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When Is Playstation Vr Coming Out

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Your Headset Has Tracking Issues


If your PlayStation VR headset isnt tracking your movement properly, you might see an outside of area message appear or notice that your in-game avatar is moving without your direct input.


The problem could be related to lighting, as the PlayStation Camera is primarily tracking your headset via a number of blue lights on its surface. Tracking issues can happen for a variety of reasons, however, so dont lose hope if the first few solutions dont work for you.

Psvr 2 Other Features And Specs

Haptics in headset: YesControllers: Adaptive triggers, capacitive touch sensors

According to PSVR Without Parole, the PSVR2 is tipped to get a significant upgrade to its field of view. The YouTuber also noted that the new VR headset will apparently offer a 110-degree FOV that is 10 degrees wider compared to its predecessor. It will also reportedly use flexible scaling resolution, which “concentrates rendering resources on the players area of focus.”

Another leak from UploadVR also claims that the PSVR 2 will get a high resolution 2,000 x 2,040 OLED 4K display, a significant upgrade to the existing model’s 1920 x 1080 OLED display.

And games-wise, the same source says that “Sony wants to move away from VR experiences and focus on console-quality AAA titles.” To do that, Sony would make hybrid games that would be playable on your TV or the PSVR2. And you could have the choice of downloading the PS5 version or VR version, so you wouldn’t have to do both.

But that’s not all that Sony could implement in terms of gaming on its upcoming VR headset. The company previously said that it will offer “unique experiences that are synonymous with PlayStation,” which leads us to believe that there might be a potential for AAA exclusives.

The executive also talked about the idea of eye-tracking too. Not only did Mallinson talk about eye tracking in terms of user comfort and display calibration, he also sees it as another form of input for VR games.

Improvements In Movement Tracking

Yet another patent suggests more cool features for the possible PSVR 2. This patent showed improvements in tracking eye movement and head motion. With the information from this patent, it seems as though the VR headset would be more able to control what each eye specifically sees. Then, if you tilt or move your head, those images will stay tracked.

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When Will The Psvr 2 Be Released

The PSVR 2 hasnt officially been announced by Sony yet, so we probably wont see it hit the shelves for a while. Sony is likely putting all of its attention right now toward the PS5s release in just a few months. Sony made considerable improvements in the hardware it chose for the PS5 I can only hope it put this much effort into taking what was great about the PSVR and improving the experience with the PSVR 2.

Unfortunately, we wont see a PlayStation VR 2 any time soon. In a recent interview with The Washington Post, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan revealed that updated PSVR hardware was at least a few years out. Still, he reaffirmed that Sony and PlayStation believe in VR, so fans can expect continued support in the future. SVP Nishino echoed that belief in his February 23 statement, saying the PSVR 2 wont be launching in 2021.

More recently, suggestions pointed to Sony revealing more about the PSVR 2 at the beginning of 2022.

Psvr 2 Will Run On Ps5 Via A Single Wire

Sony PlayStation announce 130 NEW games coming 2018 for ...

This ones a bit of a no-brainer but, just in case you didnt know PSVR 2 will run on PS5. Sonys next-generation console is now rolling out across the globe and, although supply has been an issue, its slowly but surely finding its way into peoples homes.

In Februarys blog post, Ryan confirmed that the new headset connects to the console via a single cord, meaning a much simpler setup than the mess of wires included in the original PSVR. Theres no confirmation of any possible wireless connectivity just yet, but well come to that in a bit. Either way, the added processing power of the PS5 should go a long way to improving the PSVR experience. Again, more on that further down.

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Psvr 2 Potential Release Date Price Speculation Leaks And More

As fans continue to fight over limited PS5 restock, Sony is seemingly looking past its supply woes and has begun trickling out information about PSVR 2, also known as next-gen PSVR. While Sony has yet to unveil a name for its new VR headset, we’ll refer to it as PSVR 2 for the time being.

VR gaming hasn’t yet become the de facto way to experience interactive entertainment, though it’s now slowly entering the mainstream, especially with the success of Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2. Given that the PS5 is currently the fastest-selling console in history, there might be enough buyers willing to give the successor to the moderately successful PSVR a chance.

At the moment, there’s no firm release date for PSVR 2, but according to Sony, it will not happen in 2021. However, the details about the upcoming PSVR keep surfacing, and could arguably make the wait worthwhile.

We now know that Sony’s next VR headset will reportedly get a significant upgrade to its field of view, display resolution, controllers and even gaming possibilities, but more on that later.

Below, we’ve included a roundup on everything there is to know about Sony’s so-called PSVR 2, including all the latest information about a potential release date as well as speculation on price, features and specs.

Just A Minigun In Real Life For Vr Nbd

We’re mostly here to catch up with the HTC Vive, but I couldn’t resist having a go. It’s a simple tower defense game that has you holding your ground against waves of iconic enemies from the series, and although I thought the shiny metal behemoth I was clutching was overkill at first, it soon proved inadequate as the waves of enemies close in. It’s cool as hell, but sadly it’s just a show piece, and there aren’t any plans to publicly release it.

After several disastrous attempts at survival, I sat down to ask Graham Breen, Vive’s product lead in Europe, a few questions. First he wanted to know how I found Serious Sam, and as I was still drenched in sweat, I was honest: Intense.

“I got to use it hands-on once we set it up last night, and I stood in the room next door here.” Breen said, “I was screaming. I have to admit, I screamed. Jumping back. And that VR can do that to me, and I’m somebody who should be slightly numb to this because I get to experience a lot. And yet it still makes me react like that. It’s pretty special.”

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While You Wait Ps5 Supports Psvr For Backwards Compatibility

Not only is PS5 backwards compatible, but the console also supports the original PSVR, too. That means you can play original PSVR games on the headset, but youll need a special adapter to attach the PS4 Camera to your PS5. You cant use the new HD Camera for PS5 with the headset, but Sony is sending out the adapter for free and bundling it in with new units. Youll need to use all of your existing controllers for PSVR on PS5, though gamepad-supported games that dont use tracking like Resident Evil 7 can use the next DualSense controller.

We also know that PSVR developers can update their titles with PS5-specific features, perhaps improving the visuals and performance of existing games. Along with the No Mans Sky visuals upgrades, Blood & Truth has improvements as does Firewall: Zero Hour. Also bear in mind that not every PSVR game is compatible with PS5. Sony says the vast majority of PS4 games will work on PS5, but we do know Robinson: The Journey isnt compatible with the new console.

Vr Games Are Great But There’s More

PlayStation VR announced for PS5, but its not coming this year

Things are going well for Vive too. There are more than 400 announced titles, and Breen is keen to point out there are 200 actual games today as we talk. “We’re actually seeing a bit more maturity to the games too. It’s a cliche, but people are learning as they’re going, learning from each other, and it’s consumers that are reaping these rewards.”

Some of these games are already generating a bit of buzz. Bethesda is in the process of bringing its mammoth roleplaying game Fallout 4 to the Vive, but away from the sexier side of VR , the Vive is also finding its feet in non-gaming spaces.

One big leader already is education. “I’m a visual learner, if you give me a book to read, I’ll maybe walk away with 10-20%. If you give me something to engage with, or let me interact with it, I’ll walk away with 100%. VR makes this possible.

“A lot of companies have been working on experiences for the education sector, the healthcare sector, retail entertainment and more. A lot of these things are now coming to fruition. What this means for VR, is that it’s going to start infiltrating people’s lives in more ways.”

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What is Breen most excited for, personally?

“I’m a golf geek” he says, making an apologetic gesture. “It’s just me geeking out, but I’d love to see a fantastic golf simulator that could let me go to St Andrews without going to St Andrews.”

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Headset Wont Power On Or Turns Off

Perhaps one of the issues youre running into has to do with turning the headset on or off. There are several cables that must be plugged into your headset, processor box, and PlayStation 4 console in order for the system to work properly including a USB cable, two HDMI cables, a power cable, and a cable running directly to the headset. Ensure these are correctly connected before you start troubleshooting your headset.


If your headset is plugged in correctly and wont turn on, the problem could stem from either the PSVR system software or a piece of hardware.

What Will Ps5 Vr Controllers Look Like

With the original PlayStation VR on the PS4, Sony utilized the PlayStation Move controllers that it had demonstrated before it announced its virtual reality intentions. At the time, the PS Move controllers looked to be in direct competition with the Nintendo Wii. As such, the form factor worked well enough for VR, but a few issues cropped up pretty quickly. Not only is there no joystick or touchpad for virtual character movement, but the single-point camera system caused dead zones in movement tracking.

Full 3D tracking is handled by the headset, which sees the unique rings around the controller.

Sony’s official PS5 VR controller unveiling showcased a unique design compared to other VR headsets. It looked a bit like an ideal combination between the Valve Index’s Knuckle controllers and the Oculus Touch controllers that ship with Oculus Quest 2. Undoubtedly, the most iconic visual change is the halo rings that wrap around your hands while holding the PS5 VR controllers. Like the Oculus Touch controllers, these rings are designed to help the headset track the controllers in 3D space and will be a significant upgrade from the single light point on current-generation PSVR Move controllers.

Each button can sense your touch, and the joystick will make it easier to move around virtually.

Advanced haptics and Adaptive Triggers from the PS5 controller are in the PS5 VR controllers.

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Which Vr Game Are You Looking Forward To Playing

Though releases have slowed down with the pandemic, there are still several exciting games in our future, like After the Fall and Song in the Smoke. After the Fall is one of those games that promises to push the VR genre forward and show us what is possible in a VR world, and with a unique take on the post-apocalyptic world, too. These still have a general release date of 2021, but we’ll keep you updated if that changes.

While we’re all excited for any of these titles to release, it may be time to check out the upcoming PS4 and PS5 games while you wait for more games to hit your headset.

Android 2021

Psvr 2 Design: What Will It Look Like

PlayStation Plus November 2016: Sony set to offer new VR ...

Stop the press: we now have a fresh Sony patent to obsess over. Originally filed in February 2019, the patent has since become available to the general public, and it serves to whet our appetite for PSVR 2 something fierce.

Here it is :

As you can see, the patent depicts a headset that doesn’t look all that different from its predecessor – if anything, the motion controllers have had a more drastic overhaul. We’ll discuss the implications of this patent in more depth below.

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I Just Want To Celebrate Re7

I’ve been replaying through RE7 again and was really expecting it to be “not as good as I remembered”. That first introduction to PSVR was mindblowing and I’ve played a lot of other stuff since.

But wow, I’m mind-blown all over again. RE7 gets so much right, so often, that I find myself in constant admiration. The level design, the detail, the scares, the perfect balance of puzzles/action. The sheer variance of atmospheres. What I noticed this time round, is that compared to other games there are so many psychological sensations. Early on when you go into the basement, the damp looking cobbled walls really make you feel cold, and isolated. When you plunge into the water almost at eye level, I swear my body suddenly feels cold, and the sensation of pushing through water can be somehow felt. Sliding through the crack in the wall with the bugs is amazing. The atmosphere when getting to the child’s bedroom at the back, and those ghost legs appearing in the hole you just came through is unbelievably effective. Even something simple like the rowing-boat ride to the boat section feels like an awesome atmospheric experience. Its continuously just so much fun. The level of detail in absolutely everything, everywhere, is so good that I often just look around and even find myself reaching out to grab things .

It Has New Controllers Inspired By Dualsense

The second piece of official information Sony has revealed about PSVR 2 so far is for the controllers. Earlier in the year, it revealed these orb-shaped devices, which look like a huge step up from the now decade-old PS Move controllers used with the first PSVR.

At a glance, you can see these controllers feature analog sticks, two face buttons per device and trigger and grip buttons as well as the usual share and options buttons. These are much more in-line with modern VR controllers like the Oculus Touch, and PSVR Without Parole also reports theyll have capacitive touch sensors for your thumb, index and middle fingers too.

Sony confirmed the controllers will even implement features seen in the new DualSense PS5 gamepad. This device iterates on the DualShock 4 with advanced haptic feedback technology and trigger resistance, two features that seem ideal for future VR support. If you havent, give Astros Playroom a try and marvel at the feel of Astros footsteps across different surfaces, or the push-back you can when controlling him in spring mode. They give you plenty of hints about what to expect from the VR controller.

Finally, no more Move controllers.

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Psvr 2 Details: News Rumors Release Date Price And Specs

ByGeorgina Young24 September 2021

Get the lowdown on all the news on rumors around the upcoming PSVR 2 aka the PS5 VR headset.

PSVR 2 is on the way, but what do we know about the next generation PS5 VR headset?

Ever since the announcement of the PlayStation 5 in 2019, gamers have been wondering what that means for the future of their virtual reality games. PlayStation VR is currently the only VR headset available from the three major console makers. Considering it was released back in 2016, we have been eager for an update to the now antiquated hardware.

As you can see from our PSVR review, the original console-based virtual reality system still has a lot to offer to immersive gamers, plus a whole host of stand-out titles from the cute 3D platformer Astrobot: Rescue Mission to the mind-bending take on an old favorite Tetris Effect. Despite some of the best VR exclusive experiences currently released, the hardware and graphical specs of the original PSVR are no longer cutting edge. They cannot compare to the best VR headsets currently on the market.

Does The Original Playstation Vr Work With The Playstation 5

Sony reveals new 2021 lineup for PlayStation VR

This is an interesting question, and it has a somewhat complicated answer. The short answer is yes. However, you will need to order an adaptor from Sony to link your PlayStation 4 camera to your PlayStation 5 since the current generation camera is not compatible with the original VR headset. It gets more complicated again when you begin considering software compatibility. With the PlayStation 5s improved processing speeds, original PlayStation VR games run smoother when played through the current generation console.

Many VR games come in a PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4 version, and the PlayStation 5 updated versions do not work with the original PlayStation VR. In these cases, as with popular games like No Mans Sky or Resident Evil VII, you will need the PlayStation 4 version running on your console to play them in VR.

There are also several PlayStation 5 VR games in development as dev kits for the new system went out at the start of 2021. At a developers conference held in August, Sony tried to woo developers into creating games for the new hardware. When released, these titles will not be compatible with the old VR systems. Sony is also reportedly encouraging developers to integrate VR compatibility into their big main console releases. Big titles like Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo appear as if they were developed with VR in mind.

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