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How To Adjust Anti Recoil On Strike Pack Ps4

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Aim Response Curve Type

ADS Anti-Recoil Quick Edit (Tutorial) PS4 Strike Pack Dominator

This setting should be set to dynamic. There are still thousands of people that have no idea what the dynamic curve is and how it reduced recoil. The description states that it provides reverse S-curve mapping. In practice, pressing down on the right stick allows for a slightly less responsive, but forgiving input. The response curve will have a huge impact on fine adjustments at longer ranges. All of the pros have this setting on, which should be reason enough to at least try it out.

Horizontal And Vertical Sensitivity

High sensitivity makes swiveling faster but at the cost of accuracy. Ultimately, everyone has a different preference, but when it comes to aim and recoil, lower settings provide the most consistency. Somewhere between 5 and 10 will work for the majority of gamers. Those that are around the 1.0 K/D range will need more hip-fire sensitivity to keep up with M+K players.

Controlling Recoil With Vanguard Weapons

Vanguard’sWWII weapons have a lot more recoil and for good reason. The Vanguard weapons are at least 80 years older than the Modern Warfare guns from 2019. Controlling recoil will be key when fighting on the new Caldera map. With automatic weapons, aiming at the stomach is a great way to hit more shots. All of the weapons will kick up naturally, making the final shots drift up to the chest and head areas. Tap-firing will be more effective than holding down the trigger at longer ranges. Allow the reticle to re-center before firing another shot to improve accuracy. It doesn’t matter how many shots are fired if they don’t connect with the intended target.


If a FOV slider is ever implemented for consoles, turning that setting to at least 100 will help with visual recoil in Vanguard. The weapons on Caldera have a ton of visual recoil. With less reticle movement, it will be much easier to connect with enemies. Just like the scopes on the old weapons, the longer the scope is, the more visual recoil it will have. This is not true in all cases, but it is something to keep in mind when choosing how much zoom to use on a particular weapon.

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Controller And Screen Lag

As controllers wear with age, the right stick will become looser. A loose right stick can be unreliable and alter the responsiveness of input. If none of the above tips work, it may be time to find a new controller. Elite and Scuff controllers are longer-lasting options for those that do not mind spending a few extra dollars.

There are a few other controllers that can actually be programmed according to user preference. For those that really want to hone in on their aim, getting a top-tier controller will help to some extent. Some people like to use thumbstick grips, which have proven to prevent wear and tear, as well as accuracy in-game.


Screen lag is another common reason why console gamers struggle with aim. It is essentially a millisecond delay between controller input and the action being performed on screen. There are a few ways to fix the issue. Most TVs made within the last few years have a game setting to reduce input delay. Smaller screens are almost always more responsive as well. Changing the settings or switching to a smaller display is worth the effort to improve reactions in-game. For the best setup look for the features listed below:

  • 120+ HZ Display
  • 1ms Motion Blur Reduction
  • 24-36 Inch Monitor

is currently available for PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Settings That Reduce Recoil


There are a few specific settings that all players need to change that will have an immense impact on recoil control. These are aim response curve, ADS sensitivity, general sensitivity, and deadzone. Each of these settings can instantly improve one’s ability to keep the gun centered while firing. Those that do not need an explanation will find the best settings below:

  • Aim Response Curve Type: Dynamic
  • Horizontal And Vertical Stick Sensitivity: 5-10
  • ADS Sensitivity Multiplier Low Zoom: 0.80
  • ADS Sensitivity Multiplier High Zoom: 1.00
  • Deadzone: 0.4-0.10
  • Aim Assist: Standard

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Profile : Primary Weapon

automatically manage Anti-Recoil settings

  • Anti-Recoil – Applies expert Anti-Recoil values
  • Dynamic Fire – Will work with all Weapons
  • Burst Fire – Will only work with Full Auto Weapons
  • Custom Fire – Allows you to set your own time for rapid fire.
  • QuickScope – Will only work with Bolt Action Rifle

There are a few things worth noting:

  • Sights
  • Muzzle
  • Silencer

If a weapon is pulling up too much, increase the Y value. If it’s pulling down, decrease the Y value. When a weapon pulls left too much, increase the X value. If it pulls right, decrease it.Pro Tip:Hold View /Touchpad + LT / L2PressB / CircleHold View/Touchpad + RT/R2. There are eight weapon categories available in this GamePack, , ,

Understanding Weapon Recoil Plots

To effectively reduce recoil in Warzone, gamers will need to understand how each gun operates. Some guns have little to no recoil, and others are seemingly impossible to control. Every weapon will have vertical recoil, so the main thing every user must do is pull down slightly on the right stick. From there, fully auto weapons kick right, left, or in an S shape. Most of the weapons in the game kick up and to the right, but there are outliers. For example, the RAM-7 goes up and to the left, and the FFAR goes in an S shape. See below for a few examples:

  • Up And To The Right: M4A1, AK-47 , Grau
  • S Shape : FFAR, FARA 63, Groza
  • Up And To The Left: RAM-7, Kilo 141

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It is obvious that practice plays a role in recoil control and overall skill. When experimenting with new weapons, knowing the pattern and practicing control will make a big difference. Gamers can practice in a private match against bots, or hop into Plunder.

Muscle memory is not developed overnight, so it will take some time to pull of the shots that many of the professionals and streamers do. Shooting a tree or wall and trying to keep the aim in the same location is a great way for new players to understand how much they need to press down on the right stick to keep shots on target.

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How To Adjust Rapid Fire On Strike Pack Ps4

  • To adjust the rapid fire on your Strike Pack PS4 controller.
  • Youll need to open the controller up and locate the small white button on the board.
  • This is the rapid fire adjustment button.
  • You can use a small screwdriver or pen to press it down.
  • Once its depressed, you can use your fingers to rotate it either clockwise.
  • Counterclockwise to increase or decrease the speed of the rapid fire.
  • Ads Sensitivity Multiplier Low/high Zoom


    This setting applies to aiming down sight with iron sights and low zoom optics vs high zoom optics. Low zoom will need to be slightly lower because the target will be further away, and the opposite applies to high zoom optics. The figures noted above may seem low, but low sensitivity allows for precision control when looking down the sight of a gun. Small movements in the stick will result in more accurate reticle movement.

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