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How Much Will Gamestop Give Me For My Ps4

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Is Gamestop A Ripoff

How much will gamestop give me for my ps4 games

Gamestop gets most of its revenue from pre-owned game sales. Thats why you never sell/trade in a game there unless they have a really good deal going. Youll get more for your money if its in store credit because it ensures youre not putting your money anywhere but there. Not a ripoff, just business.

How You Can Get $200 For Your Ps4 Or Xbox One At Gamestop

ByKayla Herrera18 April 2016

GameStop has a notorious trade-in program for those who have tired of the games collecting dust on their shelves or those ready to trade in their last-gen system for a next-gen system. And I say notorious because when I worked at a GameStop, it was always a never-ending train of negative comments about the low trade-in prices. But now GameStop is happy to announce that there is a way to get more than the usual trade-in price for your PS4 or Xbox One.

Of course, theres always a catch with these marvelous retail deals, and this offer is no different. The $200 trade-in credit will only be possible if you are planning to put it towards the purchase of a new PS4 or Xbox One. So really, this deal is perfect for those who are looking to switch alliances. Or if youre one of those who trade in their consoles hoping to make some extra money towards rent, this deal probably isnt for you then.

If you dont have a PS4, but want to upgrade from a last-gen model, GameStop has another deal where they will also give you $100 in credit if you trade in an Xbox 360 or PS3 toward a new PS4 or Xbox One. Now thats a deal I can definitely understand.

How Much Is A Used Ps4 Worth

The PS4 might be an older system, but its still incredibly popular. That being said, new generations of game consoles come out regularly. If youre going to sell, you should sell soon, before the system becomes obsolete or completely floods the used market and drives the prices down.

So, lets talk about money. As a rule of thumb, a used PlayStation 4 generally sells for about 50-55% of its retail price. An average Playstation 4 with a single controller, a 500GB hard drive, and cords currently costs $299 brand new.

Right now, depending on the model and condition, your used console would likely sell for around $47.00 to $196.00. However, this amount will continue to drop as more recent models debut, similar to what happened when the PS5 came on the scene.

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If You Need Cash Consider Trading Credit For A Gift Card

There are some reports of people accepting credit for their stuff and then using that credit to buy a gift card from GS.

Now, GS doesnt just offer gift cards for its own store. It does offer them for lots of different brands and retailers.

But, GS is now stricter on what gift cards their customers can purchase using credit.

Some people used to use their credit to get Amazon or Visa gift cards.

But it appears you can no longer do this.

There are still, however, plenty of gift cards that you can buy with credit. So have a browse of the list here to see whats available.

If you want to get that value from your stuff by accepting credit but dont want to buy anything at GS then exchanging your credit for a gift card for another brand is such a good idea.

You basically get free cash to spend.

Can You Replace The Hdmi Port On A Ps4

26 Best Gamestop Ps3 Trade In

Yes, the HDMI port on the PS4 is quite a bit different from the previous consoles thus VERY easy to break, and also making the repair a little more difficult without the proper tools. The best way to replace the port is with a hot-air rework station, an ultra fine point soldering iron, and a high-powered microscope.

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Where And How To Trade In Your Ps4 For A Ps5

Here are all the places you can trade in your PS4. You will either receive a gift card or a credit towards the PS5, depending on which retailer you choose.

Walmart and Best Buy seem to be offering a range of up to $90-150, depending on which version of the PS4 you have. They say up to X amount, so the actual trade-in value for your console could be a lot lower than the maximum. At the time of checking, Amazon had the best cash value with up to $175 for the PS4 Pro.

Of course, all of these sites have an estimated appraisal tool that you can fill out. This way, you can see exactly how much your console would be worth at various retailers while you wait for the PS5 to restock.

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GameStop has a seemingly more enticing trade-in program for the PS4. With two digital-only next-gen consoles coming out, GameStop needs to offer a hefty incentive to keep itself in business. As long as your console is in full working condition, you should receive the full value of the trade-in credit. Itll be up to GameStop to deem what full working condition is, but you can hope for the best.

With GameStops trade-in credit program, you can receive a $200 credit towards the PS5 with a PS4 Pro trade-in $150 credit with a 1TB PS4 Slim trade-in or $100 credit with a 500GB PS4 Slim.

Will Ps3 Games Become Valuable

PS3 games are currently the cheapest theyll ever be. But some will start to increase in value before others, including rare PS3 games and collectors editions. If youre a retro game collector, now is the time to buy rare Playstation 3 games.

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Upgrading To A Ps5 Skip The Ps4 Trade

The Sony PlayStation 5 release is nearly upon us and as we near the launch officially scheduled for Thursday, November 12th its safe to say the vast majority of day-one PS5 buyers are already current PS4 owners. With a retail price of $499 and $399 , the cost of the PS5 is enough to make a dent in anyones wallet but what if you could bring this price down?

If youre thinking about upgrading to a PS5, a great way to lower the cost is by selling your old PS4, PS4 Slim, or PS4 Pro for cash. While PS4 trade-in deals are the easiest way to fund a PS5 purchase, you wont get nearly as much money as if you sold your old PS4 yourself. Thankfully, Swappa is always the best way to get the most money for your old tech that includes used video games and consoles as well.

To help give you a better idea of how much money you can get when you sell your PS4 instead of taking advantage of current trade-in programs, lets take a look at current PS4 trade-in deals from across various retailers like GameStop, Best Buy, and Amazon.

How To Maximize Your Gamestop Trade

Trading In My ENTIRE PS4 COLLECTION in 2020… How Much Will GameStop Pay Me??

Ill use my own personal example to teach you how to get much more cash for your used games at GameStop.

What I brought with me to GameStop to trade in:

  • Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

  • A Zelda-themed corded controller

  • After checking out my games and controller, the store associate offered me $72.40 in cash. At this point, you may be tempted to take the money, but I promise you the next step is worth your time. Plus, that offer is barely 35% of the retail price.

    We can do better than that.

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    Does Gamestop Buy Broken Consoles Or Controllers

    Through its official trade-in/buy-back program, GameStop will buy broken or defective items, including games, consoles, and accessories. We contacted stores in California, Texas, and Florida and found that broken trade-ins are acceptable under certain conditions.

    Representatives told us that GameStop typically doesnt accept items with the following features or types of damage:

    • Fire damage
    • Items with the serial number worn/scratched off
    • PlayStation Vitas with severely cracked or scratched screens
    • Systems that no longer power on
    • Hardware infested with bugs
    • Hardware with severe cosmetic damage that is beyond repair
    • Accessories with frayed cords or wires
    • Systems that have clearly been modified
    • Games or systems with non-U.S. region codes

    In general, if an item only needs simple repairs, GameStop will accept it. Representatives didnt specify any brand restrictions for the trade-in program, but note that GameStop usually will not accept multiple copies of the same game, console, etc., from the same customer.

    How Much Is My Playstation 4 Worth

    There are a TON of PS4 consoles out there, and thats a good thing because we cant keep them in stock! While its an older system, and the new generation consoles will be releasing soon, its still a VERY popular gaming system.

    So, lets talk dollars and cents.

    What does this mean for you if you are looking to sell your PS4 console?

    *Article was written on 10/31/20. Price is subject to change.

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    What Should I Do Before Selling My Ps4

    Three things to do before you sell your PS4 to get your PS5

  • Back up your save files from PS4 to PS5. This may sound like a no-brainer, but its something you must do.
  • Copy your games to an external hard drive. The PS5 allows you to play PS4 games off an external drive.
  • Factory reset your PS4. It is important to factory reset or format your PS4 before you sell it.
  • What Is The Lowest Price For Ps4

    Gamestop Near Me Ps4

    Cheap PS4 Slim deals PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Console. Amazon. Prime. $299. View Deal. Reduced Price. PlayStation 4 Console 1TB Amazon. Prime. $378.90. $358.95. View Deal. Reduced Price. Newest Flagship Sony Play Amazon. Prime. $478.99. $445. View Deal. Sony PlayStation 4 Slim w/ QVC. $686.84. View Deal.

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    Does Nintendo Still Fix Joy Cons For Free 2020

    If your Nintendo Switch joysticks are becoming unreliable, pointing your game in random directions even if you havent physically pushed them that way, you may be experiencing Joy-Con Drift. And though Nintendo hasnt officially admitted to a defect, the company is now quietly repairing the controllers free of charge

    How Does The Gamestop Trade

    Purging your old game library to GameStop is pretty straightforward. You take in your gear, and an associate at the checkout counter appraises it. Theyll give you varying quotes depending on the demand for your items and their condition.

    You can sell more than video games, too. In recent years, theyve expanded their store to include other consumer electronics outside of video games. You can now trade in all kinds of different consumer electronics.

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    Did You Know Many Phones Are Worth $100+ Find The Value Of Your Phone


    Special editions and bundles can also be worth more, especially if you still have the original box. A PlayStation 4 Pro Spider-Man Red Special Edition can be worth $420, for example. Higher-capacity editions can command higher prices as well.

    Condition has a major influence on value, as most buyers prefer working consoles with minimal cosmetic damage . Expect to get 15-20% less for each downgrade in condition.

    How Does Gamestop Trade

    Trading In My ENTIRE PS4 COLLECTION… How Much Will GameStop Pay Me?? (You’ll Be Surprised)

    As you can probably guess, trading in with GameStop is a gamers dream. The company accepts an impressively wide variety of gaming items, including:

    Current generation and retro games New and retro gaming consoles Controllers, headsets, and other accessories

    And you dont need to be a gamer to use GameStops trade-in program. In fact, the company also accepts an array of other consumer electronics including iPhones, Android phones, smartwatches, iPads and other tablets, and MP4 players.

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    How And Where To Trade In Your Ps4 For A Ps5

    If you already own one of Sonys many PS4 models, you might be thinking about trading it in for a next-gen PS5. There are a few things youll want to consider before deciding to trade in your old console to get credit towards a PlayStation 5. But first, lets take a look at exactly how you can trade in your PS4 and how much money youll get for the version you have.

    Read more about the PS5:

    What Is Your Ps4 Trade

    Walking by my local GameStop, I noticed they were advertising the sale of pre-owned PlayStation 4 consoles. Normally $399.99 brand new, a pre-owned PS4 is being sold for $369.99 at the retailer a savings of $30. Not bad considering you’re practically getting a brand new console that if traded in hasn’t even been owned for a full month.

    But then it got me wondering how much is GameStop offering for a PS4 trade-in? Not that I would ever suggest trading in your PS4 that you fought so hard to get in time for the holidays. With curiosity getting the best of me I called up GameStop and here’s what they told me.

    For those looking for cash, selling your PS4 to GameStop will get you $220, a little more than half of what you paid for. At that price, I’d suggest selling it elsewhere, like eBay where it’s actually selling for more than the retail price.

    Those looking to use the trade-in towards other video game purchases, you’ll get at least $275 worth of trade-in credit. This is considerably more than the cash, but you’re also only being store credit, meaning you’re forced to eventually buy something else from the store. However, depending on what you put the trade-in credit towards, it’s possible to earn an additional 30% credit, pushing the total to over $300.

    How do you feel about the trade-in value for the PS4?

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    Is Gamestop Trade In Worth It

    Yes, it 100% is!

    As you can see, Gamestop Trade In is a great program for anyone whos looking to make some cash out of their old games and consoles.

    Now, its certainly not your only option as we mentioned above.

    The program is so simple though that its definitely worth giving it a go.

    And if you join the PowerUp Rewards program youll get even more benefits.

    Let us know in the comments section below about your experiences with Gamestop Trade In.

    Should You Trade In Your Ps4 For A Ps5 Or Ps5 Digital

    When GameStop sends an email telling me that my Limited Ed ...

    Now that you know how to trade in your PS4 for a PS5, lets tackle whether or not you should.

    It all depends on whether youre sentimental or what kind of PS4 games you own . If youre a console collector, youll inevitably want to hang on to your PlayStation 4. But with the PS5s backward compatibility with most PS4 games, you can play old titles on the PS5 to explore the enhanced, more immersive gaming experience.

    On the other hand, if you own physical PS4 games and youre planning to buy the PS5 Standard, it makes total sense to trade it in. You lessen the price of the next-gen console and walk away with a brilliant piece of hardware that can play your old PS4 games and your new PS5 titles. If you own physical PS4 games and youre planning to buy the PS5 Digital, things get a bit trickier. If you get rid of your old console, you may as well get rid of your PlayStation 4 disks as well because you wont be able to play them on the PS5 Digital. You can only play digitally owned copies of PS4 games on the new digital-only console.

    If you never bothered with physical copies and want to upgrade to either the PS5 Standard or the PS5 Digital, that trade-in credit is worth it. Your games will go with you wherever your PlayStation account goes. Just make sure that you wait to trade your console in until the PS5 is actually in stock.

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    Should I Buy A Used Ps4

    If your budget is limited, then buying a used PS4 is a good idea. However, youll need to make sure that the used console is considerably cheaper than a brand new one. So, its only a good idea to buy a used PS4 if youre getting it for about $200 or less .

    Looking To Trade In Your Ps4 Through Gamestop To Purchase A Ps5 Heres How Much The Retailer Is Willing To Give You

    The PlayStation 5 is right around the corner and once it arrives, it will probably render your PlayStation 4 useless. After all, with many PS4 games supported on the PS5 via backward compatibility, theres really no reason to keep your older console anymore. So you might as well sell it and try to recoup some money while you still can.

    With a November 10 release for Xbox Series X and November 12 for PlayStation 5, the time to maximize the value of your PlayStation 4 is running out. Here are the current trade-in value rates GameStop is offering for the various PlayStation 4 consoles. Theres no real next-gen trade-in bonus offered and GameStop doesnt care if youre trading in your PS4 for a PS5 or Xbox Series X.

    • PlayStation 4 Black 500GB: $100 store credit / $80 cash
    • PlayStation 4 White 500GB: $100 store credit / $80 cash
    • PlayStation 4 Destiny 4: The Taken King LImited Edition 500GB: $100 store credit / $80 cash
    • PlayStation 4 Slim Black 500GB: $130 store credit / $104 cashPlayStation 4 Slim Black 1TB: $140 store credit / $112 cash
    • PlayStation 4 Pro Black 1TB: $175 store credit / $140 cash
    • PlayStation 4 Pro Glacier White 1TB: $175 store credit / $140 cash
    • PlayStation 4 Pro Star Wars: Battlefront II 1TB: $175 store credit / $140 cash

    Thats one of the perks about GameStop. Although the value is lower, theres really no hassle involved. Its quick and easy.

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