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How Do I Factory Reset My Ps4

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Signal Into Your Ps4 And Head To The Settings Menu

How do I Wipe my PS4 for sale in 2021? Factory Reset PS4 – Delete everything, all info and games

Get started in the choices menu and find the alternative for Account Management. Youll want to deactivate the device as your primary PlayStation 4. That setting permits you to engage in downloaded online games offline by pinpointing this particular PS4 as yours. Miss out on this stage, and youll find a host of other difficulties when you sign on to your new console and try to perform your online games.

How To Factory Reset Ps4 Without Controller With External Equipment

Connect an External Keyboard

We all know that everyone has an old keyboard somewhere in their house without any particular use except for collecting dust.

Well, now its time to go and get it in order to reset your PlayStation without a controller. The only thing to ensure here is that your keyboard input cable has a USB type A connector.

You can also use a wireless keyboard if it is a common model which Sony supports.

Some foreign wireless keyboards may not work with the PS4, and if you dont have a suitable keyboard to perform the factory reset with, move on to our next method.

Connect an External Mouse

Youve probably guessed by now, but you can also connect and use an external mouse to factory reset your PS4.

The same as with the keyboard, you need a USB type A to establish a connection and then select on which profile you would like to connect the mouse with.

Try These Before Resetting The Ps4 Controller

Before resetting the PS4 controller, carry out all the following actions:

  • Turn off the PS4 and unplug it from the power socket for 3 minutes.
  • Change the PS4 USB port through which you connect the controller.
  • Remove the PS4 controllers battery then put it back in place.
  • Connect the PS4 controller to a computer and check whether its healthy or not. If it works fine, that means you have a problem with the PS4 itself not the controller.
  • If none has worked for you, you may now be sure that your PS4 controller must be reset.

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    Find The Initialization Option In Settings

    Scroll all the way to the bottom from within the Settings menu. Click on Initialization and youll be presented with a few more options. For the purposes of this guide, you only need to worry about the bottom two options well be skipping Clear Learning Dictionary. Below that, youll see Restore Default Settings, which will clear your saved settings data and return the PS4 to its factory settings, but it wont wipe your hard drive.

    The other option, Initialize PS4, is the big one that will clear your hard drive of data, including downloaded games, saved game data, and anything else youve added to the console since buying it. This will restore your PS4 to the pristine condition it was in when it came out of the box.

    Wipe Your Playstation 4

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    Now that the first part is done i.e., Deactivation of the account, it is time for completely wiping off your Playstation. This means resetting your console to its factory condition. Keep in mind that this action will delete everything on your PS4, so if you want to save some data, it is recommended to make a backup on cloud or USB .

    To factory reset your PS4, follow the steps given below:

  • Firstly, when you are on the main menu, press the up button to go to notifications
  • Then keep pressing the right button, and then select the settings when you get there
  • Now, locate the Initialization option . Click it.
  • Then again select Initialize PS4.
  • Now, youll be given two options: Quick and Full. The Quick option isnt actually a full reset it only signs you out of your account along with deleting all the saved and user data. However, on the other hand, the Full option wipes all the data securely and prevents others from recovering it. Even Though the full option takes time, it is the most recommended one if you are willing to sell your PS4 or reset to remove any software bugs. Anyways, select the appropriate option.
  • Then click the Initialize button.
  • the action that is prompted and to start the reset
  • Now, your PS4 will reboot, and once it reboots, the reset routine will start. Be patient, as this might take a couple of hours.
  • Once the reset is complete, the setup guide will be displayed on the screen about connecting the controller to the console via USB cable
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    How To Hard Reset Ps4

    If your PS4 is unbootable, you will not access Settings. In a situation like this, you can go to Safe Mode to reset your console and then reinstall the system on the device.

    Before performing a PS4 hard reset, you need to prepare a computer with internet access and a USB flash drive with at least 500MB free space.

    Then, you can follow these steps to hard reset your PS4:

  • Connect the USB flash drive to your computer and then create a new folder named as PS4.
  • Create another new folder: Update.
  • Go to the official PS4 system update site to download the latest PS4 software to the Update folder.
  • Make sure your PS4 is turned off completely. Then, hold the Power button of the console for several seconds until it beeps a second time. You will enter the Safe mode.
  • Select Initialize PS4 from the list.
  • If there are no software issues on the console, you need to Initialize PS4 > Full. If no, you need to select Initialize PS4 .
  • When the process ends, you need to connect the USB flash drive to your PS4 and the console will automatically detect the system file on the drive and install it.
  • When the installation process ends, your PS4 will reboot. This time, your PS4 can boot normally again.
  • Now, you should know how to reset PS4 in different situations. We hope they can effectively solve your issue.

    How Do I Reset My Ps4 Without A Controller

    Here we will introduce the easiest ways to restart your PS4 without a controller including external hardware equipment, wireless devices, and software apps.

    Prepare your smartphone as you most certainly will need it to access the dedicated AppStore.

    You should be aware that there is a wide range of issues that could appear during the process and by following our recommendations, hopefully, you will not encounter any of them.

    Without further ado lets start with the most convenient way.

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    Why Is My Ps2 Not Working

    Your PS2 will not turn on if there is no power source. Double check on the power cable, and make sure that it is connected properly. If it is connected properly, and your PS2 still wont turn on, try using your power cable on another PS2. If the other PS2 wont turn on as well, the problem is in faulty cable.

    How To Back Up Your Ps4 Data

    How to Factory Reset your PS4 pro or PS4 SLIM before your Resell?
  • Select the Trophies icon, then press Options > Sync Trophies with the PlayStation Network. This will save your game trophies . Repeat this step for every game you want to keep trophies from.
  • Connect a FAT32- or exFAT-formatted external storage device, like a hard drive or USB flash drive .
  • Go to Settings > System > Back Up and Restore.
  • Select Back Up, then choose which data you want to save. Not backing up your files will mean starting your games from scratch.
  • A progress bar will appear on the screen until your backup is complete. You can name the backup when it’s finished.
  • Select Back Up, then press Enter.
  • Remove your external device from the PS4.
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    What Does It Mean To Factory Reset A Ps4

    Resetting your PS4 restores the hard drive to the state it was in when you first bought the console. Performing a factory reset is highly recommended before selling your PS4 since your system probably contains personal data such as your credit card information.

    A PS4 reset can also remove the entire operating system, which may be necessary if your console is malfunctioning.

    A factory reset is irreversible, so back up your game data with an external hard drive. Alternatively, PlayStation Plus users can upload their data to the cloud for safe storage.

    What Is A Ps4 Factory Reset

    Factory reset, sometimes called a master reset or hard reset, is a way to restore the system software of your PS4 to its factory or original state. In order to perform a factory reset, you can either go to the consoles System settings menu or boot your PS4 in Safe Mode.

    Factory reset entails deleting all user added data so it is, in a way, works similarly to reformatting a hard drive when in a PC environment. This means that all information that are not part of the original system software stored in your PS4 hard drive will be deleted.

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    How Do I Factory Reset My Ps4 Without A Controller

    How to Factory Reset PS4?

  • Step 1: Open Main Screen.
  • Step 2: Open PlayStation Network/Account Management.
  • Step 3: Activate as your Primary PS4.
  • Step 4: Restart your PS4.
  • Method 1: Connect an External Keyboard.
  • Method 2: Connect an External Mouse.
  • Method 3: Use PS4 Application.
  • Method 4: Use Bluetooth Device.
  • Reinstall The Ps4 System Software

    How To Factory Reset A PS4 Without Losing Your Data!

    One way to reset your PS4 is to install the system firmware on it. In most cases, you dont need to do this as the methods above should fully reset your console.

    However, if you have certain issues that wont go away despite resetting the console, you can try installing the latest firmware version, and that should, hopefully, fix your issues and reset the console.

    This requires that you have a computer and a USB flash drive. Your flash drive should have at least 2GB of space in order to store the PS4 firmware file.

    Then, you need to follow these steps:

  • Open a browser on your computer and head over to the PS4 firmware site.
  • Download the firmware file from the reinstallation section. This will be the full version of the software for your PlayStation 4.
  • Grab a USB flash drive and format it in FAT32 .
  • Create a folder named PS4 on your flash drive.
  • Create another folder inside the PS4 folder and name it UPDATE.
  • Move the PS4 firmware you downloaded over to this UPDATE folder.
  • Make sure the downloaded file uses PS4UPDATE.PUP as its name. If not, change the name to this one.
  • Connect your flash drive to your PS4 console.
  • Boot your PS4 into safe mode by pressing and holding down the Power button until it beeps twice.
  • Select Initialize PS4 .
  • Choose Update from USB Storage Device followed by OK.
  • Wait for your console to reinstall the system software.
  • When its done, your PS4 should be back to the factory settings with the stock firmware.

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    Locate The Initialization Alternative In Options

    Scroll to the base from the Configurations menu. Click on Initialization, and you are going to be offered a few more alternatives. For this manuals reasons, you only need to have to fear the base two selections well be skipping Clear Mastering Dictionary. Below that, you will see Restore Default Configurations, which will crystal clear youre saved settings facts and return the PS4 to its factory options, but it wont wipe your tricky generate.

    The other selection, Initialize PS4, is the large one that will very clear your hard travel of info, like downloaded video games, saved match data, and anything else youve added to the console because it is acquiring it. This will restore your PS4 to the primary affliction of how it came out of the box.

    First Deactivate Your Psn Account

    First things first, deactivate your PSN Account. Dont freak out deactivating the PSN account doesnt mean completely disabling or deleting it completely. It will just remove any sort of relation associated with your PSN account and the PS4 it is logged in on. It is kind of similar to turning off Find my iPhone from your iPhone and logging off the iCloud before selling the iPhone.

    To Deactivate Your PSN Account, follow the steps given below:

  • Turn on your PS4 if you havent already
  • Then, once you are on the main screen, press the up button on your controller to go to the notifications screen
  • Now, keep moving right by pressing the right button on your controller until you reach the settings option and then select it
  • Once the settings screen opens, scroll down and
  • Then, click on the option Activate as Your Primary PS4
  • Now, on the next screen, youll see two options Activate and Deactivate. You might notice that the Deactivate option is grayed out, that means that your account is already deactivated. However, to be completely sure, it is recommended to activate the account and then Deactivate it. Therefore, select the Activate option on the screen.
  • Once your account is activated, click OK
  • Now, go to the Activate as Your Primary PS4 option again
  • Now the Deactivate option wont be grayed out. Select the Deactivate option
  • This will take you to a prompt, the action
  • Now, the PS4 will restart. Click the PS button on the controller to go to the main screen
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    Back Up Your Save Data

    The first thing you want to do before you reset your PS4 is back up your save data. Theres nothing worse than realizing hours of gameplay is lost, so dont skip this step. You have two options when backing up your PS4s save data: use an external USB storage device or your Playstation Plus Cloud Storage.

    Hold Down The Power Button Until You Hear Two Beeps

    How To: Hard Reset PS4

    You need to physically push the power button on the console, rather than starting it with a controller. Hold it for about eight seconds. It will beep once when you first touch the button, and then again before booting up into Safe Mode. It will be labeled, and youll recognize it by its black background.

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    When Do You Need To Reset The Ps4 Controller

    Many PS4 users would ask that when to decide to reset the PS4 controller? Is there any sign/situation that second this decision? The answer is YES.

    You need to reset the PS4 controller when one of these signs appear:

    • PS4 Controller does actually work but it behaves weirdly and doesnt work as it should .
    • In the middle of playing your game or working on your application, the PS4 controller totally or partly stops responding, while the PS4 app/game you have run seems to be fine.
    • There is a power issue with the PS4 controller, such as that the battery doesnt fully charge and it lasts less than 4 hours, or it doesnt charge at all.
    • One of your two analog sticks start moving things onscreen when they shouldnt. Although the most likely cause of analog stick drift is dust, dirt and grime working its way into your controller, there are possibly some other reasons for this situation that can be fixed with a reset.

    These are the situations that will impel you to seriously consider PS4 controller reset.

    Now, lets learn here how to reset the PS4 controller and get it back working just like the time when you first used it.

    How To Factory Reset Your Playstation 4 Complete Guide

    How to Factory Reset Your PlayStation 4 Complete Guide

    If you intend to sell your PlayStation 4, heres how to reset it by deactivating your PSN account and deleting each of the console files to set it back into factory condition.

    There is only a couple of information you need to do to wipe your PlayStation 4 completely. You first want to deactivate your PSN account from the console so that the new owner can log in using his account, and when youll want to completely clean everything off the hard drive, which will fix the software back within a state just like it was if you head pulled the PS4 out of the box for the first time.

    Have you remained in a summary of no return, where you believe there is no other way than starting afresh? Well, I have, and I know you have too, although it might not include a PS4 console. Well, before we begin, I think you ought to know that resetting your PS4 console will completely wipe the disk drive of your console and likewise remove its system software, taking it back to its factory settings. Resetting a PS4 is convenient when your console has a problem or refused to boot up or when you want to begin again by deleting all the information in it.

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    Safe Mode On Ps5 Consoles And Ps4 Consoles

    Learn how and when to access Safe Mode, a troubleshooting tool designed to help resolve data and display issues on PlayStation®5 consoles and PlayStation®4 consoles.

    What is Safe Mode?

    Safe Mode allows you to start your PlayStation console with only the most basic functions active. The Safe Mode options are designed to help you solve issues by rebuilding the console storage database, changing your resolution or “hard” resetting the console to its factory settings.

    Some Safe Mode options will result in the loss of data. Be sure to back up data to a USB drive or Cloud Storage before selecting these options.

    How do I start my console in Safe Mode?

  • Turn off your console by holding the power button for three seconds. The power indicator will blink for a few moments before turning off.
  • Once the console is off, press and hold the power button again. Release it after you hear the second beep one beep will sound when you first press, and another seven seconds later.
  • Connect the controller with the USB cable and press the PS button on the controller.
  • How can I update my system software using Safe Mode?

    If your console has been offline for a long period, or has lost connection to the internet during a system software update, you may need to manually update the system software. A manual update can be downloaded directly to your PlayStation console or to a USB drive. Please follow the guides below.

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