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How To Stream On Twitch Ps4 With Camera

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How To Stream From The Ps4 To Twitch

How to stream to Twitch from PS4 (and PSVR) with a camera

Ill go on record and say that I did not buy a PS4 with the intention of streaming to Twitch. However, Sony and Twitch have made the ability to stream to Twitch a breeze, so I figured I might as well give it a try. Why stream from PS4? Because I can and provides more entertainment playing a game with other people watching and chatting about it than just playing it alone. I will warn you that just because you stream to Twitch, it does not guarantee a large viewership right away, but it will grow the more you stream and the more you interact with the Twitch community.

One advantage I would say comes from streaming on the PS4 is that some games are still console only games and some that are ps4 exclusive. A disadvantage is that there are a lot of games that wont be on PS4, but if you normally play games on console then you wont miss them.

What you need:

  • PS Camera
  • How To Stream On Twitch In 2020

    Gaming is the whole new world. You can see the extreme passion for gaming around yourself mostly, in teens. Are you a gamer yourself? Its great! With each passing day, the gaming industry is expanding and Twitch is just another addition to it. It is the huge platform for passionate gamer who want to sit and enjoy looking at people playing games. But, do you want to stream on Twitch?;

    If yes, then, you must know that, Twitch is for you too, right? Anybody can use it. All you need to have just some good skills and equipment.;

    What Are The Options For Making It Work

    How you go about setting up your PS4 to link to your PC is pretty simple, theres basically only two options to consider. The first is free, easily set up and definitely the most painless way to go about it, and thats using Playstations Remote Play software. Essentially, you can install an official app onto your computer that receives the video and audio feed from the Playstation through ethernet or wifi. You can control the Playstation through a regular Dualshock 2 controller connected to your computer via USB or bluetooth.;

    The other option is a capture card, which is a physical unit that essentially allows you to split the HDMI signal between external devices, and allows a computer to read the signal as a video feed input, like a webcam. While significantly more expensive than the free of the remote play option, there are some significant advantages.;

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    Stream A Game On Your Ps4

    1. Start the game you want to stream.;

    2. Press the Share button on your controller. Don’t hold the button down just tap it once.;

    3. Select “Broadcast Gameplay.”

    4. On the Broadcast Gameplay page, choose the streaming service you want to stream to either Twitch or YouTube.

    5. Before you can start streaming, choose your video options. You can give the stream a title, for example, as well as choose your video quality. You can also scroll down to invite friends to the stream. If you have a PlayStation Camera installed, you can also include live video of yourself in the stream.

    6. Select “Start Broadcasting.”

    You’re now streaming video to the service you selected.;

    How To Stream Xbox One Games On Twitch

    How to Stream on Twitch

    Xbox One has its own Twitch app, which means that you do not need specialized software to stream it. You can from the Xbox store. You can find the app by searching for Twitch in the search bar on the app. You can then download the app and follow these steps to start streaming on Twitch with your Xbox One:

  • Log into a PC or mobile device with your Twitch account. If you do not already have an account, then make one first.
  • Once you are logged into the streaming platform with another device, open the Twitch app on your Xbox One and press the Login button.
  • You will be prompted to go to the link on the external device and enter the six-digit code that the Twitch app will present to you on the game console.
  • The Twitch account is now linked to your Xbox Live account. Be sure to set your Xbox Live status to online to stream . Also, check your Xboxs general settings to allow other users to see your online status.
  • To configure your stream, press Transfer and then Next. Twitch automatically runs a performance test on first launch to determine the optimal bitrate for your broadcasting. In the next few steps, you can activate the Kinect camera and the microphone.
  • Finally, give your Twitch stream an expressive title before selecting the desired game and putting the stream online using the Start Transfer button.
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    Get Into The Twitch Culture

    When youre just starting out your Twitch streaming career, pay attention to how other streamers work their magic.;

    What words do they use? How do they engage with their audience? What system, processes, or other interesting features do they use that you can replicate?

    Watch other streamers and learn from them.;

    How To Access Party Settings

    1. Press the PS button on the controller.

    2. Slide to the right toward Game Base.Game Base is four icons over

    3. Create a party by pressing the square button on;your controller.

    4. Press the PS button

    5. Select Game Base and scroll to the right of Create Party button to the Settingsbutton

    6. Select Voice Chat Settings

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    Carefully Choose The Games You Want To Stream

    The most popular games have lots of viewers but also lots of established channels flocking to them. New releases can balloon quickly, as evident in the 2019 success story of Apex Legends. A good trick is to use tools such as Quizzical Pixels What to Stream to find games that have good viewership but very few channels streaming them.

    How To Set Up Twitch Livestreams On Ps4

    PS4 to Twitch – How To Broadcast Gameplay – Camera and Audio Settings

    The current generation of gaming consoles makes it easier than ever to broadcast a live gameplay feed to friends . This can be done in several ways, depending on your needs and budget. If you want to get fancy, you can invest in a dedicated capture card, installed into the PCIe lane on a nearby PC. But if youre reading this, the chances are that youre only just getting started and so its worth first getting acquainted with the PS4s built-in streaming capabilities. Here, well look at how to get started livestreaming with your PS4, and consider how to take things further.

    What do I need?

    Before we dive in, lets discuss the tools youll need. The first, obviously, is the console itself, along with any games youre looking to stream. The next is a PlayStation Camera, which, while not a requirement, makes your streams that much more engaging and watchable by allowing you to overlay your reactions. Youll also need a microphone there are a range of options available, all of which connect directly to the console.

    Youll also need to be signed up to whichever streaming service youd like to use. There are three to choose from: Twitch, YouTube and Dailymotion. Of these, Twitch is the most popular but if you already have an account on the other services, you might prefer to get started with those.

    Streaming from within the PS4

    Why Bother with External Capture Cards?

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    How Do I Set Up A Twitch Stream On My Ps4

    Setting up a stream on your PS4 is extremely easy:;

    ;;;;1. You first need to start up the game that you want to stream.

    ;;;;2. Then, press the button on your PS4 controller. This will open up the Share menu on the left side of your screen. From the menu, select the Broadcast Gameplay option.

    ;;;;3. When asked which service you want to broadcast on, select Twitch.

    ;;;;4. You will be asked to link your Twitch and PlayStation network accounts together, which can easily be done by following the on-screen instructions.

    ;;;;5. he next screen allows you to customize various options of your live stream.

    Here, you can:

    • Choose whether or not you want your webcam feed to be included in the stream
    • Enable your microphone
    • Choose whether or not you want to have a chat overlay appear on your screen.
    • Change the title of your stream and select the video quality .
    • If you scroll down, youll find the option to invite other PlayStation Network players to your stream or share a link to your live stream on social media platforms .

    You can also press the Options button on your gamepad to access the Advanced Settings menu.;

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If youre playing with other friends and you want your viewers to be able to hear what the entire party is talking, you will need to:

    ;;;;1. Access the Advanced Settings menu.

    ;;;;2. Go to Audio Sharing Settings.

    ;;;;3. Make sure the box that says Share Party Audio is checked.

    Thats it! Now your viewers should be able to hear you as well as the rest of the people in your party.

    Streaming Settings For Broadcasting Via Pc With The Ps5 Or Ps4 Cameras

    OK, so your PC already has the camera installed and connected. Next, lets try streaming via the Twitch app or another streaming platform.

    When playing, you can press the share button from the controller. Youll have a choice of selecting YouTube or Twitch when you choose Broadcast Gameplay from the menu.

    Youll need to login . Choose Include Video from the PlayStation Camera which you will see under the Broadcast menu item.

    If you want to be able to communicate via voice command and do voice chat with your friends then youll need to choose Include Audio in Broadcast.

    If you dont select this, youll have no audio because your microphone wont work. Itll just be a glorified USB webcam with no audio.

    By the way, if you wondering how to live stream with a DJI Osmo 2, weve got you covered there too.

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    The Optional And/or Suggested Items

    The items that I mentioned as optional and/or suggested help the quality of your stream. I highly suggest being active in a community that has already been established on Twitch. The main reason is that starting your stream from the bottom, you will grow a lot slower than if you are interactive with an established community. If you are active, you can tell a few close people in the community and they can tell their friends and grow your channel a lot faster.Social media is also a good means of spreading news about your stream, which well look at how to share it from the PS4 in the next section.

    A new PS4 comes with a cheap headset which will help interact with chat while you game instead of either remaining silent or trying to play and type. There are many other options for headsets if you desire something other than the one that comes with the PS4. I have PS Camera in the optional category as I do not use one myself, however if you want, the stream can include your face in the stream.

    PlayStation Plus is a good investment in my eyes in that every month you will get a free game. Now, while most of the games on PS Plus for PS4 right now are indie games, they are still free and as more games for PS4 come out, the better the games will be. Free games can still be fun to stream and can bring variety to the content you provide. Not only do you get a free game for PS4, but you also get discounts on other games as well.

    Set Up The Twitch App

    PS4 to Twitch

    Go to the Xbox Store from your dashboard and search for Twitch. Click on the purple app icon and download it.

    If you havent streamed on your Twitch account from Xbox before, you need to use an Xbox Live Gamertag account to link the account to Twitch.

    Head to the Profile Menu on your Xbox and choose Join Xbox Live.

    Then Accept the terms and conditions.

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    How To Use Laptop Camera On Ps4

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    Setting Up Voice Audio For Ps4 Livestreams

    To ensure sure that your livestream includes your voice

    2. Slide to the right and select Settings

    3. Select Sharing and Broadcasts

    5. Then select Advanced Settings

    6. Navigate to Audio Sharing Settings

    We see three different options

    ;;;;Include Microphone Audio in Video Clips is for when youre recording gameplay. For example, 15-minute clips can be recorded and saved in your gallery with or without your commentary. Select this to include any commentary made during the 15 mins. Include Microphone Audio in Broadcasts is for livestreaming. Check this box to ensure your microphone is heard during your livestreams. : checking this box will include party audio in video clips and broadcast. This one needs to be selected in order for your livestream to hear the people in your party chat. Selecting this will also override the first one Include Microphone Audio in Video Clips. Your voice will be included in every clip made.

    Now that you have made your party chat sharable with your livestream, lets setup allowing your voice to be broadcast in your friends livestream.

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    What You’ll Need To Stream On The Playstation 4 To Twitch

    If youâre a PS4 gamer and want to become a live streaming on Twitch, you donât need much to get started. If youâre a PS4 gamer youâll already have the necessities at home, because most basic streams on Twitch stream directly from a PS4 console. So, here are the essentials youâll need to start live streaming:

    1. A PS4 console for processing the video and stream. PS4 Pros, PS4 Slims and the OG PS4s are all fine.

    2. A television or monitor set-up for watching or editing the streams.

    3. At least one PS4 controller.

    4. Twitchâs official PS4 app, which is available for free.

    Optional Accessories For Streaming On The Playstation 4 To Twitch

    PS4 Playstation Camera: How To Add Face Cam Video To Your Live Youtube & Twitch Gameplay Streams

    Streaming directly from consoles is the easiest and cheapest mode of live streaming. But for those who want more customization options for their streams or streamers looking to upgrade their content and go pro, here are some optional accessories:

    1. A Powerful PC

    Twitch recommends streamers go with a computer with at least an Intel Core i5-4670 processor and 8GB of RAM running on Windows 7 or newerâthose with macs are also fine.

    With a PC, streamers can make use of external software, customize their videos and set up live stream notifications to appear on the screenâlike donations. Itâs also recommended to have an internet connection with an upload speed of at least 3MB per second.

    2. Microphone and Camera

    This is essential for streamers who want to incorporate footage of themselves and voice narration to their streams. PlayStation recommends their PlayStation Camera, which has both a camera and a built-in microphoneâitâs also possible to combine the Camera with PlayStation VR to enhance the gaming experience.

    But while the PlayStation Camera has a microphone, recordings can also pick-up background noises that reduce the quality of live streams. For those looking to branch out, the favorite external mic amongst streamers is the $129 Blue Yeti. Itâs a USB microphone that creates unparalleled recordings and has adjustable pick-up modes.

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    How Do I Make My Stream Look And Sound Great

    Your gear and your upload speed play a crucial role in the quality of your stream, but theyre not all that matters. Content affects quality, too, albeit in a different way. There are some other effects you can add to your stream, as well as special settings you can pay attention to, that can make a lot of difference.

    If you want your stream to look and sound like those of some of the most popular streamers, you should consider the following:

    A Good Streaming Software

    Streaming software is the most essential part when you are streaming using a Computer.;

    • OBS: There are a variety of software available for the same purpose. But, the Open Broadcasting Software has no match. Yes, this software is completely free and the topmost choice for the best content creators on the Twitch platform.;
    • vMix: This software is ideal to use when you are confident about yourself and your skills.;
    • Xsplit: You may not want to go for this one as this software offers you the best services but, only with paid subscription.;

    Also, you must be aware of the fact, Twitch is going to launch its own software which will be available to you very soon. So, you must be ready!

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