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Will Elden Ring Be On Ps5

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Fix #: Delete And Reinstall The Game

ELDEN RING PS5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – INTRO (FULL GAME)

If the crashing issue wont go away at all, one of the efficient remedies identified by many PS5 gamers is to erase and reinstall the game.

If the main reason of the problem code is corrupted saves or game files, the first thing you should do is load the previous save point.

If that doesnt work, you might try erasing the games data and reinstalling it from the beginning.

Follow the steps below to uninstall the game that is causing you problems:

  • Go to the PS5 HOme screen.
  • Go to Settings by tapping the little cog icon in the top right-hand corner.
  • Go to Storage. Its item number seven on the list.
  • On the Storage screen select Games and Apps.
  • Select Elden Ring game.
  • Select the Delete button in the bottom right corner.
  • The PS5 will ask you if youre sure you want to remove the game. Confirm the action and wait until the deletion process is finished. Make sure that you dont turn off your PS5 while its deleting to avoid corrupting its software.
  • How Will Elden Ring Run On Ps5 And Xbox Series X

    On the PS5, Elden Ring will target a native resolution of 4K and will run at a frame rate of 60fps. However, an addendum caveats this by saying that 60fps will only be achievable in performance mode. This likely means that the resolution will be sacrificed to meet the frame rate target. Players will have a choice as to whether theyd like to favour visual fidelity or smoothness.

    The same is also true of the Xbox Series X version of Elden Ring. If youre playing on Xbox Series S, the maximum resolution will be 1440p, though 60fps is still supported in performance mode. Interestingly, both new-gen consoles will support ray tracing, but sadly not on Xbox Series S. Ray tracing support will arrive for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X in a post launch patch.

    Its unclear whether ray tracing will be supported in performance mode, but it seems unlikely. Spider-Man: Miles Morales was one game that offered a performance version of ray traced visuals, but it was a first party title for the Sony console. With Elden Ring arriving from a third party studio, its unlikely that it will go the extra mile to offer a performance ray tracing mode but Im ready to be proven wrong.

    Will you be using performance or quality mode in Elden Ring? Let us know across our social channels.

    The Flame Of Ambition

    Despite all the aspects of Elden Ring that are spectacular and innovating, the experience especially on PC is disappointingly held back by its performance.There hasnt been a single session since Ive received my code on PC where Ive not dropped frames and stuttered to the point of a frozen picture, and then it catches up a second later.

    Its annoying, especially for it to happen in fights, though Ive been lucky enough to not die as a result, most of the time. The other annoying thing is that after a stutter, Ill go minutes, even an hour without seeing any issues at all. And then the stutter rears its head.

    It almost feels like everything Elden Ring is crumbling under its own ambitions, though when it does work, the game achieves in everything it is trying to do so amazingly that I feel like Im playing a new kind of open-world game.

    Stuttering isnt the only issue on PC however, as Ive also dealt with my game crashing, especially towards the end of a lengthy session. Since launch struck I have also been able to play Elden Ring on PS5 for a time, and can attest that it definitely runs a lot better on consoles right now.

    Nonetheless, having technical issues like this both before and now after launch is especially upsetting when considering that the best version of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice lives on PC.

    Another FromSoftware launch with frustrating technical issues is the last thing Elden Ring needed, but still dont think it really holds the game back.

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    Elden Ring Release Date And Time

    Officially, Elden Ring is due to release on PC, Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PS4 on February 25. The console release timing is set for midnight, 00:00 AM in most timezones. This means some players will get the game before others, but there are a couple locations where this isn’t true. Additionally, console and PC release times are not the same. In fact, if you are playing on PC, you’re all set to begin playing Elden Ring right now.

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    Is Elden Ring Cross Platform

    Elden Ring (PS5)  Elérendelés

    Elden Ring is available for platforms including PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5. It could be hard to get all these consoles or devices. Like many other gamers, you may wonder is Elden Ring cross platform.

    Unfortunately, the answer is negative. Though you can enjoy the game with gamers on another system, you wont get full support of Elden Ring crossplay between different consoles and PCs. For instance, if you play on PS5, you cant play with gamers on Xbox and PC.

    The good news is that Elden Ring has cross-generation support on the same family of consoles. Will Elden Ring be cross-platform in the future? Though FromSoftware hasnt said anything about it all, anything is possible. You can look forward to the news of Elden Ring crossplay.

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    Fix #: Perform A Factory Reset

    Another method for resolving system software issues is to do a f factory reset. There is no such thing as a perfect gaming system, and software issues and malfunctions do arise from time to time. A factory reset is typically beneficial in repairing software issues, particularly when the issues are caused by games, applications, or other software or content.

    A factory reset is a software restoration procedure that deletes all user data, application settings, and data, as well as any non-manufacturer factory settings and contents.

    If the problem with your PS5 is caused by incorrect settings, a malfunctioning program or game, incompatible content, or any form of software mistake, a factory reset may be your only choice.

    A factory reset is equivalent to reformatting a computers hard disk so you want to make sure that you create a backup of your PS5s data particularly your unsaved game files, photos, screenshots, etc.

    To keep a copy of your data to a USB drive, you can go to System > Backup and Restore > Back Up Your PS5. From there, you can then move your data to your flash drive.

    After youve created a backup of your data, follow these steps to factory reset your PS5:

  • Go to the PS5 Home screen.
  • Go to Settings .
  • Go to System.
  • Fix #: Install Game Or System Software Update

    The next step is to ensure that the Elden Ring game is updated to the most recent version. Make sure the game client gets updates from time to time if your PS5 isnt always connected to the internet and you primarily play the game in offline mode.

    If youre new to PlayStation, simply connect your PS5 to the internet and it will automatically check for game updates for you. Alternatively, you can choose to update the game manually with these steps:

  • Go to the PlayStation Home screen.
  • Go to the top of the main menu.
  • Navigate to the Games tab.
  • Find Elden Ring among the games and highlight the game with your cursor.
  • Press Options on your controller.
  • Choose Check for Update from the drop-down menu.
  • Another important aspect of your PS5 that you want to update at this time is your software. Make sure that you have the most recent PS5 firmware to keep bugs away with the new patch by doing these steps:

  • Go to the PlayStation Home screen.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select System Software and then go System Software Update and Settings.
  • Select Update System Software.
  • Select Update Using Internet.
  • Your PS5 should tell you to install the update when you have downloaded it. This procedure requires you to reboot your PS5, which is done automatically, so simply follow the on-screen instructions. Youll be completely up to date when it relaunches.

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    Fix #: Verify The Game Server Status

    Just like checking your internet connection at home, be sure to double check the status of the Elden Ring servers as that might be the reason why the game is not working properly.

    This is an important aspect that you must check as the game is hugely online and requires near-constant internet connectivity.

    There are a number of resources that you can use to check the Elden Ring server status.

    The first one is to use the official PlayStation Network site. If theres an on-going outage or maintenance with Elden Ring servers, the PSN website should indicate it.

    If there are no notices of an outage or maintenance for Elden Ring, you can presume that the PlayStation Network is functioning normally.

    New Elden Ring Consoles Comparison Again Shows Optimization Advantage On Playstation 5 Ps4 Version Holds Up Well

    Elden Ring: PS5 vs Xbox Series X | S Performance Review

    One of the first Elden Ring consoles comparison videos has surfaced online, which shows this gem running on PS5, PS4 Pro, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One X, and Xbox One.

    Back in November last year, we already reported on a current-gen console comparison video from the games closed network test. This comparison showed how the game apparently ran best on Sonys next-gen console, sporting higher shadows quality, faster load times, and better performance alongside optimization. The comparison, however, also showed that optimization on the game could still be improved as we could clearly see some performance swings on all platforms due to the games unlocked frame rate.

    With the review embargo for FromSoftwares hit title now being lifted, a new comparison has been released, courtesy of YouTube channel Resero. The takeaway from this comparison? Well, although this video was made without the games day-one patch installed, the PlayStation 5 version still appears to be the best-optimized version of the game. Performance on Sonys console fluctuates, but not as much as on Microsofts Xbox Series X|S. Interestingly, the PS4 version seems to hold up pretty well, albeit with a lower framerate, and lower quality lighting and foliage.

    Check out the new comparison and judge for yourself.

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    What Time Is ‘elden Ring’ Playable On Xbox And Playstation

    Publisher Bandai Namco has unveiled a graphic on , indicating precisely when Elden Ring will launch in each global territory. While the game is technically slated for release on Friday, February 25, some players will be able to get it a little early.

    The console version of Elden Ring unlocks at the stroke of midnight on Friday, irrespective of where you live. This means that some countries will inevitably get it a bit earlier than others, as time zone differences mean that the likes of Australia and Europe get to 12 a.m. before North America does.

    Elden Ring Pc Release Time

    PC release times vary quite a bit more than on consoles, probably because its much harder to lock down a simultaneous release on the platform. All times are for Feb. 25 unless stated otherwise.

    • PDT: 3:00 P.M. on Feb. 24
    • CDT: 5:00 P.M. on Feb. 24
    • EDT: 6:00 P.M. on Feb. 24
    • GMT: 11:00 P.M. on Feb. 24
    • CET: 12:00 A.M.

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    Why You Should Play Elden Ring

    “Elden Ring has everything that long-time FromSoftware fans have come to love about its games: challenging yet rewarding boss battles, fantastical world design and tight combat controls that make every enemy encounter memorable.

    But this isnt your average Souls game. Expect a huge and diverse open world to explore, stealth gameplay, an overhauled approach to multiplayer, new movement mechanics and a steed called Torrent to aid you on your journey.

    This all combines to offer a new degree of freedom compared to its predecessors, making Elden Ring perhaps the most accessible Soulslike for newcomers to the genre in years.”

    – Editorial Team

    The Greater Will And Rise Of Marika

    Elden Ring PS5

    Alternatively, they might go even further back, to the formation of the Lands Between, where Marika appears from the realm of Numen, gets chosen by the deity known as the Greater Will, and forms the Lands Between along with her consort Godfrey, warring with giants, dragons and sorcerers alike to expand the Greater Will’s territory. It’d be a chance to explore a younger, newer version of the Lands Between, and to engage with essential characters like Marika, Godfrey, Radagon and Godwyn, major characters in the lore who only show up briefly in the core game.

    Of course, all this is speculative, looking at obvious potential holes to fill in Elden Ring, and making educated guesses based on FromSoftware’s history and the comments made by its creators. We’ll be sure to update this page the moment we know more, as we’re also very excited to see what’s to come for the Lands Between!

    Joel Franey is a writer, journalist, podcaster and raconteur with a Masters from Sussex University, none of which has actually equipped him for anything in real life. As a result he chooses to spend most of his time playing video games, reading old books and ingesting chemically-risky levels of caffeine. He is a firm believer that the vast majority of games would be improved by adding a grappling hook, and if they already have one, they should probably add another just to be safe. You can find old work of his at USgamer, Gfinity, Eurogamer and more besides.

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    Elden Ring Overview Trailer

    Bandai Namco also said the game is now available to pre-load for Xbox players. PlayStation and PC players will be able to pre-load Elden Ring 48 hours prior to its release local time.

    Fans eagerly awaiting this weekâs Elden Ring release should tread carefully online as spoilers are currently doing the rounds.

    Last week, a couple of players who managed to obtain Elden Ring early reportedly started streaming the game on Twitch.

    Elden Ringâs intro cinematic has also been released online, as have revealing screengrabs and gameplay details.


    You’ll Probably Die A Lot

    Elden Ring is set to release for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC this Friday, February 25, 2022 . If you haven’t checked it out yet, our Elden Ring review is live and spoiler: it’s incredible. Anyone who buys the PS4 or Xbox One version will get a free next-gen upgrade as well, which is always nice to see. Elden Ring is the next game from the makers of tough-but-satisfying action RPGs like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. You can check out our Elden Ring hands-on preview for full details about the gameplay.

    The game comes in a standard edition as well as a cool-looking collector’s edition, and it’s available for preorder now. Read on to see what comes in each edition and where you can lock in your Elden Ring preorder.

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    Announcement Of Update File Distribution

    • 2022.03.02

    We are pleased to announce that the PlayStation®5 and PC versions of the game have been updated to improve gameplay stability.

    We apologize for the inconvenience, but please apply the latest update file before playing the game.

    Main features of the latest update

    PlayStation®5 version

    • Changes to save game progression even when the game is not terminated.

    PC version

    • Fixed an issue where the graphics card was not being used, resulting in slow performance.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the game to quit under certain conditions during a battle with the Fire Giant.
    • Fixed other bugs.

    After applying this update file, the version number on the bottom right corner of the title screen is as follows.

    App Ver. 1.02.2

    Regulation Ver. 1.02.1

    We will continue to make improvements so that you can enjoy the gameplay of ELDEN RING more comfortably.


    We are pleased to inform you that the issue preventing the PlayStation®4 version of ELDEN RING from being upgraded to the PlayStation®5 version has been addressed today. We would ask that all affected customers check to confirm that the upgrade can now be carried out.

    Once again, we apologize unreservedly to all affected customers.

    We hope you will all continue to enjoy the world of ELDEN RING.

    • 2022.06.16

    Should It Wait For The Ps5 And Xbox Series X

    Elden Ring – Pre-Order Trailer | PS5, PS4

    While Elden Ring could perhaps skate past the Coronavirus with just a short, perhaps never even announced, delay, the question becomes whether or not it should release with the next-gen consoles instead of August or September. As it stands, September has Cyberpunk 2077 and on the docket. It could easily fill that in, and with the Xbox Series X’s buy-once Smart Delivery, it my not be necessary, should From Software take advantage of that.

    At the same time, many may rather experience the game for the first time on a next-gen version, rather than currently. There’s certainly benefits to waiting, as well as launching as soon as possible, but there’s one caveat for that: is it in development for PS5 and Xbox Series X? There’s a good chance that aiming or re-gearing the game in that direction could result in a delay worse than the pandemic, as that adds two more platforms that must be supported. Indeed, Elden Ring and the games set to release over the next few months are in a precarious situation, so it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. Hopefully, for everyone’s sake, it’s all over soon.

    Elden Ring is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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