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Where Can I Get My Playstation 4 Fixed

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Ps4 Faulty Hdmi Port Symptoms

Cannot start the PS4 (How to FIX in under 2 minutes!)
  • If your PS4 turns on and the white light comes on but there is no picture on the TV… also known as the White Light of Death
  • Bent or broken pins inside the HDMI port
  • The TV might say “no signal” or something similar with the console hooked up via the HDMI cable
  • A crooked port or one that looks like it’s been pushed in further than it should be

Most Common Question: How Much To Repair My Playstation 4

We specialise in coming up with the best ways to fix your PlayStation 4 , and we are really good at it, because we’ve been doing this since 2008. Our aim is to provide nationwide and local customers with the easiest way to repair their PlayStation 4 online . TFix does this by consistently working on developing the best strategies on how to give the lowest possible repair price to bring your PlayStation 4 back to life. The platform we designed is aimed at providing quickest and best customer experience. All you have to do is select PlayStation 4 repair service, see an instant price, fill in a few of your details and get your PlayStation 4 over to us free of charge from any local post office. If you are unsure of the fault or your PlayStation 4 has multiple faults, simply order evaluation service and we will figure out what’s wrong with it, give you a price so you can decide whether you would like to ahead with a repair.

Is It Cost Effective To Get Your Playstation Fixed

The short answer is yes. Here at TDR we have created a system where all repairs are affordable and definitely worth it. Most of the repairs leave the HDD data intact so you have all your saved games and data, however due to the nature of the business that is not guaranteed. We offer a maximum repair price on consoles that require multiple repairs, so we make it affordable to have your PS4 system serviced. Whether its a simple cleaning or a motherboard issue, we will do our best to stream line and bring the prices of our repairs down.

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Let Us Fix Playstation 4 For Youwe Will Get You Back To Your Gear

If you are looking for a reliable PlayStation 4 repair company near you, look no further. We can repair even the worst damage to your PlayStation 4 ! Don’t buy a new one just yet, give our service a go and we will save you money by reviving your old kit. You invested all this money into your PlayStation 4 some time ago, so don’t let it go to waste, get it fixed for a fraction of the cost of the new gear.

  • We will refurbish and fix all faults with your PlayStation 4
  • All our PlayStation 4 repair services come with full testing
  • Every PlayStation 4 leaves us with a free warranty

The White Light Of Death And How To Fix It

[FIX] PS4 Controller Won

Your PS4 may turn on but wont show anything on the screen . Then you notice the White Light of Death or WLOD. In most cases, this is due to a faulty HDMI connection. Change the HDMI connector cable first and retry. If this doesnt work then you may have a faulty HDMI port or an issue with an internal chip. We can advise and its worth noting that HDMI ports are relatively inexpensive to replace.

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Malfunction: Disc Auto Ejects Or Not At All

User reports regarding malfunctioning optical drives have been trickling out since the PS4 launched. Some consoles are seemingly unable to eject discs, while others automatically eject discs upon insertion. Some reports have even claimed that the console will continuously attempt to eject a disc when there is no disc inserted.

This issue mainly plagues early PS4 models, which featured touch-capacitive power and eject buttons. When you touch the eject button on these models, a piece of rubber helps eject the disc. The problem here is that overheating can cause the rubber to inflate, and discs to eject randomly. Sony addressed this hardware issue in later models by replacing the touch-operated sensors with mechanical buttons, but for those with the original model, the risk of auto-ejecting remains.

If the problem persists after performing the potential solutions below, contact Sony for additional support.

Playstation 4 Pro Troubleshooting

Sometimes PlayStation 4 Pro issues are less evident than a Blue Line of Death or overheating. If youre having trouble identifying whats causing an error message or your consoles inability to turn on, reach out to a nearby CPR location. Our technicians can help you identify the root of your video game consoles problem and get it fixed.

Dont let a damaged system get in the way of your gaming! Contact your local CPR store for PlayStation 4 Pro repair services today. CPR provides free estimates on repair costs so you know what youre getting into. We also honor a limited lifetime warranty on all parts and labor associated with the services. If you need assistance with device repairs, CPR Cell Phone Repair is the smart choice.

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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Playstation 4

While the Ps4 HDMI port replacement service is not that expensive, taking out a faulty port and putting a new one is a difficult process: you can easily blow out some capacitors or break other components if youre not an expert. And, Ps4 HDMI repair cost, it may cost you up to $150 to fix this issue with Sony.

Why Is My Ps4 So Slow

Cannot Start the PS4 – Safe Mode Loop – How to Fix

Its annoying when a PS4 starts to run slower than expected. The problem may well be due to a full or poorly seated hard disk. Beyond that, other causes such as firmware bugs, slow internet link or simply poor ventilation can all cause slow performance. You can solve a full hard drive by removing old or unused software, or purchasing an external hard drive. Check ventilation around the console. Optimise your internet connection if needed and update the firmware to improve performance.

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What To Do If Your Playstation 4 Wont Read Discs

Remove the HDD cover on the left side of the PS3. You will need to unscrew a blue screw that is very easy to strip, so be careful when unscrewing it. Pull the hard drive straight out once you remove the screw. While you are looking at this side, remove the sticker towards the top of the case to reveal a Torx screw.

Can A Ps4 Be Used Without Hdmi

The PS4 gaming console only outputs through an HDMI socket. However, there can be problems with older televisions that dont have a suitable port to connect to. When using an older TV connecting it can be challenging. To connect your device to a non-HDMI compatible TV you will need a HDMI to AV adapter. Most older TVs will have AV Ports . You can also get a HDMI to Scart adapter if the TV doesnt have an AV input.

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Signs That Your Ps4 Hdmi Port May Have An Issue

If the HDMI cable, which sends high-definition pictures and sound from your console to your television, is plugged into the port but there is still no video, the port may be damaged or not working properly.

Possible signs of a PS4 HDMI port issue are:

  • A black screen or a âNo Input” message.
  • A pixelated or distorted screen.
  • A tight or loose port.

What Do You Need To Fix The Hdmi Port

How do i get more space on my ps4

Unfortunately, in order to fix the HDMI port on the Playstation 4, it needs to be completely replaced. There is no way to restore the existing, broken port and have it work properly and consistently. Bending back the pins or the outer metal might work temporarily if you are lucky. It wont give the same connection as a 100% new port, however, and it is likely to break again.

To replace the HDMI port, you obviously need a new HDMI port, several tools which are listed below, and some soldering skills. Keep in mind that is a challenging repair and a decent bit of soldering experience is recommended before trying to repair the PS4.

If you do intend to go forward with the repair, the step-by-step guide further down the page will show you how to do it.

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Hard Disk Errors And Overheating

Failing hard drive units often exhibit warning signs before failing completely. These include

  • Excessive heat generation by the drive
  • Ongoing and repeated read and write errors
  • Console freezes or the system crashing
  • Inability to correctly access files and folders.

In the case of the latter three issues, running a CHKDSK check and a scan for bad sectors will usually resolve simple examples of these problems. High drive heat generation is best resolved with professional help.

Common Ps4 Repairs We Perform

  • PS4 Disc Drive repair or Disc Drive laser replacement
  • PlayStation 4 drive mechanism repairs
  • Repair of corrupted PS4 firmware
  • HDMI socket repair or replacement for PS4 and PS4 Pro
  • BLOD PS4 Blue Light Of Death cured
  • Dead PS4. PS4 is totally dead no power whatsoever
  • PS4 hard drive replacement or hard drive upgrade
  • PS4 hard drive to ssd drive upgrade
  • PS4 data back up and data recovery
  • PS4 Wi-Fi antenna repairs
  • Loud fans noises on your PlayStation 4 fixed
  • Overheating of your PS4 cured
  • PS4 USB socket repairs and replacement
  • Liquid damaged or dropped PS4 consoles brought back to life
  • PS4 motherboard component level repair service
  • No display from you PS4 console fixed

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Ps4 Stuck In Safe Mode Loop Faqs

Why Is My PS4 Stuck in Safe Mode?

There are many factors that make your PS4 stuck in safe mode, such as a failing hard drive, a malfunctioning power supply, a seriously-corrupted system software, a hardware component failure and so on. To learn more about why your PS4 is stuck in safe mode and how to fix it, please read our guide.

How do you force PS4 out of safe mode?

When your PS4 is stuck in safe mode loop, there are a few things you can do in order to force the PS4 out of safe mode, such as: turning off the PS4 then turning it on again a few a few minutes, reseating the PS4 internal hard drive, changing the power strip, disconnecting any USB peripherals, using another PS4 controller and a few other solutions you can find in our guide.

How do I get my PS4 out of safe mode without USB?

The use of USB connection in order to get the PS4 out of safe mode is critical. But if you want to get your PS4 out of safe mode without USB, you’ll need to remove the PS4 hard drive and replace it with a new one. This might work and might not. You must have a working USB connectivity in this situation.

Help And Support For Your Playstation Products

FIX PS4 HDMI Port Not Working Without Taking It Apart! (2020)

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Very Loud When Starting Up Or Playing Games

Does your console sound like a fighter jet taking off when its booting up or whilst youre playing a game? Its extremely difficult to listen out for footsteps when you here the buuurrrrhhhhhhhh emanating from your Playstation. This is one of the most common problems facing older consoles and has a relatively easy fix.

A large buildup of dust found in a Playstation 4 Cooling Fan

The cause? Dust. We usually find that a build-up of dust on the ventilation covers and sometimes on the fan itself can cause the fan to have to work harder, therefore causing an incredibly loud noise to come from your system. In most cases, a simple cleanup of the dust in the system can fix this. The dust will gather on the outer grills of the console, which when cleaned will stop this sound. If this hasnt fixed your problem, you may need to open the console and clean the inside of the device and the cooling fan to get rid of the major build-up.

Can You Fix It Yourself

Replacing the HDMI port is challenging, but doable if you have access to the right equipment and have confidence in your soldering skills. Fixing the HDMI controller chip is a lot more challenging however. I dont recommend a DIY repair unless you either know what you are doing, or if you see this as a learning experience and dont mind damaging the console further.

Without proper experience or equipment, it is possible to not only incorrectly repair the HDMI port or controller chip, but also to do even more damage to the console. For example, damaging traces or pads on the printed circuit board.

Damage to the PCB is not something that can easily be repaired and must be done by a qualified repair shop.

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Tech Is Expensive Protect It All

Protect the devices your family loves and relies on with one simple plan that covers all your favorite home tech. With Asurion Home+, we cover your computers, TVs, tablets, premium headphones, smart devices, and so much moreâplus, 24/7 assistance for your whole family with any tech care needâfor less than $1/day.Learn more about Asurion Home+ coverage and how you can get peace-of-mind device protection.

What Can You Do To Prevent The Hdmi Port From Breaking Or Wearing Out

How to stop your PlayStation 4 from starting up in safe ...

Even though the HDMI port on the Playstation 4 is fragile, there are some things you can do to reduce the risk of it breaking.

  • Turn the console off before inserting or unplugging the HDMI cable. This lowers the chance of damage to the HDMI controller chip.
  • Dont move the console around while it is turned on and plugged in. Moving the PS4 around while it is plugged in causes the HDMI connector in the port to move around and possibly cause a short circuit.
  • Dont wrap the cables around the console while they are still plugged in. This might be convenient if you need to move the Playstation 4 and the cables somewhere else, but it creates a lot of unnecessary stress on the HDMI port. Unplug the cables first, before wrapping them around the console.
  • Use a short HDMI extension cable or splitter if you need to frequently plug and unplug the HDMI cable. You can keep it connected to the PS4 all the time and connect to it instead of the PS4 HDMI port. This prevents the port on the console from wearing out.

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Malfunction: Blinking Red Indicator Light

Reports of the Red Line of Death arent as widespread as the aforementioned blinking blue light, but it is almost as serious. On consoles suffering from the Red Line of Death, the LED indicator light adorning the side of the console will flash red repeatedly, subsequently powering off after the system emits three distinct beeps. The issue is tied to overheating problems as outlined in the PS4 user guide and confirmed by Sony, possibly a result of a fan malfunction. Some users have reported the issue within minutes of powering up the console for the first time, however. Thankfully, its not the sign of a completely bricked unit.

The Most Common Ps4 Problems And How To Fix Them

After eight years and the launch of a new console, some of the most common PS4 problems are still around. Many of the most devastating problems such as the dreaded Blue Line of Death only apply to early manufacturing runs of the PS4. Small issues like discs automatically ejecting may show up, regardless of how new your console is. From the biggest to the smallest, well walk you through how to solve the most common PS4 problems.

There are three different PS4 models: The standard PS4, the PS4 Slim, and the PS4 Pro. Sony just calls the Slim model a PS4, which makes it more difficult totell the difference between the original PS4. If youre having trouble finding out which PS4 console you have, look at the edges. The PS4 has sharp edges, while the updated Slim model has rounded edges. Make sure to figure out your model before starting.

Also, completely turn off your PS4 dont use rest mode and turn it back on to see if that solves your problems. A full power down can do wonders. Otherwise, continue reading.

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Malfunction: Blinking Blue Indicator Light

Eight years down the line, the Blue Line of Death remains the most crippling of all problems on the PS4. Taking a cue from the Xbox 360s Red Ring of Death, the pulsing blue line indicates a technical problem that could mean your console is no longer functional. Unlike the red ring, the Blue Line of Death doesnt automatically mean your PS4 is dead, but it does the same job as the ring: Letting you know that theres a really big problem that a factory reset of the PS4 might not solve.

When booting up the PS4, the LED indicator light adorning the side of the console should quickly pulse blue before turning white. On consoles suffering from the Blue Line of Death, however, the blue light pulses continuously, indicating failed video output before inexplicably powering off. In this case, the console never sends a signal to the TV, essentially bricking the device and preventing normal operation. While the problem was more widespread at launch, it still crops up for a small portion of users and is more likely to be an issue if your console was manufactured between late 2013 and early 2014.

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