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How To Boost Ps4 Internet Speed

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Moving The Ps4 Closer To Your Wi

ð§ How to Boost PS4 Internet speed – Faster downloads, Lower Ping and Fix LAG!

We all know that internet speeds are affected by distance and obstacles such as walls. Therefore for the best experience, move the PS4 closer to the router to enjoy gaming on WiFi.

The PS4 is a great console but it can be frustrating when you have slow internet speed.

Although Sony has sold more than 80 million PlayStation 4 consoles worldwide since its release in 2013, many gamers still struggle with poor wireless connections for their games. If you have an older router or live in a large house , this may be an issue for you.

The good news is theres something you can do about it! Its actually surprisingly easy to improve your gaming performance by moving your console closer to your Wi-Fi access point.

We all know that obstacles such as walls affect our internet speeds, so moving it closer will improve your experience. You can also try placing the PS4 directly behind your router if you have one in order to get better reception.

Avoid Wireless Internet Connection

Wireless connections ensure hassle-free internet connectivity, but they sometimes have higher latency. This means that if your PS4 is connected via wifi instead of cables, it wont be able to receive strong signals and fast data processing.

On the other hand, if you have a cable that goes from your PS4 to your router, it will surely fetch you strong signals that will process data faster.

Why is this so? When it comes to wireless signals, they take more time to switch. A few outer elements can aggravate it and hoist the latency. These can intrude on the sign, making the sign take more time to get to the switch.

The latency distinction can be significant when talking about wired vs. wireless connections. However, it can be up to 20 to 30-millisecond ping difference.

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Ps4 Settings For A Wi

If you use Wi-Fi , then this is how to set the DNS settings with a Wi-Fi set-up.

Go to Settings and move down the menu to select Network.

Then select the second option Set Up Internet Connection.

Select the option Use Wi-Fi.

Next, rather than clicking on the default Easy option, select Custom.

After your PS4 has scanned local Wi-Fi networks, select your Wi-Fi network from the list.

Assuming that your router is set up to assign IP addresses automatically, select Automatic.

You have the option of setting your own IP address using the Manual option.

For DHCP Host Name, select Do Not Specify.

Then, importantly, select Manual for DNS Settings.

Next, you enter your chosen Primary DNS and Secondary DNS settings.

If you want to use Googles Public DNS settings, enter and .

For MTU Settings, select Automatic.

For Proxy Server, select Do Not Use.

Thats it. Your Internet settings are updated and you are ready to go!

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Technique/way : Boost Ps4 Internet Via Port Forwarding

PS4 uses different ports to respond to the gaming signals. It is essential to keep these ports away from any other traffic for a better lagging free gaming experience. Your answer to the question of how to make your internet faster on PS4 also sits in this setup.

You need to have a clear idea about the process of port forwarding. Once you do it properly, you will have better internet and dedicated lanes for the PS4. Follow the steps mentioned down below and you are going to have a great time with your PS4 afterward.

  • Go to the setting and click the network option
  • Enter to the Connection Status and you will find your PS4 IP address.
  • Next, log in to your router control panel and look for an option like Port Forwarding/Apps and Games/Virtual Servers
  • Select Add a New Port Forwarding and Insert the IP address
  • Each game has its own port for direction. You can just google the keyword GAMES NAME port needed for forwarding
  • After that, the protocol should be set to both and save the changes
  • You have successfully completed the PS4 port forwarding
  • I hope you already have a secure and quick internet connection for your PS4. If not then dont be panicked yet. We have one more method on how to improve wifi speed ps4. Check that out and you will have a solution on your side.

    Quick Internet Speed Solutions

    How To Get Better Ping On Ps4

    This section looks at the quick actions you can take to improve your connection.

    Firstly, stop any other online services, especially if you are downloading or updating a game to free up more bandwidth for this purpose.

    Secondly, confirm that your service provider provides a reliable, fast connection as sometimes the problem could be away from your router and closer to your provider.

    Thirdly, when downloading files and the connection seems slow, try pausing and resuming the download. It is a simple, effective trick that occasionally increases the connection speed.

    If you do not intend to stream your gameplay, a connection of as low as 5Mbps can serve you well as long as it is stable. Ideally, a stable connection is more helpful than an unstable connection.

    Below we look at more ways to improve your connection in detail.

    • Use a Wired Connection

    Wired connections are always faster than wireless connections. If youre using Wi-Fi on your PS4, consider switching to an Ethernet connection. Move the router close to your PS4 or acquire a longer cable that can get to your router.

    Alternatively, you can also use powerline adapters and connect your PS4 to that adapter using an Ethernet cable. The cables allow you to connect your router with your PS4 using electrical wiring.

    This hack is helpful, especially for the old PS4 before the slim versions.

    To use an ethernet connection, disconnect the Wi-Fi connection and connect the router and PS4 via the LAN ports at the back of both devices.

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    Extra Tips To Boost Your Ps4 Internet Speed

    There are some other ways to ensure you have a strong PS4 internet speed. The first is to connect to a LAN. This means hooking your PS4 up to an Ethernet cable. This literally can 6X your internet speed.

    Using an Ethernet cable guarantees that your PS4 will be sent a minimum amount of consistent data. In other words, the connection wont fluctuate like on WiFi. You can buy an Ethernet cable on Amazon for quite cheap. Here is one for only 10 bucks.

    Secondly, try to keep your PS4 as close to the router as possible. Any closer device will have a stronger signal. Its as simple as that. However, this is quite difficult for those with their router downstairs and their PS4 upstairs. An alternative to this is to use WiFi extenders. You can get WiFi extenders for quite cheap too. I use NetGear extenders that I bought from Amazon. You can check them out here. They only set me back 30 bucks.

    Change Dns On Your Ps4

    This one falls into the ‘has helped some people’ category, and does require some tinkering in the settings of your PS4. It has been reported that changing your DNS settings to use Google’s DNS server increases PS4 download speed. If you want to give it a try, follow our steps below:

    • Go to the “Settings” tab on the PS4 scrollbar – found on the far right, just before the ‘Power’ option.
    • Go to the “Network” option.
    • Choose “Set Up Internet Connection” from the Network screen.
    • Select Wifi or LAN. WiFi is for wireless connections, while for LAN you’ll need to have a cable running from your PS4 to a network point.

    Select “Custom” to allow entering of your own network settings. Use the following settings, with the DNS being the key things to note:

    • IP Address Settings = Automatic
    • DHCP Host Name = Do Not Specify
    • DNS Settings = Manual
    • MTU Settings: Automatic
    • Proxy Server: Do Not Use

    With these settings changed, turn off your PS4 and then turn it on again. Hopefully you’ll notice improved PS4 download speeds.

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    The 2021 Guide To Setting The Best And Fastest Dns Servers For Ps4 And Ps5

    If you want to make the broadband connection to your PS4 or PS5 quicker and more reliable, heres how to manually change the DNS server settings to the best and fastest DNS servers available in your location. Amazingly, there can be 10,000 or more DNS look-ups taking place on a home network every day and each one creates a delay.

    Changing DNS settings on the PS4 and PS5 is really easy to do and can make a huge difference if your broadband providers DNS servers are unreliable and/or are geographically located a significant distance away from your location. Be aware that many online guides are out-of-date and some software that has been used to the past is no longer supported. Here in 2021, well give you the best, most up-to-date approach to getting the very best DNS server settings for your PS4 or PS5.

    Switch To A Wired Connection Instead Of Using Wifi

    INSTANTLY boost your PS4 internet speed by changing 1 setting

    Improve the Internet connection on PS4 using an Ethernet cable

    If our PS4 WiFi connection is desperately slow, maybe you should Consider switching to a wired connection. A classic, but effective solution.

    When a PS4 is connected to the Internet via WiFi, it is quite common that you experience slower speeds. This is because there is too much distance between the console and the router. Or that there are some obstacles between them that end up weakening the connection.

    On the other hand, using a wired connection, all these problems do not exist. The PS4 connects directly to your internet modem via an Ethernet cable, with a connection it will be faster and more reliable. This is what we must do to establish a wired connection:

  • Firstly, we plugged an Ethernet cable into one of the modem’s LAN ports.
  • After we connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to the LAN port of the PS4, which is located on the back of the console.
  • Once this is done you have to go to “Main menu” on the PlayStation 4 and select the option to “Setting”.
  • There we select first “Net” and in the following menu the option of “Set up Internet connection”.
  • The next step is to choose “Use a LAN cable” and finally select the option “Easy”.
  • Once we have completed these steps, our PS4 will do the rest: it will detect the Ethernet cable and connect the console to the Internet. This should considerably improve the Internet connection of our PS4. We will notice it immediately, as soon as we start to play.

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    Reposition The Playstation 4

    The PS4 gaming console has a small encasing making the machine compact allowing us to position them wherever we want.

    This sometimes is the core problem for low-speed connectivity with your WiFi.

    Everything that it takes for your WiFi to be slower, is when you have the console positioned in enclosed areas, surrounded by other devices on top.

    Attempt to take your PS4 to a higher point in your room and make sure to remove TV antennas in the nearby area.

    Tip: In case the speed of your WiFi did not increase even with the console in a wide-open area, test the WiFi with your smartphone at the same spot.

    How To Improve The Download Speed On Your Ps4

    When it comes to picking a side in the console wars, Ive always backed Sony. But I cant help but admit that slow downloads speeds have plagued the PlayStation console for as long as I remember.

    Games got a lot bigger in the last couple of years. Its now common practice for triple-A games to take over 40 GB of space. This isnt much of a problem if you play your games from physical disks. But if you buy your games digitally, make yourself comfortable and just wait. Regardless of your Internet Service Provider, chances are itll take forever to download the new game that you recently bought from PSN. Luckily, there are ways to improve the download speed of your PS4. Some of the solutions will temporarily boost the download speed, while others offer a permanent improvement.

    Without further ado, below you have a collection of methods that helped a lot of users to improve the download speeds on their PS4. Keep in mind that not every fix will work for you. I suggest you go through each method in order until you find a fix that actually helps.

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    Upgrade To A Qos Gaming Router

    All internet routers are not created equal. Old router models can actually impact the quality of your gaming experience, even when using ethernet. There are routers specifically designed to improve gaming that includes Quality of Service features. Routers with QoS features are often referred to as gaming routers. With a gaming router, youre able to set up your preferences so that your gaming console takes precedence over the other devices in your house that are connected to the internet. This means that if youre trying to play a game while your roommate is streaming Netflix, your PS4 will take priority so that you wont experience lag.

    Install The Latest Game Updates

    Why Is My Ps4 Pro Downloading So Slow

    If you’re experiencing poor performance with a particular PlayStation title, it’s a good idea to install any existing updates for it. Often, developers release patches that fix frame rate slowdowns, shorten loading times, and similar.

    Your PS4 should do this automatically for games you play regularly it will also check for updates upon launching any games you haven’t played in a while. But in case your system isn’t always online, you can press the Options button on your controller while highlighting a game on your home screen, then choose Check for Update to do so manually.

    If you’ve had issues with a game in the past, try this to see if the developers have fixed the problem you had.

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    Reduce Ping In Ps4 Using Monitor

    TVs have more latency when comparing them with monitors. It takes more time in order to send a message from your controller to the console, and then it will get sent to the TV screen. The latency ratio in TVs is generally calculated from 15 to 100ms.

    The monitor is considered a better choice in this regard as it can range latency from 1ms to 5ms. It gives you a significant advantage if you start playing the game using a monitor.

    If you prefer playing a game on TV rather than a monitor, then you can go for the latest model that comes with a low latency rate. Yes, this is entirely possible because the latest technology is evolving, and modern TVs have that capacity to ensure low latency and enhanced performance.

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    Ps5 Settings For An Ethernet Lan Connection

    From the PS5 home screen, click on Settings. Then, select Network. Next, select Set Up Internet Connection.

    Of the two options, select Use a LAN Cable.

    When presented with the question How do you want to set up the Internet connection?, select Custom.

    Assuming that your router is set up to assign IP addresses automatically, select Automatic. You have the option of setting your own IP address using the Manual option.

    For DHCP Host Name, select Do Not Specify.

    Then, importantly, select Manual for DNS Settings.

    We come to the step where you can enter the DNS settings for both the Primary DNS and Secondary DNS. Make sure you enter addresses for both as the Secondary DNS settings will be used if the first DNS server is not working. If you use Google DNS servers, you will enter and, but we strongly recommend that you determine the best settings for your location as described later in the page.

    Once the numbers are safely entered, you can quickly move through to the final settings by selecting Next. You can select Automatic for MTU Settings and Do Not Use for Proxy Server. You will get the message Internet settings updated and you are ready to go with your improved DNS settings.

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    Check Your Internet Speed

    Youre finding a way to speed up your internet connection for the PS4?

    Then the first thing you need to do is to look into the current speed of your internet connection.

    Heres how to check internet speed:

    Step 1: Visit the website

    Step 2: Click on the Go button. This applies to both how to check internet speed on Mac and Windows.

    Step 3: Wait and see the results.

    Use MySpeed to check your internet speed on Mac and Windows online

    Technique/way : Troubleshooting The Wifi Connection And Checking Signal Strength

    How to Increase Your Internet Speed On PS4! (2020) (EASY) | SCG

    Sometimes the problem of your internet connection is directly connected to your internet setting. We all assume that we are tech experts. But we often do terrible setting adjustments and that can be one of the reasons for this issue.

    You can try to get back to the default of your internet setting just by troubleshooting the wifi network. Besides, you should make sure that you have a powerful router for far-reaching signals. Try to stay within the closest range of your wifi as possible. Check out the steps down below to troubleshoot your wifi.

  • Head for the network setting and click on your wifi
  • It will give you an option to forget the password or troubleshoot the setting
  • Select the troubleshooting option and it will automatically start the process
  • The process will automatically take the wifi network back to the default setting
  • Still, if you are asking the question on how to boost PS4 internet speed then you should definitely call the internet service providers. Tell them to increase the Mbps or do adjustments for better connection at your devices.

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