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Why Is My Ps4 Fan So Loud

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How To Prevent Dust From Affecting Your Ps4

Why is my PS4 Pro fan so loud, possible fix to the problem

Preventing 100% of the dust from entering your PS4 console is ideally not possible however, you can protect it from dust as much as you can by using a Dustproof and Waterproof cover, Can compressed air, and Pads.

Dustproof covers can reduce the entrance into your console, while the can compressed air is for removing the already built-up dust both on the outside and inside. Pads for PS4 are of prime importance as they help lessen dust accumulation and cool down your PS4.

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Make Use Of A Can Of Compressed Air

To get rid of accumulated dust, animal hair, and other small particles in the fan and other parts of the console, make use of a can of compressed air to spray the vents of the console.

  • Removes dust, lint and other contaminants from hard to reach areas
  • Ideal for cleaning cups, keyboards, computer mice, and workstations
  • Can be used for cleaning items around the home including collectibles, figurines and window blinds

You can perform this hack once a month to maintain cleared vents. This is especially helpful if you live in an area with a lot of dirt in the air.

Please avoid using a vacuum cleaner as it can damage your PS4 console and its parts.

Inspect And Identify Source Of Noise

Before you apply any fixes to your noisy PS4, its critical to identify the source of the noise.

If you hear a rattling noise, it indicates that there are some loose parts. A whining noise depicts problems with the hardware. You will know that the fans are making the noise if the noise is coming from that part and if the PS is overheating.

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Determine The Cause Of The Noise

Before we apply any solution, we always first have to understand the problem. So, first, you need to identify that which thing is causing the noise.

You must ensure that you are resolving the correct problem from your PS4 console before applying any fix. To begin, pay attention to the nature of the noise.

If the noise is coming from outside the fan, youll know its the fans. If your console is shutting down because of excessive heat, the issue is most likely the fan. Your PS4 isnt getting enough cooling. If you hear rattling noises coming, some components are likely to lose.

On the other end, a whining noise may come from the hard disk, which is a sign of its failure. This noise can be deafening and begin when you switch on your system or when it is in use. The sound will not end until you turn off PS4.

Now, you are well aware of the things which are producing loud noise. Its time to apply the following fixes or methods to reduce that noise.

Place Your Ps4 Fan In A Ventilated Area

Why is my PS4 Pro fan so loud, possible fix to the problem ...

Theeasiest solution is to ensure that your PS4 has enough ventilation. Dontforget that the cooling vents of the PS4 are located on both its side and rearportions. The side vents are for air intake, and the rear vents are forexhaust. Make sure that these areas are free of any obstruction so that thecooling fan can get as much cool air circulated into the PS4 as possible.

When you are using your PlayStation, the console tends to get heatedthats when the fan comes into play. If your controller gets too hot, the fans spin faster, thus creating a buzzing noise. Set aside the console for some time to cool down and check if it quietens. Just leave enough space around the back and sides of your PS4 for airflow.

If you can, clear out the entire area around your PS4, so there is healthy circulation not just inside the console but also around it.

Additionally, since the PS4 cooling fan is at the bottom, its might be a good idea to leave a bit more space underneath your console. That way, the fan will blow much more air through it and help cool down your PS4. This will also decrease the noise and the cooling fan will relax. As an elevation tool, you can use almost everything. Of course, this works as long as it doesnt cover the fan that you want to lift from the primary surface.

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Why Is My Ps4 Fan So Loud Even In Apps

Hi guys,

After my day one ps4 gave me the blue light of death I thoroughly cleaned it from top to bottom, including the fan and the heatsink, changed the thermal paste and added washers under the apu clamp. My ps4 worked as good as new.

Fast forward few weeks later i got the Blue light of death again, tightened the screws and it worked again but this time the fan went crazy. It’s idle only when I’m the ps menu but it sounds like a jet engine even in apps like netflix.

I also noticed if I tighten the clamp screws too much my power supply starts to make a high-pitched sound and I can’t turn on the console until I loosen them.

I’m pretty sure i put everything back as it’s supposed to be and redid the paste the right way. Has anyone had a simmilar problem or has any idea what can I do to bring back my console to a playable state?

Sorry for the long post!

Tarik Slanjanki when doing this type of repair, pressure matters. the original issue was caused by overheating, which you stated you have corrected initially with new paste and cleaning of the fan and housing.

however, if this fails, then this indicates that it got to the point where the solder balls underneath the processor have melted and reform upon cooling. this can lead to a poor, cracked or non conductive/ limited conductive connection. to fix this, you can attempt to heat and reflow the chip to fix any of these issue.

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How To Fix Noisy Ps4 Fan Without Opening It

If the fan is the only problematic thing concerning your PS4, consider yourself a lucky one, because this is the easiest issue to be solved.

But how to solve such complicated issue without having to take apart PS4 pro?

If dust causes the fan to be loud, a simple question comes to one’s mind- how to clean the dust? The only natural answer is- use the vacuum cleaner.

However, this unorthodox method is not the best one. I wouldn’t recommend this because it is risky.

When the dust is sucked out through the vent, the fast airflow could dismantle some sensitive inner parts of the console.

As I said, it’s not something that I would recommend wholeheartedly, but I decided to mention it if there are those among you looking for a really quick solution to the problem.

At the same time, this unconventional method might reduce PS4 noise so if you are dealing with a very small amount of noise, this could eliminate the noise or be a great temporary fix.

If the fan still sounds the same, then you opt for some other solutions such as cleaning the PS4 fan physically .

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Fix Corrupted System Files

If your console database is corrupted, it may cause the fan to spin faster to cool myriads of functions running simultaneously.

You may also experience the same problem when the games are not correctly installed. This causes high loads to the CPU, making the unit overheat.

Its to be noted that when the system overheats, the fan is forced to spin faster, creating more noises.

Use A T8 Or T8 Torx Screwdriver

Why is My PS4 So Loud? Fix Fan Noise Now!

You will need a special Torx screwdriver to remove the screws.

Grab you a T8 or T8 Torx screwdriver if you want to open up your console.

PS4 screws have a little protrusion in the center and these special screwdrivers have a hollow tip to accommodate the protrusion and loosen the screw.

Use your T8 or T8 Torx screwdriver to remove the 3 lower screws.

Unscrew them counterclockwise and they should come off quite easily.

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Place Ps4 On Vibration Pads

This is another great strategy for shushing your console. Each machine reverberates various sounds, however, the noise can be decreased considerably if the machine is set on a vibration pad.

There are some rubber pads that can dramatically change your gaming experience. These cushions enable more air inside the PS4, making the fan cool better. Not only does it reduce the noise but it improves the performance of the console.

Clean It With Compressed Air

After performing all the techniques, the dust will still enter the Console through its vents. Without opening the Console, there is still a method to take away the dust. You must use a can of compressed air. Before you do this, you must ensure that the PS4 has been shut down and unplugged from the power source.

You must start the cleaning process by blowing air into the middle indentation of PS4 and all the USB ports. Make sure that you avoid those slots where the discs are inserted. After cleaning the Console with compressed air, do not forget to wipe it with a microfiber cloth.

Using compressed air will result in cleaning all the dust from the vents. It will eventually result in reducing the noise of the fan. But unfortunately, there is no way to clean all the dust from the Console.

You must repeat this method every 2-3 months. It will result in keeping your PS4 in best performance and without any issues.

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How To Fix A Ps4 Loud Fan In Simple And Diy Hacks

Just like we saw in the previous article on how to make a ceiling fan quiet, dust buildup is a major cause of noise.

How can it be prevented?

Regular cleaning and maintenance can go a long way to preventing dust buildup, which eventually results in loud fans and game lags.

Below is a simple step by step guide:

Ps4 Noise: Why Sonys Console Gets As Loud As It Does

3 Reasons Why PS4 Making Loud Fan Noises (7 Easy Fixes)

5 minute read

There are few things in life that can break immersion like a noisy console. Unfortunately for Sony fans, the PS4 has plagued thousands of players with the infamous jet engine spectrum of sound.

Running into the issue of a rambunctious sounding console isnt a guarantee, but its enough of a risk to do your homework in order to minimize the annoyance.

Whether youre buying a PS4 for the first time, looking to upgrade, or quiet an existing console, there are a few things you can do make the noisiness less maddening.

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Why Is My Ps5 So Loud When I Put A Disc In

According to the user, this appears to be because the PlayStation 5s stand isnt terribly secure when in the horizontal setting. When vertical, the PS5 has a screw that keeps the console locked in place. The absence of this in horizontal mode likely causes additional vibration and extra noise as a result.

Place Your Ps4/ps4 Pro Vertically

Most people place their PS4/PS4 Pro horizontally. However, if the fan is loud, changing its position might make a difference. Many people have found this solution very helpful because it can reduce or eliminate the noise and also prevent overheating issues. Give this a try and see if it works. If it doesnt, you can try other fixes on the list.

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Place Your Ps4 Fan In A Well Ventilated To Let Enough Air In

When your PS4 starts heating, the fan kicks in. The fans spin faster to clear the hot air inside the system. If the PS4 is too hot and the fan cannot clear all the heat, it spins extra faster making louder noises than normal.

So, if something is blocking your PS4 console or fans, move it away. Ensure that nothing is blocking the airflow to the PS4 system.

Place your PS4 in an area where it gets enough airflow. If possible, leave enough space around the sides and the back of the PS4.

Besides, dont cover your PS4 with any material like bags, coats, or towels. Dont also stack items on top of the PS4. Also, dont be tempted to put your PS4 in a cabinet.

The aim is to ensure that there is sufficient airflow through your PS4 fan. That will ensure that it doesnt strain to cool your PS4.

If your PS4 still doesnt cool down, you should consider buying a PS4 fan station.

Taking Apart Your Ps4 And Cleaning It

Is your Playstation fan noise loud? Here’s Why

If the external cleaning options are not working and youre still hearing a strange noise from your PS4 then its better to take apart the top lid and clean the vents.

The first thing you will have to do is take out the top lid where you can easily access the fan vents.

Use canned air directly into the fan and the side vents and hopefully this will work and you dont have to take apart the whole thing.

However, If youre still having issues with your fan then its better to take apart the whole thing.

Opening up PS4 is not very complicated and everyone can easily disassemble their PS4 if they have the right tools.

Once, youve taken apart the whole thing, make sure to get all the dust-out and this will make pretty much fix your loud fan problem.

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First Level: Let Enough Air In

Rubber feet are placed on the bottom of PS4

Make sure there are rubber feet on the bottom of the PS4 and that they are resting on a flat surface. If the rubber feet are missing, you can get replacements, or put the PS4 on a piece of carpet or another soft surface. If the room is warm or the PS4 is otherwise overheating, there are cooling pads that can help cool the PS4 and absorb some of the sound and vibrations. Find out more about keeping your PS4 cool with these tips.

Sometimes it helps to move the PS4 under the desk or into a more closed location to muffle the noise. This can be tricky because you dont want to increase the insulation around the console, which will cause the fans to run longer and harder. If the fans are the source of the noise, this will aggravate the problem. If you move the PS4, make sure theres at least two inches of empty space on all sides of the console for cooling.

Additionally, since the PS4 cooling fan is at the bottom, its quite a smart thing to leave a bit more space underneath your console. That way, the fan will blow much more air through it and keep it simple to cool your PS4. Noise will decrease and the cooling fan will relax. As an elevation tool, you can use almost everything. Of course, this works as long as it doesnt cover the fan that you want to lift from the primary surface.

Close The Console Back Up

When the half-hour is up and youre certain the inside of the console is completely clean, you can close it back up. All you have to do is attach the bottom cover again and insert all the screws. Once the PS4/PS4 Pro is fully assembled, you can power it on and have a gaming session to see if the fan is quieter.

If you need some visual aid to take your PS4/PS4 Pro apart to clean the cooling fan and the vents from the inside, this YouTube video will help.

Its easy to follow along, but make sure you read the guide first so you understand everything that needs to be done.

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Place Your Ps4 Console In A Vertical Position

Commonly, we place our gaming console, either PS4 or PS3 horizontally. However, if you place it in an upright position, it can help eliminate some noise and heat problems on your console.

Give this method a try and see if your console will become cooler and quiet.

If the above hacks dont seem to work, its time to try and solve the noise problem from the inside.

The process described below involves opening your gaming console and may require the help of a professional if youre not handy enough.

Why Is My Ps4 Fan So Loud And How To Fix It

Why Is My PS4 So Loud? Reasons And Fixes Of PS4 Loud Fan

Have you ever sat down to play to have a gaming session and wondered why my PS4 is making so much noise? It feels like a plane getting ready to take off in your room. And you are feeling very annoyed.

So you ask yourself, Why is my PS4 fan so loud? and how can you make it quiet? Youll get the answer here in this article, and youll be comforted to know that you can quieten down your loud PS4 fan. Read on, and we will share some simple techniques to make your PS4 noises disappear making the PS4 whisper quiet.

Please remember that the PS4 is not built to be silent and can sometimes struggle with the graphics and when using it with a 4k game.

  • Opening your PS4 Console
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    Fix The Issues Within The Ps4 System

    As mentioned earlier, the hard drive is an important cause of loud PS4. The hard drive is designed to seek data if the database gets corrupted, the drive starts producing loud noises.

    The corrupted system cripples your entire PS4 console and makes it unlikely to function correctly. However, not only this, but if you have installed the games wrongly, a high load is transferred to the processing unit, and it produces more than the usual noise and gets overheated. Therefore, to fix this, you may need to reinstall or reset the PS4 software.

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