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How To Get Gang Beasts On Ps4

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How Do You Get 2 Player On Gang Beasts

How to kick in Gang Beasts PS4 (INSTANT KO)

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If players are looking to set up a lobby to play with friends on one shared system, then they will have to select the « local » option from the main menu. From there, players can have their friends join simply by connecting other controllers to the match.

De plus, How do you play Gang Beasts with friends?

How To Set Up A Private Online Game

  • From the Main Menu select Online.
  • Select your character.
  • Press the Custom button
  • This will bring up a unique lobby from here, press Invite to invite friends using the same system.
  • Ainsi What means local multiplayer? Local Multiplayer = Party Game = Shared/Splitscreen. On THE SAME PC AND SAME SCREEN vertical or horizontal or no splitscreen at all as you see both players on the same screen you play against other players.

    Is Gang Beasts Cross

    Currently, Gang Beasts is not cross-platform. Gang Beasts developer stated that in the next update, the cross-platform feature will be introduced. But, one more thing, that Gang beast won’t introduce cross-platform across all the platforms.

    For example, the PS4 players won’t be able to play against Xbox One and any other platform. But, Xbox one players will be able to play against PC players and vice versa.

    The players are very happy to hear this update and they can’t wait for the next version of the game. This is because there are many benefits of Gang Beasts being cross-platform, for example:

    • The player can play with their friends even if they are on different platforms.
    • There may be people who want to try Gang Beasts for the first time but don’t know what system works best for them. With cross-platforms, they can see what system suits them, and then they won’t have to buy a console.
    • The game will be more competitive because players from different platforms can play against each other.
    • Also, there is a higher chance of people playing Gang Beasts at the same time.
    • The developer will be able to make updates more quickly because they won’t need to do separate versions for each system.
    • The developer will also save on money because they won’t need separate hardware for different systems.

    Now, to get more information about which platforms Gang Beasts introduces cross-platform, keep reading this blog post.

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    Does It Take 2 Local Co

    Yes, It Takes Two features local couch co-op multiplayer. In fact, the entire game can be played locally as a co-op game, or online as a split screen game. As long as youre on the same console, It Takes Two allows the second player to download a code for free that simply allows them to play as Player 2.

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    Gang Beasts Sliding Controls

    Powerslide: To perform a powerslide in Gang Beasts, you need to move in the direction of your choice while also holding the kick and crawl controls.

    • PS4: L, hold Square+O
    • Xbox One: L, hold X+B
    • PC: WASD, hold M+Ctrl

    Slide Tackle: To perform this high-paced move thatll sweep your opponent off of their feet if timed correctly youll need to run , and then hold kick at the right moment.

    • PS4: L, hold X, hold Square
    • Xbox One: L, hold A, hold X
    • PC: WASD, hold Space, hold M

    Dropslide: To perform the dropslide in Gang Beats, youll need to run at your opponent , press jump , quickly press kick , and then hold both jump and kick .

    • PS4: L, hold X, X, Square, X+Square
    • Xbox One: L, hold A, A, X, A+X
    • PC: WASD, hold Space, Space, M, Space+M

    Gang Beasts Combos: Advanced Ps4 Xbox One And Pc Controls

    Gang Beasts (2017) PlayStation 4 box cover art

    With those basic controls locked down, you can start to combine them to create tricks such as new movements, special attacks, and some actions that combine the two.

    The general description of each of these advanced combo controls will be detailed in their PS4 controller form, but after each description, therell be an Xbox One button and PC key guide.

    Credit to Reddit user Amos0310 for discovering some of the more intricate Gang Beasts combinations listed below.

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    Certain Outfits Have Benefits

    One of the best features of Gang Beasts is the costumes you can make. There are so many unique items to wear and you can make some absolute fashion disasters. But an interesting thing about the costumes is that certain clothes can be more beneficial or a liability in a fight.

    For example, the Rhino onesie doubles headbutt damage, whilst any of the glasses reduce the impact of head blows. The Luchador leotards make you harder to grab, SWAT gear reduces incoming damage, and wearing gloves improves your grip a small amount. It’s a fun bit of meta that can make your decisions on your outfit be a bit more tactical instead of memey.

    Gang Beast Controls For Xbox

    The guide for controls on Xbox applies to both the console, as well as if you use the Xbox controller on your PC instead of your keyboard.

    • Jump: A
    • Run: A
    • Sit: A
    • Kick: X
    • Left punch/grab: LB
    • Right punch/grab: RB

    On top of these controls, you can use the D-Pad to change your camera angle, as well as RT to switch your focus when spectating.

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    Does It Takes 2 Have Split

    Gameplay. It Takes Two is an action-adventure video game with elements from platform games. It is specifically designed for split-screen cooperative multiplayer, which means that it must be played with another player through either local or online play. The game also features a large number of minigames.

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    How Can I Find The Best Prices For Gang Beasts On Playstation 4

    Gang Beasts – Gameplay Trailer | PS4 compares the cheapest prices of Gang Beasts on the digital downloads market to find the best sales and discount codes on trusted stores.

    About this game

    Gang Beasts is a silly and funny multiplayer party game defying the laws of physics and will make you jump off your seats!

    • With surly gelatinous characters â Freddie, Bobby, Stephen Floglass, Samantha Cartwheeler, Little Brother Jake, Partridge and Willy E. Rat
    • Brutal slapstick fight sequences, and absurd hazardous environments, set in the mean streets of Beef City.
    • Customise your character and fight local and online enemies in the melee game mode or fight with friends against the gangs of Beef City in the gang game mode.


    At the end of the day, Gang Beasts is a straight-up treat. Itâs perfect for those looking for a new game to play with friends . The technical difficulties encountered are outweighed by the enormous amounts of fun to be had. Gang Beasts has so much character and moments of hilarity that it canât be recommended enough. Gang Beasts runs $19.99 and with the promise of free new game modes, maps and other features on the horizon, itâs worth the pair of Andrew Jacksons.

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    Gang Beasts Ko Headbutt Controls

    Knockout Headbutt: The knockout headbutt is the move that everyone wants to pull in Gang Beasts, and while it gives you ample time to pick-up and chuck any foe, it does take some exact timing to pull off.

    You need to be able to grab either with both hands at the same time or each limb one at a time your foes shoulders.

    You can grab them from the front or while standing behind them.

    Once you have a grip of their shoulders with either hand holding either of their shoulders, press headbutt until theyre out cold.

    • PS4: hold L1+R1 to grab their shoulders, O
    • Xbox One: hold LB+RB to grab their shoulders, B
    • PC: Left Click+Right Click to grab their shoulders, Ctrl

    Charged Headbutt: While the standard headbutt and the KO Headbutt are very potent in Gang Beasts, theres also a Charged Headbutt that you can utilise.

    For a Charged Headbutt, you need to press jump , press headbutt , and then hold the headbutt button .

    • PS4: X, O, hold O
    • Xbox One: A, B, hold B
    • PC: Space, Ctrl, hold Ctrl

    Breaking Out Of A Hold

    One of the most frustrating things in Gang Beasts is being unable to escape an opponent who is dead-set on never letting go. It’s not necessarily a death sentence to get into an inescapable hold, though, and the game offers multiple effective ways to break out.

    Sometimes the player is the one who doesn’t want to let go as their opponent might be trying to throw them off the side of the stage. In that case, many of these tactics still work effectively because of the extremely close range and ability to reposition oneself.

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    Each Map Has A Hazard

    One of the most deadly features of a Gang Beasts brawl is that every map has a hazard. Some are more dangerous than others, such as the collapsing walls of Billboard, the unstable floor of the Ferris Wheel, or the sudden freeway signs that can smack you off to your doom in Trucks.

    Most of them are easy to avoid or you can use them to your advantage by dropping someone into or through a hazard at the right moment, so it’s recommended that you practice with each map first to figure out what the hazard is first so you know what to watch out for.

    Don’t Rush Into The Melee


    Normally your first instinct in a brawler is to run right into the melee and start swinging with your fists. If you do that in Gang Beasts, though, you’re just going to end up dead or knocked out that much quicker.

    Most players tend to bum rush the center and it quickly turns into a massive mosh pit. On the bigger levels, this isn’t as much of a problem, but on the smaller levels like Containers or Buoy where you can easily slip off an edge and into oblivion, it’s a much larger issue. So when a match starts, try to wait a minute or two for the anarchy to start then just pick your targets from whoever is left.

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    How To Climb In Gang Beasts

    Regular Climbing: To perform a regular climbing action to scale a ledge in Gang Beasts, grab onto a ledge or lip , and then hoist yourself up .

    • PS4: hold L1+R1, hold X
    • Xbox One: hold LB+RB, hold A
    • PC: Left Click+Right Click, hold Space

    Leap-up Climb: You can also scale a large object or wall with a bit more oomph by grabbing on , and then jump upwards from the grab .

    • PS4: hold L1+R1, double-tap X
    • Xbox One: hold RB+LB, double-tap A
    • PC: Left Click+Right Click, double-tap Space

    Swing-up Climb: When youve got your grip on a surface, you can swing your legs around and up.

    Once youve grabbed on , swing your legs by kicking and headbutting at the same time , and directing your legs to where you want them to go.

    • PS4: hold L1+R1, hold Square+O, L
    • Xbox One: hold LB+RB, hold X+B, L
    • PC: Left Click+Right Click, hold Space+Ctrl, WASD

    Gang Beasts Super Punch Controls

    Super Punch: The Super Punch is one of the greatest weapons in Gang Beasts if you get the timing right. The attack is all about improvising a grab with the swing of a headbutt.

    To do a Super Punch in Gang Beasts, you need to press headbutt , and then immediately press one of the grab buttons , depending on which hand you want to punch with.

    This will see your avatar flick their head back and then suddenly throw their fist. Performing the Super Punch in Gang Beasts can result in an instant knockout.

    • PS4: press O, quickly press L1 or R1
    • Xbox One: press B, quickly press LB or RB
    • PC: press Ctrl, quickly click the left or right mouse button

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    Gang Beasts Controls On Pc Keyboard

    One thing to note about playing Gang Beasts with your PCs keyboard is that if youre not using a mechanical keyboard you will not be able to press three keys at a time something that is sometimes needed to beat your opponent.

    Aside from that, the keyboard does have some advantages when youre playing alone that well go over.

    • Run: Space bar
    • Sit: Space bar
    • Kick: M
    • Left punch/grab: , key or left mouse button
    • Right punch/grab: . key or right mouse button

    Here are the PC/keyboard-exclusive bindings:

    • Next camera angle: Right arrow key
    • Previous camera angle: Left arrow key
    • Speed up game: + key
    • Slow down game: key
    • Revert to standard speed: 0
    • Spawn pushing or pulling force: 1~2 keys
    • Spawn props: 3~7 keys
    • Spawn opponents: Shift or Ctrl with numbers 1~8
    • Toggle day and night: F1

    Gang Beasts Dropkick Controls

    Gang Beasts – Step Down Trophy

    Standing Dropkick: This is just your regular dropkick where youre in front of your opponent and quickly pop a kick to their upper-body while in midair.

    To perform a dropkick in Gang Beasts, simply jump and then hold kick while in midair.

    • PS4: X, hold Square
    • Xbox One: A, hold X
    • PC: Space, hold M

    Flying Dropkick: This dropkick has a little more zing to it and can easily catch your opponent off-guard, and maybe even to the extent that they tumble backwards to their doom.

    For the flying dropkick in Gang Beasts, you need to run towards your opponent , and then quickly tap jump and then hold kick in midair.

    • PS4: L, hold X, tap X, hold Square
    • Xbox One: L, hold A, tap A, hold X
    • PC: WASD, hold Space, tap Space, hold M

    Super Dropkick: Like the Flying Dropkick, the Super Dropkick entails you running towards your foe , quickly tap jump , hold kick , and then, in midair, press headbutt .

    • PS4: L, hold X, X, hold Square, O
    • Xbox One: L, hold A, A, hold X, B
    • PC: WASD, hold Space, Space, hold M, Ctrl

    Mega Dropkick: The Mega Dropkick is an even greater version of the Super Dropkick. To perform this Gang Beasts combo, youll need to run , tap jump , quickly press lift , hold kick , and while in midair, press headbutt .

    • PS4: L, hold X, X, Triangle, hold Square, O
    • Xbox One: L, hold A, A, Y, hold X, B
    • PC: WASD, hold Space, Space, Shift, hold M, Ctrl
    • PS4: Square, X, X, X, X, X
    • Xbox One: X, A, A, A, A, A
    • PC: M, Space, Space, Space, Space, Space

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    It’s Easy To Knock Yourself Out

    Fights in Gang Beasts often devolve into who can knock the other out the fastest, and quite often you will end up knocking yourself out quicker than your opponent can.

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    In Gang Beasts, if you fall from too high a drop, hit your head hard enough on the ground, or get punched in just the right spot then you’re going for a quick knock-out nap. So try to be aware of that before you start diving around and swinging your fists like a lunatic.

    Your Costume Can Affect Your Hitbox

    There are a lot of creative costumes you can make in this multiplayer game as the amount of customization is large and pretty varied. From hats to masks, backpacks, mustaches, and even entire outfits and cozy-looking onesies. But, before you go making the most extravagant-looking blob man around, it’s worth knowing that the type of outfit you wear can have an impact on how you fight.

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    For example, some of the large mascot heads and big hats all make your hitbox bigger and are much easier to grab. The same also applies to scarves or capes that might drape off your character. So when you’re designing your fighter try to think of an outfit that looks fantastic but is also hard to latch onto.

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    Gang Beasts Xbox Controls

    • Movement: L
    • Handstand: hold B, LB+RB, X
    • Backflip: hold X, A, release X
    • Zombie Waddle: hold B+X, L
    • Body Slam: find a ledge, A+B
    • Powerslide: L, hold X+B
    • Slide Tackle: L, hold A, hold X
    • Dropslide: L, hold A, A, X, A+X
    • Regular Climbing: hold LB+RB, hold A
    • Leap-up Climb: hold RB+LB, double-tap A
    • Swing-up Climb: hold LB+RB, hold X+B, L
    • Super Punch: press B, quickly press LB or RB
    • Knockout Headbutt: hold LB+RB to grab their shoulders, B
    • Charged Headbutt: A, B, hold B
    • Standing Dropkick: A, hold X
    • Flying Dropkick: L, hold A, tap A, hold X
    • Super Dropkick: L, hold A, A, hold X, B
    • Mega Dropkick: L, hold A, A, Y, hold X, B
    • Flipkick: X, A, A, A, A, A
    • Throwing Foes: LB+RB, Y, L, release LB+RB

    Gang Beasts Alternate Movement Controls

    Gang Beasts Controls For PC, PS4 and Xbox

    Handstand: To perform a handstand in Gang Beasts, you need to duck , grab the floor , and then press jump to keep the legs up .

    • PS4: hold O, L1+R1, X
    • Xbox One: hold B, LB+RB, X
    • PC: hold Ctrl, Left Click+Right Click, Space

    Backflip: Nailing the backflip takes a fair bit of practice because you have to get the timing just right. It involves laying down , pressing jump , and releasing the lay down button at just the right moment.

    Just as your character starts to lean back, quickly tap jump and release the lay down button. You can barely lean backwards before pressing jump, so the timing for a Gang Beasts backflip does take some perfecting.

    • PS4: hold Square, X, release Square
    • Xbox One: hold X, A, release X
    • PC: hold M, Space, release M

    Zombie Waddle: To walk around the arena with a floppy head and a bit of a waddle, like a zombie, you need to hold headbutt and kick while moving around .

    • PS4: hold O+Square, L
    • Xbox One: hold B+X, L
    • PC: Ctrl+M, WASD

    Body Slam: For this move, youll need a good amount of height and a ledge to fall from and preferably an enemy to land on underneath.

    The Body Slam may also result in you knocking yourself out or breaking the environment objects.

    To perform the Body Slam in Gang Beasts, you need to get to a ledge and then hold jump and headbutt at the same time.

    • PS4: find a ledge, X+O
    • Xbox One: find a ledge, A+B
    • PC: find a ledge, Space+Ctrl

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