Data Recovery

    Easily Delete Saved Game Data From Your PS4

    According to the investigation, there are many PS4 users wondering how to recover save data on PS4.

    Example 1: Please please help – deleted game on PS4, can I recover?

    I dropped my controller on the continue game screen and it literally hit the square and then X button in succession and my game was instantly gone. I was over level 50, day 49, 0 deaths and over 50 hours into the game and loving it. Please help me recover the data if at all humanly possible, it was an online server as well. I put so much work into my base and surviving without any deaths for that long. Please help!!! Game name was New Eden. PS profile is the same as my username here. I’m heartbroken about it, for real. P.S. I see the tutorials for corrupted data but not deleted. The online storage is also gone because I accidentally overwrote it creating another game of the same name trying to fix this. Helllpppp…- asked Skaithe_Zero

    Example 2: Fuming!! My PS4 deleted all my partitions on my external Hd, please help me to recover them..

    Example 3: Broken PS4, retrieve data on new Pro?

    Hello everyone I have ps4 but didnt work and I want to replace to PS4pro the problem I have a lot of data in my PS4 and 2Tb games in external hard drive so Im asking if theres anything that I can do.- found on PlayStation help forums

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    Recover Data From Ps4 Hard Drive In 4 Ways

    Its no exaggeration that Sonys PlayStation 4 is the video game trendsetter. However, the data cant be saved on a PS4 hard drive once and for all. Game data and files are lost now and then, and this has affected many gamers around the world. A sudden power cut, unintentional deletion, and other improper operations can all lead to the loss of PS4 game files.

    Managing Save Game Data On Ps4

    Back when memory cards were the location used to save game data, there was never any confusion around this. With the switch to internal storage, finding and managing game saves has become a little more difficult. This guide will explain everything you need to know about managing save game data on the PlayStation 4.

    Save game data is easily accessible. You can easily manage all of the save game data from one place. It is also possible to access save game data for a specific game by interacting with that game record on the main menu. The sections below will cover all of the main methods you would need to use.

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    How To Free Up Space On Your Playstation 4

    Chris Hoffman is Editor-in-Chief of How-To Geek. He’s written about technology for over a decade and was a PCWorld columnist for two years. Chris has written for The New York Times, been interviewed as a technology expert on TV stations like Miami’s NBC 6, and had his work covered by news outlets like the BBC. Since 2011, Chris has written over 2,000 articles that have been read nearly one billion times—and that’s just here at How-To Geek. Read more…

    Sonys PlayStation 4 includes a 500GB hard drive, but games are getting bigger and biggerGrand Theft Auto V alone requires 50GB of space on the hard drive, even if you have the disc. Heres how to free up spaceand upgrade your PS4s storage capacity so you can fit more games.

    I Want To Keep My Ps4 Games

    How To Delete Your Saved Game Data On Your #PS4 ð® (2015) ®

    Dont want to delete all those precious games? If youre the kind of gamer who likes to pick up and play a different game every weekend, it may not be practical to have yourself deleting and installing the same games over and over again to facilitate this. Thats why getting a second hard drive may be the way forward.

    Check out our guide to upgrading your PS4 hard drive, or check out our top picks of external PS4 hard drives below:

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