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How To Play Ps4 With Keyboard And Mouse For Free

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How To Connect Your Mouse And Keyboard


You can use either a USB mouse and keyboard or a wireless Bluetooth mouse and keyboard.

To connect a USB mouse or keyboard to your PS4, just connect it to the PS4s USB port. Youll find two USB ports on the front of your console. These are the same ports you use to charge your PS4 controllers. If its a wireless USB mouse or keyboard, connect the wireless dongle to the USB port instead. Your PS4 will take a moment to recognize the device, but it should work after just a few seconds.

You can also connect a wireless Bluetooth mouse or keyboard to your PlayStation 4. Bluetooth is standardized, so any Bluetooth mouse or keyboard should work. You dont need mice and keyboards marketed just for the PS4 or game consoles.

To connect your PS4 to a Bluetooth device, open the Settings screen on your console, select Devices, and select Bluetooth Devices. Put your mouse or keyboard into pairing mode and it will appear on this screen, ready for your PS4 to connect to it.

You can customize the settings for connected mice and keyboards. To do so, open the Settings screen, select Devices, and select either External Keyboard or Mouse. For keyboards, you can choose the type of keyboard, the delay and repeat rate when you hold down keys. For mice, you can select whether mouse is right or left-handed and select a pointer speed.

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Play Ps4 Games With Keyboard And Mouse With Xim4

Players have been using the XIM4 keyboard controls on PS4 to play shooters like Wolfenstein 2 and Destiny 2, and though it isnt the perfect solution it is the best alternative out there for those who dont want to use the original DualShock 4 or new PS4 controller.

Set up can be a little fiddly. After receiving the USB device, you need to apply the latest firmware update, and go through the configuration process either via PC or your smartphone to set it up correctly for your PS4.

The XIM4 unit comes with a 6 inch USB lead which you connect from the device to the PS4. You then put the micro-USB lead from the DualShock 4 from the controller to your XIM4. You then plug a mouse into the left port on the device, your keyboard into the right port. A press of the PS Home button on your DualShock 4 and youre all set up to play PS4 games with keyboard and mouse.

The XIM4 has been used by the PS4 community for a number of years since its launch, and is now compatible with PS4 Pro. Currently, the unit is out of stock, but theres a waiting list on the official website.

Looking to the future, we would expect the PS5 to be compatible with a range of keyboards and rodents, too.

What Can You Use A Keyboard And Mouse On Ps4 For

Using the DuaShock 4 controller to type or browse the web can be cumbersome, so a PS4 keyboard and mouse makes navigation a little easier. You can also use them to navigate the dashboard, use media apps, type text messages and even play some games.

Theres a few options available.

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How To Set Up A Keyboard And Mouse On Ps4

If you want to go down the traditional route, then you can set up either a wired or wireless Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to connect to PS4.

For a wired keyboard and mouse:

1. Connect your keyboard and mouse via the USB ports on your console.

2. After a few seconds, the PS4 should recognize both devices.

3. Customize your setting if you wish. Go to Settings > Devices.

4. Choose to customize either your External Keyboard or Mouse.

For a wireless keyboard and mouse:

1. Connect your keyboard and mouse adapter to the PS4 USB port.

2. You may have to wait 30 seconds while the PS4 detects your peripherals.

3. Check the settings to make sure devices are being recognized.

If youre using a Bluetooth PS4 keyboard, simply turn it on and go to Settings, Devices and choose Bluetooth Device to pair them. They should work immediately.

How To Use Ps4 Remote Play With Xbox Controller

Rainbow Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Set For PS4/PS3/Xbox

Creating a config for PS4 Remote Play controller support is not complicated at all. Luckily, reWASD permits to create combos, swap the basic controls, add shortcuts to keyboard, mouse and gamepad buttons, and many other features. You need to complete several steps to emulate PS4 controller for Remote Play:

  • To enable PS4 Remote Play Xbox controller support, open the app, plug in the gamepad, then add a new config file
  • If you just want to emulate PS4 controller for Remote Play and use the default layout without any modifications, pick the Controller sub-config, press the magic wand icon below the controller image, and pick Virtual DS4.
  • Now its time to add the mappings. Choose the controller button you want to remap, Unmap it, then assign a DS4 mapping
  • Once youve added all the mappings, you can Save the config, or press Apply to save and apply the added mappings to keyboard and mouse. After the config is applied, reWASD emulates the Virtual DualShock 4, and you can start using PS4 Remote Play with Xbox controller!
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    Using A Keyboard And Mouse In Unsupported Games

    Since so few games support a mouse and keyboard on consoles, you may think its not worth the bother of trying. However, there are ways to use a keyboard and mouse in games that dont support them.

    What you need is a special console mouse and keyboard adapter. These devices make the console think that youve connected a gamepad. The adapter then translates the mouse and keyboard commands into gamepad commands. This isnt exactly like using a mouse, but its much closer than using a gamepad. In this way, you can play just about any first-person shooter with a mouse. It wont be much use with games that use a mouse cursor designed for the gamepad, but it can work well with first and third-person shooters.

    While it doesnt matter for single-player gaming, using these adapters is widely considered a form of cheating. It can provide a competitive edge in some games. Since the console thinks theres a controller connected to it, these adapters are generally not detected by anti-cheat systems. Use these adapters at your own risk!

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    How Do You Use Your Keyboard And Mouse On The Ps4

    • A PS4, PS4 Slim, or PS4 Pro
    • A PS4 controller
    • A game with built-in support for keyboard and mouse input
    • Optional: a USB hub*

    *Since a PS4 pro only has 3 USB ports, a USB hub gives you the option of simultaneously using your wireless USB headset and/or USB capture card for example.

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    What If You Want To Use A Controller Other Than The Ps4 One

    PS4 Remote App works only with the original controller of the console, but thanks to this same emulator you can also make any controller that works on your PC work. The process is similar to the configuration we have seen for the mouse and keyboard, you simply have to go to the controller configuration within reWASD, press the magic wand icon and select the Virtual DS4 option.

    Once that is done, simply go to the controller configuration to map the actions, since as with the keyboard and mouse you will have to assign the buttons of your controller to the actions of the original DualShock 4 controller of the PS4 console.

    Once this is done, you can now play the PS4 from your PC with any controller compatible with your PC, including, for example, the famous Xbox Elite Controller.

    Can You Play The Last Of Us On Ps4 With Keyboard And Mouse


    Yes. It requires you connect the titan one to a computer, a controller, and the ps4 at the same time. You cannot directly plug in a mouse / keyboard to the titan one, mouse and keyboard is translated into controller movement via pc software, and the software sends it to the ps4.

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    Connect A Wired Usb Mouse And Keyboard To Ps4

    Its actually quite easy for you to connect your wired USB mouse and keyboard to PS4. But still, you need to make some adjustment on your PS4 later. Here is what you need to do:

    1) Connect your USB mouse and keyboard to your PS4 via the USB ports at the front of your console. If youre with older version of the console, you might need to use a USB hub .

    2) Your PS4 should pick up on new devices plugged in. You should be able to use the arrow key to go back and froth and select items on the menu. But there is more that you can do.

    3) Use your controller or keyboard to go to Settings > Devices.

    4) Go to Controllers.

    5) Go to Communication Method.

    6) Go to Use USB Cable.

    7) Have a go at your USB mouse and keyboard now!

    Feel free to let us know if there are more that we can do to help.

    Which Games Support Keyboard And Mouse On Console

    The list of supporting games when it comes to mouse and keyboard is relatively short. Each console mentioned above has a limited selection of games that will work natively with a keyboard and mouse. Nonetheless, there are more than can be listed here, especially if were considering several consoles. As such, well highlight some of the more notable titles that benefit the most from keyboard and mouse support.

    If youre an Xbox One owner, these titles natively support mouse and keyboard:

    • They Are Billions.
    • War Thunder

    The options on PS4 with native support are much more limited than on Xbox One. However, as time goes by, we expect more games on the list.

    Since the Switch only supports USB keyboards, you wont be playing first-person shooters with a mouse on Switch any time soon. Unfortunately, we were unable to get reliable information about Switch games that work with a standard wired USB keyboard. So unless you struggle with text entry, getting a keyboard for Switch does not seem worthwhile.

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    How To Use Your Ps4 Without A Controller

    William StantonRead more December 23, 2020

    Sonys DualShock 4 controller for the PS4 is generally very intuitive and comfortable to use, but depending on what youre using your PS4 for, you may prefer to use another device to control your system.

    Some players may prefer to play certain games with a mouse and keyboard, and using your phone as a remote is a convenient way to browse the Internet, sort through the PlayStation Store, and watch content on streaming services.

    Fortunately, its pretty easy to control your PS4 without a controller. Heres how you can connect a keyboard and mouse or a cell phone to your PS4.

    What Good Can A Mouse And Keyboard Do On Ps4

    How to Use a Keyboard and Mouse on PS4 TO PLAY GAMES ...

    First off, a mouse and keyboard make website browsing so much easier. The best part of it, is that you can use the mouse and keyboard to play some games.

    Mouse and keyboard control usually entails more precise aiming, and in some cases, shooting. To some users, it seems like cheating altogether, since it wont be fair if mouse and keyboard users are in the same game with controller users.

    But the good news is, only a finite amount of games support mouse and keyboard control: War Thunder, Final Fantasy XIV, Overwatch and Paragon. Feeling much better for controller users, right?

    Since youre here, why dont we jump to the actual deed here: how to connect a mouse and keyboard to PS4?

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    Final Fantasy Xiv Online

    Final Fantasy XIV is developed by Square Enix. This game is a massive online role-playing multiplayer game and it is the fourteenth installment in the Final Fantasy Series. It can be played on PlayStation 4 with a mouse and keyboard but it depends on the users choice as well.

    Other than playing, you can use the keyboard to communicate with other players in the absence of a microphone.This game is quite awesome to play and has a great community to enjoy the game withplays.

    This game is available on Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

    How To Use Keyboard And Mouse On Ps4 Without Adapter

    You can see from the above video that the method still works since it doesnt seem like Sony has taken any action to other change how this works.

    All you need to do is buy the Rem4P software for $10 and you will be all set. The rest of the instructions are in the video, but the trickiest part of the whole process is setting up the mouse which in itself is the real challenge. Along with this, you have to keep in mind the unforgiving input lag between your keyboard, mouse and Remote Play.

    This is why you need a VERY strong internet connection, even if you are doing remote play only a few meters away from the PlayStation and then you include multiplayer games running on remote play into the formula as well.

    It could take some time for you to adjust to the input lag and become popular among your friends in higher ranked games of Rainbow 6 or Overwatch, but keep in mind that we have no way of knowing whether this method is accepted by Sony or not, so you the outcomes from this are numerous and as such you should proceed with caution.

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    Ps4 Keyboard And Mouse Compatibility

    Luckily, you can use any standard keyboard and mouse either wired via USB, or through wireless Bluetooth. Some of the best PS4 keyboards that wed recommend are:

    Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810 Logitechs wireless keyboard for PS4 is also compatible with Windows, iOS devices and Android. Its great for chat and navigation and its lightweight means you can move around with it easily. Typing is very comfortable with keys that have soft, rounded edges, and keystrokes are nice and quiet. Theres also adjustable back-lighting which makes it perfect for gaming in low light conditions.

    Buy Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810

    Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard If youre serious about your PS4 gaming, and want a keyboard to take advantage of keyboard compatible PS4 games, then look no further than this wired option. Theres programmable keys, an LCD display panel for game stats and two USB ports so you can connect a mouse and a headset.

    Buy Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard 920-000972 Keyboard

    HORI Tactical Assault Commander Pro This is the official PS3 and PS4 keyboard designed specifically for first-person shooters. Its designed is unlike a traditional keyboard and really geared toward PS4 gamers. This compact keyboard is mapped to the analog sticks and buttons of the DualShock 4, and you can remap its keys to include functionality for the Share button or touchpad.

    I Want To Emulate Ps4 Controller For Remote Play And Map It To Keyboard And Mouse

    How to use Mouse and Keyboard on ANY PS4 game FREE NO ADAPTER

    Basically, you can assign DualShock 4 controller actions to your keyboard and mouse and launch PS4 Remote Play without controller. Remember that you also can use all the perks reWASD has, like Shift mode , Rapid Fire, Activators, Key Combo, etc.

    Once you download and install reWASD, you will find the profile named PS4 Remote Play by clicking the menu in the top right corner. This is the generic layout we’ve created to make your life easier. To use it, create a group of keyboard and mouse, and then apply this config to the group!

  • Open the app, create a group of keyboard and mouse devices, then add a new config file
  • If you want to use PS4 Remote Play without controller, youll need to change the Virtual Gamepad settings from default Xbox 360 to DualShock 4 controller. Follow the link to learn how to accomplish that!
  • Now its time to add the mappings. Pick the Keyboard sub-config, then press Add, and choose the keyboard key first. Then assign a DS4 mapping, they are situated in the bottom of reWASD mapping list
  • To add mappings to the mouse, pick the Mouse sub-config, choose the mouse button you want to remap, and assign a needed DS4 action to it. To make the mouse work as the Right Stick, you can add those mappings too: just click the arrow signs and pick the relevant option. If youre an owner of a lonely heart gaming mouse, we suggest to check the manual about how to initialize the gaming mouse properly
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    How To Connect A Mouse And Keyboard To Your Playstation 4

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    Believe it or not, Sonys PlayStation 4 works with a mouse and keyboard. This makes it more convenient to type, use the web browser, and generally get around more quickly. Some games even support mouse and keyboard controls.

    Unfortunately, most games still wont work with a mouse and keyboard. Developers dont want you dominating in Call of Duty because you can precisely aim with a mouse while your opponents are using controllers. Still, this is a handy trick to know, and well show you how to do it.

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