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Are Ps4 Controllers Compatible With Ps3

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How to Control PS3 With PS4’s DualShock 4

The DualShock 3 was the official controller for the PS3. This controller, however, is not fully compatible with the latest PlayStation 5 console. This is because the PS3 controller is heavily outdated compared to the current generation of devices.

The DualShock 3 does not have a touchpad, which is an integral part of the overall experience when playing on the PS5. Without such a vital feature, you will not be able to enjoy PS4 or PS5 games to the fullest. In fact, if you were to use a PS3 controller for these games, the gameplay will appear broken or corrupted.

Version Issues And Modifications

Sony’s earlier DualShock 4 controllers had wear issues with the rubber surface on both analog sticks which exhibited excessive wear or tearing after short-term use. In January 2014, Sony issued a statement acknowledging an issue on 10% of controllers.

In early September 2016, Sony confirmed a second version of DualShock 4 controllers, known as the DualShock Version 2 , which hosts slight improvements over the original DualShock 4, including USB communication, improved triggers and joysticks, a longer battery life and the ability to see the light bar from the top of the touchpad. It released on September 15, 2016.

In the first generation controller, the light bar is a permanently illuminated, bright-colored light. The needless light pollution and battery drain prompted inquiries as to whether the light bar could be switched off by users. Sony executive Shuhei Yoshida initially responded in the negative in July 2013, though game developers have the option to disable the light in game. In early 2014, the company announced that a future update would allow the light bar to be dimmed, which was delivered in 1.70 in April 2014.

Color choices

The original DualShock 4 is available in Jet Black, Glacier White, Urban Camouflage, Wave Blue , Magma Red , Gold, Silver, and Steel Black.

Controller model generations

There are several versions of the DualShock 4 Controller available on the market. The model number can be found on the back of the Controller below the text ‘MADE IN CHINA’ .

How To Connect Ps4 Controller To Ps3 Wirelessly

You are allowed to connect PS4 controller to PS3 wirelessly too. Before starting the operation, you need to ensure the PS3 system software is version 4.6 or higher. If not, download and install the required version.

Tip:Settings > System Settings > System Software

After that, connect PS4 controller to PS3 console with the following steps.

Step 1: Connect the PS4 controller to the PS3 console through a USB cable.

Step 2: Switch on the controller and the console.

Step 3: Navigate to Settings > Accessory Settings > Manage Bluetooth Devices. If you dont have other Bluetooth devices paired, you will see the message stating that The Bluetooth device has not be registered. Do you want to register it? In this case, click Yes and press the X button.

Tip:Register New Device

Step 4: Click Start Scanning and press X. Then disconnect the USB cable. During the process of scanning, press the PS and buttons.

Step 5: When the light of the controller flashes fast, plug back the controller and choose Wireless Controller.

Step 6: After registering the PS4 controller, disconnect it from USB cable.

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Issues To Consider With Both Methods

There are always minor setbacks within the tech world. But, the issues Im about to mention next really shouldnt be too much of a hindrance to you and your gameplay!

When youve connected the PS4 controller via a cable to your PS3, there arent too many issues normally.

However, one small problem that is mentioned quite often by gamers is, when you connect an additional PS3 controller to your PS3 after youve connected a DualShock 4, sometimes games automatically pick the PS3 controller as the main controller.

A way to stop a PS3 controller from becoming the main controller is to assign the PS3 controller to Controller 2.

The wireless route has a few more issues in comparison.

A biggy with the wireless method is that the PS4 is seen as a generic controller. What I mean by this is, the PS3 doesnt see that it has a new generation controller plugged in. Meaning all the fabulous features on a DualShock 4 wont work.,

Features you wont see are: the touchpad wont work properly, if at all. Plus, haptic feedback isnt going to be on point either!

But, if youre okay with not having haptics and a touchpad these problems arent going to be that big of a problem for you!

Another minor issue, and Im not even sure its an issue to be fair, is that you must re-pair your PS4 controller with your PS4 when you go back to playing on this gen console. Its all pretty basic stuff and it wont take you long to do either!

Do Ps4 Controllers Work On Ps3

Wireless Controller Compatible With Playstation 4 Ps4 Grey Camo ...

If your PS3 controller doesnt work anymore and you have a running PS4 controller, you dont have to buy another PS3 controller. Instead, you can connect the PS4 controller to PS3 console and then enjoy games on the PS3.

Read here, you may wonder do PS4 controllers work on PS3. Actually, you dont need to worry about that because Sony has announced PS4 controller is compatible with PS3 after releasing PS4. But you are required to connect your PS4 controller to PS3 console before using the controller.


Here comes the question – how to connect a PS4 controller to a PS3. Plenty of gamers are searching for the answer online. To help you work out the issue, we would like to share you two methods in the section below.

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How To Connect A Ps3 Controller To A Ps4 Console

Do this after you’ve disconnected your PS4 controllers from the PS4 console.

  • Connect the CronuxMax Plus to your PC using the provided mini-USB cable.

    The adapter doesn’t always work when plugged into blue colored USB 3.0 ports, so connect it to a USB 2.0 port if possible.

  • Under Rumble Over Bluetooth, select DISABLED from the dropdown menu.

  • Select the CMax Plus tab, then select Enable PS4 Partial crossover support.

  • Select Close to exit the window and unplug the CronuxMax Plus from your PC.

  • Plug the Cronusmax Plus back into your PS4 console.

  • Connect your PS3 controller to the Cronusmax Plus with the mini-USB cable.

  • The first LED light on your PS3 controller should light up, and the small screen on the CronusMax Plus should read ‘0.’ You can now play games on your PS4 using the PS3 controller.

  • To properly play PS4 games with a PS3 controller, you’ll need to download and set up the PS4 Crossover Essentials GamePack. You can find instructions in the CronusMax Plus user manual.

    How Do I Connect My Ps4 Controller To My Ps5

    One of the biggest benefits of such backward compatibility is with multiplayer games. If you are playing a PS4 exclusive title, one person can use the DualSense pad while the other can work with the DualShock controller. So, you will not need to buy additional gear for enjoying multiplayer mode on many PS4 games.

    Also, familiarity can play a big part in your overall enjoyment of the game. Many people will find it more convenient to play PS4 games with the corresponding DualShock controller. So, this backward compatibility has a lot of practicality.

    And fortunately, the process of connecting a PS4 controller to a PS5 console is fairly simple. All you will need is a micro-USB cable and a DualShock 4 controller.

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    Differences Ps4 Controller Vs Ps3 Controller

    Before we bring any comparison, it is essential to note that the DualShock 4 controller is better than the PS3 controller.

    It is miles ahead of the PS3 controller in almost every department. Also, the DualShock 4 is so much better to the extent that most gamers love it more than the Xbox One controller.

    It is that good. Just take a look at PS4 and the PS3 controllers below side-by-side, and only by looking at them, you will identify how different they are.

    The Ps4 Controller Is Now Fully Compatible With Ps3

    How to Use PS3 Controller on PS4 *EASY METHOD*

    Matthew Wilson July 2, 2014Console

    If you have problems with the Playstation 3 controller and prefer the much improved Dual Shock 4 then it might interest you to know that the gamepad is now fully compatible with Sony’s last gen console.

    The latest PS3 firmware update will allow users to wirelessly connect their PS4 controllers. Reddit user, shafiggy16 has posted a tutorial on how to get it all working but the process is relatively straight forward.

    In order to connect a Dualshock 4 you just need to go in to your PS3’s settings and select manage bluetooth devices, while the PS3 console is scanning hold down the share button as well as the PS button on the PS4 controller and it will connect.

    The Dualshock 4 will be able to power on the PS3 but you won’t be able to power it down from within a game.

    Discuss on our Facebook page, HERE.

    KitGuru Says: I wasn’t a fan of the Dualshock 3, if I still had any games left to play on the PS3 then I would probably opt to use a Dualshock 4 instead now that the option is available. This feature might not be useful to everyone but some of you guys might appreciate it. Have you guys tried out the Dualshock 4?

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    Playstation 4 Controller Now Works Wirelessly With Playstation 3

    The DualShock 4 is now compatible without a wire with the last-gen system, although there are still some limitations.

    When the PlayStation 4 launched last November, Sony made the DualShock 4 controller compatible with the PlayStation 3 if it is plugged in via USB charge cable. With recently-released update 4.60 to the PS3, you can now use a DualShock 4 wirelessly to control PS3 games. A post on Reddit details the new feature, which simply requires you to pair a PS4 controller with the PS3 using Bluetooth.

    Unfortunately, the PlayStation button, vibration, and Sixaxis tilt controls still do not work. But you can now turn on the PS3 using the DualShock 4’s PS button, which was not possible before.

    You can see the step-by-step guide to pairing a DualShock 4 with a PS3 below.

  • Select “Manage Bluetooth Devices” under “Accessory Settings” in the PS3 settings menu.
  • Select “Register New Device,” then start the PS3’s bluetooth scanning.
  • While it’s scanning, press and hold the share and PS buttons on the DualShock 4 at the same time until the light bar starts blinking.
  • The PS3 should then detect the controller, which will appear as “Wireless Controller.’
  • Select the controller and complete the pairing.
  • This will not turn on both a PS3 and PS4 simultaneously if the consoles are close together. The controller must be re-paired with the PS4 before it can be used.

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    Front And Center: The Touchpad

    The first significant difference you will notice once you look at the DualShock4 and the DualShock3 is the new touchpad, which is on top of the PS4 controller. It is self-evident and changes the entire look of the PS4 controller and sets it apart.

    Moreover, it is next-level tech, because this mouse-like multi-touch can be deployed to do a lot of things. Game developers are thinking of how best to exploit this new feature. And make things more exciting.

    This feature is absent in the PS3 controller, and it is also unavailable in the Xbox One controller. It makes the PS4 controller stay in a class of its own.

    And this is one reason why many gamers like it. Because with this one particular feature, you can do certain things that other controllers are incapable of doing.

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    Connect Ps5 Controller To Ps4

  • First, download the PS Remote Play software onto your computer. There you can choose between Windows PC or Mac as platforms .
  • Install the software, start it and log in with your PSN account , which you also use on the PS4.
  • In the meantime, you can already connect your PS5 controller to the PC .
  • Also turn on your PS4 and log in here with your PSN account.
  • Before you select the PS4 as your device in the remote play window on your computer, click on the gear wheel on the left and set the resolution for the PS4 to the minimum of 360p in the “Video quality for remote play” tab. Since it is only about the transmission of the controller inputs and not the display on your PC, you can guarantee maximum speed. This is especially important if you only have a slow internet speed.
  • If you have then selected the PS4 as the device to be connected, wait to see whether a connection to your PS4 console is automatically established.
  • If not, switch to the settings on your PS4 and select the “Remote Play Connection Settings ” .
  • An 8-digit code will now be displayed to you via “Add device” , which you can enter for the manual link in Remote Play.
  • If everything worked, the picture of the PS4 should now be transferred to your computer and you can use the PS5 controller to control it.
  • Connect Ps4 Controller To Ps3 Wirelessly

    Ps4 Elite Controller Compatible With Playstation 4 and PC With ...

    If you prefer your controller to be wireless as explained above, then you can connect your PS4 controller to your console using Bluetooth.

    Before you attempt to set this up, you need to make sure that the system software of your PS3 is up-to-date. As explained before if it is not recent, then it will not work. If your software version is not 4.6 or higher, it will not work.

    To check your system software version, you go to Settings > System > Settings > System Software. It will show you the version of your software. However, the current version of Sony is 4.82, and it is better to get that, to avoid problems and be on the safe side.

    After you are sure that your system is up to date, then you can follow the steps below to pair the controller to the console:

    Step 1: Connect your DualShock 4 to the PS3 console using a USB cable. Make sure that you are using the right USB cable. Put the controller and the console on at the same time.

    Step 2: Now, go to the XMB Menu. After that, select the Settings tab, after which you click on Accessory Settings and then choose Manage Bluetooth Devices.

    Step 3: If you have not paired any Bluetooth device to your PS3 console in the past, you will see the message: The Bluetooth device has not been registered. Do you want to register it? In this situation, select Yes using the X button on your controller.

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    Three Pairing Dualshock3 Controller With Cronusmax Plus

    • Open Cronus Pro and click Tools
    • In Tools menu, select DS3/SixAxis pairing
    • Now take the Bluetooth USB adapter that is provided with CronusMax Plus and insert the Bluetooth USB adapter into input port of CronusMax Plus
    • You will now see a DS3/SixAxis Bluetooth pairing wizard appear on your computer screen
    • In Step 1, click Next to continue
    • When the Step 2 of DS3/SixAxis Bluetooth pairing wizard appears on the screen, do the following
    • Remove the Bluetooth USB adapter from the CronusMax Plus input port and connect your DualShock3 controller to CronusMax Plus using a mini-USB cable
    • The pairing is now complete and the CronusMax Plus has paired the Bluetooth USB adapter with your DualShock3 controller. Click Finish to close window.
    • Now you need to disconnect the DualShock3 controller from the CronusMax Plus adapter by unplugging the mini-USB cable that connects them
    • You can also remove CronusMax Plus from your computer

    Using A Wireless Ps3 Controller On Ps4

    Playing PS4 games wirelessly using a PS3 controller requires a bit more set up.

  • With the CronusMax Plus adapter plugged into your PC, open the Cronus Pro software and go to Tools > Options > Device.

  • Set the Output Protocol to PS4 using the dropdown menu, then select the following options:

  • Enable remote control of slot on each device
  • The device will remember the last active slot when restarted
  • Automatic DualShock3 Bluetooth pairing
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    One Use Cronusmax Plus As Controller Converter

    A CronusMax plus Controller Converter can allow you to use PS3 controller with PS4 console. You can purchase CronusMax Plus online and get started. After you have purchased the CronusMax Plus, you need to download Cronus Pro and install it on your computer.

    If you are not sure about how to install the software on your computer, you can read the manual available at their website.

    After you have completed the installation, you will need to configure the Cronus Pro software so that it can work with the CronusMax Plus connector converter.

    Here are the steps you need to follow.

    How To Connect Ps4 Controller To Ps3 Easily

    PS4 Controller Compatibility Test

    If your PS3 controller is not working any more, you may just want to purchase a new controller rather than a new console. Your question now may be if PS4 controller is compatible with PS3 console, and how to connect a new controller to the previous console.

    Sony had announced PS4 controller was compatible with PS3 console not long after PS4 was launched. But you had to connect with a USB cable. Now you can also connect wirelessly. In this article, Ill show you how to pair your PS4 controller to PS3 console wired and wirelessly.


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    Are There Any Disadvantages To Using A Ps3 Controller On A Ps4

    There are a few disadvantages to using a PS3 controller on a PS4. For starters, the PS3 controller doesnt have a touchpad, which can be useful for some games. Additionally, the PS3 controller doesnt have a built-in microphone, so you wont be able to use it for voice chat in multiplayer

    games. Finally, the battery life on the PS3 controller is shorter than on the PS4 controller.

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