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How To View Ps4 Video Clips On Phone

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Sharing Screenshots And Gameplay Videos Via Twitter

How to WATCH SAVED CLIPS on PS4 Capture Gallery App (Fast Method!)

Sharing your PS5 screenshots via Twitter is another workaround. Some steps are the same as above, and you’ll need the same tools, aside from the PlayStation App. Just make sure you’ve got the Twitter app on your mobile device, and you have linked your Twitter account to your PS5.

If you don’t have a linked account, you can create one by going to Settings > Users and Accounts > Link With Other Services > Twitter. You can link to other social accounts here too, if you like.

1. Share Your Photo to Twitter

You can follow the same steps as those above to locate your created content on your PS5. Once you reach the stage, simply select the Send to Twitter option. If you have a linked Twitter account, then the Post Tweet window will pop up.

Again don’t worry about the autofill text that will appear, you’re only interested in your created content. Just select Post and confirm by pressing X. Now you’ve posted your image or video on Twitter.

2. Find the Screenshot/Video on Your Mobile Device

On your mobile device, fire up the Twitter app. Head to your Profile page, and you’ll see the content from your PS5 posted as your most recent Tweet. Just click the image to open it, then click the Options menu at the top, signified by three vertical dots.

How To Record A Clip On Ps4

Recording clips is not that difficult. You need to launch your game, and when you start playing, you will be able to start recording. Follow these steps to record a clip while in game:

  • Press the Share button two times, and it will record a video clip that is the length of time selected in the previous section. You should see the symbol pictured below as confirmation that the recording has started.
  • If youd like to stop recording the clip before the selected time, simply double tap the Share button again. You should get a message saying Video Clip Saved.
  • Once you finish recording your clip, it will be saved in the Capture Gallery folder by default. You can access the Capture Gallery through Settings.
  • In the settings menu, scroll down and select System Storage Management.
  • Within System Storage Management, select Capture Gallery.
  • Your capture gallery will be organzied by game each game will have its own folder of clips.

    How To Send Ps4 Clips To Iphone With Or Without Usb

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    How to send PS4 clips to iPhone for sharing or editing?

    • Q1, Does anyone know how to transfer videos from PS4 to iPhone?
    • Q2, Please tell me How to get videos from my ps4 to my iPhone?
    • Q3, I want to upload PS4 clips to iPhone and edit them. Is there any way I can do it?

    PS4 game players are passionate about gameplay sharing. The desire to screen record our best moves and trophy-winning moments on PS4 and then show them off on TikTok and Instagram or directly send them to our gaming friends via WhatsApp is built in our nature. However, the native share feature of PlayStation 4 Capture Gallery is limited to YouTube and Twitter. What if you want to share these PS4 clips on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, or you want to transfer them to your friends directly? Sending PS4 clips to iPhone is the answer. In this post, we are going to show you how to send ps4 clips to iPhone in 2 easy ways. So after reading, you’ll know how to transfer videos from ps4 to iphone with or without USB.

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    Different Methods To Send Ps4/ps5 Clips To Iphone:

    Do you want to share your PS4/PS5 clips on your iPhone? If so, youre in luck! In this blog post, we will discuss different methods that you can use to send PS4/PS5 clips to your iPhone. We will also provide step-by-step instructions on how to use each method. So whether you are a beginner or an expert, you should be able to find a method that works for you. Lets get started!

    Copy Ps4 Videos To Usb Storage

    How to VIEW SAVED Call of Duty Clips on PS4 &  Record Video (Easy ...

    The first part of this process requires you to get your USB and transfer the PS4 videos to that storage. Here is how you can do that.

    • Connect a USB with the supported file system and enough storage space available to the USB ports on your PS4.
    • Go to the Capture Gallery inside your PS4 and open the video you want to transfer to the device.
    • On the side menu, there will be a Copy to USB Storage option. Select that and start the process.

    Depending on the video size, it will take some time, and your video will be copied from PS4 to the USB storage.

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    Transfer Ps4 Clips To Mac Or Pc

    Step 1: USB connected to your PS4 device.

    Step 2: Locate “Capture Gallery” on PS4, choose a game and open a PS4 clip.

    Step 3: Press the Option button, and select “Copy to USB storage device”.

    Step 4: Remove your USB drive and insert it into your computer.

    Tip: You don’t need to transfer or copy the PS4 clips from a USB drive to a computer disk. DearMob iPhone Manager can read your USB drive, so just keep the USB drive connected with your computer.

    Transfer Video To Phone

    After connecting your phone to your PC and authorizing the connection, the interface will look like the one below. From here, click on Transfer to send the videos straight to your phone.

    If the video files are many, click on Transfer All to activate batch transferring. Next, you will see a progress bar that gives you the length of time the transfer will take. At the end of the process, the screen will display Transfer successfully.

    After transferring the video, you can now watch the transferred PS4 gameplay video on your phone or share it with your friends on social media.

    Congratulations, you have successfully learned how to transfer videos from laptop to phone.

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    How To Share Screenshots And Video Clips On Playstation4 Consoles

    Refine your screenshots and video clips on PS4 consoles and create lasting memories of your games.

    How to edit a screenshot or video clip on PS4 consoles

  • Select Capture Gallery from the content area and select a screenshot or video clip.
  • Press the OPTIONS button and select Edit in SHAREfactory.
  • You can also select Trim to quickly shorten your video clip before sharing.
  • PS4 SHAREfactory features

    Start a project Each SHAREfactory project can contain up to 50 video clips and export 60 minutes of footage.

    Add a theme You can add a theme to your project that contains a unique set of assets including stickers, fonts, intro and outro clips, transitions and artwork.

    Edit your clips Use SHAREfactory to trim your clips and edit them together using transitions and wipes. Create slow-motion or time-lapse effects and add filters to any scene you choose.

    How Do I Save Ps4 Recordings To My Phone

    How to Send Video Clips on PS4 Messages! (Easy Method!)

    Many people enjoy sharing their PS4 videos with friends. Sharing videos is especially fun for gamers. With a little help, you can share PS4 videos with friends and family. Here are some tips. First, you need to update the system software to version 1.70. Once you have the latest version, you can save PS4 clips to your iPhone. To make the process easier, you can also use Wondershare Uniconverter.

    Plug the USB drive into the front USB port of the PlayStation. Then, navigate to the Capture Gallery. Choose the video you want to transfer. Next, press the Options button and select Copy to USB storage device. After that, select the video and images. A large checkmark will appear on them. After that, click OK and wait for 3-4 minutes. Then, the videos and images will be copied to your iPhone.

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    How Do I Transfer Videos From Ps4 To Iphone

    If you are a PlayStation 4 user, you may wonder how to transfer videos from PS4 to iPhone. Thankfully, the PS4 is a USB 3.0 device, which means it can easily be transferred from one device to another. After setting up your USB storage device, youll need to connect your PS4 to the USB port. Once youve connected your device, a list of saved recordings will appear. Select the game or video clip you want to transfer, and then select Copy to USB storage. Wait 3 to 4 minutes for the transfer process.

    To share your PS4 videos to social media, you have two options. First, you can post the videos on YouTube or Twitter. Second, you can use the PlayStations built-in video sharing features to upload and share clips with friends. In either case, the same method works to transfer videos from PS4 to iPhone. You can also send PS4 videos to iPhone using a computer with an Internet connection. Just follow the instructions listed above and your videos will be on your iPhone in no time.

    How Do I Transfer Files From Phone To Ps4

  • Connect your mobile phone to your PC. Transfer your intended files into the computer .
  • Connect your PC with an external hard drive or SD card . Once connected, you will need to format these devices into ExFAT or FAT32 format first, if not done before .
  • Transfer the intended files from the PC to your connected device
  • Unplug the device from the PC, once the files are transferred successfully.
  • Connect the device to your PS4. For external HDD, you can easily plug it in via the consoles front USB ports. If using an SD card, you will need to have an SD card adapter/ reader to plug it into the same USB ports.
  • Once the PS4 recognizes the connected device, transfer your stored files directly into the PS4. You can now transfer any files between the device and your PS4.
  • The process of transferring files between an external device and the PS4 is not consumer-friendly and very confusing. You may even lose your previous files stored in your external device, once formatted into ExFAT or FAT32 formats.

    However, you can also make things easier if you only want to transfer images and videos directly from your phone to the PS4. Read on to see for yourself.

    You can also find another simpler method to transfer images into your PS4, as recorded by YouTuber Zach Rotz below:

    If you are already upgrading yourself to a PlayStation 5, follow this guide to utilize your PS4s HDD for your computer, extra storage is always good for your PC.

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    How Do You Get Clips Off Ps4

    If you are wondering how to get PS4 clips to iPhone, you are not alone. Many people want to transfer their PS4 recordings to their phone, but dont want to spend the time or money connecting both devices. However, there are still ways to import video files to your iPhone. Fortunately, there are now a couple of methods that you can use to do just that. First, you can use a video transfer tool like DearMob iPhone Manager to transfer your PS4 videos to your iPhone. Alternatively, you can use it to backup your iPhone photos and videos to your computer.

    Another option is to download an application that lets you view your saved clips. This application is free and will transfer the clips to your iPhone. Then, you can share your clip on social media networks like Twitter or Facebook. Another option is to use an online service like Sony PlayStation Media Player to transfer PS4 clips to iPhone. Once you have downloaded this app, you can then view your saved videos on your phone and share them with friends.

    A Key Missing Feature On An Otherwise Great App

    New for PS4 phone Clip Cell Mobile Phone Clamp Holder For Play station ...

    The new update introduced a tremendous amount of new features to help better connect users to their PS5. While those things are great, one feature I would love to see implemented since the creation of this app is allowing multiple account log ins in the app. Many of us have multiple accounts thanks to Sonys inability to allow accounts to change regions, causing constant inconveniences and multiple log in sessions. This app is meant to conveniently log you in to your account on the playstation, but how can one do that on a one by one account basis. Thanks to Sonys terms and conditions, players who joined PSN in its early days, before many countries were added to the service, have multiple accounts. One to add monthly games on their PS plus account, another to talk to friends and game on their gaming account, etc. The new log in feature here using an app that only allows one account log ins would be useless in these instances. However, I do hope, despite for waiting so long, that this feature would be added soon. Currently as is, despite being great, switching between accounts is a major inconvenient that ruins my own personal user experience.

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    Can You Get Ps4 Capture Gallery On Phone

    Getting that perfect picture of your epic victory against a dreaded Boss: awesome. Recording a video of your last-minute bicycle kick goal to win in FIFA: priceless. With these files stored safely inside the PlayStation 4s Capture Gallery, is there a way for you to access them directly from your mobile phone?

    No, you cannot access the PlayStation 4 Capture Gallery directly from your mobile phone. The Capture Gallery can only be viewed by turning on the PlayStation 4, but you can transfer those files to your computer via a USB device .

    The PS4s system infrastructure is specifically designed to stop users from messing with the system but there are ways around this.

    I will explain how you can access the PS4 gallery on your phone, and how to transfer files from phone to PS4, and how to transfer videos from your phone to the PS4 with a USB. Read on to find out.

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    Can I View My Ps4 Screenshots On My Phone

    Yes. Indeed, Sony PlayStation 4 gives you the liberty to take and share video grabs and screenshots. Its easy to share your PS4 screenshots.

    You might want to upload your favorites to YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter directly from your console.

    You are also free to transfer them to your flash drive, from where you can send them to a USB-compatible device or your PC.

    However, if you intend to transfer multiple files, it gets incredibly complicated if you do not have a flash drive with you.

    You will need to do it manually as Sony overlooked this important area. I hated to go through the process as its time-consuming for no good reason.

    A simple upgrade on the App should solve this, but Sony remains unmoved. But I discovered a way to go around the problem.

    First, you will install PlayStations Messages App and then get a secondary PSN account.

    Alternatively, you can use a friend, but they might end up blocking you for spamming their inbox.

    After installing your PlayStation Messages App on your phone, your screenshots can be sent to any PSN account.

    These will appear in the Apps chat history window. There will be a visible button at the bottom of the screen that is what you will be using to download your files to your device.

    While you still need to send the screenshots separately.

    Its better than having to upload all of them to Twitter or Facebook, after which you would still need to download them to your phone.

    But some will not be compatible due to design or shape.

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    How Do I View My Ps4 Clips

    If youve got a ps4 and want to keep your clips safe and organized, weve got the solution for you! Ps4 video clips can be easily stored on your console or PSN account, but in order to get to them, youll need to use the ps4 media player. Heres how to do it:

    First, open the media player by pressing the button on the front of your console.

    Second, select the Video tab.

    Third, select Clips.

    Fourth, select the clip that you want to view.

    Fifth, press the Play button.

    What Are Ps5 Screenshots And Gameplay Videos

    How to view PS4 video clips on Computer | (2 Ways and More!)

    When you’re playing a game on your PS5, you’ll know that pressing the Create button allows you to take a screenshot or record video footage from your gameplay. Capturing your gameplay via stills or videos is easy to achieve.

    A screenshot is simply a single frame captured from your game that could show an impressive moment of gameplay, or of you achieving your latest trophy. It’s a still image.

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    Gameplay videos capture several minutes of footage and act like any other recorded video. This means you can record gameplay and then show off your killstreak on Warzone or your awesome trick shot in Rocket League.

    So, now you know what these two features are, how do you get the content from your PS5 to your phone?

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    How To View Game Captures On The Ps5 App

    Firstly, your console needs to be linked to the PlayStation app. You must also leave your console in Rest Mode and enable the Connected to the Internet setting to upload captures. After that, allow auto-uploads by navigating to Settings> Captures and Broadcasts-> Captures and turning on Auto-Upload.

    Then, open the PlayStation app on your smartphone and tap Game Library from the bottom. Select Captures near the top.

    Tap on the capture you want to view. You can see the details of your game capture by tapping the center arrow and download the content to your phones storage by tapping the arrow to the far right.

    To share game captures, tap the arrow on the far left. You can send your gaming moments to other PlayStation friends or tap the icon to post them on your preferred social media platforms.

    Its easy as that to view your game captures on the PS app. Have fun keeping your favorite gaming moments in your pocket.

    Yes, if enabled, video clips include audio from a microphone or party voice chat.

    PS5 video clips must be 1920×1080 in resolution and up to 3 minutes in duration to be uploaded to the PS app.

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