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Is The New Xbox Better Than The Ps5

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Ps5 Vs Xbox Series X: Cloud Gaming

XBOX is Better Than PS5 – PS5 Crazy Tech Video Shows ‘PS5 Graphics’ Potential, & MORE

Cloud gaming isnt a huge issue for either the PS5 or the Xbox Series X, since you can simply download games and play them natively on either platform. But as cloud gaming grows over the next few years, its good to know where each company stands at the outset of this console generation.

The PS5 has PlayStation Now, which lets you stream a variety of PS3 and PS4 games to your PS5 or PC. You can also download certain PS4 titles. It costs at least $8 per month, and doesnt work on mobile platforms.

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, as discussed above, costs $15 per month, and lets you stream games to Android. You still have to download full titles on a console or PC, however.

At present, neither Sony nor Microsofts cloud gaming service is complete. The Xbox Series Xs is a little better, however, in that it offers a mobile option, but the PS5s is a little better in that it offers a streaming option for non-gaming PCs. This one feels like a draw.

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While both consoles are off to a strong start and show significant room for improvement, the Xbox Series X seems like a slightly better investment for the moment. With more powerful hardware, a better design, a more comprehensive game subscription service and a delightful controller, the Xbox Series X has the early lead in the next generation of consoles.

Ps5 Vs Xbox Series X: Which Console Wins

Bypublished 4 January 22

The PS5 vs Xbox Series X battle is a fierce one. We’ve reviewed both the PS5 and Xbox Series X, and it’s fair to say that we’re impressed with both systems. Both new consoles can deliver up to 8K resolutions, high frame rates, powerful processors and speedy SSDs. But which of the two systems is the superior gaming machine and which of them offers the better library?

Toms Guide has compared the two consoles head-to-head, and without spoiling the results, its a very close contest between two high-quality consoles. Read on to discover how each system fares in our PS5 vs. Xbox Series X faceoff. And be aware that, as is always the case, the best console is the one that supports the games you want to play.

4K UHD Blu-ray 4K UHD Blu-ray

While the specs are handy to know, they only tell part of the story when it comes to performance. As such, this section isnt scored. However, we can say that the Xbox Series X has more powerful hardware, in terms of both GPU and SSD. Check out the performance section to see how this hardware performs in action.

Sony Ps5 Vs Microsoft Xbox Series X: Best High

Almost a year after launch, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are still evolving — and both are still playing hard to get. Here’s how they stack up.

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As the PS5 and Xbox Series X near their one-year anniversaries, competition between the console kings remains fierce. While the base hardware remains the same , new software updates have added features, like more storage options and expanded cloud gaming access.

There are other options, too. Nintendo’s updated OLED-screen Switch is coming in October, and if you can find one, there’s the $300 Xbox Series S, which is a scaled-back version of the Series X intended for 1440p gameplay rather than 4K.

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Ps5 Vs Xbox Series X: Peformance

Both the Xbox and the PlayStation are stunning improvements on their previous generation. Games load in a snap the graphics, resolution and framerates are beautiful the worlds look set to be more expansive and detailed than ever.

But were not really at the point yet where any of the games have made the most of the power of the two consoles, and so its hard to compare which will make for the most exciting and attractive games.

You can compare specs all you like on the pure numbers such as the speed of their processors and the amount of memory, the Xbox Series X wins, but only just. Ultimately what matters is how that hardware is used to power games. And we havent really seen that yet.

Theyre both very, very good, and both much better than the previous generation, but were not yet at the point where we can say which is best. Call it a draw.

Ps5 Or Xbox: Which Controller Looks Better

PS5 and Xbox Series X Launch Lineup Looks Better than PS4 ...

Another subjective one, but hey, youve come to me. Ive openly said I despise the PS5s giant white and black tower of a console. And yet, the design of the DualSense controller works for me. The white and black, mixed with the subtle glow from the touchpad, looks slightly furitistic without being overwhelmingly so. Its also got some nifty details, like a teeny tiny pattern of the familiar shape buttons acting as the grip on the handles.

The new Xbox controllers aesthetics arent bad by any means. Like the black cube of a console, the new Xbox controller does a better job of disappearing into the background of your living space than the DualSense does

But unlike many of the other data points here, you can easily decide this one for yourself, thanks to our lovely photography.

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Ps5 Peforms Better Than The Xbox Series X New Console Leak Suggests

  • Sean Keach, Digital Technology and Science Editor
  • 16:15, 30 Jan 2020

SONY’S PlayStation 5 might outpace Microsoft’s Xbox Series X in terms of performance, according to a new leak.

The consoles are set to go head-to-head on store shelves just before Christmas and the PS5 may have a winning formula.

Neither Sony nor Microsoft have fully detailed their next-gen consoles.

But snippets of information are constantly turning up online, giving us clues about what to expect.

Importantly, the quality of these leaks is quickly ramping up as launch dates approach and as more game-makers get their hands on early test units.

The latest such leak comes from a well-known Twitter user called , who revealed accurate info about the PS4 before launch.

According to Tidux, the PS5 will offer better performance than the Xbox Series X overall.

“This is what info I have gathered over the last few weeks,” he wrote.

“Final dev kits for PS5 are out.”

He claims that the CPU inside both consoles will be roughly equal, and says the PS5 will have a slightly worse graphics processor too.

But he adds that there will be more memory and storage in the PS5, which is enough to give it the edge.

However, you should take this leak with a pinch of salt.

Generally, the GPU is the main factor in how powerful a console is, because it’s the tool used to render all the graphics you see.

But faster storage and memory can mean games load faster which is a major battle for visually-intense games.

Xbox Series X Vs Ps: Outlook

While there is a lot yet to be decided, the Xbox Series X and PS5 are on a pretty level playing field with the launches just around the corner now.

The specs for the PS5 don’t quite hold up to the Xbox Series X, and until Sony can show real-world results that its hardware is up to the challenge, we have to give the performance nod to the Xbox Series X.

Sony continues to have the more popular lineup of exclusive titles and no major shakeups or announced exclusives have changed this yet, although Microsoft is not shy about planning to buy up more game studios. For now, the Xbox Series X offers considerably more backward compatibility for nostalgic or lapsed gamers that want to play the greatest hits.

The PS5 also has one of the few clear differentiators between the two consoles in the form of PSVR, but with Sony dumping cold water on the idea of a PSVR 2 coming soon, it’s hard to put too much weight behind VR on the PS5 either.

This is shaping up to be a much closer competition than the Xbox One vs. PS4 at launch, but based on the pricing and Microsoft suffering some blows like the delay to Halo Infinite, I think the PS5 has claimed a slight lead as time ticks down to the next-gen launch.

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Features And Upgrades Whats New After A Year

Each console has been now been out for a full 12 months, so there are some expectations in terms of upgrades from both Sony and Microsoft.

As previously mentioned, Sony did upgrade the PS5 firmware, allowing users to add another SSD card to the previously dormant expansion slot, so the overall SSD has been improved since the consoles first release.

There have also been upgrades in regards to specific games Horizon Zero Dawn can now be played at 60fps while maintaining the maximum graphics, with some upgrades that improved the overall system performance.

There are few specific features that we can point to in terms of the PS5, as Sony seems more comfortable taking a moment-to-moment approach.

Microsoft, meanwhile, launched the Xbox Series X with the Quick Resume feature, which allows players to swap between active states of up to six different games at once. This allows you to jump right into a title without waiting for the loading title, which is a feature that the PS5 currently does not have.

In terms of upgrades, the Xbox Series X has improved its UI, upgrading it from 1080p to up to 4K when connected to a 4K display, making scrolling the Home screen a lot more visually satisfying.

Another upgrade that was bought in Xbox Night Mode, which adjusts the light to keep the room dark and help players who are sensitive to light. You can also toggle and adjust the light from your connected display, which is not groundbreaking, but a nice add on in our experience.

Xbox Series X Vs Playstation : Features

Gabe Newell Says New Xbox Is Better Than PS5 – IGN Daily Fix

As expected from any significant console refresh, Microsoft and Sony focused efforts on delivering flagship performance for their next-generation vision. Both consoles pack custom AMD silicon, based on leading Zen 2 processor architecture, alongside its latest Navi graphics cards. That duo lies at the heart of graphical advancements over Xbox One and PlayStation 4, pushing improved resolutions, frame rates, and overall visual fidelity.

The Xbox Series X is the latest evolution in Microsoft hardware, with an all-black, monolithic design housing stacked internals inside. It’s a chunky box with added volume over previous Xbox One consoles, aiding a new single-fan cooling system, and drawing air up through the console. Sony has debuted a more abstract, two-toned design, wrapped in a white, winged outer casing. The difference is black and white , but positions both as massive consoles compared to their predecessors. And don’t worry both stand vertically and horizontally, ideal for your existing setup.

Early PlayStation 5 prototypes cut a 15 second load time in Marvel’s Spider-Man to just 0.8 seconds.

Microsoft had similar ambitions, committing to an NVMe SSD and GDDR6 RAM, slicing loading, and increasing multitasking capabilities. It demonstrated that with State of Decay 2, cutting a 45 second load time on Xbox One X down to just seven seconds on Xbox Series X. While strong gains on both platforms, Sony’s SSD technology has steadily come out on top.

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Processing And Graphics Hardware

Both consoles are significantly more powerful than their predecessors.

The Xbox Series X is “four times more powerful than Xbox One X”. It sports a custom Zen 2 eight-core processor running at 3.8GHz per core.

The PlayStation 5 runs on an eight-core Zen 2 processor too, but at 3.5GHz per core.

RAM inside both is similar: 16GB GDDR6.

They also both run RDNA 2 graphics. However, the Xbox Series X has a slight upper-hand with its GPU having 12 TFLOPS of power across 52 CUs. In comparison, the PS5 has 10.3 TFLOPS of power across 36 CUs.

This effectively means that developers can potentially eke more from the Series X than PS5. And that has proven the case with certain multi-platform games, with the Xbox Series X sometimes offering higher resolutions than PS5.

However, both machines have shown that they are capable of excellent graphical performance.

Ps5 Or Xbox: Which Controller Is More Versatile

Back in the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 days, having a Microsoft controller around was a boon as it meant you could use the Xbox controller on both your PC and your console. Sonys controller, meanwhile, was much less friendly to other devices.

Times have changed since then, with the Xbox and PlayStation controllers playing nice with all sorts of devices, from PCs to tablets to phones.

But, in terms of immediate ease of use, the new Xbox controller is the way to go on PC, just because of its ubiquitous support there. You wont have to worry about messing with drivers or other settings with an Xbox controller on PC. It should just work. Sonys DualSense, meanwhile, will likely need unique drivers to work properly. Games that worked fine with a DualShock 4 dont seem to function at all with the DualSense, and may need to be patched . These issues may smooth out over time, but its hard to say when or if the DualSense will just work on PC and other platforms.

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Ps5 Vs Xbox Series X: Which Has Better Games

Were just going right at it, huh? In this early stage, there are comically few true exclusives for either console. Most of the major third-party games like and Assassins Creed Valhalla are on both platforms and run comparably. And every Xbox Series X game is also playable on PC.

At launch, the Xbox Series Xs big advantage on the games front is Game Pass. For a monthly subscription fee, you get access to a few hundred games from the Xbox One and Xbox 360 era. But Microsoft is also bringing new Xbox Series X games directly to Game Pass on the day they launch , while also updating older games like Gears 5 and Forza Horizon 4 to take advantage of the new hardware.

Looking to the future, Microsoft announced that its new acquisition of Bethesda means those games will also come to Game Pass right when they launch. If youre looking to play a lot of different games, but not looking to spend upwards of $70 on each one, Xbox Series X is a solid option.

The PlayStation 5 also offers its PlayStation Plus subscription service, which grants new free games each month. Recently that service was enhanced with the PlayStation Plus Collection, a pack of 18 excellent games that folks can play as long as they are subscribed to PlayStation Plus. Right now Microsofts Game Pass offering is far more valuable, but we expect Sony to get closer to parity with Microsoft over the next generation.

Ps5 Vs Xbox Series X: Price Comparison

Massive leak says PS5 is better than the Xbox Series X in ...

Lets start with the basics. The standard PS5 costs £449 , while the PS5 Digital Edition costs £359 . The Digital Edition console lacks a disc drive but is otherwise identical in every way to the standard PS5. Its straightforward stuff from Sony this time around.

Over in Microsofts camp, things are less clear cut. The Xbox Series X also costs £449 , but the Xbox Series S Microsofts digital edition comes in at £249 , making it the cheapest next-gen console you can buy.

That saving comes at a cost, however. As well explain below, the Xbox Series S is significantly less powerful than the Xbox Series X, and like the PS5 DE lacks a disc drive. Those looking for 4K gaming will have to purchase the more expensive model.

Its also worth pointing out that while the lack of a disc drive does keep the cost down in the short term, in the long run, you will pay more for digital games they tend to be more expensive than their physical counterparts. This isn’t as much an issue for the Series S, as Game Pass has a vast backlog of digital titles, and most first-party Xbox exclusives land on the service right from launch, but it’s still worth bearing in mind.

Winner Draw

2.4GB/sec 2.4GB/sec

Of course, speed isnt everything, and the Series X gains points for offering 1TB of storage space versus the PS5s 825GB especially since modern games can often use up over 100GB of space.

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Playstation 5 Vs Xbox Series X Price In India

Both PS5 and Series X cost Rs. 49,990 in India.

Sony also offers a PS5 Digital Edition at Rs. 39,990 that has yet to launch in India. It doesn’t have a disc drive, but everything else about it is exactly identical to the PS5.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has a less powerful cousin to Series X in Xbox Series S at Rs. 34,990. It too doesn’t have a disc drive, and has half the storage capacity of the Series X.

You can learn more about the Series S in our guide to the Xbox Series family.

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