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How To Send Video Clips On Ps4

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Adjust Your Video Settings

How to Send Video Clips on PS4 Messages! (Easy Method!)

First, hold down the button on your PlayStation 4 controller to open up the menu .

Step 1: From here, youll be able to change a bunch of different settings for how you share content you create on your PS4, including video. Youll need to use these settings later to upload your video, but for now, you want to prep the PS4 to record the exact length of your clips.

Step 2: To do this, go to the Set Video Length menu.

Here, you can determine how long the PlayStation 4 will record when you press the share button. The PS4 can automatically record for as long as an hour or as short as 30 seconds, but the default time is 15 minutes.

On The Ps4 How Can I Record For Longer Than The Allotted 60 Minutes

On the PlayStation 4, there is no official option to record for more than sixty minutes, although there are a few workarounds that may be employed. The first thing you can do is record gameplay video with your DualShock 4 and utilise the Share button to upload and share it with other players. Utilizing a recording programme such as Sonys DVR Mode or GameDVR, which is offered by Microsoft, is still another option.

How To Record And Share Ps4 Gameplay Videos

In this article, we show you how to record PS4 gameplay videos and share them online for bragging rights.

Whether you’re racing the streets, defeating a boss, or simply admiring the view, there are loads of great moments that can happen while playing PS4 games.

So, in this article, we show you how to record and share your PS4 gameplay so that you can relive these moments or send them to your friends for bragging rights.

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How Do I Transfer Videos From Usb To Ps4

Select whether youd like to see Video Clips, Screenshots, or both, and then push the Options button on the DualShock 4. In the side menu, select the Copy to USB Storage button, and then select which files youd like to move across. Ensure that your USB stick is plugged in to the console, and then click Copy.30-Apr-2014

How To Access Ps5 Game Captures On Ps App

How To Send PS4 Videos To Your Phone (WORKS WITH ANDROID AND IOS) (NO ...

Find out how to share your screenshots and game clips through PlayStation®App.

This feature is available in countries/regions where PS App is available. PlayStation®5 console users in supported regions/countries can access it by downloading the latest PlayStation App update for iOS and Android.

Game captures on PlayStation App

  • Gameplay videos under 3 minutes long that are non-4K.
  • Screenshots taken from the Create Menu or Create button shortcuts.

Youll be able to share captures with your PlayStationNetwork friends or parties from the app, save them to your device, or post them on social media platforms.

How to enable PS5 game captures on PlayStation App

In order for screenshots and videos to be auto-uploaded, make sure you have set up the following:

  • Your PS5 console needs to be linked to PlayStation App.
  • Your PS5 console needs to be left in rest mode and have the Stay Connected to the Internet setting enabled.
  • Open PlayStation App and select Library.

  • Go to Captures and select Enable.

  • View the pop up inviting you to enable.
  • Go to Settings > Captures and Broadcasts > Captures.
  • Turn on Auto-Upload.
  • How to view PS5 game captures on PlayStation App

    Once you have enabled auto-upload, any supported screenshots and video clips captured on your PS5 console will be automatically uploaded. You can see them on PlayStation App by selecting Library > Captures. When viewing a capture on PlayStation App you can:

    Frequently asked questions

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    How To Get Clips From Ps4 To Iphone

    You may want to transfer a clip from PS4 to iPhone to record and share your excellent operation. Try the two methods about how to get clips from PS4 to iPhone introduced in this guide.

    / Last updateJanuary 4, 2022

    How to get clips from PS4 to iPhone

    How would I import clips from PS4 to my iPhone? Id really like to share some of my SXL clips with great quality but I dont know where to start or how to save a recording…

    – Question from Reddit

    Nothing can be more excited for PS4 game lovers to turn failure into victory. If youre one of them, you may be enthusiastic about screen recording your excellent moves and trophy-winning moment and then sharing them with your friends or posting them to social media.

    However, you may find it difficult to share clips on PS4. Here comes this guide, providing you with two ways about how to get clips from PS4 to iPhone so that you can share these clips more conveniently.

    Way 1 How To Get Video Clips From Ps4 To Iphone With Usb

    Transferring files with USB always promises you a stable and fast experience. Its highly recommended you try this way if the clips youd like to transfer are quite large. You can follow the steps below to transfer PS4 clips to a USB drive first, then import these clips to iPhone with a professional transfer tool for iOS devices.

    Step 1. Import clips from PS4 to USB drive1. Plug a supported USB drive into your PS4 > Locate Capture Gallery from Applications > Choose a video.

    2. Press the OPTIONS button on your controller > Select Copy to USB Storage> Select your files and select Copy.

    Step 2. Transfer video clips from USB to iPhoneTo transfer PS4 clips from USB to iPhone, you need the assistant of a computer and a transfer tool called AOMEI MBackupper to transfer these clips from USB to iPhone directly without compromising the quality of the videos.

    In addition, the tool also supports to transfer photos, music among iOS devices and computer. To keep your iPhone videos safe and save the storage space on your iPhone, you can also backup videos to computer by AOMEI MBackupper.

    1. Insert both the USB drive and iPhone to computer > Download and install AOMEI MBackupper to computer.

    2. Click Transfer to iPhone from its homepage > Click the plus icon to choose clips from USB > Click Open to confirm.

    3. Make sure you have added all wanted video clips > You can choose to save the clips to the Videos, Photos,and Music app on iPhone as you like > Click Transfer to start.

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    Change Your Ps4 Sharing And Broadcast Settings

    Before you begin capturing PS4 gameplay, you need to make sure that the settings are customized the way you want.

    Press the button on your controller to bring up the Share menu. Select Sharing and Broadcast Settings.

    In here are various settings that relate to screenshots and broadcasting on services like Twitch . We’re going to ignore these and focus on those for recording gameplay.

    First, go to Length of Video Clip. Here you can choose the maximum length of gameplay captures. They can be shorter than whatever you choose, but this is the time it will record for if you don’t manually stop the capture. By default, it’s set to 15 minutes, but you can go as low as 30 seconds or as high as 60 minutes.

    Next, go to Audio Sharing Settings. Here you can enable or disable Include Microphone Audio in Video Clips. If ticked, it will capture your microphone audio when you record gameplay.

    Get Ps4 Clips To Iphone From Youtube

    How to Transfer PS4 Clips to PC with NO USB Needed! (Easy Method)

    If you just upload the video in public, simply download it in your own channel and then press the “Download” button to save the PS4 clip to iPhone.

    If you share the video as private, you might need an extra tool like YouTube Studio and YT1S to download get the PS4 videos on your iPhone. And the steps to download PS4 from YouTube to iPhone via these online downloaders are similar.

    Step 1: Enter the official site on your browser.

    Step 2: Put the link of the PS4 video on YouTube to the blank bar.

    Step 3: Click on Convert and choose MP4 as the output format.

    Step 4: Hit Download to save PS4 clips to iPhone.

    Besides sending PS4 clips to iPhone, DearMob iPhone Manager also allows you to transfer any video from computer to iPhone and iPad, so that you can enjoy movies, TV shows, home videos, and other content on the go. There is a plethora of online content you can grab, such as Vimeo videos, Twitch, Discord, and video content from popular streaming sites, you can also check out the tutorial here about saving JW player videos.

    About The Author

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    How Do You Record The Gameplay On A Console

    Recording video game play on a console may be accomplished in a few different ways. Utilizing a capture card in conjunction with a piece of software such as OBS or XSplit is by far the most prevalent method. Using these apps, you will be able to record your gaming and subsequently upload the file to a public location online. Utilizing a gamepad in conjunction with software such as Xbox GameDVR or PS4 Pro Game DVR is yet another option. The use of these apps gives you the ability to record and preserve your gameplay as either movies or still images.

    How Do I Transfer Files From Phone To Ps4

  • Connect your mobile phone to your PC. Transfer your intended files into the computer .
  • Connect your PC with an external hard drive or SD card . Once connected, you will need to format these devices into ExFAT or FAT32 format first, if not done before .
  • Transfer the intended files from the PC to your connected device
  • Unplug the device from the PC, once the files are transferred successfully.
  • Connect the device to your PS4. For external HDD, you can easily plug it in via the consoles front USB ports. If using an SD card, you will need to have an SD card adapter/ reader to plug it into the same USB ports.
  • Once the PS4 recognizes the connected device, transfer your stored files directly into the PS4. You can now transfer any files between the device and your PS4.
  • The process of transferring files between an external device and the PS4 is not consumer-friendly and very confusing. You may even lose your previous files stored in your external device, once formatted into ExFAT or FAT32 formats.

    However, you can also make things easier if you only want to transfer images and videos directly from your phone to the PS4. Read on to see for yourself.

    You can also find another simpler method to transfer images into your PS4, as recorded by YouTuber Zach Rotz below:

    If you are already upgrading yourself to a PlayStation 5, follow this guide to utilize your PS4s HDD for your computer, extra storage is always good for your PC.

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    Best Controller: Backbone One

    If mounting your phone to a controller sounds like more work than youd like, and youd rather have your phone be the controller, the Backbone One is the way to go. Its made specifically for iPhone and MFi certified. Some cases may not fit inside the Backbone Ones handles as they connect to the lightning port.

    This controller is compatible with Apple Arcade, Playstation Remote Play, Stadia, and Xbox Game Pass Games. It comes with L3 and R3 capability and responsive analog triggers. It can even help you record, edit, and share gaming clips from your phone.

    You can even connect your headset and charge your phone with pass-through charging while you play. When you purchase the Backbone One, it comes with a free month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

    How To Transfer Videos From Pc To Iphone Using Ios Transfer Tool


    Supported formats: MP4, MOV, M4V, WMV, RM, MKV, AVI, FLV

    The fact that iTunes will cause data loss on the iOS device is the main reason why so many users want to transfer videos to iPhone without iTunes. To get videos from computer to iPhone, iPad, or iPod safely and quickly, the iPhone transfer software – EaseUS MobiMover will help. With it, you can:

    • Transfer files between an iPhone/iPad/iPod and a computer
    • Copy data from one iOS device to another
    • , Dailymotion, Twitter, Facebook, and more to your computer or iPhone/iPad

    Other than videos, it also enables you to transfer photos, music, ringtones, audiobooks, contacts, PDF files, and more. Therefore, you can also transfer videos from iPhone to PC or copy videos from iPhone to iPhone with this tool.

    To get videos from computer to iPhone without iTunes:

    Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your PC, run EaseUS MobiMover and click PC to Phone> Select Files.

    Step 2. Select the videos you want to transfer and click Open. The video formats supported by MobiMover include MP4, MOV, M4V, WMV, RM, MKV, AVI, and FLV.

    Step 3. After selecting the videos, you can click Transfer to initiate the transfer process.

    Many users want to know how to transfer videos from PC to iPhone camera roll without iTunes. If you are one of them, Im glad to tell you that using EaseUS MobiMover is a proven solution.

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    Transfer Ps4 Clips To Mac Or Pc

    Step 1: USB connected to your PS4 device.

    Step 2: Locate “Capture Gallery” on PS4, choose a game and open a PS4 clip.

    Step 3: Press the Option button, and select “Copy to USB storage device”.

    Step 4: Remove your USB drive and insert it into your computer.

    Tip: You don’t need to transfer or copy the PS4 clips from a USB drive to a computer disk. DearMob iPhone Manager can read your USB drive, so just keep the USB drive connected with your computer.

    Where Can I Look For My Video Clips On My Ps4

    There is no straightforward response to this issue since it is dependent on the particular PS4 system you are using and the method through which you are saving your video clips. Getting to your video clips is often as simple as navigating to the Media section of the Settings menu and then picking the Video & Photos option from the drop-down menu that appears. You have the option of viewing individual video files or folders from this location, or you can watch all of your video clips at once.

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    Sharing Media Via Usb Storage Device

    If you want to share the media through a different channel, its best to put it onto a USB storage device. To do this, plug a USB storage device into a port on the PS4, then hover over the media you want to share, and press the Options button on your controller. Then, select Copy to USB Storage Device.

    How To Record Gameplay On Ps4


    Recording gameplay on your PS4 can be accomplished by pressing the button on your PS4 controller twice in quick succession. The recording can be stopped at any time by clicking the button twice again.

    Quick tip: You can also take screenshots on your PS4. To learn more, read our article on taking screenshots.

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    How To Send Ps4/ps5 Clips To Iphone Without Usb:

  • Scroll to the right and select library.
  • Go down the menu and click on applications.
  • Then, select capture gallery and click on start.
  • Now a list of all your video clips and screenshots will appear.
  • Scroll down to the clip that you want to share.
  • Now hold down the share button on your ps4/ps5 controller, and the share video clip screen will appear.
  • Now you can share the clip on different social apps.
  • Select youtube and upload the video to youtube as private.
  • Now open your web browser and go to
  • Now scroll down and click on video manager and find the ps4 video clip you want to download.
  • Next, click on the dropdown next to the edit button and select download mp4.
  • This will start the downloading, and you can play the video after it has been downloaded.
  • How To Share Video Clips On Ps4

    On the Playstation 4, there are a few different methods to share video clips.

    Utilizing the button labelled Share that is located on the controller is one option.

    And choose the video clip that you want to send to your friends.

    There is also the option of using the Media Player app on your mobile device or PC.

    And then you may share the video clip by going to the File menu and choosing Share.

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    How To Record Clips On Ps4

    William StantonRead more April 15, 2021

    Since its inception, gaming had a social aspect to it. Video games are much more fun when you are playing together with your friends, and when you can show off your skills. Unlike computers, the PlayStation 4 has a built-in record feature.

    There is no need to use third-party software you can record clips on your PS4 in-game. Some people might find the process complicated, especially if they are new to the platform. This guide will give you step-by-step instructions and advice on how to record clips on the PS4 properly.

    You will soon be able to share clips with your friends and save them for later viewing.

    Sharing Videos Via Youtube Or Social Media


    Similarly, if you press the Share button on a video, you have the option to upload it to YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. YouTube is a convenient way to share your videos, as you can tell the PS4 to upload it as an unlisted or private video to prevent everyone from seeing it. Then you can share it with close friends or just archive it for later use.

    If youve saved a fifteen-minute chunk but only want to share a small part of it, hover over the video you want to edit, and press the Options button on your controller. Then, select Trim. This takes you to an editor where you can cut the video down to size.

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