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How To Change Your Voice On Ps4

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Try The Soundboard For Ps4 And Ps5 Free

How To Change Your Voice on PS4(Phone Edition)

Voicemod Desktop and Sonys Remote Play app allow you to play the console from a PC in real-time and use the voice changer and soundboard from Windows. With Voicemod for PS5 and PS4 you can not only change your voice but also use the sound effects offered on our different soundboard profiles at one click. You can assign your favorite sounds to keybinds for easier access or even upload any sound from your PC and create your own soundboard for Playstation.

Ps4 Voice Changer How To Sound Like Someone Else

admin / June 19, 2020

How to get a voice changer on PS4 Remember how you were able to change your voice on the PS3? Were not entirely sure why anyone would want to do this, but a PS4 voice changer is a feature that has been heavily requested. Hurrah!

Currently, there is no way to chance your voice in the PS4 settings. However, there is a great workaround.

First up, you can use a voice changing app. You can download the likes of Voice Changer By Android Rock. There are also many others to choose from.

How To Change Your Psn Name On Ps4 And Ps5

Not long ago, your chosen PSN username was locked in and unchangeable. That was bad news for anyone who chose a name that was embarrassing or too complicated to remember or otherwise just unwieldy. Fortunately, Sony has shifted that policy now, allowing you to change your username as many times as you wishif youre willing to pay. Here is everything you need to know about changing your PSN ID.

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Voice Modulator For Playstation The Next Level

Using a voice modulator on PS4 and PS5, allows users to communicate online using a robot, baby, or girls voice, among many others while playing Fortnite, Rocket League, GTA V This will make your PS4 and PS5 games even more immersive. Thanks to Voicemod technology together with Remote Play, you can use the PS5 voice changer in real-time with no effort.

The best option to modulate your voice in the sony console, totally free and live!

Change Your Output Device

how to change your voice on your ps4

If you are using a headset or earphones, its possible that your PS4 is still using the output from your TV. To confirm this, make sure that your output device is set to your earphones, headset, or bluetooth audio device.

See the steps below to change your PS4s output device:

  • First, go to your PS4s Settings and access the Devices tab.
  • After that, click on Audio Devices.
  • Lastly, open the Output Devices tab and select Output to Headphones.
  • Once done, go back to your voice chat to check if the problem is solved.

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    How To Get Clownfish

    Here’s how to set up Clownfish on a PS4:

    Step 1

    Download Clownfish and install it on your computer.

    Step 2

    Now, install PS remote play and restart your device. Makes sure to disconnect the microphone or headset from your PS4 and connect it to the PC via Bluetooth or Aux cable.

    Step 3

    Head to the Settings and choose your microphone as the input device and select headphone as the output device.

    Step 4

    Now, start playing a game on PS4 and choose a voice track on the Clownfish interface.

    You can also create your own voice in Clownfish.

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    Expansive Library Of Voice Changers

    Voicemod gives you the freedom to experiment with over 80 distinctive voice filters in Discord. Make people laugh with the Chipmunk or Titan voices. Turn into a musical star using autotune effects with Lil Mod, Magic Chords, and more. Try out holiday-themed voices such as Santa, Ghost, and the Crazy Clown. Theres something for everyone. Our voices can take a D& D game from standard to epic with ample roleplaying potential! Assign your favorites to keybinds for quick and easy access . Link them up with your Elgato Stream Deck if youre feeling extra fancy. Content creators, were talking to you!

    Learn more about the Voicemod voice changer here.

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    How To Access Party Settings

    1. Press the PS button on the controller.

    2. Slide to the right toward Game Base.Game Base is four icons over

    3. Create a party by pressing the square button on your controller.

    4. Press the PS button

    5. Select Game Base and scroll to the right of Create Party button to the Settingsbutton

    6. Select Voice Chat Settings

    Create Your Own Voice

    How To Change Your Voice On PS4 Tutorial *Still Working!?*2016*

    Want to get even more creative? Voicemods Voicelab feature allows the true voice enthusiast to take their ideas and go wild! With over 15 effects to play with, you can combine and layer them to create the perfect voice filter. Each effect features its own tweaks and sliders, offering you the ability to fine-tune your newest creation. Come up with your own or even mimic existing iconic voices.

    Learn more about the Voicelab here.

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    Controlling Your System With Voice Recognition

    You can use your voice to control your PS4 system from the home screen and other areas. To use voice commands, you’ll need a headset, or you can use the microphones on your PlayStation®Camera.


    Say âPlayStationâ. The microphone icon and available commands will appear. The microphone icon glows blue during voice recognition.

    Say the name of an available command.
    • When you don’t say a command within 10 seconds or when you operate the system with the controller, the voice recognition feature is disabled. An indicator showing the remaining time appears on the left side of the microphone.
    • Depending on the screen, you can use the L2 button on the controller to enable and disable the voice recognition feature.
    • To use the voice recognition feature, select > > , and then select the checkbox for .
    • To view a list of voice commands, select > > > .
    • Depending on the system language, English might be the only language available for voice input.
    • If there is too much ambient noise, your voice might not be recognized.

    The Cost Of Changing Your Psn Name

    Sony allows you to change your password for free once, allowing you to correct an old username easily as long as youre certain what you want to change it to. Any further changes beyond that point, though, and youll have to pay for the privilege. Subsequent instances will cost cost $10 per change for standard PlayStation Network members, or $5 per change if youre a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

    But there are some costs to changing your PSN ID that go beyond the standard dollars and cents calculations. Sony warns that some PS4 games could experience issues after youve changed your ID. PlayStation put together a list of PS4 games that could be impacted by a name change, including problems like losing your Trophies or even loss of paid currency. PS3, Vita, and PS/TV games and apps dont support the name change as well. Sony also warns that there may be other games that experience issues that didnt arise during its testing, so its a slight gamble either way.

    With those caveats in mind, heres how you go about changing your PSN ID.

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    How To Get A Voice Changer On Ps4 And Ps5 Using Remote Play

    Can you use Voicemod on Playstation? The answer is: Yes, you can! You just need to connect Voicemod and Remote Play as explained below.

    If you want to be able to play PS5 or PS4 whilst using a voice changer you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to your PS5 or PS4 System settings> Remote Play> Enable Remote Play.
  • Inside Voicemod, select your microphone headset and speakers. Browse the voice effects available in the app enabling Voice Changer and Hear Myself at the bottom of the window. You can also use the soundboard inside Voicemod.
  • Go to your PC and open your main System settings> Sounds and select ) as your Default Microphone.
  • After this, go to Playstation website and download Remote Play App, sign in and connect to your PS5 or PS4.
  • Now your new voice should be coming out from your mic. you are ready to use Voicemod on your video game console. Enjoy!

    Adjust Your Microphone Level

    How to get voice change on ps4

    If your friends cant hear you when joining a voice chat, try to check if your microphone levels are set correctly.

    On the Playstation 4, you can do this by following the steps below:

  • On your PS4, go to the Settings and access the Devices tab.
  • Next, click on Adjust Microphone Level.
  • Finally, adjust your Microphone Level until it consistently hits the good level on the graph.
  • For the PS5, heres how you can adjust your microphone:

  • First, go to the Settings and click on the Sound tab.
  • After that, select Microphone and click on Adjust Microphone Level.
  • Lastly, adjust your Microphone Level until it hits a good mark on the graph consistently.
  • Once done, go back to your voice chat to check if the problem is solved.

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    Gaming Headset With Mic Headlight

    Another highly popular PS4 headset that brings vivid and clear gaming sound for users. It comes with 3 built-in chips and 3D audio having LED lights designed on the ear cups to highlight the game atmosphere.

    Its closed ear cups design reduces the background noise to a minimum, allowing you to concentrate on games without getting distracted. This headset is compatible with all PlayStations, tablets, laptops, and so on.

    How To Autosave Recorded Gameplay On Ps4

    Your PlayStation 4 automatically records the last 15 minutes of gameplay and saves it in your device’s video cache.

    1. Press the button on your PS4 controller. Only press the button once. Pressing it twice will start a new recording and wipe the cache.

    2. Select Save Video Clip or hit the Square button on your controller.

    Quick tip: In the menu under Sharing and Broadcast Settings, you can change the length of the recording your PS4 saves by changing Length of Video Clip. The options include: 30 seconds, 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes.

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    How To Set Up Voicemod Voice Changer With Discord

    Get started with the free voice changer for Discord in 6 simple steps:

  • Navigate to the User Settings cog near the bottom left of the main window.
  • Go to Voice & Video and change your input device to Microphone In Voicemod, select the Voicebox feature on the left side of the main window.
  • Browse through our our existing sounds and assign them to keybinds
  • Your new voice should now be coming through your microphone signal and into Discord! Enjoy the funny voice changer!
  • Voice Changer Gaming Headset


    This powerful voice changer headset has 3 advanced chips that provide stable and high-quality sound to the gamers. The highlighted feature of this gaming headset is tons of voice-changing themes it offers including a robot, child, female, monster, etc. The developers made sure that its sound card can be separated and combined.

    Its small size makes it an ideal option for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

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    Ways To Record Ps4 Gameplay Video On Windows

    Option 1. Game bar

    What is Game bar: For Windows 10 users, you can record PS4 gameplay with PC Windows 10 by using Xbox One app. In addition, you can use Xbox to broadcast your game with mixer as well.

    How to Record PS4 Gameplay through Windows Settings:

    Step 1Open Xbox One app on your Windows 10 computer.

    Step 2Head to Settings and choose Game DVR.

    Step 3Manage video encoding and other settings.

    Step 4Click Record to start recording on PS4.

    Step 5Stop recording the PS4 gameplay and find it by File Explorer\Videos\Captures.

    Option 2. FoneLab Screen Recorder

    What is FoneLab screen recorder: You can record gameplay, tutorials, calls and other live videos by using FoneLab with no quality loss. It is also supported to record system sound and microphone voice at the same time. Well, you can record PS4 gameplay in 1080p here.

    How to Record PS4 Gameplay with Facecam and Voice:

    Step 1Launch the PS4 recording software on your Windows 7/8/8.1/10/Vista/XP.

    Step 2Choose the Game Recorder option.

    Step 3Set the custom screen area and manage the input audio source.

    Step 4Click REC to record video on PS4.

    Step 5After the gameplay recording, choose Save followed by Next to export the recording file.

    Option 3. How to screen record ps4 with Powerpoint

    Powerpoint has a built-in feature to record screen on computer with simple operations. You can learn how to use it to make powerpoint into a video as below.

    Step 1Open PPT software on computer and then click Insert > Screen Recording.

    Prioritize Party Or Game Chat

    Depending on your activity, you may want to switch between prioritizing party or game chat on your Playstation. If you are casually talking with your friends on a voice chat, you can prioritize party chat.

    On the other hand, you can switch over to game chat once your game begins. It may need some work but it can definitely change the quality of your voice chats.

    Follow the steps below to change between party or game chat:

  • First, go to the Party tab on your Playstation.
  • After that, access Party Settings and select Chat Audio.
  • Lastly, choose between Prioritize Party Chat or Prioritize Game Chat.
  • After changing your settings, disconnect from your current party and re-join afterward. Try using the voice chat for a few minutes to check if the problem would still occur.

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    Check Your Fortnite Voice Chat Channels

    Make sure you’re in the right voice chat channel. If you’re in the incorrect channel this may cause issues with you being able to hear teammates if you are cross-playing on multiple platforms.

    Fortnite has two channels to use:Party Channel and Game Channel. In-game, you can switch between chat channels using theSocial menu:

    • Party Channel connects players in the same party .
    • Game Channel connects players on the same team but in different parties .

    You might also be in Xbox or PlayStation Party Chat, both of which will keep Fortnite’s voice chat from working.

    If you want to use Fortnites voice chat, youmust leave Xbox or PlayStation Party Chat to use Fortnite voice chat, even if nobody else is there. If you don’t know how to leave Xbox or PlayStation Party Chat, please check outMicrosoft orSony support.

    Setting Up Voice Audio For Ps5 Livestreams

    PS4 VOICE CHANGER: How To Change YOUR Voice On PS4 &  XBOX ...

    1. on the top right-hand side

    2. Select Captures and Broadcast

    3. Select Broadcast on the left side of the screen.

    4. Select Audio.

    5. Toggle onInclude Voice Chat Audio. This allows other streamers to broadcast your voice, your livestream to capture your voice and your commentary to be captured when you save Game Clips.

    A shortcut to including your Mic Audio and Party Audio is included your Save Game Recording Menu

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    How To Record Gameplay On Ps4

    Recording gameplay on your PS4 can be accomplished by pressing the button on your PS4 controller twice in quick succession. The recording can be stopped at any time by clicking the button twice again.

    Quick tip: You can also take screenshots on your PS4. To learn more, read our article on taking screenshots.

    Please Do Not Disturb

    • Want to have more control over which notifications you see on screen? The menu allows you to choose the kind of alerts you receive and also gives you the option to turn them off entirely during the playback of a movie by ticking Disable Pop-Ups While Playing Video.
    • Have loads of friends on PSN but only want to be informed when your best buddies go online? Use Notifications When Friends Go Online and select their IDs to tailor the alerts around the friends that you care the most.

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    Change Your Voice With Awesome Effects

    Be a robot, a demon, swap genders, become famous with a celebrity voice-changer, or even transform into a musical superstar with autotune. Its your call! We have a huge library packed with voice effects to turn simple gaming moments with teammates or in proximity chat into hilarious memories. Use the free voice changer for or Halloween pranks too.

    And if you are a streamer, let your viewers take control of your voice with Voicemod Bits Twitch Extension!

    How To Balance Voice Chat And Gameplay Audio

    how to change your voice on your ps4

    1. Press the PS button on the controller. Youll see a menu appear on the bottom

    2. Scroll to the right to the Sound icon. A menu box will appear that will have a bar underneath Voice Chat Balance.

    3. Move the bar to the left to turn up the Voice Chat or move it to the right to turn up the Game Chat Audio.

    As we mentioned above, if youre playing a game like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and dont need to hear the game audio, slide the bar to the left. If youre playing a game like Apex Legends and you need to hear the game audio, slide the bar to the right.

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    How To Change Your Psn Id

    There are three methods to change your PSN ID, based on which platform youre using to actually commit the change. Keep in mind that after each of these, youll be signed out of all devices and will need to re-login anywhere you were previously signed into PSN. Sony will also provide you with several suggestions when changing your ID. Feel free to use robust-wax9 if youre so inclined.

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