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How To Connect Ps4 To Hotel Wifi

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PS4: How to connect to a hotel WIFI that requires a password!

If youre flying to your destination, you may plan on catching up on emails or posting your status on social media. Some airports offer free, time-limited Wi-Fi, but whether its secure is always an unknown.

When a Wi-Fi hotspot is unsecured, that means data you transmit or receive is unprotected. Anybody on the same network could spy on your information if they have the know-how

If you do decide to use free public Wi-Fi, be careful about the types of sites you visit. Its safest not to log in to any sites that require a password, because hackers could be using software kits to capture yours.

Avoid websites that hold any of your sensitive information, like banking or financial institutions, or transactional sites such as online retailers on which you store credit card information.

What Is A Captive Portal

What are captive portals? They are the popups you get that prompt you to login or provide additional information prior to using the Hotel, AirBnb or other locations WiFi. Captive portal are rarely used at most AirBnbs. However, most hotels they are common place. Very few hotels allow you to use their WiFi without accepting terms and conditions, entering a room name, an additional password screen or other consideration.

How Do I Connect My Ps4 To Hotel Wifi

How to connect your PS4 to hotel Wi-Fi

  • Connect your PlayStation 4 to the hotel TV.
  • Turn on your PS4.
  • Scroll over to the settings and press X to select the Toolbox icon.
  • Scroll down and select Network in the options.
  • Select the Set Up Internet Connection option in this menu.
  • Choose the Use WiFI option on the screen.
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    At The Hotel Wifi Login Page Put In The Necessary Info

    Now you are where you wanna be! Just put in the hotel password properly and you should be able to sign in to the wifi and use it like any other device! This method is pretty straightforward and fast.

    Keep in mind that depending on the hotel wifi, you may not get the best experience when playing online. Generally these wifi signals are pretty weak and slow but it should be good enough to watch some streams and do most of the other activities you enjoy doing on your PlayStation 4.

    Hopefully this article has helped you connect to your hotel wifi. If so, let us know, if not, maybe we can help you find a solution. Thanks for reading!

    How To Fix The Cannot Communicate Using Ssl Error

    How to connect Ps4 to wifi trick way

    As it turns out, this issue can be caused by a local network glitch that prevents your console from connecting to PSN. In this case, you can fix it by resetting the console.

    In case,f youre using a Sonic Firewall device, the issue can only be resolved if you enable Consistent NAT in your SonicWall settings. In some circumstances, youll need either disable SSL Control or set the associated policy violation to log the event instead of blocking the connection.

    If no dedicated firewall device is involved, you might want to investigate if UPnP is enabled. If it isnt youll need to enable it from your router settings in order to ensure that every relevant port used by your game console is forwarded.

    In case you only see this issue while attempting to use the integrated web browser while connected to a public WiFi, you will need to switch from HTTPS to HTTP in order to get the pages to load.

    However, in some rare circumstances, the problem can originate from a corrupted firmware . In this case, you should try installing the new firmware via Safe mode and perform a power-cycling procedure.

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    Cannot Communicate Using Ssl

    Certain PS4 users are encountering the Cannot Communicate Using SSL error when attempting to access the Store or certain online game features through a firewall. In most cases, affected users are saying they only see this problem when using a SonicWall model or a different manufacturer with similar functionality.

    Still Cant Connect Your Xbox One To Hotel Wifi

    If you are still have trouble connecting your XBox One to the hotel WiFi, you are not alone. Despite the fact that the XBox One supports captive portals they dont always work. Here are a few work arounds to consider.

    Laptop Internet Connection Sharing

    If you have a Windows 10 laptop you can share your internet connection. This creates a small WiFi network using using your Laptops internet connection that the XBox One can connect to.

  • Connect your laptop to the hotels internet
  • Complete any login/captive portal information screens
  • Find the WiFi connection in the lower right hand corner of your laptop screen
  • Right click and select Share Internet Connection
  • Connect the XBox One wirelessly to your laptop
  • If you have a Mac you may also be able to share your internet connection by going into System Preference -> Sharing. However, many Mac laptops do not have the hardware to share the WiFi connection to another wireless device.

    Phone Hotspot

    If your data plan allows it you can by pass the hotel WiFi and simply use your phones hotspot. A few select models can actually even share the hotels WiFi, but that is becoming increasingly rare.

    Do note that unless your phone can share the hotels WiFi network you will be using data. While many people are on unlimited plans, those generally will throttle the hotspot data after a certain amount of use. Many other plans charge by the GB or dont allow hotspots at all.

    Travel Router

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    Playstation 4 Wiki Guide

    Want to manually set up an online connection on a PS4, follow these steps below:

    1. Press the PlayStation Button

    2. Select the Settings menu

    4. Select Set Up Internet Connection

    5. Select either Wifi or LAN Cable as appropriate to your network

    6. Select Custom

    7. Select Your Network Name if appropriate and enter password if appropriate

    8. Select Manual

    9. Set theIP Address, Subnet Mask. Default Gateway, Primary DNS and Secondary DNS according to your local network settings

    How Can I Increase My Ps4 Connection Speed

    How To Connect PS4 to Hotel WiFi

    The best ways to increase the download speed of your PS4 by spending money are:

  • Pay for a faster internet serivce perhaps fibre broadband.
  • Use a wired conenction instead of Wi-Fi plug directly into your router.
  • Use powerline adapters around your house makes a wired connection possible anywhere.
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    Find Out What You Need To Connect Ps4 To Hotel Wifi

    Every serious gamer that brings along a ps4 on their journey packs a few essential necessary to connect it to the hotel wifi. Ensure you bring along an HDMI cable, controller, and power cable. The hotel you are staying at should provide you with the wifi details, including the username and password.

    How To Connect Your Ps4 To Hotel Wi

  • Connect your PlayStation 4 to the hotel TV.
  • Turn on your PS4.
  • Scroll over to the settings and press X to select the Toolbox icon.
  • Scroll down and select Network in the options.
  • Select the Set Up Internet Connection option in this menu.
  • Choose the Use WiFI option on the screen.
  • Select the Easy option. You can do custom if you know the details but the easy option is, well, easier.

  • Select the name of your hotel Wi-Fi. This can usually be found on the package that holds your keys.
  • After the PlayStation has gone through its business it will show that the internet settings have been saved. From here select the Test Internet Connection button.
  • When the internet connection check says failed, don’t panic! Select the Details option to fix it.

  • Select the Suggested Actions button to move forward.
  • Now you should select the View Status of the PlayStation Network Services button to access a web browser window.

  • It may tell you that the security of the page cannot be verified. If it does just select Yes to move on to the next page.
  • You will now see a browser window with the sign-in for your hotel. Just input The Details it asks of you and press connect.

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    What All Does The Guest Must Carry

    Before you put efforts to help your guest to connect their Playstation 4 with hotel wifi, confirm the presence of this equipment:

    Well the gamers know what they need, but the hotels can keep stock to enhance their hospitality:

    1) The visitors must have an HDMI cable

    2) You would need a Power cable

    3) A Console is a must

    4) Having a Controller is a must thing

    5) Dont forget the WiFi username

    6) It is very important to remember the password for your WiFi

    Connect Ps4 To Hotel Wifi Via A Third

    PS4 Hotel WiFi setup. This is possible for the Xbox one ...

    As a last resort, your guest may be able to connect through a third-party internet hotspot if they are traveling with a smartphone or laptop. This method is slightly more involved, as guests will need to use a service called Connectify its a free, virtual router that lets you with other devices. Check out this video to learn more:;

    Once the guests laptop is connected to your propertys internet, have the guest try this method for connecting their PS4:;

  • Connect the PS4 console to the TV

  • Switch on the PS4 console

  • Follow this tutorial on how to set up your PS4 with your Connectify. With this, you will need to have your SSID and password ready.

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    Please Connect To The Hotel Network

    To upgrade to Enhanced Internet, you must first connect to the property’s wireless network. To do so:

    • Open your wireless utility or Settings app for Wi-Fi connections
    • Select the guest network listed for your hotel
    • Re-enter the upgrade link:

    If you are not currently at a property, then we invite you to visit to make a reservation, find a vacation deal, or explore our more than 6000 properties worldwide.

    To upgrade to Enhanced Internet, you must first connect to the property’s wireless network. To do so:

    • Open your wireless utility or Settings app for Wi-Fi connections
    • Select the guest network listed for your hotel
    • Re-enter the upgrade link:

    If you are not currently at a property, then we invite you to visit to make a reservation, find a vacation deal, or explore our more than 6000 properties worldwide.

    Connect Ps4 To Your Wifi

    First, make sure your propertys WiFi is working and that your guest has their WiFi password handy. Then, walk your guest through these steps.

  • Connect your PS4 to the hotel TV and turn it on.;

  • Scroll to Settings. Press X to select the Toolbox icon

  • Next, select Network from the Toolbox options

  • Select Set Up Internet Connection

  • Choose the option to use WiFi

  • Choose the Easy set-up option

  • Find the name of your hotels WiFi network and choose that option. PS4 will then go through the process of trying to connect and will prompt you for a password. It will show that the internet settings have been saved once youve connected.;

  • Test the connection by selecting the Test Internet Connection button.

  • If the connection says failed, its ok just select the Details option to fix it.

  • Tap the option Suggested Actions. If it tells you the security of the page cannot be verified, just say Yes and move on to the next page.;

  • A browser window will appear with the sign-in for your hotels WiFi network. Login with the details of your propertys WiFi and press connect.

  • Once youre connected, press the back button on your PS4 console to get back to the network screen. Test the internet connection again to see if what you did worked.

  • If your guest is still struggling to connect, check out our more extensive guide for connecting a PS4 console to hotel WiFi. Well have some tips for troubleshooting, as well as some games you might recommend during their stay.

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    Connect Ps4 To Hotel Wifi Via Custom Settings

    One provided a method for connecting using a custom DNS server. Heres how to do it:;

  • Follow the steps above to navigate to Set Up Internet Connection and choose the option to use WiFi.;

  • Select Custom ;

  • Select the hotel network;

  • Enter the WiFi network password

  • IP Address settings: automatic

  • Proxy Server: Do Not Use

  • Then, test the internet connection to see if these settings worked.

  • The Redditor notes that if the above DNS servers do not resolve the issue, try using primary DNS: and secondary DNS:;

    Cause Of Causes Of Ps4 Not Connecting To Wifi

    100% Connect PS4 to Hotel WiFi

    Many factors may reason on why your ps4 wont connect to the wi-fi. But there are some major factors that are know to cause this problem. Some of the major causes of the problems are.

    • Wifi has lost the internet connection.
    • Your Wifi Username and Password do not match.
    • The Playstation Network is offline currently.
    • DNS setting of your ps4 console are misconfigured.
    • The Wifi signal of your router is weak or your ps4 is far away from the router.
    • Your Ps4 console is malfunctioned.
    • You have not downloaded the latest system firmware.

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    Connecting Ps5 To A Wifi Using Authentication Method

  • Go to Settings
  • Head Over to Network>Settings
  • Now Select Set Up an Internet Connection
  • Now select the wifi network of your hotel that you want to connect
  • You will see two options, just click on how to authenticate
  • Now open your phone and look for a wireless network of your PS5 it can be something like PS5-648 click on it and it will ask for a password
  • Enter the wifi password and click on connect
  • Yes, you did it. The network is now authenticated and your PS5 will now connect to your hotels wifi.

    Is Wifi Safe At Hotels

    Hotel Wi-FI networks are often completely open, requiring only a room number, code, or click-through to access the Internet. This lack of real encryption means your Internet usage is vulnerable to snooping from others sharing the network. Wi-Fi networks like the ones in use at most hotels arent private.

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    How Do I Connect My Ps4 To A Hotel

    How to connect your PS4 to hotel Wi-Fi

  • Connect your PlayStation 4 to the hotel TV.
  • Turn on your PS4.
  • Scroll over to the settings and press X to select the Toolbox icon.
  • Scroll down and select Network in the options.
  • Select the Set Up Internet Connection option in this menu.
  • Choose the Use WiFI option on the screen.
  • How To Connect Popular Gaming Consoles To Hotel Wifi

    Connecting internet to PS4 in a hotel

    Hotel Tech Report

    The next generation of travelers is increasingly likely to bring a video game console with them on their travels. Its estimated that 73% of Gen Z those who are born between 1995 and 2015 own a video game console, such as a Playstation 4, Xbox or Nintendo Switch. And, as Gen Z travelers begin to dominate the market, your front desk team is likely to get lots of calls from guests trying to connect their gaming system to the WiFi from their hotel room.

    For those of us who are less technologically savvy, these calls can be stressful. Each type of console is different; troubleshooting with a guest on the line is challenging and frustrating for everyone involved.

    Were here to help get your guests set up to start playing on hotel internet, and also help you learn about different games for each system so you can provide recommendations and better connect with your guests. Well get into the specifics of each system in greater detail; start here for an overview of connecting to Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and XBox. When guests are seeking some advice about playing video games on your hotel WiFi, this is the guide for you.

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    How To Connect Ps5 To Hotel Wifi Easily

    When traveling, staying in hotels can be boring sometimes,; many people nowadays carry their ps5 PlayStation with them so they can make the best out of their time.

    Although Hotel Wi-Fi is not one of the safest and fastest internet connections, sometimes they are your only option.; Also, you will need to save your mobile internet data pack for the rest of your travel.

    But before that make sure you are connected to the hotels Wi-Fi through your mobile and you know the password

    To connect your ps5 to your hotels wifi

    How To Connect To A Hotel’s Wi

    Access your hotel’s internet in much the same way you connect to any Wi-Fi network:

  • Ask at the front desk for the hotel’s wireless network name and password. You might also find the information in your check-in documents or on your key card sleeve.

  • Make sure that Wi-Fi is turned on on your device.

    Most modern devices have them, but if you don’t have a built-in wireless device on your laptop, purchase a USB wireless adapter.

  • Open the Wi-Fi settings to view the available wireless networks.

  • Select your hotel’s network and click Connect.

    On some devices, you will connect to Wi-Fi automatically when you select a network. If this step takes more than a minute, restart the connection process.

  • Enter the required password if prompted.

  • Open a web browser if it doesn’t automatically open. Provide your credit card information if the Wi-Fi isn’t free, enter an authorization code, or accept the terms and conditions for using the service. In many cases, your room number, last name, or a combination of the two, make up the password for complimentary Wi-Fi.

  • After you submit your authorization information, you gain full guest access to the hotel’s Wi-Fi network. You’ll likely see a confirmation screen;showing how much time you have to use the internet. Keep an eye out for any time limitations so that you can schedule your work and take advantage of the Wi-Fi service.

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    Setting Up Security Settings

    The PS4 console will then connect to your chosen Wi-Fi network belonging to the hotel. This step will lead you to the critical part of testing that connection. Click on that option of testing your connection and wait for it to finish up.;

    Most likely, you will receive an error message in this phase, indicating that this set-up failed. Click on details and then select suggested actions. You will then be able to set up the security of the Wi-Fi network by logging into the hotels network.

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