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How To Change Gamertag On Ps4

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How To Change Xbox Gamertag

How To Change Your PS4 Gamertag

Your decade-old handle doesnt have to stay forever. Were teaching you how to change your Xbox Gamertag through an easy process.

Maybe its currently embarrassing for you, mister xXxPandaKiller69, so you can start fresh with a new name.

The Xbox Gamertag identifies you across Xbox Live services and games. Its your Xbox account, console, and in-game name. It will be present across the Xbox One and Xbox Series systems.

How To Change Your Psn Username Using A Web Browser

As well as changing your PlayStation username directly from your console, you can change it on the web, too. Youll notice that Sony calls your username your Online ID. This is the same as your username, so dont be concerned that its something different.

  • Navigate to the PlayStation website and click Sign In.
  • Click on your Avatar located next to your wishlist and shopping cart, then select your name/username.
  • From your profile dashboard, click Edit next to your Online ID.
  • Read the Important Information then click I Accept to proceed, if you agree to the information.
  • Click Continue to edit your username.
  • Enter your new Online ID in the search box.

If your new PlayStation username is available, youll be able to change it. This will change your username across the entire PlayStation network, including on your PS4 or PS5 consoles.

How To Change Your Name On Rocket League


Rocket League Console Players used to be able to press a button in the main menu to open their ID options and change their username from the games main menu.

That was before Rocket League went free-to-play. Things have changed ever since.

Changing your display name is a different procedure that now depends on the platform youre using to play the game.

Whether you want to know how to change a display name in Rocket League because you got bored of your current one or because you want to hide your identity from those who recognize your name, were here to help.

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Can You Change Xbox Gamertag

First, you can display your real name instead of your Gamertag, but most people opt for the anonymous option.

Then, when you change your Xbox Gamertag, youll keep all of the data. That means personalized options, games, apps, friends, and achievements.

You also wont need to do anything else to access your account. In other words, you can play your games without major issues after the change.

Microsoft allows you to change the Gamertag for free with a single tag. Even if the console creates your Gamertag automatically when you first sign in to your account, this is the case.

However, after a first Gamertag change, you will have to pay a fee for subsequent name changes. The cost varies according to currency and region.

Lastly, Microsoft can deem a Gamertag inappropriate or harmful and change it without warning. It may do it even after you have already changed your handle name.

How To Change Your Psn Name On Ps5 And Ps4


There are a couple of ways to change your PSN name. You can do it from your PS5 or PS4 console, or you can do it online.

To change your PSN name on your console, simply press the PlayStation button on your controller to return to your main dashboard. Go to the ‘Settings’ menu. Then choose ‘Account Management’. From there, head to ‘Account Information’, then ‘PSN Profile’. Find your ‘Online ID’ option.

After that, choose the ‘Edit’ option that should be right next to your current PSN name. Once you do that, you can enter a new PSN ID that works for you. Be sure to choose something that aligns with the PlayStation Terms of Service , and isn’t obviously offensive or contains questionable content.

Once you’ve selected a PSN name and are happy with it, click ‘I accept’, which will acknowledge that you accept the risks involved with changing your PSN ID. Once you’ve done that, you’ve successfully changed your name!

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Changing Your Name On Epic Accounts

Following the trend, Epics username name is also the name that Rocket League displays as your username when playing the game. And just like it works with the consoles, changing the Epic Stores username will change the name that is displayed when youre playing the game.

To change your Epic Display name, open the Epic Launcher and go to your accounts page.

From the ACCOUNT INFO page, you will find a box for your DISPLAY NAME. Just click on the blue button to edit it and use any username that you want.

Although Epic allows players to change their username, it cant be done frequently. After changing it once, players have to wait about two weeks before being able to do it again.

Q: What Kind Of Issues Could I Potentially Run Into

Below are some of the issues you may encounter. We expect major issues to occur only in a small number of games.

  • Your previous Online ID may remain visible to you and other players in some areas.
  • You may lose progress within games, including game saved data, leaderboard data, and progress towards Trophies.
  • Parts of your game and applications may not function properly both online and offline.
  • You may lose access to content that you may have acquired for your games including content like add-ons and virtual currency.

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Changing Name On Playstation

Currently, the way to change the name that is displayed when playing Rocket League on your PlayStation is by changing your PlayStation Online ID.

You can do it from your PS by going to Settings, then go to Account Management. From there, go to Account Information, open Profile, and you will see an option for you to check your Online ID.

Please note that changing your PSN name is free of charge the first time you do it, but the second and subsequent times you do it are not. There will be a fee for each change of $9.99/£7.99 for those who do not have PS Plus. PS Plus Members have a 50% discount when changing their names.

This will also change your name across all other online games too, and will also be the name youll need to provide to people if they wish to add you.

Changing Rocket League Display Name On Steam

How To Change Your PS4 GAMERTAG FOR FREE! (PSN Online ID change)

Open your Steam launcher and hover your mouse over Profile Name. Once you select your Profile, click on Edit Profile, go to the Profile Name box, change it to the name you want, and save the changes. That name will be displayed as your Rocket League username.

Note that changing your Steam name will not change your account name, so this is different to when you change a Rocket League display name on all other platforms.

Steam lets you change your name pretty much whenever you want, although it might make you wait a few minutes right after you change it before letting you do it again.

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How To Change Your Psn Username On Your Ps5

Very similar to the method of changing your username on a PS4, to change it on the PS5, youll notice some very minor differences.

  • From the main dashboard, navigate to Settings and select it.
  • Select the Users and Accounts option.
  • Choose Accounts, then Profile.
  • Sony will display some warnings that youll need to accept before proceeding.
  • Enter your existing PSN credentials.

When youve completed the on-screen instructions, youll be signed out of your devices the same as you do with the PS4.

How To Change Your Playstation Id On The Web

First, sign in to your Account Management and select Profile from the left sidebar. Then, click Edit next to your current online ID.

You can enter a new online ID or select one fo the available suggestions. Click Refresh to view more suggestions. Select Check Availability to see if your desired name is available and if so, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the change.

After you complete the change process, you will be signed out of all devices.

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How To Change Your Apex Legends Profile Username On Nintendo Switch

Just like the PlayStation and Xbox platforms, its quite easy to change your name on Switch. Nintendo are quite laid back with regards to rejigging your name, so its quite straightforward.

Heres how to change your profile name on Nintendo Switch.

  • Make your way to the Nintendo Switchs primary menu
  • Press on your profiles icon/picture where it should have your Page
  • Now go to Profile
  • On the Profile tab, press right a couple of times until it highlights your name
  • Then press to confirm your new Switch name
  • Can Two Users Use The Same Psn Account

    *PS4 UPDATE 6.10*

    The Family Sharing feature on PlayStation Plus is what it sounds like. If you sign into a PS4 account with another PlayStation Network account and have PS Plus as the primary account, you can share many of those benefits and play digital games associated with it as long as you have the same account.

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    Cost Of Changing And Switching Back

    Since this is the first time PSN users have been allowed to change their online persona, Sony is giving everyone a single free name change. If you want to alter your online ID a second time, the cost will be $5 if youre a PlayStation Plus subscriber and $10 if not. Subsequent changes will cost an additional $5 or $10, so ensure to settle on a name youll love for a very long time.

    If you decide to revert to your original PSN online ID, however, you can do so for free. This name will also be permanently unavailable to other users, so someone cant pretend to be you after switching your name. Your old name can also be displayed next to your new one for 30 days as well, so your friends dont get confused and will still know its you.

    Change Xbox Gamertag Online

    To change Xbox Gamertag online, you must visit the official Gamertag web page.

    Herere the steps:

  • Sign in with your Microsoft account. Type your email address and password. The page may recognize your account without signing in if you have already logged on to the site or the Windows Xbox App.
  • Enter a new Gamertag on the text box.
  • Click Check availability.
  • Try another name if it displays the That name isnt availablemessage. However, the system will automatically add a 4-digit suffix to your name to make it unique.
  • When you select an available name, the interface page will display how the name will look across Xbox services. Click Change Gamertag if you like it.
  • After confirming the Gamertag change, the changes will be automatic across the Xbox. For instance, your friends will see your new name instantly.

    As I said, the first time you do this will be free. After the first time, you can change it through the same process, but Microsoft will ask you to pay a fee.

    You can pay the fee with the payment method you have associated with your Xbox or Microsoft account. The cost varies per region, but, as an example, the price is $9,99 for USA users.

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    How To Change Your Psn Email Address

    Your PSN Sign-In ID is the email address associated with your PSN account.

    Changing this associated email is easy and should be updated to your most commonly used email so you can stay on top of information regarding your PSN account.

  • Once you’re on the home page of your PlayStation console, press Up on the directional pad, then select Settings.

  • Go to Account Management.

  • Select Account Information.

  • Select Sign-In ID. You’ll be prompted to enter your password.

  • You’ll then be asked to enter the email address you would like to associate with your PSN information. Select Confirm when ready.

    If you’re changing the Sign-In ID of a sub-account, you’ll also need the password of the primary account.

  • Sony will send an email to confirm the Sign-In ID change. Click or tap the link in the email to verify your new address.

  • Once your new email has been confirmed, you’ll receive an official email at both your new email address and old email address to confirm the change.

  • Changing Your Psn Online Id Could Cause Issues With Many Games

    How to Change your PS4 Gamertag to ANY OG NAME YOU WANT

    There are a fair few online games that could be impacted negatively if you change your ID.

    Sony has discovered issues during tests that range from your old username still being visible all the way to the loss of save games and, even, access to paid-for content.

    There is a list of the games that could face issues here, along with some of the problems you might encounter.

    Games for PS3 and PS Vita do not support a change to a PSN ID and may also suffer major issues.

    Our guide to the best Switch games – including exclusives, indies, single and multi-player titles.

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    Q: Where And How Can I Change My Online Id

    You can either change your online ID on your PS4 or web browser.

    PlayStation 4:

    • Step 1: From your PS4 go to .
    • Step 2: Select > > > .
    • Step 3: Enter an Online ID of your choice or choose from one of the suggestions.
    • Step 4: Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the change.

    Web browser:

    • Step 1: Sign in to your PlayStation Network account and select PSN Profile in the menu.
    • Step 2: Select the Edit button thats next to your Online ID.
    • Step 3: Enter an Online ID of your choice or choose from one of the suggestions.
    • Step 4: Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the change.

    Can You Revert Back Your Playstation Username

    In some cases, users may experience technical issues when changing their PlayStation username. If a problem occurs, you can revert your username back to what it was beforehand, for free.

    Theres no guarantee that reverting your username will fix any issues, but since its free to do, its worth a shot if you are experiencing difficulties.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Change Your Psn Online Id

    Although you can change your PSN username an unlimited number of times, only the first time is free.

    If youve already changed your PlayStation username on your PS4, PS5, or on the web before, and claimed your first free change, you will be charged for subsequent name changes.

    It costs $9.99 per username change on an account. However, if you have a PS Plus subscription, Sony offers a 50% discount, meaning you can change your username for $4.99.

    How To Change Your Fortnite Username

    How To Change Your Gamertag On PS4 *2020* (CHANGE YOUR NAME ON ...

    You pick up Fortnite excitedly and register a silly username just because you want to join a match quickly. Now, youve matured into quite the player, and you think its high time you change your username on Fortnite.

    No matter what your reasons are, Fortnite allows you to change your username easily, and this article will show you exactly how to do it.

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    Change Xbox Gamertag Through The Console

    You can also change your Xbox Live handle on the Xbox One or Xbox Series console. The steps are the same for either option as the device family shares interface and services.

    Herere the steps:

  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide.
  • Go to Profile & system.
  • Select your Gamertag. Its on the opposite side as the Change gamerpic option.
  • Enter a new Gamertag.
  • Select Check availability. Try another name if you see the That name isnt available message. Otherwise, keep the name with the automatic suffix.
  • The interface will let you know how your name will look on the Xbox platform on the next page.
  • Select Change Gamertag at the bottom of the page if you like the new handle.
  • The rules are the same as before. Its a free option unless you have already done it. Then, after you confirm the change, you and your friends will see the change across Xbox games and services.

    Change Your Psn Name From Your Ps4

    You can also change your PSN name directly from your PlayStation 4. To do this, simply go to the settings page of your console and select Account Management> Account Information> Profile> Online ID. Then, all you have to do is type in a new PlayStation ID without touching a web browser at all except the one youre using to read this, of course.

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    How To Change Your Username For Fortnite On A Nintendo Switch

    Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch uses the Epic Games account Display names as well. To change it, you have to visit the Epic Games website. You can do this by accessing the page through a PC or Mac or even your mobile device. Once youve opened the site, follow the steps outlined above for changing usernames via a PC.

    How To Change Your Minecraft Username In Bedrock Edition

    How to Change your PSN Gamertag! (PS3/PS4/PS VITA)

    In Bedrock Edition, your username is connected to your Microsoft account’s “Gamertag.” So to change it, you’ll need to change the Gamertag.

    1.Head to the Xbox website and sign into your account by clicking Sign In in the top-right, if you haven’t already.

    2. Once you’re logged in, open up your Xbox Profile and click Customize under your name.

    3. Click the pencil icon next to your current username.

    4. Type in the new name that you want to change to, then click Check availability. If no one else has that name, it’s now yours.

    Quick tip: The first time you change your Gamertag here, it’ll be free. But afterwards, you’ll need to pay $9.99 per change.

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