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What Does The New Ps5 Look Like

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When Is The Ps5 Pro Release Date

What Does the PS5 Look Like

Rumors about the PS5 Pro remain unconfirmed so there’s no release date window for the potential mid-generation update. But we can look back to past console releases to speculate when Sony might drop the PS5 Pro.

The base model PS4 was launched in November 2013 and the PS4 Pro was released three years later in November 2016. Looking even further back, the PS3 was released in November 2006 and the subsequent PS3 Slim was released three years later in September 2009. So the pattern here seems abundantly clear.

Sony has a track record of releasing a console update three years after it enters a new generation, which means the PS5 Pro could become a reality around late 2023 or early 2024.

Ps5 Review: Untapped Potential With A Revolutionary Controller

Sony launched its most ambitious console to date on Nov. 12, 2020, with the PS5. The company dominated the last generation with the PS4 and silenced naysayers who said that console gaming was dead. After selling upwards of 112 million units over the last seven years, Sony hopes to replicate its success with the PlayStation 5, and if early demand is any indication, that shouldn’t be a problem. According to the NPD Group, the PS5 is the fastest-selling console in U.S. history for unit and dollar sales within its first five months on the market. As of July 2021, Sony says that the PS5 has sold over 10 million units.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve had an Xbox. I played every Xbox console right up until I had to buy a PS4 Pro for this job, actually. But now that I’ve used a PS5 for several months, I see it as my main console moving forward. The strength of the PS5, plus the revolutionary and welcome changes Sony made to the DualSense controller, have put it over the edge as my favorite console. That just shows how good a job Sony has done to win me over.

While I’ve only had access to a standard PS5 and a DualSense controller, Sony has also released the PS5 Digital Edition that people may also want to check out. It’s the exact same console as its counterpart, specs and all, minus the disc drive.

Here’s Why Sony Could Be Giving The Ps5 A New Design

It looks like the PS5 could be getting a brand new design in the upcoming years. Although this is to be expected, as Sony often launches slim models of their consoles a few years post-launch.The new design could also be linked to the ongoing console shortage.

Although the PlayStation 5 has now been out for around 6 months, players are still struggling to get their hands on the new generation of console. But the ongoing console shortage isnt stopping Sony from breaking various records when it comes to the sales of the PlayStation 5.

Following a report from DigiTimes and VGC, weve got more details surrounding the possible re-design of the PlayStation 5, which is expected to go into production in 2022.

Resident Evil Village Announcement Trailer | PS5

Ever since the original PlayStation released in 1994, Sony has kept up the tradition of releasing an updated model of each PlayStation console for every generation.

It looks like things will be no different this console generation, as a report from DigiTimes suggests that suppliers are getting ready for a new PS5 design to start production in 2022.

However, the reasoning for a new PS5 design could be due to the ongoing console shortage and not just part of Sonys usual redesign plans. More often than not, Sony release a slim version of each console which reduces the size, weight, and also makes the console quieter than its predecessor.

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Where To Buy Ps5 Vs Ps5 Digital Edition

The PS5 Digital Edition and the disc model are almost identical, according to an interview with Sonys Playstation CEO Jim Ryan.;However, there are some differences between the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition that are worth noting, especially when it comes to design and whether or not a disc drive exists.

Both systems PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition sport an eight-core AMD Zen 2-based CPU clocked at 3.5GHz, a custom AMD RDNA 2 GPU with 10.28 teraflops and 36 compute units clocked at 2.23GHz, 16GB of RAM, and a custom 825GB SSD.;

The PS5 duo also boasts exciting next-gen features including instantaneous load speeds, 8K graphical capabilities and advanced 3D audio.;

While these console twins have many similarities, there are some differences worth mentioning.

1. The 4K Blu-ray player

The most obvious difference? PS5 Digital Edition doesn’t have a disc. That means any game youd like to play on the Digital Edition must be obtained through internet-connected channels like the PlayStation Store. Your disc-less console will be a digital-download central as you will not be able to use any physical copies of media on the PS5 Digital Edition.

The disc-equipped console, on the other hand, will gladly gobble up your PS5-compatible physical copies. The optical drive is also a Blu-ray player that supports 4K video. The PS5 disc console widens the scope of home entertainment that you can enjoy with family and friends, including DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

2. Design

3. Price

Ps5 Review: Dualsense Controller

Here is what PS5 devkit looks like

The PS5 DualSense controller just might be the most next-gen thing about Sonys new console. The gamepads haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and built-in speaker work together brilliantly, creating a level of tactile immersion Ive simply never experienced while playing a game before.

The DualSense especially shines in Astros Playroom, a free, pre-installed title built specifically to showcase what Sonys new controller can do. In this colorful 3D platformer, you can feel and hear the subtle impact of grains of sand while walking through a storm, or experience a smooth gliding sensation when skating over ice, just to name a few examples. Everything from pulling on a rope to gliding around in a jetpack generates an extremely detailed level of force feedback. Its the kind of thing you truly need to feel to believe.;

If you’re already pondering the PS5 DualSense vs DualShock 4 battle, the new controller comes out on top for sheer innovation alone.;

The adaptive triggers are especially impressive, as they can become harder to actuate based on whats happening in-game. For example, the triggers gave much more resistance when I was controlling my character in a spring-loaded jumpsuit, accurately replicating the feeling of pushing down on a spring and releasing it. Games can even take advantage of the DualSenses built-in microphone, as I had to blow on the controller to move a platform of ice in Astros Playroom.

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Gamestop No Major Bundles Just Yet

GameStop is your best chance to buy a PS5 in 2021 simply because it offers bundles and has a barrier to entry through its GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro membership that costs $15. Some people dislike this approach, but it rewards real gamers and has nearly stopped resellers its hard for them to profit off of specific PS5 games on the open market when those games are readily available at MSRP.

But we havent heard from our GameStop sources about a major PS5 restock. Only once did they do a restock without us knowing far in advance but it was a single PS5 Digital bundle, so if theres one is wont be a big deal. Matt Swider usually knows about the GameStop PS5 restock hours in advance, so check for an update soon.

What About Heat And Noise

The PS5’s monstrous footprint gives it one significant advantage over its predecessor in that the console is basically silent and heat production is also minimal. We have noticed a bit of coil whine on some units, which is where the console emits a faint electrical noise during certain games, but compared to PS4 its a monumental improvement.

The PS4 and PS4 Pro were renowned for their ability to kick up the system fans to obnoxious levels and output lots of heat, particularly on the earlier models, so those looking to pick up a PS5 will be relieved to hear that those problems have been eradicated.;

We held our hand near the system during a long play session, and although the PlayStation 5 was clearly outputting hot air it was emitting far less than what the PS4 Pro would push out.;

Very rarely in our testing did the fans reach an audibly loud level to the degree that the PS4 Pro did when running games like Horizon: Zero Dawn or God of War. However, that could simply be due to the fact that we haven’t seen any resource-heavy PS5 games yet. Sony has also promised that it plans to optimize the PS5’s fans using over-the-air updates, so the machine could get louder, or indeed quieter, when playing certain games later down the line.

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How Does Ps5 Look Like

With the ninth generation of consoles, Sony has decided to break with the traditional rectangle-based console shapes and presented the world with a very modern, even futuristic look of the PS5. Sony’s upcoming hardware will be vertically-positioned by default, but you can also place it in the traditional horizontal position. What’s more, players will be able to choose between two editions of the console – the optical Blu-ray Ultra HD drive edition and the drive-less edition.

The PS5 console design is dominated by white color which is another novelty, as previous generations of PlayStation consoles usually appeared in black during their release . Of course, the case of new PS5 will have a little black colour, plus a delicate blue LED backlight. Over time, other PS5 releases, or even special collector’s editions with interchangeable side panels, will most likely begin to appear on the market.

Should I Buy Ps4 Or Ps5

PS5 Design: Is This What PS5 Will Look Like?

The PS4 and PS4 Pro are not bad consoles by any means. The PS5 is just better. Youll have a more immersive gaming experience, with ray tracing, haptic feedback on the DualSense controller, a lightning-fast SSD, and so much more. If you have the ability to go for the PS5, that would be my recommendation.

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Does The Playstation 5 Have A 4k Blu

Yes, it does. The PS5 can play your 4k blu-rays for that cinematic experience. Originally this wasnt confirmed, and it was thought the console would just have an optical disc drive, but dont worry its coming! In fact, the PS5 event revealed that there will be two options at launch: one PS5 console with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive and another Digital Edition without a disc drive.

In that battle against the new Xbox, it makes sense to offer both- the Xbox Series X will have a 4k disc drive too, while the Xbox Series S will be digital-only.

The PlayStation 5 will also support 8k videos- although most of us will need to wait for our TVs to catch up before we benefit from it.

Whats So Good About The Ps5 Controller

Independent of the new features, the DualSense is Sonys best controller to date. Its larger chassis makes it easier to hold for long stretches. Its buttons are more responsive and have a more satisfying press. The textured grip, while only very slight, is enough to hold your hands in place even when they get sweaty.

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Ps5 Review: Heat And Noise

Thanks to its massive internal fan and large vents along the inside of the chassis, the PS5 stayed cool and mostly quiet during my time with it. I rarely noticed any noise coming out of the console, even as I spent hours exploring Astros Playroom or webbing up crooks in Spider-Man. I did notice some rare moments of audible noise when running Star Wars Battlefront II, and could hear discs spinning pretty loudly when I first put Blu-rays in the machine. But compared to the jet-engine-like noises that come out of my PS4 when simply downloading a game, the PS5 is blissfully quiet.;

How Good Is Ps5’s 3d Tempest Audio

PS5 release date news

If you head into the PS5 settings, you can adjust the 3D audio to suit your preference. There are five levels of height to choose from, so select the option that sounds closest to your ear level. Remember that 3D audio works on any headset, either wirelessly or when plugged into the DualSense controller.;

The PS5’s 3D Tempest Audio is Sony’s take on Dolby Atmos, or spatial audio in general. It works on any headset, with support for TV speakers coming set to arrive sometime in the near future .

We’ve tested various spatial audio solutions in the past, ranging from Windows Sonic to Dolby Atmos, and we’ve found that PS5’s 3D Audio is a comparable experience overall, though it isnt quite the revelation we hoped it might be.

We enjoyed hearing ships fly past and over our head in Astro’s Playroom, and appreciated being able to pick out thugs that were closing in on us in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. It’s not as detailed or as realistic as Sony made out, though, at least not at this stage, and it will be up to developers to get the most out of the technology as it matures.;

Returnal has shown that 3D audio can be a powerful tool when it comes to immersion, and that it can also be beneficial in fast-paced games where audio cues are just as important as what you see on screen. Its the best implementation of the technology yet, and we hope Sony continues to support it.;

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What Is The Ps5 Dualsense Controller Like

Modern looking, immersion, wireless and no need for a headset those are your top wins of the new DualSense controller.

The new PS5 DualSense controller builds on the merits of the current DualShock controller. The key for Sonys new PlayStation is the idea of a truly immersive gaming experience and, through the new design controller, should provide a much greater feeling of touch. According to Sonys examples, this means youll be able to feel the slow grittiness of driving a car through mud and experience the tension in actions like drawing a bow to shoot an arrow.


The DualShock 4s Share button has been replaced with a Create button-the addition is a way for players to create epic gameplay content to share with the world, or just to enjoy for themselves.

There is also a built-in microphone, which will mean gamers can jump in and out of conversations easily without necessarily needing a headset to do so. It is, of course, wireless too and as for charging it, a one hour charge will give you six hours of gameplay.

A firm based in Argentina called Evzen have also shared some close-up shots of the controller on and it displays not only the printed, iconic, symbols on the buttons, but they are etched in across the whole controller.

There are also rumours that the controller could be designed to recognise you based on how you hold it. We do not expect this to be featured at launch but it will quite the nifty update should it ever come along.

Ps5 Upgraded Amd Chip

According to DigiTimes sources, the redesigned PS5 could sport new silicon with a new semi customized CPU from AMD built on the 6-nanometer process node; the current PS5 uses a 7nm custom octa-core AMD Zen 2 processor.

The move from 7nm to 6nm could see the PS5 deliver a performance boost and make more efficient use of its power. In effect, we could be looking at a PS5 Pro. This wouldnt be the most unusual thing, as the PS4 Pro followed the PS4 – but that was after three years after the latters release in November 2013.

Admittedly, a late 2022 release would mean only a two-year gap between the launch PS5 and a prospective pro version. But with semiconductor shortages making it difficult to find the current PS5 and its Digital Edition counterpart, moving to a console built around a different processor fabrication node could see Sony bypass that shortage. Thats assuming that 6nm chip yields could be strong enough to come with prospective demand.

We have no way to verify DigiTimes sources, but thats not stopped our brains from imagining what wed like to see from the PS5 Pro. An obvious one would be a more compact and less.striking design, perhaps one that can better integrate with existing entertainment units.

More power and increased SSD storage space would also be appreciated as the 825GB of storage on the PS5s super-fast PCIe 4.0 SSD isn’t very spacious for modern games and their large install sizes.

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Release Date For New Ps5 Version Revealed

A;PS5 redesign is in the works and gearing up for shipment in 2022. This new PS5 will have a semi-customized 6nm CPU from AMD, and hopefully it will be more available than the current PS5.

So what do you do when barely anyone is able to get their hands on a PS5?;You release a new redesigned PS5. Of course. Duh. Dummies. Classic Sun-Tzu Art of War. Sony knows what starving customers want: More stuff they will never get their hands on. How do we know this?;From DigiTimes, a website that sounds like a Digimon fan page, but is actually a news outlet so exclusive, you need a subscription to read. What’s that mean? Exactly, we’re the only source on this, so here’s the scoop:

How Do I Connect My Ps4 Controller To My Ps5

What Does the PS5 Look Like? – Official PS5 Console Reveal

How to connect PS5 controller to PS4First of all, download the PS Remote Play app onto your PC or laptop.Following the prompts on your PC, use the PS Remote Play app to connect up with your PS4 console.Using a USB cable, connect your PS5 controller to your PC and link it up to the PS Remote Play app.More itemsMay 17, 2021

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