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Can You Use External Hard Drive With Ps4

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How We Chose The Best External Hard Drives For Your Ps4

How to Set Up Your PS4 External Hard Drive | Inside Gaming With Seagate

Everyone operates under some type of budget. However, the price of each hard drive on our list was the last thing we considered when we picked the ones for our list. We chose to mostly ignore the price tags because you may only need an extra terabyte or storage instead of six terabytes, so the cost for each device is significantly different. That fact alone made using the price as a factor unfair.Instead, we focused on the crucial factors that might impact your gaming experience. The key things we focused on when choosing the best external hard drives for your PS4 included:

  • Storage space
  • Brand and device reputation
  • The size of the external hard drive

Casual gamers may not need more than an extra 500 gigabytes or a terabyte of additional storage for their PS4 while avid gamers may want to get a six terabytes or larger external drive. We tried to include external hard drives that might fit every need.Data transfer speeds are important if you want the best performance from your external drive. Some cheaper drives may end up sending or releasing data slower than others. We included drives from well-known brands with an excellent reputation for providing high-speed devices.We considered the physical size of each external drive as well since you may need a compact drive for the space you have available.

Hard Drive Vs Ssd: What’s The Difference

The main difference between a hard drive and a solid state drive is simple, and boils down to how they store data. Hard drives are mechanical devices, and SSDs store data digitally. While HDDs are usually much cheaper than SSDs, they are also slower at reading data. SSDs are much more efficient, but come at a higher cost.

An External Ssd Is More Expensive Than An External Hdd

External SSDs are incredibly fast and will improve your gaming experience. But, this comes at a big price difference between the two.

SSDs should get cheaper over time. But, right now, if you were to decide whether to buy an external SSD or HDD at the same storage level, the cost is much, much higher for an SSD.

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How To Use External Hard Drive On Ps4

If you download and store all your games and add-ons on your PS4 system storage, youll find it out of space very soon. Sony has allowed adding external hard drive to your PS4 now, so that you can have a lot more storage to install and save your applications! Want to know how to use external hard drive on PS4? Go on reading.

This article introduces the way on how to connect an external hard drive with your PlayStation 4, and the corresponding settings, such as how to move applications to your external hard drive, and how to disconnect the external hard drive on your PS4, etc. Try the following instructions!

Connect External Hdd To Ps4

[SOLVED] You can use an external hard drive with a usb hub ...

How to connect external HDD to PS4:

  • Update the system of PlayStation 4 to version 4.50 or later.
  • Find an external hard drive with a capacity of no less than 250GB and format it to exFAT.
  • Plug in the external HDD to PS4 or PS4 Pro directly .
  • Set this external hard drive as the default location for all of your downloads and installs.
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    Using External Hard Drive Ps4

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    How To Upgrade Your Ps4 Hard Drive

    You can replace your PS4’s internal hard drive or use an external hard drive to expand your storage.

    Finding extra space on your PS4 hard drive is almost as difficult as finding a PS5. But, if you do have one, you may notice the memory filling up quickly. Once you install Red Dead Redemption 2, , and a few more of the best PS4 games, your PS4 will likely be running low on available space. As a result, you may find a 1TB hard drive filling up surprisingly quickly, especially if you play live-service games with frequent updates. Thankfully, you can upgrade your PS4 hard drive by either swapping for a higher capacity internal drive or using an external portable drive.

    Adding an external drive is the easiest and most convenient option, but you’ll also want to consider upgrading the internal drive. The benefit with an internal drive, specifically an SSD, is that it improves boot times and make your PS4’s operating system run a bit quicker and more smoothly. You can, however, get the benefits of faster load times with internal or external SSDs. You could even swap out the internal drive and add an external SSD to really maximize both key points: speed and capacity. The PS4 supports up to 8TB of internal storage and 8TB of external storage. We’ve outlined the steps for upgrading your PS4’s hard drive below.

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    Expanding The Ps5s Internal Storage

    As with the PS4, Sony promised the PS5 would have expandable internal storage. And it does, but not right now. Theres a slot under one of the PS5s faceplates for an M.2 SSD, and although you can purchase M.2 SSDs right now, they wont work with PS5. According to Sony, the feature will come in the future through a software update. We imagine Sony will provide guidance on compatible M.2 SSDs, too.

    Youll need that guidance, too. We know M.2 support is coming, but you shouldnt buy a drive now. Not only will it not work in your PS5 as of late 2020, it may not be compatible once Sony issues the correct patch. We dont know the exact M.2 requirements, though we know the drive will need to match the speed of the PS5s internal storage. Many of the M.2 SSDs available today dont match the PS5s speed, so its best to wait on picking one up until Sony officially supports them on PS5.

    Editors’ Recommendations

    How To Transfer Your Ps4 Games To An External Hard Drive On Ps5

    Reformat external hard drive from ps4 to pc

    If you already have games PS4 games installed on your PS5, you can easily transfer them to external storage. Follow Settings > Storage > Console Storage > Games and Apps to see all of the games and applications you have installed on your PS5s internal storage. Switch to the Items You Can Move tab and select the games and/or applications you want to move to external storage. If you want to move everything, just press Select All.

    Once you have everything you want to move, select Move and wait. Although weve tested transferring apps to external storage and didnt run into issues, some are reporting that large transfers may inexplicably fail. If thats the case, try breaking up your transfer into smaller chunks and see if that solves your issues.

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    Best Ps4 External Ssds

    Reasons to avoid

    The X8 uses NVMe SSD hardware and its USB Type-C connection is packaged along with a Type-C to Type-A adapter, so it can be used instantly with the PS4. Its good for use on the road and in busy homes thanks to a robust design thats been tested to withstand vibrations, drops, and extreme temperatures.

    On the inside it offers a similar pace to the FireCuda so its fast enough to saturate the PS4s USB ports while offering the speed needed to keep up with PCs and next-gen hardware. If the FireCuda is too ostentatious and the Samsung isnt quick enough, this is a great middle-ground option.

    Reasons to avoid

    Samsungs storage devices have been at the top of the internal SSD market for years, and its T5 brings its superb pedigree to the external market. The T5 is tiny thanks to an 11mm thickness, it weighs just 51g, and it has a good-looking metal finish.

    Its a reasonable performer, with reading and writing speeds that easily exceed the PS4s internal disks but are unable to match the NVMe-based Crucial and Seagate SSDs. And, with prices ranging between $80 and $300, its a little cheaper than rivals, albeit without some of their features or speed. Its a great option if you want a small, relatively affordable SSD for your PS4.

    Read the full review: Samsung Portable SSD T5

    Reasons to avoid

    Read the full review: Seagate FireCuda Gaming SSD

    Ps4 Extended Storage Faq

    Can I get more storage on PS4?What causes PS4 extended storage not working?How to turn off PS4 extended storage?

    When your PS4 is powered on, dont disconnect the PS4 external drive directly. Follow the steps below to remove the extended storage safely:

  • In the Settings window, navigate to Devices > USB Storage Devices.
  • Select the extended storage device and click on Stop Using Extended Storage.
  • Whats the maximum capacity for PS4?

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    You’ll Have A Ps4 With Tons More Storage Space

    The PS4 can support up to 8TB of external storage, which is way more than its base 500GB hard drive.

    If you’re having to delete games on your PS4 to free up space, an external hard drive would solve this problem. You’ll notice and appreciate the difference immediately, as your PS4 can suddenly hold more than five games!

    This is especially handy if you have a big digital library: deleting and re-downloading digital games can be incredibly time-consuming.

    Move Apps And Game To The Ps4 Extended Storage

    How To Use An External Hard Drive With Your PlayStation 4

    This part will show you how to move games and apps from the internal storage to the extended storage PS4. For that:

    Step 1. In the Home screen of PS4, select the Settings icon and click on the Storage option from the list.

    Step 2. Select the System Storage where the apps and games are located and click on Applications.

    Step 3. In the Applications window, click on the OPTIONS button and select Move to Extended Storage option.

    Step 4. Select all the games and apps that you want to move from internal storage, and then click on the Move button.

    Step 5. Click on the OK button to begin this transfer. Then you need to wait for some time to complete this process.

    After finishing all the above steps, you can use this extended storage smoothly when plugging it into PS4.

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    Seagate Ps4 Game Drive 4tb Ern/modr

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    Cena s DPH

    Delete Unwanted Data On Ps5 External Storage

    When you no longer want to play a game or use an app on your PS5 external hard drive, you can delete it. Keep the drive connected to the console and follow the steps below.

    Step 1: Navigate to Settings > Storage > USB Extended Storage > Games and Apps on your PS5 console.

    Step 2: Choose the Delete Content tab.

    Step 3: Select the game or app that you want to delete and choose Delete.

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    Two Ways To Reformat Ps4 Drive For Windows Pc

    If the Disk Management fails to reformat the PS4 drive, you can use the next method, which is more convenient. How to Format External Hard Drive for PS4 Safely – MiniTool This article aims to help users select an external hard drive for PS4 and format it to increase its storage when they find insufficient storage space on PS4.

    Why Doesnt My Ps4 Read My Usb Flash Drive


    If your PS4 USB storage device cannot be used, this is due to the limitation of the file system. In other words, it is because your USB drive is formatted to NTFS which is not compatible with PS4. PS4 can only recognize the file systems exFAT and FAT32. Like NTFS, exFAT allows individual files larger than 4GB. Learn more about the most common types of file systems available on any solid state drive, hard drive, and flash drive then test out to see which one works best for the unit that you want to insert in your console.

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    Using An External Usb Hard Drive On Ps4

    The latest games with advanced graphics take up a lot of space. It is no wonder that the disk capacity in PS4 itself may not be enough. Instead of uninstalling games and worrying about whether enough space for downloading add-ons and updates, it’s better to invest in a suitable external drive. How do I choose an external drive for the PS4 console?

    PlayStation 4 consoles are available for purchase with an internal 500 GB and 1 TB disk. Although it seems that this is a large space, the newest games take up a lot of space, and hardly anyone uses only one game. Players most often use different productions – depending on the mood and the amount of free time you can play a racing production, fighting game or adventure game, and besides, all household members can use the console, which means that the number of installed games can be really large.

    An External Hard Drive Makes Up For Its Physical Space With Its Benefits

    While an external hard drive is a separate device from your PS4 and therefore takes up physical space, it’s really not that big of a deal, especially when you consider its benefits.

    The fact that you can store dozens of games on an external hard drive and take it anywhere you like outweighs the fact that it takes up some more real estate in your living space. You can easily put it next to or on top of your PS4.

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    Format Your External Hdd Or Ssd On Your Ps4

    If you want to use an external drive as extended storage on your PS4 then the format process couldnt be much simpler. This is because the PS4 uses its own encrypted file system when using a hard drive or SSD as extended storage.

    All youve got to do is plug your drive into the console, head to the Settings menu, open Devices, and then USB Storage Devices. Pick the option to Format the drive as extended storage, and the console will take care of the whole process.

    As ever, you do need to remember to use a USB 3.0 product with a capacity between 250GB and 8TB, otherwise the process wont work. But thats it.

    If you want to use an external drive to store console backups the process is only a little more complex. This is because the PS4 doesnt encrypt and format the entire drive when making backups it leaves your hard disk or SSD free to be used for other tasks if youve got the space.

    Youll need to make sure your hard disk, SSD or USB drive is formatted using the FAT32 or exFAT file systems the PS4 doesnt support the NTFS file system. We recommend exFAT, because it supports files that are over 4GB in size.

    If you dont want to use your PS4 or if your drive is already plugged into another machine, then its also possible to format it using your Windows or Mac OS X machine.

    What Are The Best External Hard Drives For Ps4 And Xbox One

    Can You Install Disc Games On Ps4 External Hard Drive ...

    The good news is that you dont need a specialized external hard drive for a PS4 or Xbox One just about anything will work. As such, what you should look for in the best external hard drives for PS4 and Xbox One is exactly the same as what you should look for in a hard drive, in general. You want the appropriate amount of storage space, a fast read speed, a small profile and a reliable brand name, just in case something goes wrong.

    As such, our top pick is the Western Digital Elements 4 TB Portable External Drive. If youre familiar with WD, youll know that the company has been in the storage game for a while, and generally makes durable, high-quality products that work exactly as theyre supposed to. With 4 TB storage, youll be able to store dozens of games, and at less than five inches across, it wont take up too much space in your entertainment center.

    If you want something a little more stylish, and you have an Xbox One, consider the Seagate Game Drive for Xbox. This hard drive distinguishes itself from a lot of the competition by coming in a white chassis with an Xbox logo, just like an Xbox One console. Combined with its fast read speed, you could place the Seagate Game Drive for Xbox right next to your console, and itd look good as a permanent fixture in your living room.

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    How To Use An External Hdd Or Ssd On Ps5

    Before you can use an external hard drive on PS5, you need to make sure its compatible. It doesnt matter if your external drive is a hard disk drive or solid-state drive , you can use it on PS5 as long as it uses USB 3.0 or later. USB 2.0 external hard drives wont work. Because they wont work, youll need to connect your external hard drive to one of the two USB-A ports on the back of the PS5. The USB-A port on the front is only rated for USB 2.0, so it wont work. Also, plug the drive directly into a console .

    The only other requirement is that your external hard drive is between 250GB and 8TB. If youre still shopping for one, check out our guide to the best external hard drives.

    If youre using the same external hard drive on your PS5 that you used on your PS4, the process is simple. Plug in your external hard drive, follow the prompts, and youre set. Games that you already installed on your external hard drive on your PS4 will show up on your PS5. If this is your first time, plug in the drive and select Format as Extended Storage when the prompt comes up. This will remove all data from the external hard drive, so make sure to offload any data if youre repurposing another drive.

    Once the drive is plugged in and formatted, head to the Settings menu. There, follow Storage > Extended Storage, and make sure the Always Install PS4 Games to Extended Storage option is checked. In this menu, you can also select Safely Remove from PS5 to eject your external hard drive .

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