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Is Sea Of Thieves On Playstation

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Is Sea Of Thieves Coming To Ps4

SEA OF THIEVES – KRAKEN Teaser Trailer 2018 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Sea of Thieves is not coming to PS4 right now, but Microsofts open stance to software publishing means its not impossible. The organisation already publishes Minecraft on the PS4, and has released various titles on Nintendo Switch, too. Unfortunately, the platform holder sees Sony as a competitor, and so its less likely to bring its titles to PlayStation.

There is hope, as the manufacturer is a big believer in cross-play, but as of right now there are no plans for Sea of Thieves to come to PS4.

Sea Of Thieves Ps4 Release Date: Is It Coming To Playstation 4

Players on PC and Xbox One are enjoying Sea of Thieves, and PS4 players are feeling left out. If youre wondering when the PS4 will get to join in on the pirate adventuring, you might be disappointed. Because of who the game is made by, its improbable the PlayStation 4 will ever see a release date for Sea of Thieves. To find out why Sea of Thieves PS4 wont be a thing, read on below.

How To Play Cross

Unlike the other titles that allow cross-play and have a tedious process for connecting to other devices, Sea of thieves has a straightforward approach. You just need to search up your friends name in the menu and add him to the lobby it cant get any easier than this.

Once youve invited them, they should be in your lobby, ready to conquer the vast oceans with you!

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Is Sea Of Thieves Cross

Sea of Thieves Cross-Platform: Online multiplayer games are one of the upcoming trends in the gaming platform. Some of the popular multiplayer games are Mini Militia, PUBG, and many more. Those are epic games. In addition to that one of the best-selling online games is Sea of Thieves.

Certainly, it is one of the best-selling games in the lineup of action-adventure games. Amazingly, it is a pirate simulation game where you can join with your friends and explore an open world of oceans via a pirate ship.

Furthermore, in this game, the first-person player will be given the role of a pirate who completes many voyages to become the ultimate pirate legend. Certainly, the inspiration for the pirate theme for this game has been drawn from the movie Pirate of the Caribbeans, and The Goonies.

Sounds very amazing, right? But many players are wandering around a single question for a long time about this game. That is, is Sea of Thieves cross-platform?. Well, we will answer this question today through this article. So, read the complete article to relieve your queries.

It Includes

  • 9 Conclusion
  • Sea Of Thieves Crossplay

    How Much Is Sea Of Thieves On Ps4

    You can choose to play Sea Of Thieves on either you PC, either through the Windows 10 version or Steam, as well as you Xbox console. No matter where you or your friends purchase the game, you can all hop aboard your trusty ship for a rollicking good time together thanks to the Play Anywhere system.

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    Plus, as an added bonus, if you own Sea Of Thieves on one platform you can switch to another and carry all your progress over. Granted this game is cross-play and cross-progression, but not cross-buy. That means if you want to move from Xbox to Steam, for example, you’re going to have to pay up for a second copy.

    There’s never been a better time to jump into Sea Of Thieves. Aside from the influx of new players the PC crowd has brought, a new updated called the Vault of the Ancients and Fate of the Damned event have both recently just launched. Like all content drops the game has received so far, these are completely free additions that adds new Voyages, Cosmetics, pets, and tons of items.

    Microsoft has been a major proponent of cross-platform play as of late, enabling it on a ton of titles in their catalogue as of late, including the new Xbox Series X and S. Whether it’s Sea Of Thieves or any of their other first party titles, you can be reasonably sure that Microsoft will allow cross-platform play.

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    Will Sea Of Thieves Come To Ps4

    Were not going to lie here, the answer isnt good, and its going to leave many PlayStation 4 owners disappointed. At this point in time, Rare has made no announcements about the arrival of Sea of Thieves on PlayStation 4in any capacity at all. That news likely isnt to change anytime soon, if at all, which means PS4 owners wont get to feel the wind as it pushes them across the sea or taste the salt of the oceans waves as they lap against their ship.

    While Sea of Thieves is developed by Rare, Microsoft is the one publishing the game, and its the latest in a nice line-up of Xbox Play Anywhere titles that have helped bridge the gap between Microsofts console and PC fanbase. Because of this, its highly unlikely that the game will makes its way onto the PlayStation 4, however, we cant say for sure, as developers have been known to release onto consoles that werent expected.

    So, while we will say that it is unlikely that the PlayStation 4 players will see Sea of Thieves on the PS4, we cannot write it off entirelyand we wont speculate on the matter. If youre interested in trying out the closed beta, though, and you have access to a Xbox One or PC, then you can check out our guide on how to join the Sea of Thieves closed beta. Also, make sure you keep an eye on the site, as well have an assortment of guides coming out for the game as we grow closer and closer to release and learn more about the title itself.

    Sea Of Thieves Limited Edition Controller

    • Weigh anchor and get ready to fight, sail and loot in style with the supernatural Xbox Wireless Controller – Sea of Thieves Limited Edition.
    • Gaze into the murky depths of the deep purple translucent design, haunted by a mysterious skull that glows at sundown.
    • Adorned with laser etched barnacles and one treasured golden trigger.
    • Includes in-game Ferryman Clothing Set.
    • Take hold of the textured grip for enhances comfort during your voyage.
    • Includes Bluetooth® technology for gaming on Windows 10 PCs and tablets. Thats Bluetooth, not Bluebeard!
    • Includes a 14-day Xbox Live Gold free trial
    • Includes a 14-day Game Pass free trial

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    Will Sea Of Thieves Be On Ps4 Or Playstation 5

    Rare, the developer of Sea of Thieves, is a first-party studio – which means they’re owned by Microsoft, and so develop solely for Microsoft platforms – but there is still a chance that it’s a “maybe” – but more as a way to get the Xbox ecosystem onto other consoles.

    Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has long touted the benefits of cross-play, and has stated that Microsoft thinks of Xbox as a platform, not a console – potentially paving the way for Xbox first-party games jumping to rival systems – like the PlayStation 4 or 5.

    In an interview with Kotaku last year, Spencer was pressed on the possibility of games like Sea of Thieves coming to PlayStation or even Switch consoles.

    “The games themselves are critically important to players and people playing. But ensuring that you have a connected ecosystem with the players, where peoples save game and their state and their friends list and their entitlements move seamlessly from every ecosystemfrom every devicethat they want to play on is critical,” he told Stephen Totilo.

    “There arent other systems where we can go do that today.”

    Xbox Live has come to Switch, helping allow players to play with their friends in games like Minecraft – itself a Microsoft-owned property . There’s a chance that any Xbox game moving platforms would require Xbox Live , and Sony is unlikely to let that happen.

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    Sea of Thieves Trailer

    Sea of Thieves will be moving to Season 5 in the near future and we have all the information around when this new season will be released.

    Despite Season 4 only recently going live, a lot of the Sea of Thieves community are already looking towards the release date of season 5.

    The game is a huge success, and a massive part of this is due to the developers adding seasons into the game to constantly keep it fresh.

    The first-person action-adventure game sees players sail around an open-world, and they are eager for season 5 to come out as soon as possible.

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    When Is The Sea Of Thieves Ps4 Release Date

    As we said above, its highly unlikely that Sea of Thieves will ever come to PS4. If it does, then the release date is way out in the future. However, there is another pirate game coming out this year from Ubisoft that will hit PS4 called Skull and Bones.

    If youre a huge pirate fan and dont have a PC or PS4 Skull and Bones might sate your salty soul. As for the PC and Xbox One Sea of Thieves release date, those players can set sail on March 20, 2018.

    For more info on Sea of Thieves check out its game hub or the articles below.

    Sea of Thieves

    • PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X
    • Rating9
    • PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X
    • Rating8.5
    • PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X11-05-2021
    • PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X12-07-2021
    • Nintendo Switch / PC / PS4 / Xbox One12-31-2021

    Will Sea Of Thieves Arrive On Playstation 4

    Pirate fans in Sea of Thieves are curious if they will have the chance to sail the longest sea there is and make it to PlayStation 4. You can play Sea of Thieves on an Xbox One and PC via the Xbox Beta app. Will Rare developers have the chance to bring their marine title to the waters of the PlayStation 4, expanding the lineup of potential fans?

    The overall logistics of who owns Rare provides us with a fairly definitive answer of no. Rare was purchased by the Microsoft company in 2002, which is dedicated exclusively to the Xbox One and PC market camp. Rare does not work on PlayStation 4, which is owned by Sony. Rare has a rich history of game development for early Nintendo products, such as Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, NES, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and others. However, none of their titles have come on a Sony product yet.

    It’s unlikely that PlayStation 4 gamers will see Sea of Thieves coming to console anytime soon. Microsoft has repeatedly shown interest in working with other game companies, such as the Fortnite cross-platform platform with Nintendo. The two companies initially worked together to show that they wanted to work together to get all players to sit together, no matter what console they were on. Sony was a bit more reluctant, but eventually made an appearance, and many developers have noted in the past that it was sometimes difficult to initiate cross-platform functions when it came to Sony’s integration with other console companies.

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    Gibt Es Alternativen Zu Sea Of Thieves Fr Die Ps4

    Es nützt also alles nichts: Als PS4-Besitzer braucht ihr gar nicht weiter auf Sea of Thieves für eure Konsole zu warten. Das heißt aber nicht, dass ihr nicht trotzdem ein bisschen Pirat spielen könnt. Für die PlayStation gibt es durchaus einige Alternativen, die dem Xbox-Exklusivtitel in nichts nachstehen.

    Sea Of Thieves Bundles

    How Much Is Sea Of Thieves On Ps4

    Weigh anchor and buy the Xbox One S Sea of Thieves Bundle featuring a full-game download of the ground-breaking Shared-World Adventure Game. Xbox One S features 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, 4K video streaming, High Dynamic Range, premium audio and an Xbox Wireless Controller. Be the pirate youve always dreamed of in a world of danger and discovery. Explore a vast ocean where every sail on the horizon means a ship filled with real players who may be friends or foes.

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    Is Sea Of Thieves On Ps4

    Sea of Thieves is not available on PS4. There are a number of reasons for this, but the main one is that Rare is owned by Microsoft, which manufactures the Xbox One. As a result, the company has decided to tie exclusivity to the title, meaning you can only play it on its platforms. There is cross-play, so if you purchase the game for PC you can still play with your friends on Xbox One and vice versa, but unfortunately theres no sign of the releases riches setting sail for Sonys system.

    Sea Of Thieves Ps4 Release

    Sadly, it doesnt look like a Sea of Thieves PS4 release will ever happen. Rare, the studio behind Sea of Thieves, is owned by Microsoft Studios. And just like previous games like Perfect Dark Zero and Viva Pinata, Sea of Thieves will always be an Xbox exclusive console title.

    Its basically the same as Sony-owned Guerrilla Games releasing Horizon Zero Dawn on Xbox One, its just not going to happen as theyre direct competitors. Therefore, were never going to see a Sea of Thieves PS4 release date.

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    Is Sea Of Thieves Crossplay On Mobile & Pc

    Yes. Just like the rest of the platforms mentioned in this article, you can play Sea of Thieves with friends between mobile and PC too. This cross-platform feature will be enabled by default in the game.

    Just like in the case of mobiles and consoles, you will need XCloud to play with PC users. As long as you are a subscriber of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you will be good to go.

    This brings us to the end of our article. As you have read, cross-platform is supported in Sea of Thieves, meaning you can team up with your friends for some great games!

    Sea Of Thieves Ps4 Alternative

    Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life | Gameplay E3 2021 Trailer (Pirates of the Caribbean)

    If you just cant hold yourself back for some pirate game action, then there is something that PS4 players can look forward to. UbisoftsSkull & Bones is coming to PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC later in 2018. Its a tactical action game in which you play as a pirate captain and set sail across the Indian Ocean.

    Okay, so its maybe not the news youre looking for, but you might as well get any hope of a Sea of Thieves PS4 release out of your head. Its simply never going to happen. Or you could just buy an Xbox One, or boot it up on PC!

    In Sea of Thieves, players command a pirate ship across a shared game world and complete missions, raid forts and ships, and use gold to upgrade their ships. Though the reception to the game from reviewers was mixed, it apparently has a very large audience of players.

    Heres what you could be missing out on:

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    Is Sea Of Thieves Coming To Ps5 And Ps4

    Is Rare’s Sea of Thieves coming to PS4 or PS5?

    Sea of Thieves is one of those games that didnt have much to offer fans when it first came out but slowly got better as Rare updated the title with more features, to the point that it now has a second season of content.

    Thanks to this new lease of life, not to mention being a part of Xbox Game Pass and next-gen improvements, Sea of Thieves has gained popularity and is now considered by some fans as a must-have title, with many Sony fanboys hoping itll come to PS4 or PS5.

    Is Sea Of Thieves Available On Nintendo Switch

    Sea of Thieves is a great game and would do good numbers on a console like a Switch. Still, unfortunately, it isnt available on the Nintendo switch. There are no plans on bringing it on the portable console anytime in the future. Yes, it may sound like a huge missed opportunity. Still, the game is already available on mobile, so you can always go that way.

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    Will Sea Of Thieves Come To The Playstation 4

    Can you jump on the high seas from a PlayStation 4?

    Screengrab via Rare

    Pirate fans in Sea of Thieves are curious if they will ever get the chance to sail the longest sea there is and make it over to the PlayStation 4.You can play Sea of Thieves on an Xbox One and a PC through the Xbox Beta application. Will developers Rare have the chance to bring their sea-faring title to the PlayStation 4 waters, extending the range of potential fans?

    The overall logistics of who owns Rare provides us with a fairly definitive answer of no. The Microsoft Company purchased Rare in 2002, which is dedicatedly in the camp of the Xbox One and the PC market. Rare does not operate on the PlayStation 4, which is owned by Sony. Rare has a rich history of developing games for early Nintendo products, such as the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, NES, the Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and others. However, they have not had one of their titles come to a Sony product at this time.

    Despite these complications, and Microsoft wants to work with other companies, it will likely keep Sea of Thieves exclusive for Xbox One and PC players. Something could happen in the future to change this, but for now, it seems PlayStation 4 players may need to find an alternative game where they pillage the high seas.

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