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How To Find Ip Address On Ps4

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How to find your PS4 IP ADDRESS (Easy Method)

As mentioned, setting a static IP address may in some cases be useful, if it then allows you to apply other settings like DMZ or manual port forwarding. However, in most cases, it just isnt really going to be the difference-maker in terms of delivering the best possible connection to other gamers online, which is why most people are probably researching this issue.

So here are some other things which can be crucial in making sure you have a good connection for online gaming:

See our up to date article on reducing lag for the PS5, which covers other ways to optimize your connection. The advice generally applies to all other games console as well.

And here are some settings which actually DONT improve your connection, despite the hype on forums on YouTube:

  • DNS Settings Changing them CAN sometimes improve speeds, but cant improve ping, which is the most important factor. See our article which covers this in detail.
  • MTU Settings Doesnt make a difference changing this; just leave as default. In very rare cases can help you circumvent PSN outages, but otherwise doesnt need messing with. See our post on this. Much like IP addresses, there isnt a best MTU value for everyone.

Features And Technical Characteristics

Let us have a look at the main characteristic features of the Lanc Remastered app to help you understand what to expect from it and how to install and use it correctly and for your most benefit.

  • Geo-location tracking. All the connections can be tracked as for their country and geographical location.
  • Compatibility. Lanc can work efficiently for any gaming console but it was initially designed for Xbox and PS.
  • Customization. The application can edit the source of traffic or the destination of IP as well as indicate the details of separate port numbers.
  • Programs and freeware needed. Install the following software for the Lancs smooth work: WinPcap; Microsoft Silverlight; Microsoft C++.
  • Connectivity. The app can be used either with wired or wireless connections.
  • Tutorial. All the tutorials are provided on YouTube or on the developers website.
  • Issues with Lanc Remastered working. To solve any issues, you will need to report them or make a problem-related query into the developers forum or use a special link for problem solving.
  • If you understand and apply these tips, the applications work will become more obvious, smooth, and useful for your needs.

    What Is An Ip Address

    IP addresses work for games consoles just the same as they do for other devices. They are a unique identifier for any device which reveals specific details like the location and ISP. They are roughly equivalent to what a postal address/ZIP code does for real homes, but for devices instead. Every single device which connects to the internet needs an IP address.

    IP addresses are split into a public IP , and a private IP . Public IP addresses are unique.

    The bridging protocol between public and private IP addresses is Network Address Translation or NAT, which is why NAT types can be so important for gamers. Having an inefficient system of translating public IPs to private can hinder connectivity to other gamers. Well cover this in more detail further below.

    See the diagram below for a visual of this. The public IP for the home is , while all the devices in that home are assigned a unique private IP along the range 192.168.0.x, where x is a unique number between 1-254 given to each device that connects to that router.

    Image credit Wikipedia

    Its important to make this distinction, since when we are talking about changing an IP address , we are talking about modifying the private IP address within your home for more efficient networking. Changing the public IP can also be done with a VPN, but in reality is even less likely to be of any use than changing your private IP in most cases.

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    Use Ps4 Gamertag Ip Puller

    Amongst other tools, you can use xResolver, a web tool that is easy to access. To use it, you need to know a persons username. It is effective as it has a database of user IPs, where your user will probably be. Here is how to use this app.

    • Copy the Persons Username

    First, you will need a persons PSN. Enter your PS4 account and find a person. Their IDs are usually publicly displayed, so you can copy anyones username.

    • Go to xResolver Page

    After you have the username, go to xResolver and paste the PSN in a special field. Then, click Resolve. The web tool will then show you the users IP address under the Resolve button.

    This method is pretty easy, but it isnt always 100% accurate. So, if it didnt work for you, try other tools from this article.

    Prevent Ip Tracking On Ps4

    How to Manually Configure a Static IP Address on your PS4 ...

    Now that you know how to obtain another PS4 users IP, you can easily understand how you could be exposed without proper protection.

    As stated previously in this article, its possible to mask your IP. If someone uses any of these methods to collect your IP address, theyll only receive a fake one with a phony geolocation.

    There are multiple ways you can mask your IP, especially on PS4. What youll need are PS4 specific proxies, which can be found from services like Blazing Proxies, High Proxies, or MyPrivateProxy.;

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    Find Your Ps4 Ip Address

    • Start by going to the PS4 home screen by pressing the Play Station Logo button in the center of your controller.
    • Select the option of Settings from the available list.
    • Next, scroll down this new page and click Network.
    • Select the View Connection Status option from the available list.
    • You should now be on the View Connection Status page. Find the IP Address entry. In this screenshot the IP Address is on the fourth line. Congratulations, you have found the PS4’s IP address.

    Can I Really Prevent Ip Tracking On Ps4

    The way the gaming system work for multiple player gameplay makes it not possible. You cannot prevent tracking as your console must provide an IP address. All you can do is fake the IP address you provide, and you can achieve that by using a proxy or VPN server. Interestingly, the use of either a VPN or proxy server to spoof your real IP address is completely legal in most countries around the world.

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    Utilize A Psn Resolver Tool

    A popular and well-known method is using a PSN Resolver. Not only will it grab IP information, but the tool were talking about today is free to use as well.;

    Providing another simple option for obtaining IP addresses over PS4, this PSN Resolver only requires the users PSN ID.

    Every account on the PlayStation Network has one, and well get into more details on how to use this IP-grabbing tool below.

  • Once you visit the PSN Resolver site, youll see two text boxes, along with information on what steps to take.
  • Then youll need to place the users PSN ID in the Username to IP Address box on the left, and the platform will provide you with the users IP address.
  • Furthermore, if you have a PS4 users IP address, you can use it to discover what PSN ID is associated with that specific IP.;
  • On a side note, its essential to understand that aPSN Resolver wont work 100% of the time and can be more complicated if the user knows how to mask their IP correctly.

    Considering the convenience of the service, its worth trying out, and there are multiple methods to use if this one doesnt work out for you.

    Is Booting People Offline Illegal

    PS4: How to Find IP Address or Mac Address

    A DDoS attack is an attempt to make an online service unavailable by overwhelming it with internet traffic from multiple sources. Online service could be a large website or an individual internet user. Booting someone offline whilst playing online games may seem like a harmless joke, but is still illegal.

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    How To Manually Assign An Ip Address In Your Router

    If you find this feature in your router, simply assign a permanent IP address to your PS4 and no changes are required in your PS4 console. Your router then takes care of always assigning your PS4 the same IP address which functions exactly the same as a static IP. Follow these steps to assign an IP address in your router:

    Creating Your Own Ip Logger For Discord

    The above method works best for those that wouldnt mind clicking on shortened URLs. But for those that have a problem with that, you sure wouldnt succeed as they wouldnt even click on your link. If they are curious about the content, there are tools they can use to reveal the real URL shortened.

    If you suspect your target is wary of shortened URLs and would suspect foul play, then you will have to create your own website with a custom domain that would get the user to lose guard. This means that you will need to know how to code and also be ready to spend a few bucks for a domain name. Follow the method described below to get that done.

    • You will need to code the website using your preferred programming language. The website should have a function that grabs the IP address attached to every request. Make sure the website has content or functionality that the target would be interested in.
    • With the website coded, you will need to host it and get a domain for it so that it is accessible remotely. You can get free hosting to use in other to save cost. Read this article to discover some of the best free hosting plans you can use.
    • For domain name, you will need a dot com extension and would not get that for free. However, there are cheap registrars such as Godaddy that you can use.
    • When the website is up and running, head over to Discord and get the user to visit your website.
    • Once that happens, check your IP log for the IP address of the target.

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    What Is Network Address Translation

    Computers and servers communicate with each other using IP addresses. There are 4.3 billion IPv4 addresses in total, and this number is not going to change until IPv6 is fully deployed. While 4.3 billion seems like a lot, with the growing number of internet users, its not enough.

    Network Address Translation guarantees that users dont find themselves in a situation where there are no IP addresses available. It allows a router to act as an intermediary between the internet and your private network. You can have one public IP address to communicate with the internet and multiple private IP addresses assigned for different devices on your network. This way, one IP address can cover the entire network.

    NAT converts public IP addresses into private, and private into public. However, if we want data to reach the right recipient, in computer networking we use ports. Each port corresponds to a different application. When data packets arrive to your device, your operating system discovers a port number and thus knows the final destination. It doesnt mean that you have to assign ports for every application all the time, as the UPnP protocol can do that automatically.

    There are three NAT types designed for gaming consoles: open , moderate , and strict .

    Setting A Static Ip For Gaming

    PS4 Static IP Address

    If you just leave you IP settings as default for your games console/PC, then your router will use a protocol called Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol to automatically assign an IP address along this private range to your console. And in most cases, this is all you need; it works totally fine.

    However, it is possible to manually over-ride this process and set your own static IP with any value you want in this private IP range.

    Theres two ways of doing this; heres the easier way, for the PS4/PS5:

    • Go to SettingsNetwork.Set Up Internet Connection
    • Select Wi-Fi or LAN depending on your connection
    • Select Custom setup for LAN
    • For IP Address, switch to Manual and input the following values:
    • IP Address 192.168.0.x, where x is any number between 100 and 254
    • Subnet Mask
  • Run through the rest of the settings as they are, without changing them.
  • Save and test your internet connection to see if you can get back online.
  • Alternatively, you can go to Settings.Connection Status before you start, and note down all the above settings with a pen and paper, and then go and reconfigure the connection, entering the details as you noted them, but just changing the last digit of the IP address. Sometimes IP addresses, Subnet Masks and Default Gateways do change depending on where you are in the world.
  • See our full article on PS4/5 Static IP for more on this.
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    Ps4 Ip Puller Step By Step Directions To Install Lanc:

    On windows 10 go to settings > network and internet > change network adapter as shown below.

    Now that you have come to the right place, you need to right-click on you internet connection. Now scroll down till you find IPV6 and untick the box. Just like shown in the

    After installing the required applications and unticking the aforementioned box, you are halfway there. Now restart your computer so you can download Lanc.

    Once you have downloaded the file, unzip it with either WinRAR or 7zip. After unzipping the file, install Lincv2.exe file after double-clicking on it.

    After opening the file once its installed, you are required to select your network adapter.

    Now a you need to do on your gaming console go to settings > network settings and get the IP information.

    In the destination port, you must type 9307 and 3074 for your PS4 and Xbox respectively.After following these steps properly you will see IPs below.

    There are also other PS4 IP address finder applications but Lanc is the best among the lot.

    Here you can read Xresolver PS4

    Psn Server May Be Down

    CE-33984-7 error can be a sign that theres an on-going issue with Sony Interactive PlayStations Network servers. This can be confirmed by either checking the PSN server status website, or by conducting a connection speed test on your PS4. If the PlayStation Network Sign-In line says Failed during the test, you can wait for several hours until the PSN is back up and running again.

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    S To Add Proxy Server On Ps4

    To add a proxy server on PS4 follows the below steps. Due to high volatility, these servers are changed frequently, and mostly you cant use the same proxy server all the time. So you might need to configure a new proxy server on PS4 again if it got disconnected.

    • Go to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection.
    • Choose custom > wifi/LAN
    • Select Automatic for IP address, followed by dont specify for DHCP hostname.
    • Since we are adding a proxy server, just;select manual for DNS settings.
    • Use a custom DNS or you can also use Googles default DNS.
    • Now enter the Proxy server IP address.
    • Click Next to save and test the modified settings.
    • Then make sure to restart your PS4.

    Note: These are Google DNS, you need to change the DNS settings based on your location. Or else, you might face trouble in accessing the internet via your PS4.;

    How To Port Forward Ps4

    How to find your Ps4’s IP address

    The steps you need to take to enable port forwarding on your PS4 might slightly vary depending on the brand of your router. However, the basic principle is the same.

    Lets start with your PS4:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Network > View Connection Status.
  • Note your IP and MAC addresses of your PS4. You will need them later.
  • Now you can open ports on your router for PS4:

  • Log in to your router. It should have a sticker explaining how to do so.
  • Manually assign a static IP address to your router using the data you have noted from your PS4.
  • Find port forwarding rules.
  • Add rules for TCP 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480 and UDP 3478, 3479.
  • Reboot your router for changes to take place.
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    How To Setup A Static Ip Address In Your Ps4

    If you have a router that does not allow you to manually assign internal IP addresses, follow these instructions to set up a static IP address in your PlayStation 4 console:

    1. Find out what IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS settings your PS4 console is currently using. To find this info:

    • In the PS4 main menu, select Settings
    • Select Network
    • Select View Connection Status
    • Write down your IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, primary DNS and secondary DNS settings. You will need to enter these numbers into your console later.

    2. Next, login to your router .

    • To access your router, type your router’s IP address into your browser. You should be able to find your router’s IP address in the list of settings that you wrote down for step 1 of this guide. Your router is listed as your Default Gateway.
    • For help logging-in to your router visit our .
    • Find the DHCP range your router uses. The DHCP range is the group of numbers that your router uses to assign internal IP addresses to devices on your network.

    Here is a screenshot of a Linksys router. The DHCP range is circled in red.

    3. You will need to pick a number between 2 and 254 that is outside of your router’s DHCP range to assign to your PS4.

    In the example above, this Linksys router uses the range 100-149 to assign IP addresses to devices on the internal network. I chose to assign my PS4 to 31. The IP address that I assigned to my PS4 is Here are a few more examples for you:

    To open the Command Prompt:

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