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How To Clean Dust From Ps4

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How Do I Change The Hard Drive On My Ps4 Pro

How to Properly Clean Dust Out of a PS4

Replace the old hard drive with a new one and make sure it is seated correctly before tightening the screws. Place the base on your PS4 Pro and attach the plastic cover. Slide the hard drive tray into the console and replace the retaining screw. Place the tab on the hard drive cover, align it and press down to lock it in place.

How Often Should You Clean Your Ps5

Regular cleaning of the outside is very important, to try to minimise the amount of dust entering your hardware. But for a full clean, where you remove the faceplates and give the internal a thorough clean, doesnt need to be done quite as frequently.

There isnt really a definitive answer for this. IT will depend on a few factors, such as how dusty your environment is. If you live in a built-up area, what your home ventilation is like, and even if you have some sort of air filter system at home, for example. Some people recommend a monthly clean, others advise annually, or every couple of years.

Its probably worth removing the faceplates after a few months to gauge how dusty the internals have got, and once you have that benchmark, you can make a judgment on whether it needs more frequent cleans, or less. Its also worth listening for your console starting to get a bit noisier, as this is often an indication of dust build-up, forcing the fans to work harder.

How To Clean The Dust Out Of A Ps: The Complete Guide

If your PS4 is in need of a cleaning, simply follow this guide and youll have a dust-free PS4 in no time. There a couple items youll need on hand to clean your PS4. We recommend you get a can of compressed air, unless you have particularly strong lungs, and a clean microfiber cloth. With the help of these items, you can banish any speck of dust that may be lingering on your console.

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Keeping Your Ps5 In Optimum Condition Shouldnt Be A Chore Heres How To Keep It Pristine

Sony made a lot of noise about how quiet the PS5 was going to, thanks to its elaborate cooling system. A large 120mm fan is a key component of the cooling system, and preventing this from getting clogged up is an important part of effective console maintenance. If youre the sort of responsible console owner who wants to ensure their console is in the best possible condition, then keeping your console clean and dust-free matters. After all, a clean PS5 will keep performance at its peak.

Well talk you through some of the key things you need to know to keep your PS5 clean and dust-free. Unless you live in a clean room, this article will help you.

Blow The Dust Out Of Your Ps4

How To Clean Dust From PS4 To Keep It From Overheating ...

Finally, you have access to the PS4’s heat sink and fan. Now we can explain how to clean your PS4’s fan and remove dust that’s deep in the system.

Take your can of compressed air and, if it has one, insert the straw for more focused cleaning. Spray a few blasts of air away from your PS4 first, in case there’s any liquid in the tip.

Now, use your canned air to blow short bursts of air all around your PS4, getting rid of the dust. Make sure to check the corners for hidden dust , and take care to blow it out of the system instead of further in. You can also use your cotton swabs or cotton balls to help you remove any dust the air won’t reach.

Focus especially on the fan, heat sink, and outside edges of your PS4 when looking for built-up dust, as these are common locations for it. If you’re not familiar, the heat sink is the metal set of “bars” that the straw is pointing at in the above picture.

Note a few important warnings when using canned air:

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How To Clean A Ps4

Phillips screwdriver

A cotton swab

Before we take you through the steps, its worth flagging that as soon as you start dismantling your PS4 to clean the interior, you will void the warranty. So, if your PS4 is overheating within the warranty period , contact customer service rather than cleaning it yourself.

You also need to be aware that the steps are different depending on whether you have an original PS4, a PS4 Slim or a PS4 Pro. And to further complicate matters, theres a second version of the original PS4 that was made after September 2015 and which is slightly different again. The photos here are for the first original model, but weve indicated where the steps differ for the others.

1. First, make sure that your PS4 is switched off and all cables are disconnected from the consoles body.

2. Next, you want to clean the outside of your PS4. To do this, take your can of compressed air and spay bursts of air into each of the ports, front and back, as well as the vents. Make sure you keep the can upright as you spray and keep your distance so you dont spray moisture into the PS4. If you dont own a can of compressed air, we recommend Falcon Dust, Off Compressed Gas .

3. Next, run a dry microfiber cloth along the surfaces of your PS4 to get rid of obvious dust. While you have this cloth to hand, wipe the surface and around the area where your PS4 sits as well. This clears away any potential dust your PS4 may collect once back in place.

Does Ps4 Slim Make Noise

The same goes for PS4, regardless Slim or Pro. Its not something that happens overnight but gradually, the dust covers the inner and outer parts of your PS4. Your beloved PS4 is getting noisier and noisier, and it spoils the gaming experience significantly. The next problem has to do with in-game things.

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How To Clean The Dust From A Noisy Ps: A Step

Learn how to open your PS4, remove the cover, and clean the PS4’s fan and other components to keep it running well.

If you’ve had a PlayStation 4 for a while, chances are that it runs a lot louder than it did when you bought it. Like most devices, dust tends to build up over time inside the system.

To keep your PS4 running at its best, it’s wise to clean your system every once in a while. To quiet it down and remove all that nasty dust buildup, follow our guide to cleaning your PlayStation 4. We’ll take you through everything you need to know, including what screwdriver you need to open the PS4 and how to clean the PS4’s fan.

How Do I Remove The Screws From My Ps4 Screen

How To Clean Dust From PS4 To Keep It From Overheating

A paper towel or piece of tape to hold the screws in place. You don’t want to lose your PS4 gear, so it’s a good idea to find some storage space. When you loosen the screws, you can put them in the same order you loosened them so you know who goes where. Cleaning brush or old toothbrush.

Ps4 analog stick

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How To Disassemble An Ar 15

  • Collect the items you need
  • Exit the store. The second step is to remove all devices.
  • Pull back the rechargeable handle. The next step is to release and the rifle for proper disassembly.
  • Locate the rear extractor pin. Locate the rear desoldering pin on the left side of the . Use a small screwdriver or sharp tool to remove this pin.
  • Slide the bolt mount out of the . The fifth step is to remove the bolt retainer and slowly pull the loading handle.
  • Remove the side shields from the front cylinder. The next step is to grab the round magazine outlet ring to remove the front runner side rails.

Possible Consequences Of A Dirty Ps4

Dust, grime, and dirt on the cover of your PS4 wont affect it. However, as time goes by, they will be sucked up into your system that will eventually build up and covers the circuitry. This will be the reason for your PS4 to make a loud noise, become hotter, and overheat later on. These reasons can also lead your system to malfunction, shut down, and not work at all.

One of the main reasons why your PS4 overheat is dust build-up. In order to prevent this, regular cleaning of your PS4 is a must. Here are the steps on how you can achieve a dust-free PS4.

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What Kind Of Screwdriver Do You Use To Clean Ps4 Remote

Remove the 4 screws on the back of the controller. Turn the controller over. Remove all screws by turning each screw counterclockwise with a # Phillips screwdriver. 0. For best results, use a 4″ to 5″ screwdriver.

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Power Off The Console And Unplug All Cords

Should You Clean Your PS4? (Dusty vs Clean Sound Test ...

You have to power off the PS4 machine and unplug all the cords in order to clean your PS4. This operation can ensure that theres no electricity running through it when you conduct the PS4 cleaning operation. Then, you can access to the heat sink and conduct a thorough cleaning on your device.

To clean the inside of the console, you should open it. How to open PS4? You can check it in the next section.

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How Does The Ps4 Become Dusty Internally

Your PS4 has an inbuilt fan to cool down the internal equipment of the play station. It pulls cool air from outside, and dust comes in with that air. This is how the dust starts to build-up in that area and can block airflow. If you left the dust as it is, then it can trap the heat and cause overheating. It can reduce the working efficiency of the PS4 and make it slow. Eventually, it damages the internal parts of the PS4 and reduces the self-life of your PS4.

Here we will give you information related to how to clean PS4. Before that, you need to know how often you should clean your PS4 and what equipment will you need to clean your PS4.

Open Your Ps4 Machine

You can open the PS4 console with screw drivers prepared in advance. To do that, you should get the back side faced you and then flip it upside-down. Here, you will see 3 stickers on this side that should be removed off.


Utilize a knife or another sharp tool to peel back the corner of the stickers. Then, you can remove them easily. You should take care of your system when you removing the stickers. After that, remove the screws underneath with the TR9 screwdriver. Then, you should lay them in a safe place.

Now, you can take off the PS4 cover. When you do these things, you should be careful and gentle in case of system damage.

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How To Clean A Ps4 Ps4 Pro Or Ps4 Slim

Knowing how to clean a PS4 can come in handy if it stops working properly or if the fan is too loud. It’s good practice to clean your console before selling your PS4 or giving it away.

The images below are of the PS4 Slim model, but you can follow these instructions to clean any PlayStation 4 console:

  • Make sure your PS4 is turned off and everything is unplugged.

  • Use the compressed air to clean out the USB ports on the front of the console, the ports on the back, and the vents along the device’s side. Gently use a toothbrush or cotton swabs to remove any remaining debris.

    Hold the can of compressed air upright and six inches away from the console to prevent moisture from getting into the internal components of your PS4.

  • To remove the outer casing, gently lift under the top cover of the PS4 from the console’s front. Clean off any dust inside the casing with a cloth.

    Opening your PS4 will void the warranty. If you purchased your PS4 within the last year, contact Sony PlayStation customer support to report problems with your console.

    To open an original PS4 model, you must remove the warranty stickers on the back of the console and use a T8 or T9 Torx screwdriver to remove the screws.

  • Put your finger on the center of the fan to hold it in place, then apply compressed air in short spurts to blow dust out of the fan.

    Do not let the fan spin while blowing air on it. A rotating fan can cause an electrical short.

  • Easy Way To Clean Your Ps4

    How to PROPERLY Clean Dust Out of a PS4

    It may sound excessive, but you should make a habit of dusting the PS4 and surrounding area frequently. If you live in a dusty environment or with furry pets, dirt and hair can easily begin to accumulate around the intake vents . Since dusters mostly push dirt around, using a vacuum with a hose and brush attachment will be the most effective way to physically suck and remove dust from the PS4, its vents, and the surrounding area.

    Once the dust and hair has been thoroughly removed, keeping a routine of wiping down the system with a microfiber cloth and spraying inside through the side vents with compressed air will go a long way toward making sure your PS4 stays cleaner longer. If you do this from the start, this will lessen the chances that youll ever have to open the console up for internal cleaning during its lifetime.

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    How Do I Remove The Plastic Top Cover On My Ps4

    Remove the two T9 Torx captive screws. This is the first major overhaul they have found, there are only two screws holding the plastic pieces together. Previously there were four models. First, remove the two screws that secure the top cover to the PS4. Removing the top cover will be easier if you follow these steps in the order presented:

    Clean Your Ps4 Slim & Ps4 Pro

    The newer PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro models do not need you to remove screws or use any tools for cleaning the internals. All you need to do is remove their plastic cowlings with a little force and you will have the interior exposed and ready for cleaning.

  • Place your PS4 on a clean, big surface as before.
  • Grab the bottom front of the PS4s top plastic cowling and pull it up and towards yourself.
  • Gently apply some force, flexing the cowling a little, releasing it from the tabs holding it in place.
  • As before, use compressed air to blow the dust off, use cotton swabs for the nastier areas and replace the cowling when youre done.
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    Why Should You Clean Your Ps4

    There are different reasons as to why you should clean your PS4. The dirt, grime, dust, and any particles that float in the air can build up in your PS4 and trap heat. With that, the fan in your system will work harder than necessary. It can lead to overheating, malfunctioning, and and eventual shutting down if not addressed.

    Sometimes, you might notice that your PS4 is working loudly and slowly. This is because of the dust build-up that clogs the heat sink and makes the fan work double time. Routinely dusting and cleaning your PS4 will help extend its lifespan. Also, a clean PS4 ensures that you only focus on playing your favorite games.

    Before you continue reading this article, we also have other guides for other PS4 concerns. We have articles that talk about why your PS4 controller is not charging, how to gameshare on PS4, and how to conduct a PS4 rebuild database.

    How Do I Remove The Cover From My Ps4 Game

    How to Properly Clean Dust Out of a PS4

    Remove the bottom cover. This is than it sounds! This panel is real. The best way to do this is to pull very both sides of the cover near the back of the console. You may need to experiment with where to apply pressure to make taking off easier. This can break the bottom plate, so be careful!

    Unlock steering wheel

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    Clean Your Ps4s Hard Drive Bay

    The Hard drive of your PS4 might also have built up dust over time. It doesnt hurt to check, especially when youre already near the end of the cleaning process.

    Follow the steps below to access the HDD compartment and clean it:

  • Looking at your PS4 from the front, gently press the shiny part of the cover and slide it to the left.
  • 2. Remove the Phillips head screw with the Playstation button icons and remove the HDD from the enclosure.

    3. Clean any dust deposited in the enclosure, replace the HDD and the screw, and slide the cover back on.

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