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How To Exit Safe Mode Ps4

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Way : Rebuild Corrupt Files


The corrupt files can also prevent your PS4 getting out of Safe Mode. Thus, you need to rebuild the corrupt files, but this process may take some time depending on the amount of data of the PS4 hard drive.

This way is also quite easy because you just need to select Rebuild Database ON THE Safe Mode menu. This option will create a new database for your PS4 games and applications.

Connect A Ps4 Usb Charging Cable

The first thing to try when your PS4 doesnt exit Safe Mode, whether you reboot or not, is to connect your PS4 controller to the game console using a charging cable. After the controller is securely attached, select the option to exit Safe Mode.

Sometimes, the USB cable fails to make a proper connection to the console, mostly due to inferior parts or wear and tear. The connection can appear successful when in reality, it is not. Try using a different PS4 controller cable to see if Safe Mode can exit successfully.

Way : Restart Your Playstation 4

The first and easy way you can try is restarting your PS4. Note that this option wont damage the data saved on the game console.

To restart your PS4 to get it out of Safe Mode, you should complete:

  • Connecting a DS4 controller to the PS4 using a USB cable;
  • Selecting Restart PS4 in the Safe Mode menu to exit.;

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How Do I Get Msconfig Out Of Safe Mode

How to get out of safe mode in Windows 10

  • Press the Windows key + R on your keyboard, or by searching for run in the Start Menu.
  • Type msconfig and press Enter.
  • Open the Boot tab in the box that opens, and uncheck Safe boot. Make sure you click OK or Apply. This will ensure your computer restarts normally, without the prompt.
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    These Are The Methods That You Need To Follow To Fix Ps4 Safe Mode Loop

  • Restart the PS4 This is straight-forward. The Console will try to restart with minimal or no changes in the current system settings.
  • Change Resolution The console will set the screen resolution default to 480px when it restarts. The console will restart by itself once this option is chosen.
  • System Software Update The PlayStation 4 console will be able to update the systems firmware by downloading from the Sony servers or USB Drive that contains the necessary PUP file. After the update is successfully installed, the console will boot normally.
  • Default Settings Restore The PlayStation 4 console will boot with factory settings and youll be required to set the time zone together with a few other console settings. After a power outage, the console might lose important xmb files, this option will be likely to restore the missing files.
  • Database Rebuild -This is basically a defragmentation tool where the console scans the drive, clears issues, and frees up memory in the Hard Disk Drives. The period of operation depends on the number of items in the memory which includes xmb files. This option makes your console faster in receiving and sending messages.;
  • PS4 Initialize All stored data in the Hard Disk Drive are deleted, same as in option 6, including the System firmware, and later reinstall the firmware.
  • Is There A Reset Button On Hp Computer

    Hard reset a desktop or All-in-One PC Disconnect the power cord from the back of the computer. With the power off and the power cord disconnected, press the Power button on the computer for 5 seconds. The power light indicator, which is on the power button or near it, might turn on briefly but then it goes off.

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    When Should You Use Ps4 Safe Mode

    PS4 Safe mode can help in many situations, such as display issues, freezing or lagging, blank screens, and more. Trying every option under safe mode is a good last resort if nothing else is working. Here are some situations where using safe mode would be best.

    Display Issues

    If you are seeing a black or blank screen when trying to use your PS4, safe mode can help you in a couple of different ways. First, you can try restarting through safe mode which may easily fix the problem. If not, you can try the Change Resolution option. The resolution on your console will be changed to 480p so you can see your screen to go into your PS4s settings and try other troubleshooting options.;

    On the PS4 Pro, there is also an option to Set HDCP Mode, which may help if your PS4 is connected to a 4K TV that doesnt support HDCP 2.2. You can set it to an earlier HDCP version which may clear up display issues on your TV.;

    Gameplay Issues

    If youre experiencing a lot of lag, or your game is freezing and crashes often, you can use safe mode to possibly fix these problems. First, check to see if you need to do any updates. If youre having internet connectivity issues, this could cause your console or games to miss updates and can definitely impact gameplay.;

    You can also try the Rebuild Database option. This will recreate your PS4s database which may help clear up issues with games crashing. Afterwards, your PS4 will restart normally out of safe mode so you can reopen your games or applications.;

    Update The System Software

    PS4 How to Open Safe Mode

    If your PlayStation 4 has lost its Internet connection during a firmware update, or has been offline for a long time, you may need to manually update the software.

    This need also derives from the fact that in safe mode it is impossible to proceed with the;classic automatic update procedure;.;In such cases, it is therefore necessary to download the PS4 system software from a computer, via the;official page offered by Sony;.

    Once the download is complete, proceed by getting a;USB storage device;, like a normal;flash drive;.;If you dont have one available, you can buy one compatible with PS4 from a common physical electronics store or conveniently online, from retailers such as Amazon: I have given you some;advice on the keys to buy;in my dedicated buying guide.

    Continue by creating, on the device, a folder called exactly;PS4;and, inside the latter, a sub-folder called;UPDATE;, then move the update file you downloaded to this folder:;PS4UPDATE.PUP;.

    Now, go to the PS4 system and;connect the USB stick;with the update file in it to a USB port on the same.

    Now start the console and, from safe mode, choose option three, called;Update system software;, then press the;X key;of the controller on the items;Update from USB storage device;and;OK;.

    In case the update is not recognized, I invite you to double check that you have created the folders correctly and that you have given them the names correctly , also make sure that the update file is actually present in the right folder .

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    How To Get Out Of Ps4 Safe Mode

    Trapped by the Safe Mode loop? Dont worry, there are a few ways to get your PS4 out of Safe Mode.

    1) Restart PS4

    This option allows you to get your PS4 out of Safe Mode, and reboot your PS4 system normally. If you want to end the Safe Mode, you can choose this option.

    2) Change Resolution;

    The Change Resolution option will set your PS4 display resolution to default 480P when its back to normal mode.;

    This option can help you to fix your PS4 display screen issues, like the common blank screen problem. Sometimes you might encounter problems on HDMI connections between your PS4 and TV, a mismatched resolution, like you select a higher resolution 1080P for your 720P TV. Then use this Change Resolution safe mode option to help you to fix it.;

    After you end your PS4 safe mode and put it into the normal one with 480P resolution, you can go to the Settings menu to set it to the proper resolution.

    3) Update System Software

    This option allows you to update your PS4 system software manually via direct download, USB storage device, or disc.

    Update your PS4 system software can fix a lot of PS4 bugs and issues. When your PS4 are experiencing problems, and you cannot update it normally, you then can use this option to update your PS4 in Safe Mode.

    4) Restore Default Settings

    Restore Default Settings will take your PS4 back to factory default settings.

    5) Rebuild Database;

    6) Initialize PS4


    7) Initialize PS4


    8) Set HDCP Mode

    Solution 4 Restore Default Settings

    Restore Default Settings drag your PS4 back to the default factory settings.

    No need to get worried, this option wont wipe any of your PS4 data because it doesnt make a permanent factory reset.

    With this option, settings like time, dates etc are reset. So overall it is a good option to choose to break the PS4 safe mode loop.

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    What Is The Ps4 Safe Mode

    Like safe mode on Windows systems, PS4 safe mode implies a mode in which only basic functions are activated. Therefore, it is good for PS4 problem troubleshooting. And that is also why some users tend to enter safe mode on PS4 to use the console.

    For instance, if PS4 isnt turning on and you are unable to use the PS4 console, you can put PS4 in safe mode to use the console as you wish in the safe mode. But, understandably, gamers cant enjoy the advanced gaming experience in PS4 safe mode.

    Note: It is also worthwhile to mention that getting PS4 in safe mode will sometimes cause data loss on PS4, so it is necessary to back up the data in a storage device before putting PS4 in safe mode.

    Solution : Initialize Ps4

    How To Boot Ps4 In Safe Mode Without Power Button

    This option is available in PS4 safe mode settings, and it aims to reinstall system software for your PS4. But it is worth mentioning that initializing PS4 will clear all the data of PS4 and restore all the PS4 settings to the default ones, so you are supposed to back up the data before the initialization of the system software of PS4.

    In the PS4 Safe Mode menu, select the option Initialize PS4.

    After that, you will notice that you have got PS4 out of safe mode. This time you wont worry that why your PS4 gets into safe mode again and again.

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    How To Launch Safe Mode

    Note: Do not attempt to launch your PS4 in safe mode if your USB ports are not working. After you start your console in safe mode, you need to sync your controller through a USB port. If your USB ports aren’t working, you will need to fix them before attempting this step.

  • Turn off your PS4.
  • Press and hold the power button until you hear two beeps: one when you first press and another seven seconds later.

  • Connect your DualShock 4 controller with the USB cable.

  • Press the PS button on the center of the controller.
  • There you have it! If your PlayStation is experiencing issues that just can’t be solved in the normal startup or isn’t booting like it used to, you can use safe mode to find more solutions.

    Any of the options below will help you get out of safe mode.

    How To Exit Ps4 Safe Mode Creative Stop

    In fact, there is a procedure that can help you get out of safe mode and with the processing and use of the content and software in PlayStation 4.

    Nov 16, 2020 You can quite literally just select the Restart PS5 option from the top of the menu and your console should boot back into the normal start-up;

    When a PS4 starts in Safe Mode you will need to connect your controller through USB in order to use it. Once youve done this you can navigate the safe mode; Rating: 5 · 80 reviews

    Feb 5, 2020 Over winter break, I encountered what many in the PlayStation community have now labeled as the safe mode death loop. For those unfamiliar;

    P.S. I opened a reddit account just for this post!! Cheers, JT. Read More The safe mode death cycle and the inability to get out of it.

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    Troubleshoot Issues Using Safe Mode

    By resorting to safe mode and thus excluding all accessory functions of the operating system, the PS4 has the possibility to rule out errors related to extra features and to access various;recovery options;.

    For example, as you will read in this guide, in safe mode you can rebuild the hard drive database, force a specific video resolution and restore all factory settings.

    Yes, these are operations that can be extremely useful in solving many of the problems of the PS4 operating system.;As you will have understood, therefore, it is not because you are no longer able to get out of this mode that it is to be considered useless, on the contrary, as I will explain shortly, it offers several options to solve the problem that causes this forcing.

    Solution : Restart Ps4

    Cannot Start the PS4 – Safe Mode Loop – How to Fix

    Sometimes, a restart may help you fix many issues. Here, if the PS4 safe mode loop persists, you may as well restart your PlayStation 4.

    1. Connect a controller to PS4 via a USB cable.

    2. Then in the PS4 Safe Mode menu, hit Restart PS4.

    Now, you can see your PS4 is out of safe mode and in the normal mode.

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    Solution 6 Initialize Ps4

    You need to be careful with this Initialize PS4 method as this will wipe out entire PS4 game data.;

    It will remove entire PS4 game data,saved pictures and also the system settings. So it will be better if you keep the proper backup of your PS4 system data on secondary storage devices before approaching this solution.

    Initialize PS4 method will wipe out all your PS4 data for easy restoration of PS4 to the original state. But dont worry your currently running software is completely intact. So all in all you can use this method to fix PS4 not working system or to get out of PS4 safe mode.

    How To Boot Into Safe Mode On Android

    Troubleshoot easily with these simple steps

    Weve all been there, following some half-baked online guide on how to install a magical piece of software, launcher, or life-changing feature which ends in your Android handset not functioning properly. Safe mode on Android is there to save the day when it comes to troubleshooting, ensuring only the basics are loaded up which allows users to narrow issues down.

    If you boot into safe mode on Android and youre noticing a significant increase in load times and overall performance, youve most likely got a third-party app thats misbehaving. Its always a good idea to perform a virus scan on and handsets acting abnormally too. Malware and viruses are easier to come by than you might realize.

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    How Do You Hard Reset A Ps4

    How to factory reset your PS4

  • Sign in to your PS4 and head to the settings menu.
  • Deactivate your PlayStation.
  • Sign back in with your user account.
  • Find the Initialization option in settings.
  • Choose Full on the Initialize screen.
  • Turn your PS4 fully off.
  • Hold down the power button until you hear two beeps.
  • Use Menu Options To Get Out Of Safe Mode

    How to get a PS4 out of Safe Mode in 4 different ways ...
  • Connect your controller to your PlayStation’s USB port.
  • Select the first menu option. It is labeled Restart PS4.

  • Wait for the PlayStation 4 to reboot.
  • If your PlayStation boots back into Safe Mode after following these steps, you’ll need to continue further down this article to test another repair option.
  • “Restart PS4” looks like it might reset your console’s memory, but I promise it won’t. Using this option will shut down your PlayStation and attempt to start it in the normal boot-up mode. If your PlayStation boots back into safe mode with this option, your console is still experiencing issues.

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    Put An End To The Safe Mode Loop

    If your PlayStation 4 is incapable of starting up normally, it will boot into an alternative mode, safe mode, with significantly fewer features. The essential functions that safe mode offers are to help your PlayStation 4 find and repair system errors preventing your console from working correctly. Even if your console is starting normally, you can launch safe mode manually to help fix some of the issues.

    If your console is launching in safe mode, there are a few easy ways to fix it. First, make sure you have scheduled cleanings and keep your up-to-date equipment to avoid as many console issues as you possibly can. This goes from anything like having the latest software updates to buying a new power cable to replace the one you’ve had for years.

    If you recently spilled something on your console or dropped it, at any rate, it might be a hardware issue that’s beyond your expertise. At that point, it’s time to call the company you bought your PlayStation from, check your warranty, and see what you can do about a replacement or a repair. More PS4 games are set to release over the next year or so, with even big exclusives like Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7, and the next God of War coming to the PS4 as well as the PS5.

    Do keep in mind, however, that if you’re out of warranty, buying a new PS4 is going to get more difficult and more expensive, as the supply of consoles dwindles due to production shifting to the PS5.

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