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How To Get Free Playstation Cards

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Best Sites To Get Free Playstation Gift Cards

How To Get FREE PSN Codes – FREE Playstation Cards

Now, lets get on with the list. Keep in mind that I will be focusing on what, in my experience, are the best sites you can join to earn PlayStation gift cards.

Following this guide will save you time because you do not have to test them yourself and then later find out that its just a waste of time. I will keep updating this list if I come across any new good sites to join so make sure to bookmark this page.

So that about closes our list of the best sites to join to get free PlayStation gift cards. Bear in mind, all these sites are 100% FREE TO JOIN. So, you wont have to spend a single dime to become a member.

Also remember that if you want to get a lot of gift cards, you can join around 5-7 of the sites listed above so you can get access to more earning opportunities. You can always join more sites later on if you feel like you can handle more.

If you are more of an Xbox guy, I suggest you check out the best sites to earn free Xbox Live gift cards instead.

If you have any comments, questions, or know of a site that offers free PlayStation gift cards that is not on the list, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

How Many Gift Cards Can You Get

The logic to GPT and survey sites is, the more surveys and short tasks you complete, the more you will earn. Of course, another factor would be how well the site pays. But overall, the determining factor is really the amount of time you will spend on these sites.

To earn a good number of gift cards, you have to join GPT and survey sites that pay well. This will be the most efficient way to earn. You will want a site that pays well so you dont have to spend as much time to earn a significant amount.

These will be the sites I will be including on this list. I recommend you join around 5 to 7 sites at the beginning. This will be the perfect number of sites to join so you can earn a significant amount and still have time to do other stuff.

You can just join more sites later once youre accustomed to the workload and you feel like you can handle more.

Can You Get Free Psn Codes

Yes! You can earn absolutely free playstation network card access codes and new games to play online in many different ways . Whether you’re redeeming PSN gift card codes from the amazon gift cards you’ve earned with an app or using some money you’ve earned taking surveys you can unlock free codes. You could also checkout online giveaway sites to see if they are offering discount promo codes or 100% free prepaid card giveaways. Using Amazon gift cards, you can purchase access online and the codes are sent via email delivery. After it’s emailed to you, it’s easy to add funds to your account once you’ve received the code.

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Are Psn Code Generators Real

Free PSN code generator sites are not real. Most of them just try to capture your e-mail address so they can sell it online. They do not generate code vouchers, some even steal visitors credit cards. Sony playstation and Sony interactive entertainment playstation network have said in their forums that these sites are not legitimate. ;The only way to get free working PSN codes is to earn free PSN codes. You can’t just have free PSN gift cards drop into your lap by visiting a website! Gift card generator tool downloads are also a scam, avoid downloading anything to your computer.

A Look At The Best Features Of Psn

How To Get Free Psn Codes in 2020

Most players sign up for PSN so they can easily purchase and download the latest games. But there is so much more to the PlayStation Network than that:

  • Access to an expansive library. You’ll have a one-stop-shop for your digital collection of games, movies, music, and a whole bunch of extras.
  • Unlimited streaming. You can find your favorite movies and TV shows through PlayStation Plus, a movie streaming service that operates similarly to Netflix or Hulu. There is even an option to rent movies.
  • Player awards and trophies. It’s always fun to show off your accomplishments, and the PSN makes it easy to do so by giving you a digital trophy cabinet. You can earn trophies by completing achievements in different games or by winning certain challenges. You’ll also earn bragging rights!
  • Social media. That’s right, you can even send messages and chat with others through PSN! This is a great way to stay connected with friends you make online.
  • In-game Spotify access. You can connect your Spotify account to your PlayStation console through PlayStation Music. You can stream your favorite tunes while you play games with no interruption.
  • Live or archived game streaming.Want to go live for your fanbase to see? Want to record videos of your gameplay and upload them later? PSN lets you do both.

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Sign Up For Playstation Plus Free Trialno Credit Card Info Required

PlayStation is a multinational videogames brand owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The PlayStation suite of products and services includes five home video game consoles, line controllers, a media center, and a few gaming magazines.;

PlayStation Plus is a subscription model on the PlayStation Network that offers its subscribers the ability to play online multiplayer games, as well as access to exclusive discounts, game demos, beta game versions, and premium downloadable content.

Cookies And Web Beacons

Like any other website, PSNFox uses ‘cookies’. These cookies are used to store information including visitors’ preferences, and the pages on the website that the visitor accessed or visited. The information is used to optimize the users’ experience by customizing our web page content based on visitors’ browser type and/or other information.

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Protect Your Privacy On The Hunt For Free Psn Codes

Lots of people find themselves wondering how to get free PSN codes, and as a result, they end up putting themselves at risk.

Many sites advertise themselves as a free PSN code generator. Theyll say they found a hack for the system and can give you a free PSN codes list for no work at all. However, these sites are full of malware and spyware.;

Theyll often force you into downloading programs that can steal your information and violate your privacy. PSN codes are great, but they are not worth sacrificing your personal information and safety.;

GrabPoints holds a;4.7 rating on Trustpilot;and has a well-earned reputation as a safe way to earn rewards include PSN codes. You can maintain your privacy and your safety while getting free rewards.

Earn Free Psn Codes In 2021 Idle

How To Get Free PSN Gift Cards

How can I get my PlayStation Network Code? To receive your free PSN code, all you have to do is sign up for an account on Idle-Empire, answer a few paid; Rating: 4.7 · 1,929 votes

To receive free psn gift cards, all you have to do is answer a few market research surveys from our survey partners. Then redeem for your psn code and receive;

Apr 17, 2020 Mistplay · mobile video games · Download Mistplay · Razar Cortex · Join PSNRewards · play games · Join InboxDollars · $10 PlayStation gift card;

Get free PlayStation GIFt Card code and redeem for anything in the PlayStation Store.

Aug 27, 2021 The cash that you earn can be redeemed for virtual money. Use the virtual money to receive gift cards to Amazon or choose to have the funds;

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How Can I Get Free Psn Codes

;with Swagbucks to start earning rewards for everyday things you already do online. Shop online, watch entertaining videos, surf the web, and answer surveys to earn points, called SB. Redeem your SBfor;free gift cards;to your favorite brands like Playstation Netowrk,;Apple iTunes,;Xbox Live,;Playstation Store,;, and more.

Donotpay Your Virtual Legal Assistant Extraordinaire

When life becomes too much, we could all use the helping hand of groundbreaking AI technology and automation. DoNotPay streamlines selected admin and legal processes so you dont have to deal with them. Put simply, it takes the work out of some of the most tedious, time-consuming chores, and saves you valuable time, money, and effort.

When you open DoNotPay in yourweb browser, youll unveil a variety of useful features our app can do for you, including:

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Amazoncom: $50 Playstation Store Gift Card

Buy $50 PlayStation Store GIFt Card : Read Everything Else Reviews I contact Amazon again and get told that I can no longer get a refund,; Rating: 4.7 · 243,230 reviews

Read reviews and buy PlayStation Store GIFt Card at Target. Spend $50, get free PlayStation Now Membership GIFt Card . Rating: 3.3 · 49 reviews · $25.00 · Out of stock

Earn Free PSN Codes with GrabPoints. In the list of the top five selling consoles of all time, PlayStations take up three spots! The PlayStation 2 is the;

Start By Creating An Account

Free PlayStation Plus Codes How To Get Free PSN Plus Gift ...

To become part of the PlayStation Network, you need to;create an adult PSN account. You also have the option of;creating an account for a child. To sign up, you will have to choose a unique username and submit your necessary information. You can also;. When you have a PSN code or gift card, then you can load your PSN wallet for purchases.

How To Use A Credit Or Debit Card On The Playstation Store

Learn how to use a credit or debit card as a payment method on the PlayStation Store and which countries support credit or debit card payments on the PlayStation Store.

If you want to link your debit or credit card to the PlayStation Store, add it as your default payment method and select it during checkout.You can also use a debit or credit card to top-up your wallet, which can then be used to make purchases on the PlayStation Store. A child account does not have a PlayStation Wallet, and can only make purchases within a monthly spending limit using funds from the family managers PlayStation Wallet. This limit is automatically set to 0 when creating an account.

What Do We Mean By Free

There are several opportunities available to exchange your time for compensation. These compensation opportunities come in the form of free gift cards or cash. Essentially, you need to spend some time doing easy tasks to get some free gaming time.

Any of the free gift cards or cash you earn can be exchanged for free PSN codes. This means you are gaining access to the PlayStation Network for free.

Use 14 Day Free Trial

This is the most reliable method. Go to the official PlayStation page and sign up or sign up for the PSN Plus subscription trial. You will have access to Plus services and all its benefits for 14 days. But for this, you will have to give the details of your credit card.

PS Do not forget to terminate the service after the 14 day period, otherwise an amount will be charged to your credit card for services rendered.

Why Use Our Free Psn Code Generator

How To Get Free PSN Gift Cards! (1000% Legit)
  • This site is CONSISTENTLY updated with FREE, VALID PlayStation Network codes.
  • You’ll be able to SAVE a considerable deal of MONEY.
  • You’re completely SAFE. You’ll neither be suspended nor banned for making use of our free PSN codes. All codes are scanned and verified to be VALID and GENUINE before they can be generated.
  • The site has a conveniently SIMPLE-TO-USE interface. No surveys are involved. No human verification is required.
  • You’ll certainly appreciate how FLEXIBLE this utility is. We avail free, multiple PSN card options. The codes are provided in various denominations .

Cash Back Apps And Sites


Swagbucks will give you $5 just for signing up, and you can make money relatively fast by taking surveys with them. Most surveys pay between $0.25 and $0.50, but some can be worth several dollars. Payout options vary, but for 1000 points, you can purchase a $10 PlayStation gift card! You’ve successfully been able to acquire your online PlayStation Network code for a total cost, FREE!

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is a free grocery savings app that rewards you just for snapping pictures of your receipts. Thats really it, no cost to join.

Fetch Rewards works anywhere you buy groceries. Scan receipts from big box stores, mom and pop corner shops, drugstores, liquor stores, and hardware stores its all fair game.

Best of all; there are no hoops to jump through. No pre-selecting offers, no scanning barcodes, no surveys, no ads you scan your receipts and youll earn points!


Ibotta is a cashback site that offers you $10 USD simply for signing up! To get cashback, all you have to do is upload photos of your receipts every time you shop online or in-store. You can even get $5 just for getting friends to sign up for the service too.;

Can I Redeem My Free Psn Code If Im Under 18

If you are under 18, your child account won’t have a PlayStation Store Wallet associated with it so the PSN code won’t work on your account. To redeem your free PSN code, the Family Manager will have to redeem it on his/her account. The Family Manager will also need to set a monthly spending limit, which will allow you to spend the funds from his/her wallet.

Get Psn Codes Through The Barter System

Bartering and trading may seem like an outdated method, but it is a very valid and legitimate way to earn free gift cards and PSN codes in 2021. There’s nothing wrong with old-fashioned communication!

You can trade and barter with people through popular websites like Reddit and Craigslist by participating in community forums and talking with like-minded folks. It is easy to find groups of people who are willing to trade their PSN gift card codes in exchange for something you might have to offer, whether that be another gift card or some real money.

There are even specific platforms like Ebay and Reddit, which can be used for trading. You can try your hand at some trades and see how many PSN gift codes you can get.

Psn & Ps Plus Membership

How To Get Free PSN Gift Cards

Sony Corporation avails the PS Network in both free and premium packages. The latter is a subscription-based plan that’s generally referred to as the PS Plus. You have the freedom to opt for the free version or the paid service, as per your desire/need.

A premium PSN membership offers an incredible deal of fantastic features. And, that’s actually the key reason as to why you’ll be prompted to pay for it. Below are some of the features that a premium PS Plus offers but aren’t included in the free PSN version:

  • Cloud game saves
  • Navigate to the official SEN website.
  • Sign in to your PSN account using your login credentials.
  • Select the ‘Redeem Prepaid Card’ button and key in the PSN code exactly as you’ve received it.
  • Psn Free Codes: Ideal For All Playstation Gamers

    PSN has quite a lot to offer. For instance, It introduces you to an all-new level of gaming with a superb games’ catalog across the PS3 & PS4 consoles. Gamers get the opportunity of connecting with thousands of players from all parts of the world.

    It’s an undeniable fact that it provides immersive, real-time experiences. And, it’s no surprise that the PlayStation Network is currently ranked among the largest gaming services.

    Did Playstation Or Sony Entertainment Wrong You Donotpay Can Help You Sue Them In Small Claims Court

    Seeking legal satisfaction may feel out of reach for many, but our mission is to change that. One of our proudest moments was when DoNotPay received the 2020 Louis M. Brown Award for Legal Access by the American Bar Association.;

    If PlayStation violated your consumer rights or wronged you in any other way, you should consider seeking legal satisfaction in small claims court. Dont worryyou dont have to hire a lawyer to do so. You also dont need a solid legal background to stand up against the big corporations.;

    Believe it or not, an AI-powered virtual assistant can provide all the guidance and bureaucratic help you need to win the case.

    The DoNotPay app is equipped with clever chatbots that collect all necessary information about the issue you experienced with PlayStation . When it has gathered all the data, it will present you with the required and filled-out legal forms you will need in court. DoNotPay will also generate a script of the most effective legal argument that you can use while defending your case. Once you give it a go, you will not believe how easy it is.

    The 6 Best Sites That Pay You In Playstation Network Codes For 2020

    1. Swagbucks

    Love a good survey? With;Swagbucks, you can get paid for those everyday tasks, from shopping, giving your opinion, watching videos, and more. Swagbucks rewards you for things that you can do in your spare time. Redeemed points that youve earned on Swagbucks can translate into cash on PayPal, or you can exchange them for gift cards. You can get a head start and receive $5 ;just for signing up. Download the app on;or;Apple;to get started.;

    2. Fetch Rewards

    Earn the PSN cards with three easy steps on;Fetch Rewards: scan your grocery receipts, earn points on specific products that youve bought, and gain rewards. Its as easy at that. Fetch Rewards is perfect for the primary shopper in the household who wants to earn some;rewards.;

    3. Sony Rewards

    When you;join;Sony Rewards, you have the opportunity to earn points that you can then use in their;store. Sony lists the;many ways;that you can earn points on their website. Using a;Sony Visa Credit Card;or a;PlayStation Visa Credit Card;earns you points. Just by;applying;for one of those credit cards, you instantly gain 5,000 points. Purchases that qualify for points include not only the Sony store but restaurant visits, mobile phone bills, entertainment, and more.

    4. InstaGC

    Listening to music, browsing websites, shopping, and watching videos are things that many of us do daily. By signing up for;InstaGCs, you can now earn points for those pastimes that translate into;instant gift cards.

    5. Shoply

    6. Mistplay

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